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Death Reaper was a website Greg created in 2003. (Source) The site contained different forms of entertainment created by Greg, including literature and music. The site shut down in 2004. The site can be viewed through the Wayback Machine.


"Some say it is great, some say otherwise, these music files download quick, and easily, and will surely add a new perspective to music in your life." On the Death Reaper site, Greg provided 35 free songs he created in Anvil Studio. He states the music can be used on websites, as background music and for personal listening only. His Death Reaper music can still be downloaded (here).

Wallpapers and Avatars

"This page is loaded with some seriously cool art, and graphics, free for use on your PC Desktop. (all formats 800x600 JPG)" Greg provides many images free to use as desktop backgrounds.

"Take them with you wherever you go online, you can use these for message boards, Aol IM icons, or even icons in general." Greg created 5 pages of free avatars to use. Some of the avatar images were captured by the Wayback Machine, which showed Spongebob, Cid from Final Fantasy, and Medal Gear Solid characters.

Fake News

Unfortunately, the Wayback Machine did not archive this page properly, so it is unknown what the Fake News was.


Image from Death Reaper
"Archive of debate essays, poetry, and other interesting reports." The link to the Literature page was changed to "Teen Literature" sometime between August and October 2003. Greg wrote about various topics. The shortcut names were IGNORANCE, SEXES BATTLE, GAY PRIDE, LOVE LOST, AGE, OUR RIGHTS, HYGIENE, and SMARTS. Greg's Death Reaper literature can be read here.

In the early stages of the site, Greg advertised they were hiring writers, but this soon disappeared off the site. After the re-design, There was a "Submit Content" page where site goers can submit literature, shoutouts, fake news, and links. It does not seem that anyone else submitted music or literature to the site. This page was removed all together sometime between July and October 2003.

Message Board

"One of the most popular aspects of is the Shadow Board. Sign up, and join our community of diverse and uncannily intelligent people." This linked to "The Shadow Board" located at (Source) and later the link directed to (Source)


The last two pages of Death Reaper were Associate Links and Contact. Associate Links listed websites Greg exchanged links with. He also featured his own websites there as well. Lastly, the contact page allowed viewers to contact Greg, the webmaster.


Sometime in December 2004, the Death Reaper site shut down. It seems that Greg no longer owned the domain. (Source)