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Death Reaper: Teen Literature is a text collection of the literature Greg featured on his Death Reaper site in 2003. Sometime during the site's short life, Greg re-named the page from "Literature" to "Teen Literature".

Fight For A New Path

By Greg Daniel

What is a pointless fight? Why do senseless conflicts happen? Who are the ones who fall victim to these battles? Over the past, humanity has been damaged deeply by pathetic and disgraceful wars that happen both between politicians and among average peasants. Often powerful people who have nothing to accomplish but to generate fear in others start these wars. Today, smaller verbal battles occur all over our schools. An individual calls another a foul name and immediately the victims think they have some sort of honor to defend and this resorts to a fight. For some strange reason, the general populace at our school feels their fellow classmates will beat them severely inside if they were to stand down in a vocal challenge. One calls another a “punk,” and every immature student in that class screams the ever so repetitive “ooooaaaaah!” That person, after being led on by his/her peers, shouts back with even more harsh words of hatred and a physical war breaks out between the two. The others gather around, even those who are out of classes just to see these two hurt people become even more wounded. So many gather that there is a crowd in our halls of people with grins on their faces and a laughter in their lungs while they are continually yelling “ooooaaaaah!” with every slap and hit that they hear. All of this results only in these two students becoming a mockery. So what was this battle for? What is a pointless fight? Days go by, and those two students still wonder, “why?”

For ten days any of us students can be sentenced to remain off grounds and to lose quality, needed, learning periods. One person yells an insult, pride is hurt, so a feeling of rage comes and they both lose control. Such fighting is a weakness not a strength.

A much more common battle fought all the time is a strictly verbal one between sisters and brothers, friends and friends and so on. We somehow think that complaining to others about how you dislike a teacher or a boy at school is a bully gets you somewhere. How does that accomplish anything but negative vibes throughout your surroundings? There is no use in being angry about something that you cannot simply change. If you were to look past the disturbing shell, or at least ignore the voice that demands negative thoughts towards that subject or individual, you can get much further then the last person who crossed paths with the same teacher or bully. The one before you probably failed and glared at the person who they were bothered by, which most likely brought them to another physical conflict.

We bicker and complain so often about how our lives are awful and no one treats us right. So many times are heard the words “I'm stupid” or “I hate school”, and if you ponder it, you will notice after three years, the person is saying the same thing with no change.

We can all change our grades, our lives, our jobs, and our friends. Yet we cannot and will never truly change another. Whether you hate another or not is insignificant, it is whether or not you can control that hate and over come it that matters. When a student who is having a bad day gives you a rude comment, what is there to achieve out of a come back? You can only win in reality by cutting them off completely. No conversation, no response, etc. If we were to all do that the attacker would discover their shame with a mere look of pity towards them and a shake of the head. Why ruin your successful future with one who has not one to look forward to? You will face many attackers and offenders in your years to come, so why not learn how to over come them now, our fates hold a better door to walk through if we do.

The Youth of Our Country

By Greg Daniel

“We are, we are. The youth of the nation” the lead singer of the band “Payable On Death” sang so passionately and originally. As we all live our lives many do not question or ponder what will come to society when the children of our country grow to adult hood status. “Is every business going to crash and become bankrupt due to lack of comprehension on the job?” or worse “Will we be sent to the depths doomed to be a third world country?” In all truth it is up to the parents of this young age to guide and teach our children about life's true harsh realities. Yet, those with the most irresponsible parents seem to end up exactly the same or the exact opposite. So is this nation doomed to a fate of inferiority and dementia? On what facts are gathered, what were the ones at the age of 40 most likely doing as a child or teen? What were those 70+ acting like at the age of 17? The human race has the reputation of denying its own past in order to get a sense of dominance or self-righteous emotions. This country will never die as long as we still have leaders, as long as we still have patriotism and strength. If you deny this, do you not deny belief in our country?

What mischief do the children always seem to be succumbed to? If you look at many fellow adults and then look at a child, all that is different is the shell that they dwell in and the maturity level. There are the sheep and there are the strivers. One is offered drugs yet with no guidance they take the drugs and so on becoming a user or even an addict. How do you prevent a child from such a fate? Every individual of this world must tech their children respect and honor, what supports integrity and what is the shallow and wrong path to take. Different people mature at different ages, some seem to take many years to mature and end up a 40 year old boy. Others hit this maturity at the age of 10+. The ones you find displaying the horrid acts of domestic abuse and sexual violations are, in most cases, still children. Not physically but mentally. What authority figure was absent to make them act this way? What authority figure was there?

