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Fear Factor Argument is an archive Greg kept of an argument he had on the NBC Fear Factor forum in 2005. For some reason, he saved the whole first page of a topic he started, "Fear Factor: Sexist?", and posted it to his Onision site under the name "Fear Factor Argument". (Source)

Greg posted under the username Niqmo. Next to his posts, it said he registered for the site on 01/27/04 and had 79 posts on the site.

Greg's posts are all boxed in purple.

Fear Factor: Sexist?


#146174 - 03/08/05 06:44 PM

Who here thinks that girls and guys should get eliminated just the same?

I'm sure they had a board meeting on this one, but I still think it is a bad idea to have the following stats looked at as fair:

Boy's Time 1:52 1:03 2:53 <)- Eliminated

Girl's Time 3:42 9:27 (eliminated) 0:45

We all know that the first stunt does not define a person universally, and yet a man who gets a worse time than the other men, but out of the 6 people comes in 4th, is still eliminated due to the fact that they are girls...

Fear Factor expects too little out of women... it is this expectation that makes many women believe they are weaker, and therefore do worse...

[sighs and rolls eyes] Who's with me on this one?

- MrOdd.com

#146232 - 03/09/05 12:09 PM

I think it's fair to separate the men and women on physical stunts that involve upper body strength. If they didn't (and people with the slowest times got eliminated), that would be unfair to the girls because the guys would have a natural advantage.

Otherwise, they should not be separated by gender.

#146250 - 03/09/05 02:33 PM

Yes, but it is all about having THE BEST win, if you can't beat a man in arm wrestling, you're NOT the best ~ I know plenty of girls who are stronger than many boys, so... really, the upper body strength myth is exactly that, women let themselves be weak due to what's in their heads, not what's in their arms...

Ever hear of mother's lifting cars off of their kids? It's all in the head... I'm telling you ~

- MrOdd.com

#146259 - 03/09/05 04:14 PM

I have often wondered about that.

I have noticed in the past two seasons on FF, there has been a lot of all female and couples/siblings episodes. These seem to be edging out the norm of 3 males/3 females. I do think that in previous seasons, there were a lot of unbalanced stunts, and that maybe FF has worked out some kinks in designing stunts.

#146262 - 03/09/05 04:55 PM

I enjoy watching Fear Factor to see which female has the best looking "strength" in her upper body! WOOOHOOO!!!

#146276 - 03/09/05 09:10 PM

Dave you are a f*cking moron.

And yes, f*cking does have a place in that sentence.

You saying that helps me introduce this point: WHY ARE THERE ALL WOMEN EPISODES? IT PISSES ME OFF!

Oh yes, have you ever seen a single episode where it is all women, and they DON'T strip down to bikini's in at least ONE stunt?

It's just an attempt to get pervo ratings ~ I want to see strength and triumph, not girls cutting their throats with their hands because they can't handle the cold water.

Gags... Geeze Dave, you're such a retard.

Ooops... sorry I did not mean to offend the mentally handicapped!

Grrr... women have more uses than to be pretty objects in our eyes, maybe you'll learn that after the 46th time you're dumped on the street corner by them.

- MrOdd.com

#146300 - 03/10/05 09:09 AM

The show is FEAR Factor, not STRENGTH Factor. Just because a girl can beat a guy at arm wrestling doesn't mean she has more upper body strength. I know plenty of girls who can beat me at arm wrestling, but don't have the upper body strenght to do pull-ups. If you took and man and a woman with the same exercise habits, the man is going to have the advantage in upper body strength. Having your baby trapped under a car is different than climbing a ladder under a helicopter. Having a baby trapped under a car would probably trigger a flight-or-fight response (where your body releases adrennaline under extreme stress to make you stronger and faster). That's involuntary. You can't just say "Ok, now I need to envoke my flight-or-fight response so I can beat John's time".

#146316 - 03/10/05 11:47 AM

You make some good points, however, the show is not called "DISGUST FACTOR" either, and yet they put disgusting (not fear-related) stunts into the show, ignoring the name of it all...

So what is the difference to add a strength measure? They already did that, the girls still have to compete against eachother, and those missions do not define who is the most fear-less, it defines who is the strongest, so you bringing that up seems rather ridiculous.

Regardless, I do wish Fear Factor would base the stunts more on FEAR, like more heights, more being held under water, more spiders, add haunted houses, more pitch black, less bug eating, less helicopter junk...

