The Five Beasts of Zota

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The Five Beasts of Zota is a short story written by Greg. It was featured on the front page of the original and final versions of his Evolutionary Saga website (Source) and was also featured on his Mr Odd website. He says it was written late 2004.

The Story

Waking up in the center of sweat I look around to find only a blur that greets my eyes. Blinking but twice I begin to hear the screaming of the children around me. Those in my posters have escaped, those in my nightmares have been unleashed, and now they terrorize...

I was 17 years old when I met them all, the monsters in my mind, and on the paper only a twisted artist had touched. I loved it, I loved them.

A nock at the door sounded, so I walked over and welcomed the mailman, "Delivery confirmation sir." he said as he handed the torn and tattered board with a pen rolling left and right before it fell like a rusty hinge on the floor for only my seemingly over-sensitive ears to witness.

Bending over I picked it up, only to see the man once standing at the door evaporated into the thick essence of my foul air. Maybe it was because of the cats, or maybe I am the source of the stench, but this is not the problem, the man had just left, clip board and all.

Looking around the man came back down the steps "Sorry sir, I had to drop another letter off upstairs. Did you sign..." looking down the man saw no signature as I slammed the door in his face dazed and mine paralyzed in one simple stare.

Walking to my room I gazed at the circular container which seemed to vibrate a dark purple, contaminating my aura. With a smile I walked towards the kitchen and pulled out a knife from our top silverware drawer. Jabbing and twisting the knife inward I managed to get the top off, only too look inside an find a dark hole seeming to call my soul inside its depths.

I zoned out...

Looking up I found my life had passed three hours by, staring at this hole containing only darkness and whispers to entertain my mind. I knew exactly what it was. Sticking my fingers inside, I pulled out the last monster to finish my collection, Dieso, the beast only a past human should could defeat through debilitative psychology, the physicality was impossible to penetrate, and I adored this monster for it.

Pasting the poster above the head board at my bed, I looked in terror at the clock to realize I was late for work. Thoughts tormented my mind of the children who were probably scared by now wondering where their daycare teacher was.

Rushing off in a speed I had not run before I did not notice right away the rumbling and screeches behind me. The posters had been united, and I was unaware of the consequences.

Arriving at work I found the children waiting outside with frowns on their faces, as one little boy, contrary, had a large grin on his face. "Tony? Are you the only one happy to see me?" I asked "I guess I am Mr. Greg! What are we eatin today?" he replied. Smiling I rubbed his short faded brown hair and walked over to unlock the door. "Sorry guys, I did not mean to screw up like this... if it happens again, ice cream for everyone." I said in an optimistic tone. Walking by a young girl stopped and glared at me "Ice cream won't make up for your failure Greg!"

Looking at the ground I walked inside and began handing out cups with straws, attached to trays, attached to bowls. Now ignoring the kid's bickering, I began to hear the sounds of my posters from my nightmares, from my wall... however this time it was not in my worshiped dreams... it was day... I was awake?

"GREG!" the bickering little girl said "Where's our food stupid!?" she asked. "Well I guess we know who's getting her food last... time out anyone?" I replied. Immediately she sat up and smiled "I'm just kidding silly!". As I rolled my eyes I began to walk over to Tony's table. "Pass it on Tony." I said as I handed him sealed granola bars. Only to then hand the young girl her food to also pass on.

Walking back to my desk, I was given a great sense of desire for sleep. Putting my head down I closed my eyes, while telling myself "Just for a moment."

"Eeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrghhhaaaaaa!" a thunderous boom sounded in the back of my ears. Quickly flinging my head up I looked around only to see a cup shaking and fall off the window sill from the ground tremors. "Kids, what's going on!?" Tony pointed at the window as I lowered my jaw to mumble "Dieso!?"

Snapping out of my stare of the 10 foot tall dark gray monster, I screamed "Zota! Kids, hide in the quiet room!". Running off towards the room I followed with a key to lock their room door. With great hostility Dieso lurched through the doors and began to tare through the running children as if they were paper in a raging fire. Lurching back I witnessed in horror their fall.

"Tony!" Running up I grabbed his hand, and threw him under my arm. Seeing there was no other alive, I lurched out the door and began sprinting down the road.

Stopping a short distance down the road I said "Tony, there not after you! Run inside Ms. Anne's house, she'll take care of you." Tony nodded and hurtled over the steps to the door. Looking back I saw the beast sniffing the air, with a seemingly torn away moment in time he instantly transferred his cold eyes directly towards me.

Shocked in fear I turned again to sprint towards the woods. Quickly after the beast galloped after me, however somehow I knew I could run faster than any other, and before my feet I soared across the pavement, leaving the monster stumbling over my dust.

Reaching the forest I scrambled through the dark dewy bushes only to come up to a river before a small cliff. Slamming into my back the beast launched me into the water face down.

Slowly I floated down stream, and before I even twitched I began to strategize my escape "I hope it thinks I'm dead." I said to myself as I etched slowly down stream.

The monster had, I was free...

Coming up to deeper waters I began to swim beneath the dark glacier water. "How am I breathing?" I thought to myself only to assume the question would be answered in time.

Climbing up I reached a strip of land in between a fork in the river. Sitting down I began to observe my situation, only to think of the children who I saw before my eyes fall to Dieso. A tear rolled down my face following another. Quickly planting my face above my knees I sobbed, only to hear another scream, near... behind me!?

Lurching upward I could smell its warm breath follow my body. "You're not Dieso!" I thought to myself.

Lunging backward, I remembered the first poster I had purchased, "Cabal?" I said to myself. The four legged horse-like beast groaned as blood poured from what looked like bullet wounds.

"You were shot? What did you do!?" I asked sternly. The beast only grinned at me licking it's beak-like lips.

I hurled my body backward in the middle of the beast's grin to catch it off guard only to slam smacking on the base of the river. "No pain..?" I asked myself silently and remembered the first fall as well...

Just then Cabal followed down with a powerful jump.

His hoof had landed on my chest.

I was stuck, it was over...

I woke up.