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EvoSAGA.com, December 2005
Evolutionary Saga, or EvoSAGA, was a site created and run by Greg in 2004. (Source) The site can be viewed through the Wayback Machine.

All archive blog posts can be read here. One of the short stories from the site can be read here.


EvoSAGA began as a collection of literature, poetry, and other writings created by Greg. It seems Greg gave up on the site sometime between late 2004/early 2005. The site briefly became a re-direct to his MrOdd website, then a link page to Greg's other sites. When the site returned in September 2005, it became a blog. The site once again became a link page to Greg's other sites a few months later and by the end of 2005, the blog was dropped and the site went back to its original literature format (seen on the right).

Welcome Message

evoSAGA & The Mind of Gregory J.

Submitted by Gregory on Mon, 03/28/2005 - 2:07am. News

Welcome Guests of evoSAGA,

This site is an archive of all the files I could rummage up worth looking at, created by me, Gregory James Daniel ~

All memberships are by request only, you may post comments, and browse this site freely, however, anything beyond that is by your earning only ~ post enough comments and you are likely to be considered ~ dedication breeds glances of potential in the eyes of power... should I notice you over the others?

Please also freely take the time to observe some of my other web sites, MrOdd.com, OneMandBand.com, evoPsyche.com, RapePrevention.INFO, Sicesca.com, AmericasAirForce.com, Niqmo.com, GamersShadow.com & MessageHoard.com.


Sometime during 2006, EvoSAGA shut down. The URL became a re-direct to Greg's Onision site.