- MrOdd.com

#146343 - 03/10/05 04:00 PM

I'm a moron?!

I'm not the one who makes females in bikinis a requirement. I'm not the producer and I'm not Joe Rogan!

Besides, remember the last show Joe Rogan was on dingleberry...THE MAN SHOW.. you idiot!!! Have you ever watched THE MAN SHOW and seen the content of the show and the roll JOE ROGAN played on the show? Maybe you just live in a litlle FEAR FACTOR bubble and dont realize what happens in the world outside of the show YOU CHOOCH!

#146347 - 03/10/05 05:13 PM

The gross stunts have gotten out of hand. I think they used to test a person's fear factor because people were able to do it if they could just keep from thinking that what they were eating was a buffalo testicle. I guess they kept trying to out-do themselves to the point where it has gotten rid of the original idea.

With the physical challenges, there is some fear involved (save for the cargo climb on the Thanksgiving episode). Although helicopter stunts are getting old, they do involve fear of heights. When you're watching at home, the helicopters may not look like they're flying very high, but once you get up there you'll probably change your mind. They're not as high some of the balance beams and things, but when your hanging from a helicopter 25 feet over water with no harness or anything, there's going to be fear involved. Then add in the noise, the force of the wind, and knowing you're going to have to fall. Someone who was more fearful might hesitate or chicken out, while someone braver would just do it.

And don't most all of the competitve stunts determine who is the strongest, or the fastest, or who has the best balance? None of the stunts really measure who is most fearless.

#146390 - 03/11/05 09:59 AM

The only time fear factor should seperate the girls from the guys is when they are haveing female teams compete against male teams! Period end! Then of course the member on each seperate team would be eliminated. However when men and women are competeing as individuals then they should all be treated the same. For some reason I believed this is the way it is done!

#146456 - 03/11/05 09:44 PM

What's a "CHOOCH"?

No... I don't watch the MAN SHOW... do you?

- MrOdd.com

#146467 - 03/12/05 03:18 AM

Yes I do! Check out Joe Rogan on the MAN SHOW on the COMEDY CHANNEL. Check your local listings.

#146473 - 03/12/05 06:20 AM

Amazing, this coming from a guy who wants us to visit a place called 'MrOdd.com'. Anyway, I wish you people would just quit your whining! I mean if you think FF is sexist, do the odd thing and CONTACT THE FCC. I wish I could show this to that poster that called FCCref's rules/regs post gibberish. This is EXACTELY the reason why he creates those threads!

Anyway, I don't mind you having an opinion, but I just wish you would contact somebody with the information instead of just blowing off your anger here.

#146536 - 03/13/05 04:01 AM

whats a chooch? look it up in the dictionary.

Chooch: Mr Odd.com

#146547 - 03/13/05 09:50 AM

MrOdd.com has no spaces, otherwise it would not work silly. :)

As for Gay Al ~ [shrugs] If the FCC has any rules on sexism, than Fear Factor really is a great show, but if it does not, and Fear Factor seperates the sexes on its own, than my opinion is the same: it's a lame game.

[rolls eyes and sighs] What's a chooch? I know what a dumbo is, and that's not me... but there is an elephant in this room... so, ele? What's a chooch? Really?

- MrOdd.com

#146571 - 03/13/05 05:11 PM

Wow, that's pretty sad that you must take somebody else's insult and seem as if it is your own. Do you even know where gay al came from?

I honestly hope somebody bans this cun+, ever since he came back for god knows why he won't quit spamming the forum with his MrODD.com bs.

Nimrod, please quit posting so much. Your insults are lame and your posts aren't worth much as it is. I think there is a rule against spamming advertisements. Hopefully we can convince the moderator to get rid of your sig.

#146572 - 03/13/05 05:15 PM

I agree with you whole heartedly. I am so sick of idiots like MrODD ruining the forum with their crap. I mean what good is this guy? Exactly like you said, there is no point for him except to flame and spam. Somebody ditch this loser before we get our good ole' "Fully Moderated" back.

#146586 - 03/13/05 11:30 PM

Ouch... ok...

