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Slowly converting the "Eugenia / Onision Masterpost / List" from Tumblr to here due to tumblr messing with the links. Eugenia Cooney

Greg’s videos are numbered. Videos he re-uploaded after deleting the original are not numbered. (He usually changes the title for re-uploads.) Events are bracketed. Claims he’ll stop making videos about Eugenia are numbered with (#). Message me if you want something added.

(Last updated 9/30/2020, <a href="">click here</a> for latest version of this post) - Note: I’m going to have to do a clean up of all the Patreon links soon since Greg was banned from Patreon.


# Title & Date Screen Shot Notes Status & Links
1. “Eugenia Cooney Is Anorexic” (Speaks)
May 9, 2016
Eugenia5-9-2016.png Greg defends Eugenia from accusations that she’s anorexic. Compares her body to a supermodel’s. (Video Deleted)
Original URL
2. Who Is The Most Bullied YouTuber? (Speaks)
Jun 26, 2016
Eugenia6-26-2016.png (Video Deleted 2019)
Original URL
3. Please Help Eugenia Cooney (Speaks)
Sep 10, 2016
Eugenia9-10-2016.png Harassment about anorexia begins. (Video Deleted)
Original URL
4. Eugenia Cooney’s Eating Disorder #HelpEugeniaCooney
Sep 19, 2016
Eugenia9-19-2016.png There's a theory he was trying to ride off the viral fame of #SaveMarinaJoyce (Video Deleted)
Original URL
5. Eugenia Cooney: Save Your Body
Sep 22, 2016
Eugenia9-22-2016.png Greg tells viewers to unsubscribe to Eugenia if she doesn’t gain weight in 1 month (by October 22nd), says if you continue supporting her you are helping her die. In response, Eugenia says the videos being made about her by a certain person are very stressful, but she’s trying to stay positive. (Video Deleted)
Original URL
9/22/2016 - Eugenia responds on YouNow. She says Onision’s videos are not helping. Says his fans are attacking her and his videos make her upset. She also says he takes her video clips out of context. She says he claimed he tried to give her a private intervention, but he only sent her two DMs.
6. Eugenia Cooney Facts (Speaks)
Oct 2, 2016
Eugenia10-2-2016.png (Video Deleted)
Original URL
7. Eugenia Cooney Photoshop
Oct 6, 2016
n/a Greg says in this video, “Bottom line, I have no plans of making any more videos about Eugenia Cooney in the future.” (#1) (Patreon exclusive 2/25/2019. Video since deleted.)
Original URL
10/6/2016 - Greg uses twitter to prove Eugenia is “hurting her fans” by influencing them into developing eating disorders. Eugenia defends herself on twitter.
10/?/2016 - A petition is created to ban Eugenia from Youtube using the argument she is influencing young viewers into EDs. It gains 18,000 signatures before being deleted. The story made international news.
10/14/2016 - Eugenia uploads a video responding to all the recent negative attention and hate she’s been receiving.
8. Banning Eugenia Cooney From YouTube (Speaks)
Oct 28, 2016
Eugenia10-28-2016.png Greg says he is against banning Eugenia. (Video Deleted)
Original URL
9. Eugenia Cooney’s Cooking Show (Main)
Nov 14, 2016
EugeniasCookingShow11-14-2016.png Comedy sketch making fun of Eugenia’s (at the time) alleged disorder. (Video Deleted)
Original URL
10. Eugenia Cooney Lied? (+ Her Actual Weight) (Speaks)
Nov 18, 2016
Eugenia11-18-2016.png Greg admits in the video he makes videos about Eugenia because they always do “extremely well”, he shows the video “Eugenia Cooney Is Anorexic” had 1.8 million views. Eugenia defends herself on twitter from misinformation Greg said in his video. (Video Deleted)
Original URL
11. Eugenia Cooney: Guilty (Speaks)
Nov 19, 2016
Eugenia11-19-2016.png (Video Deleted)
Original URL
12. Eugenia Cooney: Final Video (Speaks)
Nov 20, 2016
Eugenia11-20-2016.png He claims he’s “resigning” from making videos about Eugenia even though he could continue making “millions upon millions” of views of them. (#2) (Video Deleted)
Original URL
13. UGLY TO PRETTY: BODIES (+ Body Image) (Speaks)
Dec 7, 2016
Eugenia12-7-2016.png Live URL ($)
12/20/2016 - Announces on twitter he won’t be making Eugenia videos anymore. (#3)
14. Eugenia Cooney VERSUS Brandon Rogers (Speaks)
Jan 16, 2017
Eugenia1-16-2017.png (Video Deleted)
Original URL
15. Eugenia Cooney Is Suicidal? (Speaks)
Feb 19, 2017
Eugenia2-19-2017.png ”My videos on Eugenia Cooney always do very well [Shows EC:Guilty video has 1.1 million views] so as a person who’s concerned about Eugenia’s health and a person who wants to make successful videos, I’d like to take the opportunity to check up on her now.” - This video was renamed “Eugenia Cooney's Health” (Video Deleted 2019)
Original URL
16. Eugenia Cooney’s Victims
Feb 21, 2017
Eugenia2-21-2017.png ”My videos on Eugenia Cooney always do very well [Shows "EC:Guilty" video has 1.1 million views] so as a person who’s concerned about Eugenia’s health and a person who wants to make successful videos, I’d like to take the opportunity to check up on her now.” - This video was renamed “Eugenia Cooney's Health” (Video Deleted)
Original URL
2/21/2017 - Greg claims on twitter he doesn’t plan on making any more videos about Eugenia. (#4) Eugenia responds to the harassment she’s receiving due to his last video.
Greg also announces not too long ago he agreed to be on Dr. Phil. Eugenia previously stated producers from the Dr. Phil show reached out to her, but she does not want to go on.
TEXTING JOKES (Twitter Captions)
Feb 23, 2017
n/a Video with jokes about Eugenia. (Video Deleted)
Original URL
2/2017 - Eugenia takes a social media break due to stress. Two of her friends make videos pleading with Greg to stop making videos about her. Most likely due to the harassment she received after Greg's "EC’s Victims" video. Eugenia’s friend Jaclyn says Greg’s videos cause Eugenia stress and anxiety and she’s seen Eugenia break down about them. She says Greg is bullying Eugenia and that Eugenia just wants Greg to leave her alone.

