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Greg talking about the time he met Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star was a musician, now beauty guru and owner of cosmetic company Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Greg met in 2011. In 2018, Greg accused Jeffree of sexually harassing him.

The Encounter

On June 27, 2011, Jeffree tweeted, "@Onision it was good meeting u the other night!!" to Greg. (Source)

Around July 2011, Greg uploaded "Where Are The Scars?" (video deleted). In the video, he and Damon made (at the time) seemingly random comments about Jeffree Star. (Source)

In the August 8, 2013 Speaks video "Jeffree Star Is Rude? (Pictures)", Greg briefly mentions his encounter with Jeffree. He laughed about how they had a long conversation where Jeffree told Greg how "he did thing sexually with other men". The rest of the video, Greg googles pictures of Jeffree and compliments his looks. He says Jeffree is an alpha male. In reaction to a meme that says "Not sure if Jeffree is male or female", Greg says "if you can't tell the difference between girl and boy, I'm guessing that might mean you're a little bit gay." He says the jaw line and Adam's apple are a dead giveaway. He ends the video with his signature Boob Squeeze hand gesture and gives Jeffree a "ball cup" hand gesture. ($ource)

In the 2015 video, "Why Do People Hate Blood On The Dance Floor (+ Dahvie Vanity)" Greg goes into detail about when he met Jeffree. In the video, Greg reads accusations Jeffree Star made against the band Blood On The Dance Floor on Twitter. He reads Jeffree's last tweet on the screen shot: "Dahvie is the lowest worthless scum Ive ever met". Greg says, "Hey! He met me!" Greg explains he used to hang out with music producer Damon Elliott. He says when they were hanging out at his studio, Damon invited Jeffree over. He says when Jeffree showed up, he just sat on a couch and said to Greg "you guzzle cum." Greg says Jeffree would not stop talking about how Greg "no doubt loved penis" and was a "faggot". Greg laughs and says all he did was pace back and forth smiling. He says he did not say anything because "you don't talk back to Jeffree Star." ($ource)

Greg also made a video in 2013 titles "Jeffree Star & Game of Thrones (Why Don't People Like Them?)" where he calls Jeffree a "hot gay guy". He googles online why people don't like Jeffree and comments about it. ($ource)

Sexual Harassment Accusations

"After Meeting Jeffree Star... I Donno" thumbnail
On August 15, 2018 Greg uploaded "After Meeting Jeffree Star... I Donno" to his Speaks channel. In the video, Greg told the story about the time he encountered Jeffree. He also makes jokes about Jeffree's pronouns and gender and concludes he will call Jeffree "Person", something many viewers criticized in the comments due to Greg being harsh when people misgender his spouse, Lainey, who goes by "they/them" pronouns. Another moment highly criticized in the video was when Greg made a joke about someone sneaking Jeffree's bedroom when he was young to sexually assault him. (Source) New details Greg added to his story about meeting Jeffree was that Jefree had a "shitty pink car" and that he says he was supposed to collaborate with Jeffree. ($ource)

On August 20, 2018, Greg uploaded "One Last Thing Before I Go" to Speaks. (The title was in reference to the fact that Greg claimed he was no longer going to upload new videos to that channel two days prior.) In the video, he explains a scenario where a man a a woman were alone together in a room and the man would repeat things like "you're a slut" and "you like cock" even though it was the first time they met. He said that is "open and close sexual harassment". He says it doesn't bother him because he's not easily intimidated, but he says he was alone with a gay man who called him a fag. He says he recently found out this man was gay. He says a fag is the equivalent of a slut. He describes his encounter with Jeffree, but does not mention him by name. He says he had no makeup and no eyebrows, so he was creepy. He says the studio they were in was really dark. Greg says if anyone is sexually harassed by anyone and they';re not joking or making a comedy video, it's unacceptable. He says a lot of people are going to react negativly and say Greg is the bad guy because this person has a lot of fans. He says he's not trying to say this person is good or bad, but he needs to share his story. He says everyone should share their stories to keep everyone safe. He emphasizes there's a difference between a "comedy setting", something he says he's failed to recognize in the past, and someone alone with someone that's being serous saying these things who is attracted to your gender. He said you shouldn't feel bad about saying you were sexually harassed and being called a victim. He says don't let society beat you down because they might immediately shame you, act like you're a monster, and it was your fault because they don't want to believe that person is a predator. He ends the video with "best wishes to Jeffree Star fans". ($ource)

Many accused Greg of making these videos due to the highly successful Youtube series created by Shane and Jeffree titled "The Secret World of Jeffree Star" that came out earlier that month. The first video in the series was uploaded August 1st and by the 20th (the day Greg uploaded "") it had 19.7 million views. (Source)