Well, let me first say this:

Big Gay Al, it's from South Park, a show that I, amongst millions of others in this world (both American-haters and Americas adore alike... in a sense)

And chooch ~ I was not using the insult against anyone, if it really even is one, because apparently it means "MrOdd" so... it must be a compliment in one manner or another ;)

Anywho ~ you want me off this board for spamming? Am I trying to sell you guys anything? Am I advertising for someone else, or looking for any sort of personal gain other than to help represent who I am with a personal page? Crap, it's better for me to sign as "MrOdd.com" than it is "Greg" or "Mr. Odd" as it has the ability to give you a really good idea as to who wrote it... SPAM? No... not so much as the other classes of SPAM are ~ SPAM.

Mmm... and... what was the last comment? Oh yes... worthless posts.

I don't think this topic is worthless, I did start it, right? And it has attracted quite a few replies, and quite a few view (1,000+)

It's also a public forum... I think I am part of the public... I THINK... so I think it means I'm welcome here... I mean, I did not cuss or break rules of any sort, and yet I am not welcome because you all are immensly jealous that your sites are not as cool as mine? Ah yes... you don't haaaave web sites... or anything to show for your lives except bickering about how horribly "lame" (which by the way, you mocked me for taking the previous post's insult, only to end up being proven wrong, and on top of that, you did exactly what you accused me of doing) I, and I'm sure other people you have encountered are. Is that something to be proud of?

People so often talk about how many jerks there are in this world, and yet it seems no one is willing to consider the thought that maybe they themselves are the jerk, the very label they are giving everyone else is really a more accurate reflection of themselves...

Well... this is WAY off topic.

My point is: girls vs. boys is a very bad concept... humans vs. humans ~ I like that much more.

- MrOdd.com

#146667 - 03/15/05 03:46 AM

Geez kid, you didn't have to write me some damn essay. What makes you think I am going to read all of that. Whatever the case, you are advertising a place called MRODD.com which has absolutely NOTHING to do with Fear Factor. Take your propaganda and leave cuntnose. And secondly, look at how many posts I have. Before you go and tell me that all I do is post off topic I suggest you go back and look at all of my posts. Don't sit there and tell me what I've posted when you haven't even read any of my posts.

I'm bored with you nimrod. You obviously are bothered by what I say, otherwise why would you write a whole essay?

#146668 - 03/15/05 03:48 AM

Oh, and FYI, yes this is a public forum, but that does not mean you can post whatever whenever wherever, there is a moderator for a reason you know.. There are rules too, which I am guessing you chose to ignore.

#146669 - 03/15/05 03:59 AM

[quote] I don't think this topic is worthless, I did start it, right? And it has attracted quite a few replies, and quite a few view (1,000+) [/quote]

I do, simply because this is about the 10th post we've had here now on Fear Factor's so-called 'sexism'. Go back and read the archies mongoloid. Just because your thread has over 1000+ views does not make is special. Oddman, just about every living thread here gets over 1000+ views. Your thread is worthless, and you are no good at arguing your point on top of that.

Checked out MrOdd.com, apparantly you have been designing web sites for 45 years? Uuuuuuh, was the internet even around 45 years ago? There is somthing really fishy about that site....

I guess you are atleast in your 50s, yeah, real 'mature' buddy. Most of the people that use this forum are teens, myself and BIG AL included. I think it's pretty pathetic that you, a 50 year old, must insult a bunch of teens who are having fun, and who have been here much MUCH longer than you.

Get a life boob.

#146683 - 03/15/05 10:29 AM

Hey Big Al...I like Mr.Odd and quite frankly he has great insults....What it must be like for you to envy him so much for his unique gift....Further more I think your the pain! And that you should be kicked of this site for implying the C word...You are a real jerk! In addition to the fact that your mentality is so low that you have to use words like the C word in a lame attempt to get your worthless point across...You should be reported to the moderator for being a vulgar excuse for a human being.......

#146684 - 03/15/05 10:36 AM

There you go useing your foul, pea brain, language! Jeez..You are going to get reported to the moderator! Get over being jealous of Nigmo! He is cool your not! He is educated! your not! This is obviouse has he dos not need to resort to filth to get his point across! You go somewhere else! Hey maybe you can become a roach slurpee on ff.....

#146700 - 03/15/05 01:52 PM

Wow, I don't even have to really rebuttal. You haven't even been here two weeks and suddenly you know so much about me??? What gives someone who hasn't even been here 2 weeks the right to say somebody who has been here almost a year should be kicked out?