To Convert

17. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney: Case Closed</a> - UhOhBro Feb 27, 2017 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

[<a href="">Eugenia’s friend, Jaclyn, livestreams with Greg</a>. She says the cooking show video caused Eugenia stress and says Eugenia has been asking Greg to stop making videos on Younow. Greg announces to Eugenia if she wants him to stop she should write him an email “and I will never make a video about you again”. (He also mentions views are down on his EC videos anyway.) Eugenia announces on Younow she sent the email and Greg <a href="">confirms on twitter</a> he will no longer make videos about Eugenia. (#5)]

[<a href="">Youtube mass demonetizes videos about Eugenia</a>. This is why Greg throughout March - November deleted and re-uploaded a massive amount of his Eugenia videos under different titles.]

18. <a href="">Skinny, Thin or Scary (Girl Celebrities)</a> - UhOhBro, Mar 23, 2017 (deleted)  [Says there’s a Youtuber who “could die basically any day now.” “God forbid I actually talk about an important issue involving a specific person who’s actively dying. Wouldn’t want people to think my sole interest is profit, so let’s just ignore the issue and let them die. Okay.” (<a href="">full quote</a>)]

<a href="">Please Help This YouTuber Heal (Ep. 1)</a> - Encore, Mar 25, 2017  (deleted, <a href="">SS</a>) [Renamed “Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help (Onision on ED 1)”, then “Eugenia Cooney: An Anorexic Story? (Anorexia Awareness #1)”, Original video “Eugenia Cooney Is Anorexic” - May 9, 2016]

<a href="">Please Help This YouTuber Heal (Ep. 2)</a> -


Mar 27, 2017 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>) [renamed “Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help (Onision on ED 2)“]

Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help (Onision on ED 3) -  Encore, ? 2017 (deleted)

Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help (Onision on ED 4)

-  Encore, ? 2017 (deleted)

Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help (Onision on ED 5)

-  Encore, ? 2017 (deleted)

Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help (Onision on ED 6)

-  Encore, ? 2017 (deleted)

<a href="">Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help (Onision on ED 7)</a> - Encore, ? 2017 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>) [renamed “Eating Disorders: Eugenia Cooney (Anorexia Awareness #7)”]

<a href="">Eugenia Cooney Is Bulimic Or? (Anorexia Awareness #8)</a> -

Encore, ? 2017

(deleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

<a href="">

Eugenia Cooney Is Anorexic?</a> - Encore, April 10, 2017 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

