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GJD Bulletins, short for Gregory J. Daniel Bulletins, was a collection of bulletins Greg saved to the Gregory J. Daniel version of his Onision site in 2005. (Source) These may have been originally from his MySpace.

Bulletin: Message Board Attacks

Today, OnlineForums.biz was attacked by a former Patriot of the Metal Gear Forums. At the time he had a significant amount of resources that were needed in order to venture towards my destruction. This Patriot in specific was “Revolver Ocelot”, also a former employee of EGHQ.com

Revolver lied to me, and the staff at EGHQ regarding reviews he had never submitted to the site, and because of that, I warned him that he acquired the potential of being fired. With a disgruntled response, revolver deleted every one of the 3,000+ posts on the EGHQ forums, and deleted “Vighkel” from The Patriot’s status.

In contradiction, Vighkel shrugged it off, only to go through the PHP Administration controls to assure that Revolver Adam would no longer be able to view any of the forums hosted by OnlineForums.biz

Vighkel has complete control over all the message boards, as Revolver, who attempted to take over, could not successfully conjure up the knowledge needed to overpower the true administrative voice.

All members who have not yet posted will be deleted, so do not worry about writing back if you would no longer like to receive the latest news from OnlineForums.biz

Thanks for your time.

- Greg Daniel

Bulletin: Here Comes [...] High

Very soon a new [...] High School web site will be exposed to the students and parents currently associated with LHS. The web site in specific is [...]High.com --- This site offers information on the school and staff including maps, policies, and more. The site also offers a central location for parents, staff, and students to speak amongst one another through the web on a school maintained forums board.

The new message board can be used for student concerns regarding upcoming assignments, parent’s questions about student progress, and many other subjects which need direct attention.

In order to take advantage of the board, you must first sign up and register yourself as a teacher, student, parent or otherwise --- and then you will be given a public status as is current with your actual position.

Please visit http://www.[...]high.com to view the actual site in full, or http://www.[...]high.com/forums to go directly to the message board.

If you have any further questions or requests in regards to the site/board, please contact user name “Onision” on the LHS Forums.

Thanks for your time.


Greg Daniel

Bulletin: Angry Author

Today I was confronted by the author of this essay, and most of you witnessed it. I was called uneducated, and repeatedly was told that my opinion was insignificant through various insinuative comments. I walked away shielded from these attacks, and feeling content with my decisions to review the essay as I did.

This world contains both the positive and the negative, and in some situations, seemingly negative comments can so easily contribute to a larger, and more so positive aspect of our lives.

If one is to tell me that I have an ugly face, I must decide whether to take it to heart and complain of such an insult, or I can move on, realizing that appeal on the exterior is not all the defines any person as a whole.

If one is to tell me that I am pounding a nail into wood incorrectly, than I also have two more options. I can assume the person is calling me an idiot, and continue to pound the nail incorrectly, or I can ask them how they would pound the nail in, to verify whether or not they even know what they are talking about.

I believe that when a person does something wrong, that they should be thoroughly corrected. I am not a college graduate, and I have yet to take the SAT’s, regardless of these facts, my opinion does not automatically, by default, fall in the classification of insignificant or invaluable.

Intelligence is not developed from education, education was developed for intelligence.

Knowledge has evolved due to education, education has been developed through knowledge.

I do not have a lot of knowledge regarding the literary world, yet I can fluently type interesting and embracive suspense stories, I can write essays that provoke deep thoughts, which also bring up amazing conversations. I am not one who lacks wit, nor one who cannot point out black in a room of gray.

Before one is to ever accuse another of a holy (mind with holes) mind, the same person should first reflect on their own unapparent, yet now suggested, flaws. To degrade another’s image due to the inconvenience of their disagreement is to claim that you, yourself, are superior to opinions of which pull at the wonder of your creations.

As stated before, I can be wrong, I might not even exist for all I know, yet it is never wise to assume the easiest conclusion when it comes to issues such as these. Reflect on yourself through all accusations and reviews, even if it is only for a moment… just reflect, and ask your self if it is the fire that burns the house, or the house that burns the fire.

Bulletin: Destination Military

You know me, but you’ve never seen my eyes blink ~ you read my anticipation for the ends of drugs, sex mockery & uncaring witnesses... in a few days I have written my words, these silent statements were heard so now I smile, looking back on what I said I feel free, free to say what needs to be said despite the mass loss in words I find in my friends... despite what internal voices tell me what is better not said.