Also, please allow an un-educated man like myself to point out a few of your spelling errors, first of all the guy's name is "Niqmo", with a "q" not a g. When you are implying "you are", it's "YOU'RE", not "your"; and quite obviously it is spelled "obvious", not "obviouse". Hey momma, he called me "Big Gay Al" first; in other words nimrod insulted me first, therefore I have right to defend myself. So in that case he actually DOES have to resort to filth in order to get his point across. Did you not see his post which started all this??? I'm pretty sure the first line was "and for Gay Al"........when really all I did was tell him to contact the FCC. I wasn't even really talking directly to him, but to all the people who were whining.

I have been here almost a year longer than you, I know more about these boards than either of you. Don't you come on here telling me to go somewhere else, when 1) you know nothing about me, 2) you haven't even been here 2 weeks, and 3) you haven't read all of my posts. What do I have to be jealous of niqmo for? Because he posts lies on his site (FYI, it says he has been creating web sites for 45 years and below that he says he is only 19)? Because I have a problem with somebody advertising (which leads to SPAM) a site that has absolutely nothing to do with Fear Factor here?

I really liked though how you told me I have a filthy mouth and I am un educated and you go and say somthing like "maybe you can become a roach slurpee on ff" and post like 20 typos. Brilliance.

#146714 - 03/15/05 05:29 PM

Well Al! It's like this educated people do not need to resort to the language you use! In order to express themselves! Educated people are able to express themselves without useing the profanity you have been useing! A rocket scientist I am not! However you need not be a rocket scientist to express your feelings without the profanity you used. Grow Up!

#146720 - 03/15/05 06:08 PM

Think about ths Big Al. Not so cool of Niqmo to call you Gay! I agree there! However the insult was directed soley towards you! And your response however did not warrant you useing a word that is so nasty and degradeing towards women! That was way out of line! Keep in mind that there are alot of kids that are on this board! And alot of them are young girls! Tell me if you have a daughter, would you like her to read what you wrote? Would you like your daughter to think that men useing that type of word is acceptable. To be honest! I did not have a problem with anything you wrote! Until I got to that word! In fact going back and reading again what you wrote, I would say you have some valid points, however your point was immediatly lost upon reaching that word. You want your readers to focus on the point you are trying to make! You don't want your readers to only focus on a single word in your writing! Or do you?

#146724 - 03/15/05 07:30 PM

First of all can you please quit posting twice??? Why can't you just post it all in one post??? It is quite obvious that you just think these things up as you go.

Why are you putting words in my mouth?! I NEVER MADE A DERAGATORY STATEMENT TOWARDS WOMEN. NEVER! Undoubtably you are liberal, you have the exact values. I said he (AND MANY OTHERS; D'OH?) need to STOP WHINING and contact the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) if they think Fear Factor is sexist. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. Incase you did not realize niqmo and ffmomma, THEY HAVE ALL WOMEN EPISODES. Aside from that I have seen many episodes of FF when women beat the men, many. But somehow your buddy niqmo thought he'd call me gay al, and for what because I told he and others to quit whining? Because my point went against his? Ooooh, but that is okay if he insults me, but when I insult him, it's wrong. You liberal hypocrit.

What does anything I have to write have to do with me having a daughter? Do you think this stuff up as you go? Are you just thinking of things to attack me for? I am 19 years old, I just graduated HS a year ago, I'm about 7 years away from having kids. Judging from your typing I am guessing you are only a child.

I am still not even going to take you seriously. You are judging me off of 1 post, out of how many??? You have been here bearly a week, and the only reason you have any leeway to say these things is because I don't post here as much as I used to; mainly because of newbie trolls like you who come here and think they can just step in and tell old regulars what's what. I have been here for almost a year now, there is a reason for that "UNMODERATED!" post above; it is because at first posts had to be approved and released by the moderater, rather than they just appear like now. You would know nothing about that because you weren't here, I was. It is people like niqmo who are going to bring that old format back. I suggest you take a look at the board rules and FAQuestions before you come on here and tell me I don't know the rules.

Ya, I know you aren't supposed to use vulgar language, I don't normally, but when I even get the feeling that somebody (usually newbies who don't know anything like you & niqmo) is going to ruin the Unmoderated format for people like me and a few others who pushed so hard for it, I get realld POed. And if you don't like a post, IT'S CALLED FRICKN IGNORE IT. Don't be a little rat and go and snitch; that makes you even worse. I don't mind a little name calling, I do mind spam. Advertising leads to spam, it is a proven fact no matter where you are.

Oh and FYI, I never said I was educated, you brought that up sweetie; and an educated person would also not call somebody uneducated (which has what to do with anything?) and then go and prove their ignorance by mispelling 5 or 6 words right after it.