[renamed Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help (Onision on ED 9)“, then “Eugenia Cooney Is Anorexic? (Anorexia Awareness #9)”]

<a href="">Is Eugenia Cooney Dead? I Hope She’s Ok. (Anorexia Awareness #10)</a> - Encore, ? 2017 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>) [renamed “Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help (Onision on ED 10)“

<a href="">Eugenia Cooney Before & After</a> -  Encore, ? 2017 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

[renamed Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help (Onision on ED 11)“, then “Eugenia Cooney Before & After (Anorexia Awareness #11)”]

<a href="">Is Eugenia Cooney Eating? (Anorexia Awareness #12)</a> - Encore, ? 2017 

(deleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

<a href=""> Eugenia Cooney Asked On Dr. Phil?</a> - Encore, April 18, 2017 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>) [renamed “Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help (Onision on ED 13)“]

<a href="">Eugenia’s Cooney’s Cooking Show! (Parody) | Onision</a> - Onision, Jun 10, 2017 (deleted again in Feb 2019, <a href="">SS</a>)

[08/25/2017 - <a href="">Greg causes commotion on twitter</a> saying he is worried about Eugenia because she is “MIA.” He gets into a short twitter fight with Chris Biersack (who was friendly with Eugenia on twitter) over her and vows “when Eugenia’s disorder claims her”, he will make a video shaming everyone who he believes ignored or condoned her disorder. It turns out Eugenia was just busy moving.]

[November 2017 - Greg re-uploads a number of his Eugenia videos under new titles. <a href="">SS</a> of two of them - Not sure of the upload date of these two or if these are already listed below, but were re-named.]

<a href="">Eugenia Cooney vs Onision</a> - Encore, Nov 6, 2017  (deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a>)

<a href="">Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help</a> - Encore, Nov 7, 2017 

(deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a>)

<a href="">Eugenia Cooney Is Not Ok?</a> - Archive, Nov 8, 2017  (deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a>) 

19. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney Fans: GOOD NEWS!</a> - Speaks, Nov 24, 2017 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, then deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a>)

20. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney’s Outfits</a> - UhOhBro, Nov 30, 2017 

(deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a> <a href="">ss</a>)

21. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney Reactions (Onision 2018)</a> - UhOhBro, Feb 8, 2018 (deleted in 2019 purge, currently<a href=""> public on Patreon</a>, <a href="">ss</a>)

[<a href="">Eugenia talks about </a>how Greg’s negative videos about her lead to a lot of online harassment toward her.]

22. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney (The Full Story)</a> - Speaks, Feb 19, 2018

(Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">public on Patreon</a>, <a href="">ss</a>)

23. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney In An Alternate Universe (Photoshop) </a>- Speaks, Feb 26, 2018 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a>)

24. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney: Let’s Be Positive</a> - Speaks, Mar 5, 2018 (Patreon exclusive since 2/25/19, <a href="">ss</a>)

25. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney Outfits #2</a> - UhOhBro, Mar 18, 2018 (deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a> <a href="">ss</a>)

26. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney (Live Reaction by Onision) </a>- UhOhBro, Apr 27, 2018

(deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a>)

27. <a href="">Is Eugenia Cooney Getting Better?</a> - Speaks, Jun 6, 2018 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, then deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a> <a href="">ss</a>)

28. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney: Let’s Save Her</a> - Speaks, Jun 11, 2018 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a>)

29. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney & A Police Phone Call (+ All Emails)</a> - Speaks, Jul 18, 2018 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a>)

[<a href="">Greg claims on twitter </a>he’s done making Eugenia videos because “it’s pointless, she’s finished”. (#6) Eugenia tweets about people pretending they care and blaming you for something out of your control.]  

30. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney: I Created Her (Then Had Her Fight in WWE)</a> - UhOhBro, Aug 6, 2018

(deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a>)

31. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney In WWE 2K18</a> - OnisionGames on Periscope, Aug 9, 2018 (<a href="">ss</a>)

32. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney Is Amazing (Apologize!)</a> - Speaks, Aug 10, 2018 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a>)

33. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney (Before & After)</a> - Speaks, Sep 6, 2018 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted 2019, <a href="">ss</a>)

34. <a href="">“Eugenia Cooney Is Dying”</a> - Speaks, Sep 8, 2018 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

35. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney Played Basketball…</a> - Speaks, Sep 20, 2018 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted 2019, <a href="">ss</a>)

36. <a href="">The Doctors on Eugenia Cooney</a> - UhOhBro, Sep 21, 2018

(deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a>)

37. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney Fans… Sad News</a> - Speaks, Sep 22, 2018 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19 , deleted 2019, <a href="">ss</a>)

38. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney (What Is It Like To Be Her?)</a> - UhOhBro, Sep ?, 2018 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

39. <a href="">Dear Eugenia Cooney Fans</a> - UhOhBro, Sep 29, 2018 

(deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a>)

40. <a href="">Triggered by Eugenia Cooney — Comparing Legs</a> - Speaks, Oct 3, 2018 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted 2019, <a href="">ss</a>) [renamed “Comparing Legs (+ A Day In Eugenia Cooney’s Life)”]

41. <a href="">A Message For Eugenia Cooney</a> - Speaks, Oct 4, 2018

(deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">transcript</a>, <a href="">ss</a>)

[Greg claims looking at Eugenia made him think his legs got fat. Blames her for triggering him. At the end of the video he weighs himself with two different scales to prove he didn’t gain weight. Both scales say he gained weight.]

42. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney: An Important Message</a> - Speaks, Oct 20, 2018 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted 2019, <a href="">SS</a> <a href="">ss</a>)

43. <a href="">We Saved Eugenia Cooney</a> - Onision, Oct 21, 2018 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>) [Another “comedy” sketch]

44. <a href="">The Original Eugenia Cooney (Karen Carpenter)</a> - Speaks, Oct 27, 2018 (<a href="">Public on Patreon</a>, deleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

45. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney When She Was Younger</a> - Oct 28, 2018 (deleted, <a href="">link available</a> to private vimeo upload on public Patreon post, <a href="">ss</a>)

46. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney & Her Recovery</a> - Speaks, Nov 9, 2018 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

47. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney Looks AMAZING</a> - Speaks, Nov 28, 2018 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>) [renamed “Eugenia Cooney PHOTOSHOP”]

48. <a href="">The LAPD Wants To Find Eugenia Cooney?</a> - UhOhBro, Nov 30, 2018 (deleted in 2019 purge, <a href="">ss</a>) 

49. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney & Her Future</a> - Speaks, Dec 6, 2018 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted 2019, ss)

50. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney Died (in The Sims 4)</a> - Speaks, Dec 21, 2018 (deleted, <a href="">SS</a>, <a href="">re-upload</a> not on Greg’s channels)

51. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney’s Story</a> - UhOhBro, Dec 22, 2018 (Patreon exclusive since 2/25/19)

[Greg claims on <a href="">twitter</a> and in a <a href="">livestream</a> he won’t discuss Eugenia in videos anymore. (#7)]

52. Eugenia Cooney’s Life in The Sims 4 - Jan 14, 2019 ish (deleted, <a href="">SS</a>)

[<a href="">Eugenia announces</a> she is taking a break from social media and is privately working with a doctor. Asks viewers to respect that. 2/10/19]

53. <a href="">You Guys Saved Eugenia</a> - Speaks, Feb 10, 2019 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted 2019, <a href="">ss</a>)

54. <a href="">I May Know Who Saved Eugenia. It Wasn’t Me.</a> - Speaks, Feb 12, 2019  (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted 2019, <a href="">ss</a>)

55. <a href="">How Eugenia Cooney Will Look After Recovery ( Some Things I Need To Say)</a> - Speaks, Feb 13, 2019 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted 2019, <a href="">ss</a>)

56. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney’s Mom & The Police Speak Up (Things Look Hopeful 💖)</a> - Speaks, Feb 14, 2019 (Patreon exclusive on 2/25/19, deleted 2019, <a href="">ss</a>)

[<a href="">Greg asks fans on twitter</a> to leave positive messages to Eugenia on his personal forum. <a href="">Earlier that day</a> he announced added ads to his forums.]

57. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney Update</a> - Speaks, 

Feb 15, 2019 

(deleted 2019, <a href="">ss</a>)

[<a href="">Greg proves on twitter</a> all of his recent Eugenia videos were demonetized.]