In life most do not grow mentally because of learning and development of new skills. Many grow only because their bodies tell them too. If I were 80 years of age and walking down a street, I would have different individuals treating me like I were toxic or a buffoon resulting to the diversion of paths or loud taunts and mockery. It seems that we age only because others tell us too. One can often notice how it is to be young and treated like what they are, a child. Yet then grow to be 18 and find that every one is treating you differently, even though you feel as if you are in a similar state of mind as you were at the age of 10. A common belief is to have confrontations of associates and relatives and result to a treatment of whatever age they act. In other words “treated like how they are on the inside not on the out”.

There are the ego stricken teens the shy teens and more, yet in so many ways they are all the same as adults are also. We all were once or are young and childish at mind, all seemed to seek entertainment rather then work and progress, and so on. Who is a child? What is a child? In truth a child is how we all act, an actual way of life. If you seek to find one like such merely look at those dwelling in bars wining about how life is bringing them down and seeking the opposite sex for “fun” and not commitment. A toddler wants a toy, yet does that toddler only want that toy? It is just the same as childish adults.

In the young life, what makes them young? A simple answer to that is the most obvious, age. Yet another factor in the situation is the physical growth process. In so many ways would it be true that adults would act much like the youth if they were experiencing the menacing thing we call puberty. Often cases of rebellion is the very altered state of mind we call the adolescence. With the young ages come foolish decisions, yet only from such stress in friends, family, the opposite sex, puberty, school, and much more are the foolish actions taken. Suicides are at such a high rate because of such personal and public issues.

Like most members of the human race, the self-esteem becomes an all time low at an early stage of life. If someone were to randomly walk up to a High School girl and ask her if her smile is real, and she feels the way she acts, an unbelievable amount would reply with the saddening reality that it is all a fraud act to make it be so that no one else feels that she has issues. Making her seem “un cool” and “strange” yet the very one condemning would have the common problem themselves, as always stooping into what is known today as denial.

Those 18 and up feel a sensation of dominance and achievement once reaching the age of adult hood, but like so many other things, it is a mere title, nothing more. When success is met, you are an adult, when you claim a child of your own and raise them to be a good person them selves, you are an adult. Not a soul in this world can be matured fully and completely just because of an age title. We are all so different, we are all so unique, we reach our goals at different durations of time, we find a significant other to marry at individual times, we all age at different rates. The best thing to observe is not what our country will become, but look at what it is. We must strive far from judgment of others, yet look at ourselves. Once these goals are met who can say you are still a child but children themselves. “We are, we are. The youth of the nation” remember that and find yourselves. That is the path which seems to be less traveled. So why not follow it to a better future?

GAY Pride, Respect Denied

By Greg Daniel

Today's social status and diversity has been the greatest it has ever been before. African Americans through Asian Americans worry much less about racial discrimination and violence, as well as mere hateful insults. We live in a society of racial acceptance to most extents, a wonderful fact indeed. Yet as always, we have all missed a massively ugly aspect of our society. Homosexuals have been bashed and battered from the first day of announcing such a new perspective on sexual preference. Though the times have changed and many have become sexually secure with whom they are as well as others, there are still many that continue on to hate and violate the pride of such individuals.

Often time's words are used to mock and hurt gays until it is too late for forgiveness. Many are damaged so deeply that they deny the original statement of "I'm Gay", and fall back into the status of Heterosexuality for the others to believe. As time repeats itself, the anger and rage directed at such independent people continues to hurt. Many say they are "Homophobic", where they are deathly afraid of anyone bi-sexual, lesbian, as well as gay, or with a common incorrectly altered definition, despise the Gays. And so they attack the individuals with such a claim/excuse. Most will tell others "I have no problem with them as long as they do not hit on me." That is no excuse to hurt the person searching for a significant other. If a gay were to misunderstand ones sexual preference status, then all one has to do is tell them. It is not a matter of "It's gross", nor is it valid to say, "I felt uncomfortable". All anyone must say is that they are not Gay. As any respectable person would do in the Heterosexual world, they would do as a Homosexual.

We all have our rights and we all have our standards. There is no point in bashing what you fear or hate. Doing such things would only fuel more future issues, and today you can even be sent to prison for harsh discrimination. Hate crimes, are no longer acceptable as they once were when the KKK was full fledge. There is also a no tolerance policy at this school to follow up on past violations of individual's rights. Preps, Goths, Gays, Freaks, Mentally Disabled, Jocks, Punks, Rockers, Rappers, Nerds, and more. We are all different; we are all significant and different in some way. It is never right to hate another because of what they wear, what their race is, nor what they prefer sexually. To become a respectable school and people in general, we must accept one another for who they are. There are always detours to the rule, such as criminals, yet those who have done nothing wrong yet act and dress like them-selves, have the right to be treated well or not treated at all. Anyone who is Homophobic, and acts on such feelings, is now legally a criminal. What are you?