#146725 - 03/15/05 07:37 PM

"Well Al! It's like this educated people do not need to resort to the language you use! In order to express themselves! Educated people are able to express themselves without useing the profanity you have been useing! A rocket scientist I am not! However you need not be a rocket scientist to express your feelings without the profanity you used. Grow Up!"

Great fearlessmom, now can you rewrite that in english?

#146742 - 03/16/05 09:10 AM

OMG all the jibber, jibber, jibber is uncalled for. Hey AL!

Go Panthers for me Too. WOOOOOOOO

#146745 - 03/16/05 10:07 AM

Oh you poor little misunderstood boy! With regards to spelling! You should take the time to read your own posts! I am guilty as charged I do spell words incorrectly. And for your information my little misunderstood child, the minute you used the C word you overstepped big time. That word is vulgar and that is durogatory and offensive towards women. I used daughter as an example now that I am aware that you are only 19yrs old! I will use another example if you had a little sister or possibly a girl friend would you want other guys useing that word around them????

Now just for sake of arguement! I do not think that FF is sexist! And if you read my post in response to Niqmo's you will see that I actully agree with you on that! My problem with your post was your point was lost once the C word came into play. If you want your readers to take you serious then write your posts so that your point is not lost because of one vulgar word! That is offensive to female readers! I posted twice because you do not like books according to an earlier post to Niqmo from you! I assumed it had something to do with your attention span! So I wrote short posts so that you would not get to confused! And if haveing an unmoderated board means putting up with the type of profanity you used, then I would rather have a moderator!

And who said I snitched? I said you would get reported! And if you keep useing that word someone will report you! Not me I will just keep bugging you till you stop useing it.

#146746 - 03/16/05 11:30 AM

You don't know much about these boards at all do you? If you did you would know that the C word gets used quite a bit here. If you don't like the word, than you can pack your bags and leave. How dare you come on here and tell us what to do and how to use the boards which we have used for the past year now.

Big Al why are you letting someone who hasnt been here a month even talk to you like this? It's not as if she understands anything, or can even argue a good point. Notice how she keeps using the same sentences over and over and over and ends each sentence with an ! point. She's lame! Quite obviously she just came on here to cause trouble, just ignore this troll. She is probably just mad because you eat her up each time you post and make her look like a fool. She cannot stand being made a fool, so everytime she makes up some lame excuse to make it seem like you're the bad guy. It's really simple logic.

Fearlessmomma, howza bout you leave instead. It's not as if your mouth is painted with gold either.

#146751 - 03/16/05 12:01 PM

Now that is a laugh!!!!And Big Al has yet to make me look like a fool!!!! However he just made you look like a fool!! Look at your response it was juvinile at best and showed absolutely no brain power behind it!!!! You must be a little boy too!!!!!!! You could not even respond to my post in anyway that made sense!!!!!Im not going anywhere baby!!!!To bad for you!!!!How dare I?????? give me a break!!!! What do you think you can do about it??????

#146764 - 03/16/05 02:18 PM

[quote]And Big Al has yet to make me look like a fool!!!! [/quote]

you're right, you keep making yourself look like one. ha, you didn't even give any evidence as to why bigger's post was juvenile, but i guess since it went against your point it just was. you really need to get a life. you haven't even been here bearly a week and already you are getting into confrontations with people who have been here so much longer than you.

the point is (since we know you are just a little slow), you have no seniority here you have no room to say the things you are saying. you dont just join a message board and tell regulars to eat itecause you dont like their language. you are a hypocrit and a snot. heck, i fully agree with the others, you need to leave. if anything you are the one who keeps fueling this. stop sucking.

#146765 - 03/16/05 02:25 PM

I couldn't agree more with you guys. I am so sick of people like this coming on here and just bossing us around telling us what to do when they bearly know how to use half the board features. What does being educated have to do with anything BIG AL was talking about???

#146826 - 03/17/05 04:04 PM

A few points I�d like to point out now that this topic is officially off the original point it was pointed towards... [rolls eyes at self]

1. I called him �Gay Al� as a acknowledgment of South Park & to send out a miniscule insult, even less offensive than an obvious joke would be, to show I disapproved of Al�s previous statements of which I had up till then, read.