58. <a href="">YouTubers Cashing In On Eugenia Cooney (It's All Ok, If It's Not Onision)</a> - Speaks, 

Feb 16, 2019 

(deleted 2019, <a href="">ss</a>)

[<a href="">Dan, someone that worked with Eugenia in the past, uploads a video </a>asking Greg to leave Eugenia alone. Dan claims Eugenia wanted him (Dan) to make a similar video in 2016, but he didn’t because he didn’t want to start drama. He claims Eugenia is one of the most positive and happy people he knows and the only time she’s ever told him she was upset or something was wrong was over Greg’s videos about her.]

59. <a href="">I Need To Say This... About Eugenia Cooney</a> - Speaks, Feb 24, 2019 

(deleted 2019, <a href="">ss</a>)

[2/25/19 <a href="">Greg unlisted 21 of his Eugenia videos</a> and makes them “Patreon Exclusives”, meaning they are private from the public and viewers have to pay Greg monthly in order to view these videos. He also announces on his forum there is no point for him to make any more videos about Eugenia. (#8)]

[2/27/19 Euegnia’s friend Jaclyn makes another video saying she messaged Greg and ask him to stop putting spotlight on the situation because how much damage it was causing, he responded with a nasty message. She says he's made so many videos saying he cares about Eugenia, but when it came down to doing something to actually help and not get in the way of helping he didn't do it. She again asks everyone to stop speculating and making videos about Eugenia.]  

60. <a href="">My Eugenia Cooney Videos Are Now Removed (Please Write Me If You Find Any I Missed)</a> - Speaks,  Feb 28, 2019 (deleted 2019, <a href="">ss</a>) [Claims he’ll remove the rest of his Eugenia videos “from the internet” because he doesn’t want to trigger people or Eugenia. (His videos stayed up. No changes were made since he unlisted 21 of his EC videos into Patreon exclusives.) Says if he knew E’s condition would get worse, he would have made behind the scenes action instead of making a spectacle. Asks fans to report re-uploaded his Eugenia videos to him so he can have them removed. Says everyone that made Eugenia videos needs to remove them.]

61. <a href="">My Big F*ck Up</a> - Patreon, March 22, 2019 [Greg announces to his Patreons he will remove all of his unlisted videos about Eugenia so no one, even his Patreons, can’t access his Eugenia videos any more. (He actually deleted them this time.)]

62. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney Update: GREAT NEWS! (+ A Pic!)</a> - Speaks, May 28, 2019 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>) [Greg reveals a creep shot someone took of the back of Eugenia’s head at a clothing store.]

[<a href="">Jaclyn tweets</a> Greg is lying about not using Eugenia for money. She says he has zero information and uses Eugenia in the title and thumbnail.]

63. <a href="">Help Eugenia Cooney</a> - Speaks, May 31, 2019 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

64. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney Update: PROOF SHE’S RECOVERING! (+ New Picture)</a> - Speaks, June 2, 2019 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>) [Greg shows a picture of Eugenia from her hairdresser's instagram.]

[<a href="">Greg tweets a picture of Eugenia</a> taken by her hairdresser. Blaire White, a friend of Jaclyn’s, replies: “You fucking suck as a human being. It's not my truth to tell, but you know what you did to her, and you know what you ignored behind the scenes in order to continue making shitty videos about her. You are a sociopath.”]

65. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney Confession (+ My Stalker & The Truth About Copyright)</a> - Speaks, June 13, 2019 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>) [<a href="">Transcript</a> - Greg confesses he cares about Eugenia the same way he cares about Hannah Minx, someone he confessed his love to and claims he dated (they never dated). He says he’s not in love with Eugenia, but would take a bullet for her. He says the last picture that came out was hotter than Andy Biersack (a singer he used to make “fangirl” videos about) and in her healthy state she is one of the most gorgeous people on Earth.] 

66. <a href="">Fun YouNow Hangout</a> - Encore, Jun 20, 2019 (deleted)

[<a href="">Clip of registered nurse debating Greg about his online treatment of Eugenia.</a>]

[<a href="">Another debate clip about Eugenia</a>, 6/23/19]

67.  <a href="">YouTubers That Hate Me, Onision | Social Media Assault | Ex Friends Attack</a> - Speaks, Jul 3, 2019 (<a href="">ss</a>)

[7/19/19 Shane <a href="">uploads a video </a>with Eugenia discussing her recovery. This is her first appearance online since going to rehab. The video gains millions of views that day.]

68. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney & Shane Dawson</a> - Speaks, July 19, 2019 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>) “I don’t have to make a video about her every again because there’s no reason other than to maybe say she’s beautiful.” (#9)

Jacklyn releases <a href="">two</a> <a href="">videos</a> criticizing Shane and Eugenia’s video and revealing private info about Eugenia’s situation.

69. <a href="">Re: Eugenia Cooney & Shane Dawson</a> - Speaks July 20, 2019 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

70. <a href="">Defending Shane Dawson & Eugenia Cooney Against Jaclyn Glenn</a> - Speaks, July 20, 2019 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

71. <a href="">The Return of Eugenia Cooney - The REALLY REAL Truth</a> - Onision, July 21, 2019 (deleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

72. <a href="">Eating Disorder Relapses & A Thank You To Shane Dawson</a> - Speaks, July 22, 2019 (deleted, ss) [renamed “Shane Dawson Is Saving People With Eating Disorders”]

73. <a href="">Eugenia Just Emailed Me Something Amazing (+ My Apology To Her And Shane)</a> - Speaks, Jul 23, 2019 (<a href="">d</a>eleted, <a href="">ss</a>)

74. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney's Beautiful Emails To Me (+ Virtue Signaling)</a> - Speaks, Aug 3, 2019 (deleted, <a href="">SS</a>)

75. <a href="">Please Support Eugenia Cooney ❤️</a> - Speaks, Aug 4, 2019 [Greg donates over $300 worth of Bits to Eugenia during her Twitch stream.] (deleted, <a href="">SS</a>)

76. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney's Amazing Update</a> - Speaks, October 24, 2019 (deleted, <a href="">SS</a>)

[11/10/2019 <a href="">Eugenia reveals on a livestream</a> she did not know Greg was still making videos about her.

[4/24/2020 Greg <a href="">tweets</a> at Shane Dawson, telling Shane to help Eugenia. Greg accompanies the tweets with a blog post titled “<a href="">Eugenia Cooney Is Slipping Again</a>”.]

<a href=""> Jaclyn Glenn Wants Credit For Eugenia Cooney (Parody)</a> - Onision Reacts, May 2, 2020 [originally “Uncensored Comedy Rant: Jaclyn Glenn Parody“ July 21, 2019]

<a href=""> Onision's Apology To Shane Dawson</a> - Onision Reacts, Premiered May 3, 2020 (<a href="">SS</a>)  [originally “Eugenia Cooney & Shane Dawson” July 19, 2019]

<a href="">

Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help</a> - Onision Reacts, Premiered May 4, 2020 (<a href="">SS</a>) [originally “Eugenia Cooney When She Was Younger” Oct 28, 2018


<a href="">

Eugenia Cooney Photoshopped</a> - Onision Reacts, Premiered May 10, 2020 (<a href="">SS</a>) [originally “Eugenia Cooney Photoshop” Oct 6, 2016


<a href="">I Compared Myself To Eugenia Cooney</a> - Onision Reacts, Premiered May 16, 2020 (<a href="">ss</a>) [originally “Triggered by Eugenia Cooney — Comparing Legs” Oct 3, 2018]

<a href="">

Defending Eugenia Cooney From "The E-Mail”</a> - Onision Reacts,

Premiered May 17, 2020 (<a href="">ss</a>)

<a href="">Reacting To Eugenia Cooney</a> - Onision Reacts, Premiered May 19, 2020

(<a href="">ss</a>)

<a href="">Eugenia Cooney Is A Beautiful Person</a> - Encore, Premiered May 22, 2020

(<a href="">ss</a>)

[originally “Eugenia Cooney’s Amazing Update” October 24, 2019 ]

77. <a href="">Eugenia Cooney Needs Our Help (Charity Stream)</a> - UhOhBro & OnisionPrime on Periscope, August 10, 2020 (<a href="">ss</a>)

78. <a href="">I GIVE UP ON HER | Pro-Anorexia YouTuber, Cancer To Viewers</a> - Speaks, September 7, 2020 (<a href="">ss</a>) Says he is bored of the topic of Eugenia and there is nothing you can do to help her. (#10 ?)

79. EUGENIA COONEY NEEDS OUR HELP!!!! speaks Oct 17, 2020 Live URL

He says he is tired of playing nice and says she deserves to be mocked because she is hurting people. 

80. Eugenia Cooney: Let's Be Honest UhOhBro Dec 6, 2020 Live URL - Compilation video of clips from some of his Eugenia videos over the years. Eugenia12-6-2020.png