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Eugenia Cooney is a YouTuber and streamer. In 2016 Greg started the first of many video campaigns to convince her to get help for her alleged anorexia. His Eugenia videos were very successful, some pre-adpocolypse videos pulling in a million to two million views. Many felt his videos were of ill intent, siting the multiple times Greg falsely promised he would stop making videos and the sheer amount of money he made off of her, while many others were supportive of Greg's campaigns. Eugenia's friends have asked Greg multiple times over the years to stop making videos about Eugenia, saying he causes her stress and anxiety.

Greg infamously made over 70 videos about Eugenia in the span of three years.


Early Interactions

"Eugenia Cooney: Save Your Body" video thumbnail
All throughout Eugenia Cooney's YouTube career, she has received criticism about her thin frame, sometimes even being accused of starving herself or suffering from an eating disorder. Eugenia consistently replied to these claims by saying that's just how she is.

On May 9, 2016, Greg uploaded " "Eugenia Cooney Is Anorexic" " to his Speaks channel where he defended her from negative tweets about her appearance. He compares her body to images on google and concludes her body is closer to skinny supermodels than an anorexic person. He watches a video Eugenia uploaded with her mother and comments that her mother is overweight. He concludes Eugenia is thin not because of genetics, but because she is afraid to look like her mother. ($ource)

That same day, Eugenia tweeted Greg, thanking him for making a positive video about her. (Source)

Afterword, Greg and Eugenia had a few short twitter interactions in May and June.

First Wave of Anorexia Videos

Greg's DMs to Eugenia
On September 10, 2016, Greg uploaded "Please Help Eugenia Cooney" to his Speaks channel. In the video, he says Eugenia does not live with her mom anymore and now does not have a positive influence to tell her to eat enough food. He points out people are commenting about her recent weight loss. He concludes it is now time to be concerned for Eugenia. He says he is scared for her and if something happened to her, he does not want his last video about her to be supportive of her "apparent suicide". He says he tried direct messaging her privately on twitter. The first message asked if she talked to a doctor about her health. Greg says she replied saying she is fine. He messaged her again saying his wife has an iron deficiency and is doing better. He suggests she get her iron levels checked. He explains in the video he told her this because he thought if she went to a doctor for that, the doctor would tell her she needs nutrients. He says she responded saying her doctor is okay with everything. Greg says he is pretty sure that doctor should be fired. Greg says the evidence of Eugenia's condition is in her photos. He shows mirror selfies she has taken and zooms in and analyzes her body parts, pointing out how thin they are. Like his previous video, he google searches "anorexic person" and compares what he finds to Eugenia, only this time suggesting Eugenia is thinner than the woman in the anorexic image.

Greg says he feels like he is fighting back tears making this video because Eugenia is a nice person. He says there is no doubt in his mind Eugenia is killing herself. He says his previous video was reasonable at the time, but it's not okay anymore. He says he hopes she gets help. He says the idea that she could go on killing herself and people support her behavior for the sake of being PC and friendly is horrible. He says he hopes she sees the video, but he doubts it will help because watching a video doesn't cure an eating disorder. He encourages viewers to discuss ways to help her. He tells her if she continues the lifestyle, people that love her and support her won't be able to forgive themselves. ($ource)

That day, Eugenia tweeted thanking people tweeting at her for caring about her and she thanks Greg for being nice. She says she appreciates them. (Source)

On September 19, Greg uploaded "Eugenia Cooney's Eating Disorder #HelpEugeniaCooney" to Speaks. In the video, he announces this video is for Eugenia and for people "beyond all doubt, completely clearly has an eating disorder, but refuses to accept it." He says people aren't saying she has a problem because they want attention, or


September 22 "Eugenia Cooney: Save Your Body" UhOhBro ($ource)

October 2, 2016 "Eugenia Cooney Facts" ($ource)

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"Final Video"

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Second Wave of Anorexia Videos

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List Source

Jaclyn Debate

On March 5, 2017, Greg hosted a debate with YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn on his wife's Younow account. An hour of the debate was dedicated to Eugenia.

Incomplete summary of Eugenia portion of the debate
Jaclyn said she did not want to talk about Eugenia because she already explained in her video about Greg's Eugenia videos that Eugenia deserves respect and privacy, but Greg insisted on talking about her. Jaclyn said hounding Eugenia with videos, then saying he was not going to talk about Eugenia anymore only to start talking about her in a negative way and make fun of her again came off as bullying. Greg defends his videos by saying Eugenia hurt people by causing them to starve themselves. He also says the like to dislike ratio on these videos are overwhelmingly positive and that medical professionals he talked to thanked him for these videos. Jaclyn says she feels that the stories sent to him about how Eugenia hurt people are somewhat solicited because he re-tweets them and that encourages people to tweet these things. She says she is willing to guess a large percentage of them are exaggerated because they want Greg's validation. Greg responds that he didn't say Eugenia's name, he just said "let me know if anyone's cause you to have an eating disorder." Jaclyn responds that he's made so many videos about Eugenia that there is no question about who he was talking about.

She gives the example that if she tweeted, "reply to this tweet. Let me know if Onision has ever made you feel bad about your body." that she would also get many responses. Greg says he would like to see those, but Jaclyn says that would not be fair. She mentions Joy talked about some being suicidal over something he said in a video, but she doesn't listen to stuff like that because it's being publicized to attack a person rather then to promote a specific cause.

She reads a tweet he made, "You can be upset at people that shame your body, your mind or life, but if you are confident they will have no power over your happiness." She asks if this applies to people that watch Eugenia or just people that watch his videos and feel bad about them self. He asks why would someone feel bad if they watched his videos. She replies because you call them Shrek body, really thin, or points out their acne. Greg says he has acne and he did not call his audience Shrek, he called Trisha Paytas reminded him of Fiona, Shrek's wife, as a joke and many people thought it was hilarious. (Admin note: He did say to a fan they have a "Shrek body" a few months before this debate in a body rating video, then talked about it again defending doing so in the video "I'm Done Making These Videos..." - Source) ) He says it's funny to talk about a public figure that way. He says if he pulled up a picture of a random fan and tells them they need to lose weight that might be good for them. He says for every person that said "this person made me starve myself", there are an enormous amount of people that say he helped them accept their body the way it is.

Jaclyn points out the second part of the tweet, "if you are confident they will have no power over your happiness", and says it's hypocritical if that only in defense of himself and not Eugenia. He says he's doing body positive videos and the only person that could be triggered by him is someone who is about to get diabetes, but with Eugenia she triggers people to want to look like their about to die.

Jaclyn brings up the Cooking Show video Greg made about Eugenia. She says it was cruel. Greg replies by saying he has two sides of himself that are at war, she says that;s the definition of being hypocritical.

I don't want to summarize this anymore ): plz nooo I stopped at about 29 minutes in

Toward the end of their discussion, Greg agrees to stop talking about Eugenia if she contacts him directly asking him to stop. (Source) After the debate, Jaclyn texted Eugenia telling her this. (Source)

The next day on twitter Greg announced he was asked to stop making anti-anorexia videos about a Youutber and will respect that request. (seen right)

Later that day, Eugenia broadcasted on Younow and talked about the situation. She said she email Greg asking him to stop making the videos and he replied saying he understood, but told her she was still triggering her fans and she shouldn't do that. She says she never tells people to be like her or look like her. She is glad he said he would stop and she believes he will stop. She compliments Jaclyn on doing a good job in the debate. She reads a comment saying don't believe Greg, he will make similar videos and indirectly mention her. Eugenia says she believes he will stop.

She reads a comment: "you made it very clear before you didn't want that. If he stopped after you emailed him it's probably because he knows you could sue him." Eugenia asks viewers if she was not making it clear enough before that she wanted him to stop making the videos. She said she thought it was obvious because of her talking about it on Younow and reacting to it on twitter.

She says she watched some of the debate and it was hurtful to her when he said things like she was triggering and killing people. She says that gets her really upset because she doesn't want people to think she has bad intentions or want to hurt people.

Eugenia says sometimes she would see comments from people accusing her of teaming up with Greg to get views. She says she thought it as obvious she was upset with what was going on. She says she wishes people would understand.

Eugenia says she wouldn't debate him because she doesn't know how to defend himself and he always thinks he's right and can't accept that other people think differently than him. She says she's happy if his videos helped people, but it was very hurtful to her. She says in one of his anorexia videos he says anorexic people are dumber than dogs because even the dumbest dogs know how to feed themselves, so she doesn't see how his videos help people. (Source)

Demonetization & Deletion

On March 21, 2016, Eugenia announced on twitter that she was informed by other YouTubers that any videos mentioning her were demonetized by Youtube, meaning any YouTubers that made videos about her would no longer have advertisements on these videos and not make any more money from them. This included positive videos about her. (Source) Many of Eugenia's videos were demonetized as well. (Source) When someone brought up that Greg's videos about her would no longer be monetized, Eugenia replied "haha at least one good thing comes out of this right! 😂" (Source)

"Skinny, Thin or Scary? (Girl Celebrities)" screen shot
On March 24th, people began to notice Greg had deleted all 15 of his videos that focused solely on Eugenia.

On March 23rd, Greg mentioned Eugenia in the UhOhBro video "Skinny, Thin or Scary? (Girl Celebrities)". He said, “[…] a site reports a death of a 21 year old model that died at the weight of 88 pounds. Isn’t there a famous Youtuber who’s even lighter than that? Who’s around that age and could die basically any day now? God forbid I actually talk about an important issue involving a specific person who’s actively dying. Wouldn’t want people to think my sole interest is profit, so let’s just ignore the issue and let them die. Okay.” ($ource)

On March 25, 2007, Greg began uploading his deleted Eugenia videos to his Encore channel, his least popular active channel, as a series of episodes titled "Please Help This YouTuber Heal". He avoided using Eugenia's name in the titles and descriptions, most likely to avoid Youtube from automatically demonetizing the videos again.