2. I do agree, using the �C word� was very unappropriate... especially for someone who is saying others are out of line.

3. The amount of posts has little to do with the quality level of contribution one gives to most any board anywhere.

4. Al, you acted like it was silly to make a post as long as mine was in reply to something you said, and yet only a few posts later, you yourself made one even longer than I had... are you making fun of yourself?

5. Al, you also stated I was breaking board rules, and yet you continue to use profanities to state your case when really your case is flawed, as you know very well that the only real problem you have with me is that I am leaving a signature, �MrOdd.com� which I will add, has indeed gerated interest despite you claiming that no one would ever visit my web site...

6. You two, 1hoursurfer & Al both clearly do not understand the concept of sarcasm, throughout the comments on the main page I am clearly joking ~ it was not meant to be taken literally as you two did, if you look over the text content and really THINK about it, you will realize that yes, the things I said were meant to be ridiculous and irrelevant ~

7. 1hoursurfer, to be honest, by your post that suggests you actually think I was serious about being old (50 years old as you said) I am having a hard time avoiding the conclusion that you are a complete buffoon as I had repeated pictures all over the site showing my actual image, me, 19 years old, and the site itself being only 2-3 years old...

8. Al, you stated that mamma thinks her comments up as she goes... I don�t see why this is a bad thing, I believe psychologists describe that as... ah yes, an active mind. So I wonder, how do you post? Was this just another lousy attempt at insulting Mamma? Actually saying �lousy� and �attempt� in regards to something you�ve done is rather redundant. ;) Sorry about that ~ (not literally of course)

9. Mamma had agreed with you that me saying �Gay Al� was wrong, but in order to have some sort of continuing opposition to Mamma, you denied her admitting that, and again stated that she was wrong for saying something she never said at all... interestingly enough, you said this to her after saying she had put words into your mouth (of course sending the idea across that this was a terrible thing... if it is indeed terrible, why do you do it as well Al?)

10. Al, you told Mamma that an educated person would not call another person uneducated... that is a mighty generalization, but to do the least I can, I�ll simply remind you that education is the process of one element teaching another element anything ~ this point is rather small, unless you look at the larger picture, which is: You again stated something that is rather false, and you do so as if it is a fact, and not opinion ~ knowing this, how can any of us credit anything you ever say in a format of factual information? You seem to be a law driven person who only ignores the rules when it is you who is violating them ~ you admitted this, and yet you continue to use the laws of English, grammar & moralistic value to condemn others for things that really you have misused and abused to a greater extent than they ever could have.

You approach this board like you are the head honcho, you are �the man�, but really, your no better than any newbie here, the board administrators have given no special rights to you, no rank, no appreciation, and yet because you are here longer, you are somehow greater, stronger & more so correct in all scenarios than any of us could ever be? You are on a powerless power-trip ~ it is a delusion, not something to be marveled upon.

Al, you are a 40 year old fast food worker who gets the same pay as every 16 year old who walks in off the street. (your age on this board is irrelevant ~ I ask that you not act like it is, it is rather repetitive of you, and if you know the definition, insane repetition will make you one day)

11. BiggerSNLfreak & Al are the same person, he signed up as another person long ago, makes for good conversations with yourself, and helping win debates by agreeing with yourself while looking like you are another person... wow. I also believe everyone else is the same person... except mamma and myself... but this is only because I have been an admin on another board for quite some time, and I have learned to detect similarities in posts as well as match up IP addresses ~

Don�t worry mamma, it�s just the same guy posting over and over, these �losers� are all over the place ~ it is due to a lack in friends, so don�t take it to heart.

I�m with you mamma...

To prove my point, observe all of the opposing posts, and you�ll find very similar/exact sentences used in �other member�s� posts ~ seems rather odd for separate personalities, or maybe it is just one �uneducated� person trying to act out what he believes is different enough to keep him far from conviction.

I had a member post at my board, he signed up and argued with me as different people when he began to lose the conflicts, it is a desperation move...

[sighs] Alright, well, this whole discussion has gone way off topic.

Veteran board member(s) please get back on topic, I�m sure you can at least appreciate that idea as you seem to care about the quality of posts on this board...

#146834 - 03/17/05 05:18 PM

Lol, yeah you would think we are all the same person since we all agree with big al. i cant believe you would even take the time to write all that. its just a message board kid its not that serious.

of course you agree with momma because she agrees with you. you're an idiot. go spam your own message boards.

