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Eco Psyche / Ziogi forums, philosophy subforum
The Evolutionary Psychology Forums, or Evo Psyche, was a forum Greg ran from 2004 to 2005.


The Evolutionary Psychology Forums was a combined with his Ziogi forum. It featured his Ziogi mascot. (Source) The purpose of the site seemed to be to debate various topics. The website tagline was: "Online Community for Alluring Minds"

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Ziogi/evoPsyche forums.

Here we have a remarkably significant layout selection, a great daily-expanding community, and plenty of topics to entertain even the most unenthusiastic web-surfer. Mainly discussions revolving around life, love, future, human mentalities & general existence take place here at evoPsyche, however most all topics are welcome. As soon as your register, please introduce yourself, we'd all like to know who you are.

Thank you for your interest in us, we will surely find interest in you too very soon ~

Your Admin,

--> Gregory


Greg would bring up his religion, Sicesca often on this forum. (Source)

My Religion, What is yours?

Gregory Oct 20 2004, 08:02 AM

"I personally am a huge fan of Sicesca... it has a web site that lines everything out for interested viewers... are you interested? ~"

He would occasionally use Sicescan terms (without explanation) in conversation. (Sorce)

After We Die, Where do we go?

Gregory Oct 20 2004, 08:05 AM

"I believe that when we die we go to the Divant until we have earned the right to obtain a new body... the complexity is many of us forget our good deeds in previous lives when the corruption that the Zodins create in the physical realm get to us... mmm..."

It seems none of the forum members were too interested in Sicesca and never asked to elaborate on phrases and references he made to his religion. If anything, he received a small amount of negative response to it. (Source)


The site was most likely shit down when Greg shut down Ziogi in 2005.