Today I got a call, the man short in stature but towering in pride told me it is my time to serve the country I was born in. The man who shook my hand and said welcome to the most powerful force in the world will soon shake my hand and tell me God is with me. Thinking of this I sincerely hope I am not to be the result of all those other men who died when God was with them... for they are names forgotten in the wind, and fallen in our past under hate and pointless murder.

On April 12th I fly out to an Air Force base central to Texas, the heat will beam down on our weak BMT-virgin bodies as we bake in the sun. We will say YES SIR, and we will let our superiors know exactly how idiotic we are, exactly how pathetic we are, and they will show us how great we can be.

Today I got the call, that foretold my 4 year fate, I am to be a cop under the USAF, the man you look at on the posters holding a flag high with his other hand covered in blood, as his stomach pours out his life force.

I realize I may die, I realize I am not special, I am not an Army of one, nor am I any better than the other men that will go in with me ~ I have 3.5 months of hell ahead of me they say...

And so before I really even began to know all of you as friends, I will soon leave you, just like the others left you, to fight this war few believe in but many can’t turn away from now that we are so far in, now that there may be true hope for “salvation” even in neglect of our own country.

Our president is a man who is leading our country, whether he be honorable or otherwise it is four more years, it is still America ~ the people in it are great, and we must all have faith in it despite the flaws the rest of this world sees...

We are not blind for the blind can never see, we are all merely living in an illusion, breaking down with every Michael Moore film, or Hotel Rwanda slam.

I am just another person, just like you, if I died tomorrow, none of you would ever know, but it is the day I work for, that when I die, that the world will know.

I will be back, one day, stronger than I was before, but unlike the others who will serve with me, I will always know, the only enemy our worldwide society really has, is an idea. The idea that we are somehow beyond anyone else, that we know better, that we have the right to give and take as we please because some unseen power gave us their support, or because we brush our teeth every morning we are more clean ~ you can never scrub away the dirt that is murder and we will see when we die, that the real people we have been killing, are our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers...

Remember America, we are not better than anyone for being what we are, our success is to be appreciated only if it reaches out and helps those in need ~

I will fight for us, as I believe it is what I owe ~ but know that the only ones who are truly wrong in this conflict, are the ones who believe they are killing those less worthy of life than themselves.

I Dare To Be,


Bulletin: Here At Lackland AFB

Here at Lackland Air Force base I sit, wondering if I really want to talk about what I should talk about for all of you viewers to witness, and learn from... you all want to know about boot camp? Tech school? The military life?

I feel I cannot emphasize enough how it seems no one really understands what freedom is without first having it taken away. The core truth that the Air Force, the government has told me, has learned me, is that this country, our free world, is a wonderful thing ~ life would not be as near worth living without those who fight, those who die, even now, to protect our very way of life.

We were all born, meant to have liberty, fairness in all ways, yet already fully-developed human minds sought a different pattern in our existence, freedom for the powerful and rich, restriction... depravation for the rest.

Our country breeds many things, just like all other countries ours has the corrupt and the criminal - yet unlike so many other developments, our mission statement is pure, our law is pure, it is only the people the divide our just from our cause - there are the good, and those who excuse the good to feel right with the bad - greed, misdirected anger, laziness, it calls on all of us, it is those who do not listen to that call, that push on, these are the people who lead our country. Working at all times to keep us safe, true to our cause, moralistic, respectable, the good people of America, brave enough, smart enough, it is these people who join and stay with the United States Air Force (and other branches of the US Military).

Before you all ever consider joining the USAF, ask yourself with pure honesty in your heart, do you believe in integrity (doing the right thing at all times), do you believe in serving your country despite your own priorities? Do you strive for perfection... can you work as a well functioning attribute to our country?

The Air Force is always looking for healthy, level-minded, strong-willed individuals to try and make their positive mark on our country. If or when you ever enter the USAF, you won’t need pages of advice on how to be successful, or how to survive certain situations with the training process - if you keep to a steady mind, a constant faith in our government, there is little doubt of you ever failing.

Though I do plan to emphasize more and more on the specifics of how to make it in the Air Force, never once will you need this site if you just keep to your strengths and aspirations.

It is constantly said, “the strong survive” - Are you strong enough? Do you believe in yourself and our country? Then put forth the first step, and begin your journey.

Bulletin: English Class

Forum: Week Two

Topic: Circumstances

Post Type: Response

Before I really knew anything about Marilyn Monroe's death, I read the poem by Norman Rosten. I assumed "Norma Jean" was a fictional character, and when I came to class after reading it, it was almost amusing to find out that the poem was based off of an actual event.

Having the perspective of ignorance, and later awareness, I witnessed two perspectives of the poem by Norman Rosten. An entire new depth was revealed to me, as before, I came to the conclusion that the entire poem was to elaborate on the insignificance of the individual, and how all relative people will temporarily care about a loss, yet over time, the memory of them fades away, just like the page mentioned.

In comparison to Marilyn Chinn, I found a far more bitter and negative approach to the entire situation. Most words were spoken of her father in a negative tone rather than any mention of a respectable motherly figure. Ultimately, the first poem showed care, and yet a fresh reminder that the death of a superstar is always a dramatic, and controversial thing, as the other seemed to have little mention or regard to a loving relationship, yet rather, it was drastically pessimistic.

Forum: Week Two

Topic: Circumstances

Post Type: Response

I'm probably wrong about this, but what I got from it was that she did not like her name because it was from the "white woman" that her father devoted all of his attention to. The poem mentioned how her father also held pride in everything other than himself, as if everyone in his life defined how successful he was, rather than how good of a person he himself was.

The girl, Marilyn Chinn, complained of this... that was very easy to identify, and overall it seemed she had little to no respect for her father, and would desire nothing more than to have a parental figure that cared for her as much as he did for the Marilyn figure (not Mei-Ling).

Marilyn Monroe represented beauty and superiority to the Marilyn Chinn, and it seemed like she was highly jealous of her, and felt inferior racially as she did mention her own race as something to remain unnoticed and insignificant.

Along with the second to last question... I'm not sure the first poem gave enough information regarding the personality of Marilyn Monroe to define whether or not the second is referring to the same person... But for the most part, I assume they do speak of the same person, the first in the public eye's perspective, and the second in the behind the scenes point of view.

Forum: Week Three

Topic: Hughes’s Philosophy

Post Type: Response

I did not flip over to the page you mentioned, not only because I am writing this at the most lazy point of the day, yet also due to the reality that a couple sentences alone can take on an entirely different meaning than sentences that are only a small piece of a much larger piece of writing, such as a paragraph.

When Hughes said "Hang yourself, poet, in your own words. Otherwise, you are dead" - I had to think for a moment, as the words in the sentences somewhat conflict with each other. The first section of the poem basically says "It won't work out with us being together." to the second section.

Normally when a person is hanged... they are killed in short moments after, (making a total of two references of death, and ultimately an end to existence in the known world) yet I strongly believe that both references were not intended to be taken in a literal sense, but rather a metaphorical manner.

The first regards to the hanging & death could be saying "Take risks, and let all of your feelings out for the world to see." and the second part could be adding on in ways, "Those who play it safe, and hold their feelings back will forever stay behind, and remain unnoticed." This can be seen as the equivalent of death to some...

If you noted, he also said "in your own words" which could also add onto the idea that a poet should not be vain, or have any sort of an ego, and if anything, the are encouraged to divide their self esteem from all literature authored by themselves... or even worse... or better... they should speak of how corrupt and worthless they themselves are...

Ok, enough, time to watch cartoon network. :)

Bulletin: Stupid Games

This note will probably meet rolling eyes, and shaking heads, but I have to say (as it is my nature) ~ these games, friends, these games you play in which you pass on note following wasted time only feeds a delusional superstition that some unseen power controls your life, and is silly enough to base the future off of that one email.

Unless you are all happy with insanity (to repeat something over and over expecting a different response, I know) I suggest you all discontinue your participation of the “Send this to five friends or die in seven days” petty games.

You’re not going to have bad luck for five years, you’re not going to die if you don’t pass every email on ~ I’ve had a great life and have ignored over 30 of those claims.

People like you and I (but much more devious I imagine) make these emails as they giggle ridiculously at their own “brilliance” ~ they know that you will not be able to resist completely freaking out if you are to ignore passing it on.

It’s all just words, and the only way you could ever really get bad luck and possibly die randomly is if you don’t pass this email on to 3 more people.

I dare to be...