#146837 - 03/17/05 06:32 PM

Lol, you must've confused me with somebody who cares. Yeah, like I am going to read all of that? Unlike you, I've got a life outside the internet kiddo. I'm not going to spend 30 minutes reading a post which is probably full of useless flames and retarded reasons why I am posting under multiple names. You really need some therapy, I think the internet must've screwed with some of your brain cells.

....I did like though how you said I have to create multiple accounts to create friends and yet you know the exact number of friends you have. Talk about lame....

"Yeah, riht now I've got 27 friends.....most of which are pillows"

You know, it might not have elevated into this if you had've just left out the gay part. That has to be the second lamest thing I have ever heard, you are okay to call me gay because you were acknowledging South Park. You make it sound like what you did was justifyable just because you had a disagreement. Being called gay is no better than what I said (Do you even know what that word means?). You both are just upset because I made you both look like putzs. Thanks for showing me how much I bothered you by writing a novel. Perhaps I would've read it if you had chosed a catchyer title.

And your right, I observed the opposing posts and found many of the same flames in fearlessmomma's posts which odly are in yours.

Yeah, I registered 9 accounts last year waiting for some guy named niqmo to come around so I could gang up on him. I also posted under them a total of 900 times to make them seem like they aren't me.

Ha, and I bet you believe that. You stand by that, if it prevents you from losing sleep at night.

#146838 - 03/17/05 06:33 PM

Whats the matter? Afraid to identify yourself? Further more read all my posts to big Al. I made clear my objections to his posts. In addition I don't care how long I have been here! If I don't like the language I will say so.

#146839 - 03/17/05 06:39 PM

Line guy please don't start your posts with "LOL", that makes them look like mine!

#146840 - 03/17/05 06:41 PM

I don't like being called gay and having idiots spam the forum and make up lame excuses for doing so.

#146841 - 03/17/05 06:44 PM

Who is writing the book???? You most certainly care or you would stop responding!!!!! Who made who look like a putz!!!!! Oh and by the way!!! Next time you point out someone else's spelling check yours first!!!! Oh and by the way I don't care who you are or how old you are!!!!!!!!!

#146842 - 03/17/05 06:48 PM

Hey Niqmo! Thanks bunches! However as these poor boys received no education from their parents on anything much less on how to express themselves without useing profanity! I will assume anything we tell them is pointless! After all if their mamma's and pappa's didnt care why should we? Heck! maybe they learned this from their parents!!

#146843 - 03/17/05 06:51 PM

Oh! Just stop making excuses for being a jerk! Your language was out of line period end. Stop crying and grow up!

#146845 - 03/17/05 06:52 PM

Oh and by the way dipstick! It was his language! Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#146846 - 03/17/05 06:55 PM

Making excuses? First of all the only reason you are even mad at me is because I made you look like a fool for calling me uneducated which had absolutely nothing to do with anything. You are the one making up lame excuses sweetie.

#146849 - 03/17/05 07:03 PM

Oh! This is rich! I still say your uneducated..So I guess I don't feel like to much of a fool as I am stateing that again! You continue to make my point for me! So you just keep on going! This is actually getting to be alot of fun! I like toying with fools!

#146850 - 03/17/05 07:04 PM

[quote]your uneducated[/quote]

And you stand by that.

#146857 - 03/17/05 07:52 PM

Oh gosh! Did I spell you're wrong! Well indeed your right! Gosh! I am a fool!!!!!!!!!!!

#146860 - 03/17/05 08:02 PM

Reply to my Reply! Lets all call a truce and have some fun here! Both Niqmo and Big Al make some good points and both have thier points of view. Lets all be nice and leave the name calling for others.

#146861 - 03/17/05 08:03 PM

Well first order is to remove this thread completely, or atleasrt the last two pages. That way we are all even.

#146864 - 03/17/05 08:11 PM

Sounds good to me! How about you Niqmo? Lets all call a truce here! We can all agree to disagree and leave it at that! LOL....You both have very good points!

#146901 - 03/18/05 04:39 PM

of course the men and women should be separated. its completely unfair in the first stunt to lump them together

#146932 - 03/19/05 01:12 PM

Oh, but no one asked me if I was yet done... so silly, now why would you want to erase your brilliant posts Al? Regrets? I�m amused, as you know very well if you replaced Mamma�s name with yours, and yours with hers, you would continue to call eachother fools ~

[rolls eyes] ~ It�s hard to be proud of any of this... and yet I continue, I love debate.