Hygiene: Human Cleanliness Has A Virus

By Greg Daniel

In this schools today all seem to hold the option of hygiene or rejection. Often times if a person does not wear deodorant or a perfume they are shunned and mocked for many months to come. Those who are mocked normally start buying the accessory that everyone seems to think they need, and peer pressure once again has its effects. Yet what do we all miss? What is the important trait of ones own hygiene? We of the youthful age, like so many others, have the tendency to miss out on what is the most vital and simple action to take involving your health and others. Most of us fail to wash our hands.

Over the past we have all caught each other's sicknesses and illnesses. This is not just because we sneeze towards others instead of on a covered area. It is not because our coughs are not in a clean-ex, yet it is mainly based on how we take care of ourselves. A commonly known example of such contagious occurrences is with an individual sneezing in their hands, giving someone “high five”, eating a sandwich, constantly rubbing their eyes and mouth, touching every other thing they see, and failing to wash their hands after using the rest room. In all fact, those who forget, or were never taught to wash their hands most likely will not read this article. So it is up to you to stay away from sicknesses. One person alone can cover their hand before flushing, that person alone can wear gloves to school. But it is always better to teach others the wrongs and disgusting fact in failing to show others they care by washing their hands.

America's history is full of fatal illnesses mainly based on not washing hands. Doctors sometimes do not wash their hands before operations, (hints the gloves). Fast food places are not always full of the most cleanly people on the planet, and everyone you know may not wash their hands after they use the rest room, or sneeze. Everyone has the power to change this. Smells are not deadly, yet bacteria is, fight against bad hygiene today, and find a cleaner tomorrow.

Open Mouths, and Closed Minds

By Greg Daniel

Believe it or not but in this world there are many people who forget to think before they speak. This is what we normally call O.M.C.M. Every day we pass fellow people in our daily routines and we hear a person complaining about what they feel is wrong about society today. In almost all times these people do not even realize that they do that very same thing that they complain about. For instance, one person talks to her friend while screaming and ranting about how her Mother or Father complains about every little thing… Yet do you not notice that she is contradicting her own statements by wining about her own problem? Often times it seems that we argue and debate even though one side does not even know what it is talking about nor has any merit or other ground to be debating in the first matter. Who are the ones with Open Mouths and Closed Minds? It could even be you. When one insults people, does that insult really apply to the victim of the verbal attacks? Or is that person saying such things only to fulfill your own sadistic or insecure emotions? So many times, do we students of this unique existence bicker about the smallest and most insignificant subjects.

I am sure we are all aware of the student who stands up in class and says the most confusing and strange thing, only as a result to a question? Most people seem to react by insults and mockery due to the fact in which they cannot fully comprehend the complexity in such an innuendo or reply. So why do people feel this way? Would it not be more logical to just let things go and possibly listen to what those, dominant in intellectual ability, have to say? Why do you think these people are intelligent? It seems that often times we teens look at ourselves as “all knowing” and “genius”. Yet it is even more so that these are all fictional and it is just a cover up for the truth. Most people are intelligent only because they have the belief in learning. They listen and they learn. They respect and they treat others just the same. There are those who seem to treat some like shoe scum because of this lack of being “proper” but those are the ones just as deep in their own vane and potentially ignorant cesspool as others. We must all recognize that we are in this world together. Unity is power, and as a whole, we can be much more than any one person could ever fathom. The only attitude that drags us all down to our modern way of chronic negativity is the way we treat each other. The lack in tolerance needs to stop. Open your mind and close your mouth, you may favor the outcome of such a valiant attempt for a respectable society.

Intellect: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

By Greg Daniel

Stupidity and idiocy, what are the true definitions of these words? Many times over do I hear individuals calling each other all of the above titles without even conceiving the true definition of such slander. An individual in class may not know what a caliber is, and immediately after the person is called a “moron” for such an oblivious nature. To say someone is so inferior to the average school intellect at this school only because of a small statement such as “I don't know” is a rather ignorant assumption in itself. Often times people insult others by using the condemning words “You're stupid” to later find that they themselves did not even know the correct answer or result to begin. What is idiocy? What is a true intelligence drained individual? