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Evolutionary Saga Blog is a collection of archived blog posts Greg posted to his 2004 - 2005 website, EvoSAGA. (Source) The blogs seem to revolve around messages Greg sent to friends, family, and people from the internet. Unfortunately, most of the blog posts are cut off. If they do not say "read more" at the end of the entry, the full post was recovered from the archive.

It seems most of the names he posts here are nick-names or the first few letters of people's last names. Alta is most likely Skye and Esa seems to be Tanya.

Last names removed.


[Possible missing entries]

Boys Hurting Rats...

Submitted by Gregory on Thu, 07/07/2005 - 11:36pm. E-Mails

I'm talking about every MAN I've met here mother... in a room full of 15 boys, I WAS THE ONLY ONE NOT LAUGHING AT THE ABUSE...

How sick!

I don't see the integrity or moralistic value of anyone here...

I know many of them were doing it because everyone else was, but it's still terrible...

That's how gang murders and rapes occur... I wish this planet were populated by women, and a new form of counterpart absent of testosterone and idiotic p***s-driven, single motived mentalities.

I appreciate women so much, if it were not for them, I would have a hard time surviving this modern world...

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Another To Niks

Submitted by Gregory on Thu, 07/07/2005 - 11:26pm. E-Mails

I called that number... twice... first an older man answered then an older woman... rrrg?

They called you... Nicole? Maybe I just got the wrong number, anyway, you should call me tonight, and I'll call you back to save you money ~

I'll try again too...

The best time to call is 7pm there, or 9pm here ~

I was bitten by a rat three times on the fingers today when I was trying to feed it... blood was everywhere... so typing is hard.

I just want you to know, and be encouraged that I should be cool with anything you throw at me as long as it is in the realm of moralistic values... I treasure the abnormal, I stray from the hurtful...

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Basic Military Training In A Nut Shell

Submitted by Gregory on Wed, 07/06/2005 - 11:09pm. Military

Before I start, I’d like you all to know that I do not regret joining the Air Force, it has benefitted my life thus far in various ways, but it is a job everyone should take... less than 1% of this country is enlisted in the USAF.

In order to be a part of this force, you must be brave, you must be strong, you must be able to persevere through hard situations - it’s just not for everyone, so before you consider joining, ask yourself if you are really ready to go through what I have gone.

I have faith in the Air Force, and its cause — this is just an honest report of my experiences.

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A Friend In Distress

Submitted by Gregory on Tue, 07/05/2005 - 11:30pm. E-Mails

Well, think of it this way Nik, I'm a good guy right? I'm an attractive guy? I'm a smart guy? I'm a talented and nice guy? I'm a good human being who can make good judgements and is extremely honest?

Good... so let me tell you the truth. I really really like who you are, I think you are a good person, you're smart, you're talented, you're attractive and a good human being...

And that guy? Well... he's nothing ~ he makes himself nothing...

And so to you, he should be the same...

You are worth so much, to me... and in my egotistical opinion, that matters, for I do not cry for many people, as I seem much to look down on, and not shed a tear for in all its corruption, and yet in your smile, I see a day where I will cry, when that smile is gone, when it fades away.

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Death of A Rat!

Submitted by Gregory on Tue, 07/05/2005 - 11:17pm. Short Stories

I saw something really offensive today... I'm going to be very inspecific because I don't want to get anyone in trouble however...

An unsupervised group of young men were told to feed a reptile, I was in CQ, answering phones and working on a web site, when they were instructed to grab a rat, and toss it in to be fed with the snake... to do this they would have to kill it first... though I have never killed anything other than a few bugs to my knowledge, I felt extremely encouraged to volunteer for the death blow as I foresaw the mornicism that was about to take place.

One of the young men picked up the rat (no matter what creature it is, if it has never hurt a soul, it derserves a painless end) and flicked it on the back of the head, assuming it would kill it. NO! I knew it would no doubt injur it, and to every extent, it would continue to live if he were to keep that up... AND HE DID! As the other young men laughed around the rat dangling helplessly by it's tail fearing what might happen and wondering violently why such things were happening to it, the young man flicked it again, in the same manner, with no avail! No death, just more pain!

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The "No More!" E-Mail (No More Junk Mail)

Submitted by Gregory on Sat, 04/09/2005 - 6:00am. E-Mails

No, I will not forward your message, no I will not repost your quiz, survey, good luck/bad luck superstitions, your heart filled hack note, your "great way to make money", your pill ads, or any other garbage you come up with ~

This is me protesting...

If you want to beat someone, do it at their own game, sometimes that's all people like that will understand.

Pass this message on, post it in your blog so it will stay alive no matter how many times others post to cover it up, forward it to your friends who won't stop bugging you with garbage mail, and do whatever else you can to end this online nuesence many call "entertainment" (we call it "the highway to cheap past times").

You will not be cursed if you do not repost this, you will not die in 5, 6 or 7 days for not forwarding it ~ but something I can promise you is that the mindless forwarded junk mail will continue unless you do something to stop it, this letter, this is the tool you need...

End the mail that wastes all our time, I say, no more sex games, no more lame quizes, no more "forward this email and I get 1 penny" bull crap messages, no more get rich schemes, no more wasting our time!

I Dare To Be,

Who do you dare to be?
Post about this message at MySpace.com/MrOdd or MrOdd.com

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Another Jab At Gregory

Submitted by Gregory on Fri, 04/08/2005 - 11:57pm. Random Notes

Life without an ego is a life without a mind... no matter who you are, there is always a level ~ you suggesting my ego is inflated beyond control, this is a laugh...

I'm only the most logical human being I've ever met, that's all. [winks, then grins]

The two that chose to start a ruckus, on repeated occasions, they were advised to leave, they were told these things because despite all their posts, they were not really helping the board.

It had little to do with my ego, it more so had to do with the vibes I got from them... I have exiled many boys before, yet this time around I chose to have them leave through words, not through a ban button ~ and they did just that, just as I planned.

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Dizzy With The Truth Behind Realities Facts In Non-Fiction

Submitted by Gregory on Fri, 04/08/2005 - 11:21pm. Short Stories

I just took a jog... well... I pretty much sprinted at first... I have a thing, a thing where I can tell my body what to do, not by repeated command, but, once, and the rest my body will do...

It's kind of like being possessed by a demonic figure, or maybe just a helper ghost, but "demonic" is a more interesting entity, so we'll stick with that.

I can be walking a moment, then I start to jog, and I say "run faster" in my mind... so my legs, they move faster, only, I'm not actually moving them with my mind in a way ~ it is as if they are the wheels and the engine on a car, and I am in the passenger seat, wondering why the car moves with no driver.

Oh geeze, I just spelled "no" with the letters "know" ~ [rolls eyes] At least I found it, at least I fixed it right?

Anyway, so I ran today, to prepare myself for the military, I found myself panting, burning inside with the hurt, but I kept going, I kept saying "If you keep running till the end point, you'll feel so much pride for yourself." ~ I did not realize I am so badly out of shape when it comes to running... I mean, I can do 20+ pull-ups, 60+ sit ups, 60+ push ups... but I find it hard to run the... mile?

I leave on Tuesday... am I really ready for this?

I think so... I didn't give up, I ran to the end, and I nearly passed out, panting, trying to slow down my heart, literally crawling on the floor.

If that's not strength, than I don't see how I can make it in boot camp, but if that is strength, than I see plenty of promise for me.

Have you ever ran, without manually moving your legs? I have... and it got me into trouble... at first I sprinted, well... my legs sprinted, and I just stared at them, moving faster and faster with not a care ~ as if they were some sort of caged animal, only waiting for the opportunity to move, to run free...

My legs paid for it later, because when they began to get tired, it was me who had to move them the rest of the way, not some ghost, not some helper...

If that's not strength...

Well, send your best luck, because that's all I'll have without it.

Has your body ever done something without your conscious mind's direct consent? I mean... other than breathing...

It was like an voluntary action, but if I chose to stop it, I would experience difficulty, like holding your breath...

I Dare To Be, Gregory

Do you like my website?

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Forum + 1942

Submitted by Gregory on Thu, 04/07/2005 - 5:28pm. Web Sites

The only portions of the following written by Gregory James Daniel are those posted by user name: Onision & Shodae --- this rest is from members to MessageHoard.com


Caligula Tue Feb 15 2005, 08:11AM


My thoughts on this whole event are few but far between, most coming from personal opinions and years of study(unvoluntary, but study no less).

Hitler was the greatest leader that Germany has ever had; until he decided to campaign against the jewish. When Hitler came into power, he started trying to recover some of the tattered pieces of Germany, because they too had just gone through a depression similar to Americas. Hitler had a phanomenal rebuilding plan, and got Germany back to its old self, amazingly fast. And if one thing adds charisma to a leader, its putting food on plates and roofs on houses.

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The Airport

Submitted by Gregory on Thu, 04/07/2005 - 5:28pm. Random Notes

Again I sit at the Air Port gateway, destination Newark, New Jersey. There I will sit, again again, destination, Cincinnati, Ohio ~ do I look forward to seeing those I travel to see? Maybe... maybe yes... do I look forward to the flight... some what, some what yes...

What I do today is rather insignificant, as nothing but one objective is clear, to get to my destination... it is 6:24 AM now... when I arrive, the clock will find the other side of the day to greet me.

I wonder, will the stewardis’s be nice? Will they say my name? Or just call me “Sir”?

Today, yesterday, the day before ~ I’ve been thinking about specific topic... what I am to do different than millions, billions of people before me have done... what will make me significant... not even that, I am more interested in what will help me live on after I die... what could I do...

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Messages To: Kevin [...] - Round 3

Submitted by Gregory on Thu, 04/07/2005 - 12:45am. E-Mails

I've been told repeatedly that I am a very intense person ~ I have the greatest tendency to express the deepest and darkest areas of my personality when I respond to criticism ~ in this, I find that what I express is actually more than what I feel...

It makes every point I'd ever like to make, or have made rather... vivid.

When I think I scream at an average level, others see it to be an ear-drum breaking level, when I tell a person their literature has a significant flaw, they conclude that I believe it is, entirely useless...

Maybe I am really saying what I want to say, I am so direct and it is not I who is sensitive, but assumptions and expectations that blow these situations out of proportion, but for sake of avoiding any harsh feelings, I'll tell you how I really feel about all of this without indirectness, and I'll number it as you did before.

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Messages To: Kevin [...] - Round 2

Submitted by Gregory on Wed, 04/06/2005 - 9:44pm. E-Mails

Thanks Kevin,

You’re feedback was helpful.

I am going to be rather bold however ~ something I believe you are missing out on is the true beauty in music, which amazes me considering your talent and expertise ~ I am not out for profit, in fact, I am minimizing all of my album costs today to an extent in which I will make no profit, as I feel price is a rather silly thing to place on music when distributed to people, much like me, as long as the author remains credited (you making music for movies and being paid for it is by no means relative to this, what I am saying is, I do not plan to make a job out of this, and I do not want to charge people who just want to listen to my music. You having companies pay you for sound tracks is VERY understandable, and I find it amazing that you are so kind as to allow people to download your music regularly online, free.)

When I mention beauty... I am not referring to perfect beats, perfect tempos... or otherwise. When I say beauty, I mean, expression, this is what it is all about... right? Expression of the soul, and to get the listener's feeling what you feel?

I understand that some people, by listening to an off tempo, or a shattered chorus can feel conflicted and uneasy, but did you consider that maybe the chorus, the tempo, is off for a reason? That maybe in my mind, I want it that way? Like an ugly piece of art on a terribly low quality museum wall... the art being ugly only makes it more intriguing, it gathers attention, and short after, the greatest minds will begin to look one the offerings and realize what it had been trying to say all along...

Most every track I have created is off beat... I know for a fact that you are right in saying it can be repetitive, and yet all I've ever been interested in is having music to listen to while typing people emails like this, while writing the books and other literary pieces I work on...

The percussion, you are also right in saying that is a bit loud, I agree with this too... and yet every file I create is a finished product, never to be looked back on, never to be revised ~ so in suggesting I try again, the request itself must be denied, as not only do I leave for boot camp on Tuesday (leaving little time), but I don't have my key board with me...

I'll tell you a bit about my overall style, my method.

I use a Yamaha keyboard that I bought for $212.00 at Best Buy, everything I create is live, or at least recorded live, then looped to keep the beat ~ I do not download tracks (never have, never will) to use in my music, I make sure that everything I use is completely original other than the key notes I press, as it is nearly impossible to make the music I do without using a keyboard’s tones. I also stay away from auto tunes that basic keyboards offer...

Perfection is something I cannot yet grasp due to software, tools I just cannot afford, yet like I said, beauty is always there for the right people... with the right inspiration, regardless of whether or not they have the right accessories. Actually, one of my favorite songs of all time was a tune used in the video game “Mafia” with only four men singing, no background tune at all “Mornin, mornin to you, I can go on like this, mournin for you. I’m raving, and craving, a morning with you.” — I love that.

A misunderstanding influenced on my part is that you had thought I was interested in making music for movies, yet I was contacting you as an artist in the subject of interest, not as a categorical profile ~ To me, and I’m sure thousand of others, you create great music, I'm sure you spend more time on your tracks than I do, rarely do I work on them for more than an hour a piece. I play with a main priority, to entertain myself, to feel accomplishment in just another aspect of my life.

If others recognize that, I am happy ~ if they never really do, I am happy, as long as I like what I do...

Your opinion is rather helpful because I can accept it as one worthy of respect ~ you are a successful artist, and you have amazing accomplishments.

Know this, despite what misunderstandings we have, I am honored to have been observed by your keen mind.

I will only grow in skill as time passes, and maybe one day you will know me as a music star, via VH1 or MTV (something I'm not sure I'd ever really want to be... and yet I only see growth in my future, unless I fall while serving the US Air Force) --- Regardless, I will always appreciate your feedback... fame or nil.

Thanks for getting back with such haste.

If you have any spare time, I have a site I think you might like... MrOdd.com :) After watching one video I've made, I'm sure you'll smile at least once ~ some of the videos feature my music... but all of them feature me directly.

Gregory J. Daniel
OMB Artist/Representative

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Messages To: Kevin [...] - Round 1

Submitted by Gregory on Wed, 04/06/2005 - 9:44pm. E-Mails

Hey Kev,

I've been listening to your music for a while, in my car, on my computer, I like pretty much all of it ~ you really have a lot of talent...

I too am a musician... I have released 5 albums up to date, yet sadly, the receive little recognition due to lack in funds ~

Regardless, I want to know, what's your opinion on this track?


They say it's my best... they say...

I wonder what you'll have to say about it ~ I enjoy singing... I just fail to hit the right chords... at times.

Regardless, check out my site some time, will you? I'd love to hear from another musician, one more experienced than myself ~

I respect what you do, keep it up, I'm a fan.

Gregory J. Daniel
OMB Artist/Representative

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Esa: High In The Sky

Submitted by Gregory on Wed, 04/06/2005 - 4:09pm. Esa Chronicles

Hello Esa ~

I write to you from a plane... high in the Sky, far away from all humanity other than the unfamiliar that dwell around me on this massive vessel... now, considering the last flight I fell victim to by post-flight-sickness, I again worry... will the man next to me transfer the next deadly disease? Will the plane randomly crash, ending all of my objectives in life with a simple... boom?

In the last email I wrote directly to you, I did not convey my message as I wished I could have... but I must say, it was one of the most intelligent emails I have ever written considering the previous two, “drafts” we’ll call them were entirely negative, and based on an immature defensive mechanism that really was an internal, subconscious true-irony considering losing you would do exactly the opposite of what my defense desired... safety, security... I do look towards you for some things, and again, it is not what you said two nights ago, but rather, so long ago... and I cannot simply leave you because I have seen a side of you I do not favor... what type of friend would I be?

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Women, Don't Generalize Us

Submitted by Gregory on Wed, 04/06/2005 - 3:37pm. Random Notes

It is somewhat hard to combine the two elements and maintain a healthy, unconflicted relationship along the way... this is true when you try to merge a man and a woman into one committed relationship...

It seems we humans spend all of our time trying to make things work out with each other, trying to better understand one other...

You may expect me to write many paragraphs on what I really believe, what is the difference between man and woman, but I do not think that is very important right now... such a subject is universally complicated anyway ~

No, what I want to tell all of you today is... not all men, not all women, not all children, not all dogs, cats, or any other creature with a choice in life can be so easily classified.

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Reply To A Sucidal Girl: Episode 4

Submitted by Gregory on Sat, 04/02/2005 - 8:10pm. E-Mails

Don't cause your own cancer, do you know what I mean?

Being angry at those who really have little ability to effect your life is indeed, as you said, a waste of time.

You can delete this message, and you probably will before even finishing ~ but know, running away from this problem is likely to be no different than what you will soon do for the rest of your life, what you have probably done in the past ~ ignore the issues for sake of avoiding immense self-loathing.

You stated before that your problems do not deserve less recognition than anyone else's ~ in this I question, is kicking a shin the same as decapitating a head? Is throwing a stone the same as launching a nuke?

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Reply To A Suicidal Girl: Episode 3

Submitted by Gregory on Sat, 04/02/2005 - 1:11am. E-Mails

I was not truly trying to help you ~ this is "obvious" no?

My main objective was to insure that next time you feel stubbing your toe is the worse thing anyone has gone through, you will consider what I have said, you will understand that no, it is not that bad, not nearly so.

You even stated in your previous message that I was right, in a round about way, this is what you did ~ you stated that you realize you are not worse off than most people ~ clear agreement.

Now, for the IRAQ mentioning, I am not trying to be glorified, and I am confused as to where you get your information on why I decided to join up with the armed forces ~ as it seems, you have been told nothing from anyone other than your own internal insinuations ~

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Reply To A Suicidal Girl: Episode 2

Submitted by Gregory on Thu, 03/31/2005 - 4:42pm. E-Mails

You don't know that I am headed off to IRAQ ~ where I could die, lose my legs, or even become completely disfigured ~ you don't know that I say what I say because I know what I am talking about. I know it is for the better, and that if I state what I do, a trigger may go off in your head, it will make you realize you are not alone in the realm of emotional, physical distress.

From what you describe in your life... I am very confused, as you make it sound worse than it really is. You do feel sorry for yourself, and you don't seem to realize that there are billions of people in this world, (the majority) who are worse off than you will ever be.

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Esa: The Fight This Night

Submitted by Gregory on Tue, 03/29/2005 - 12:03am. Esa Chronicles

I have written two emails... neither good enough to get what message I wanted to send to you under these circumstances, so I will settle with my emotions to talk for me.

You and I, we have a massive factor that unites us, while all the small elements seperate us.

I don't want those little areas to divide who we are, who we can be...

I understand now why you and I could never be lovers ~ not until we come to a common understanding ~

Esa, you are one of the few people I believe in, in this country ~ say I am wrong as many times as you like, defy the country I will soon fight for, none of it matters ~ it does not really matter... as long as you agree with me on this...

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Alta: Goobye

Submitted by Gregory on Tue, 03/29/2005 - 12:02am. Alta, Sabi & Ali

What do you think of this Tanna [...]?

You're the only one I am asking for a perspective from... I believe in your opinion over all others in this world...

I anticipate what your brilliant mind will come up with, as I am always.


Alta... people separate, this is an often occurrence throughout the human race ~ most often it is due to differences...

I'm not sure if I will favor visiting you when I get back, anymore, you have insulted me by all you have said in suggesting this issue in discussion is a fault generated only by me, as if you are entirely innocent to my suspicions and disturbances in response to how you act.

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The MEPS Days

Submitted by Gregory on Mon, 03/28/2005 - 1:45am. Military

When I first found out about my appointment to participate in the MEPS program I went to About.com and read the experience one recruit for the National Guard had on his course to join up with the United States military. This story helped me to a great extent in telling me what I should expect, and in this memory, I wish to repeat the favor. I now assist all those who are wondering themselves what MEPS should be like for them if they are to go.

Before I ever went to my MEPS date I took the ASVAB, which is a test that all branches of the military require potential-recruits to take in order to have a good chance of enlisting. Foolishly, I chose to take the ASVAB on a computer, instead of on paper (the ASVAB on computer adjusts itself to your level, however contains flaws, in my case, repeating the same question over and over, which is terrible if you don’t know what the answer is). Because of my decision, the 15 hours I studied & the 3 practice tests I took prior became useless data. This is considering the fact that I had studied for what I expected to be a near-replica of the paper version, but ended up being much more complicated, containing questions I had never seen before.

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Another Sarah

Submitted by Gregory on Mon, 03/28/2005 - 1:31am. Daily Life

Hey Sarah,

I found myself wanting to know about the relationship you ended based on losing a sense of yourself... what it seemed like to me was a personal problem that actually had little to do with your boyfriend...

I can understand you breaking up with him due to lack in control of the way you feel with being around him, or for fear of going back to doing what you always due around him much like a smoker who is trying to quit surrounded in cigarets...

If you love him, maybe it would be better to not end the relationship, but rather separate yourself physically for a while, so you will still have something when you clear your mind.

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Death & The Brother

Submitted by Gregory on Mon, 03/28/2005 - 1:31am. Daily Life

I want to wish the best for AxDxM's brother who is in a weak state of health right now ~ Please read the following post he made, then my response to get a better idea of the situation.




so... my little 14 year old brother is in the hospital yet again. he is 14 years old,and constantly he is so sick he almost dies. might i add he is only 14? he is a diabetic,maybe that helps you understand. none the less its not fair at all. when he could be out,with his friends,his girlfriend,

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MySpace & Sex Games

Submitted by Gregory on Mon, 03/28/2005 - 1:31am. Daily Life

Mmm... but we all know how to quote, no?

[grins] I appreciate your support ~ yet integrity does not end with sex, it is a universal element, in both how you treat your husband/wife/child/mother ~ and what respect you give to strangers, or friends...

That was not the full message, and you know it.

Feel free to keep it unchanged, yet the author... is it really you?

Dare to be... - Gregory

----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: blood junkie/scars

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Sabi: I'm Sorry

Submitted by Gregory on Mon, 03/28/2005 - 1:22am. Alta, Sabi & Ali

Last night I thought really hard about what I wanted to do... and I decided I should apologize to Ali ~ despite my anger, frustrations, whatever ~ I was in the wrong... so I did say I'm sorry just this morning.

I find that in most conflicts Ali is not the problem, it has been said that no one makes you angry but yourself ~ I've been very out of line in the past in reacting to her, it could have been build-up, it could have been me not forgiving her for previous things she had done, either way ~ I don't really care about it anymore. Nothing means anything when it comes to negative emotions now.

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Ali: 10 Truths

Submitted by Gregory on Mon, 03/28/2005 - 1:09am. Alta, Sabi & Ali

Save this, and refer to it if I ever point out that you just broke a point in the list.

(blunt translation of the previous list)

1. Never Tell Me To Go Away, Leave, Stay Away or otherwise. If you do, I will be gone.

2. Don't freak out if I look at you for more than 2 seconds (I do that to everyone, it is nothing against/for you) ~ it freaks me out when you get freaked out by that.

3. I don't want you to ever do drugs... or even say you want to... it hurts me to hear those things, and when I left you said "All I think about is me, and drugs" ~ What???

4. I want you to actually like me ~ I don't believe it is easy to just suddenly like a person... do you even? I never understood... Liking someone involves enjoying the visits etc ~ you often ran away from me, and showed no enthusiasm for when I showed up... it makes a person want to cry, or just leave.

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Sabi: Never Again

Submitted by Gregory on Mon, 03/28/2005 - 1:09am. Alta, Sabi & Ali

Hey Sabi,

I removed that picture you did not like, just as you requested ~ I hope your day is going a'ok.

I should see you briefly tomorrow when I pick up Alta, around 10am.

You were really smart in saying that Ali & I should be seperated. Some problems are just too complicated to fix ~ and you were really wise for suggesting that.

It's good that I not come over any more to stay the night or anything, I just don't want to risk any more negativity.

I heard about you suggesting that Alta be careful around me... so she does not anger me, or something... ?

I really love Alta, she is my best friend, we have arguments, but when we do, I am trying to teach her something. Like our most recent argument was about her being social. I was telling her she should open up a little bit more, to ignore the voice that tells her to not do anything that could risk her creating an awkward situation... but then I told her that by doing nothing at all, it is then more awkward than doing something terribly awkward...

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Alta: All Is Well...

Submitted by Gregory on Mon, 03/28/2005 - 1:09am. Alta, Sabi & Ali

Hey Alta,

Mmm… I did some Tarrot, about everyone’s future… I believe it will all be fine… with your sister. I told you before, it’s hard to stop caring. I’m not sure where I stand ~ but I am blindly continuing my quest for a good relationship between myself and all of the [...]s… [sighs deeply] I know I will get hurt again, but I do not plan to talk much anymore… to Ali… I just want her to know I’m there… maybe that will matter someday.

Regardless, the Tarrot came up with the dark haired girl again… I’ve never met her…

Well… that’s useless information I guess… What I should be telling you is in all the forms that I asked about our clan, success, violence,

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[Missing entries]

E-Mail Game = Lame

Submitted by Gregory on Sun, 03/27/2005 - 9:54pm. Random Notes

This note will probably meet rolling eyes, and shaking heads, but I have to say (as it is my nature) ~ these games, friends, these games you play in which you pass on note following wasted time only feeds a delusional superstition that some unseen power controls your life, and is silly enough to base the future off of that one email.

Unless you are all happy with insanity (to repeat something over and over expecting a different response, I know) I suggest you all discontinue your participation of the “Send this to five friends or die in seven days” petty games.

You’re not going to have bad luck for five years, you’re not going to die if you don’t pass every email on ~ I’ve had a great life and have ignored over 30 of those claims.

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[missing entries]