�Unlike you, I've got a life outside the internet kiddo.� - Big Al

This is coming from a man who bases his importance on how many posts he has on a message board?

This comes from a man who has 20 times as many posts here as I do?

You�re lazy, it has nothing to do with whether or not you have �a life� which is a pretty silly statement in itself if you are remotely logical.

I like defending myself Al, and doing so thoroughly, it defines where I stand, and prevents me from ever being seen, or feeling like a flake ~ watch what you say... (of course for me to say this to you again is illogical too... you clearly have comprehension problems, as I have told you this before)

�you know the exact number of friends you have� - Big Al

What are you talking about there Big Gay Al? (Oh come on, you know it�s from South Park, get over it)

And where did the pillows quote come from? Are you making this up as... you... oh right, you�ve already said that like it were an insult ~ [grins] Hiiipppoooo.

Why do you get on me about writing posts so long? You make the statement three times in #146837 prior to suggesting I don�t know what the meaning of the word �Gay� means... ???

I reply in such detail, to shut you down ~ if you were to read in �detail� maybe you would see that... maybe... but I have little faith in you.

I really feel like you might be the same as an attorney who walks in to represent Michael Jackson case only saying �Murder is Bad�, not actually knowing what you are there for ~ do your research, for you to insult me and reply to a post without even reading it in detail, you only make yourself look like a fool...

You then move on to state that Mamma and I are saying some of the same things, maybe, just maybe, this is because we see the same building burning ~ ya think?

We�re stating the obvious, and that is only in command to look at the billboard that glows �buffoon� as it is strapped more so tightly to your forehead with every additional post you make.

� Line guy please don't start your posts with "LOL", that makes them look like mine!� - Big Al

Big Al, �LOL� is as cliche as your personality ~ they will use it as freely as they like, it is not your acronym.

�I don't like being called gay and having idiots spam the forum and make up lame excuses for doing so. � - Big Al

I don�t like being called an idiot, you [censored] [laughs] (we all know that the real people I�m insulting is the respectable gay�s in this country as to put such an undeserving label on Al, who clearly is a homophobe... while I don�t mind it at all, call me gay all you like, it�s not an insult, just an insinuation.)

�First of all the only reason you are even mad at me is because I made you look like a fool for calling me uneducated� - Big Al

Oh come on Gay Al, when did you ever make anyone buy yourself look like anything? I want to see quotes, because I feel you would be a lousy attourney, what with having no strong points.

Your argument is that I should be banned for calling you gay, while you continuously say much worse things than more than one person.

Another argument you have is that Mamma is uneducated, but what�s funny is that you simply took her insult, and quoted it while being directed towards her. This suggests you can�t even think of a slightly refreshing thought ~ and oh yes, insults can be refreshing, here, let me think of one: If a donkey were not the species identified as an [censored], you certainly would, as you make our species look like the biggest [censored] of all.

You see? This is refreshing, as you have not read such things before, and yet �uneducated� especially when coming from someone else right before you yourself used it, is more than disgusting ~ it�s disgraceful.

Your last few arguments are as follows: You did not sign up to this board multiple times to agree with yourself, and those other posters are in fact real people. �LOL� is a word that only you can now use on the board because you are that special, you think I�m an idiot despite my lack in grammatical errors, lack in short posts, lack in �come backs�, lack in online voice (what with the web sites that bother you so much), lack in proof of being wrong etcetera.

And of course, you hate SPAM, which you have not yet shown me why what I post is classified as SPAM. Are you really that lazy?

Ah, in #146846 you say that Mamma is making up lame excuses, while you don�t even have one as to why you are the most rule breaking poster in this topic... is this because there is nothing to excuse you from your �sins�? Judging from your repeatedly predictable responses and repeat mentality, you must also be a God-lover ~ does your God not frown upon you when you call his creations... idiotic? C**nts? Uneducated?

You�re very despicable, a child who will never grow up, and I have more right than you to say that, it seems ~ as I have no religious laws to bind me, or board rules, and yet I am bound by my morals which are greater than all of the above.

Now, you may say �Oh sir, you called me names, this is not moralistic.� and yet your book of death suggests �An eye for an eye� ~ so, am I to lay down and die because I fear offending you? I will not attack the innocent, nor will I discredit those to be respected, however I have no problem defending my conscience from the belligerent weakness that is your words.

Mmm... I replied as I posted, and so I post this last time, unless your rage continues? Or... are we all being �toyed� with?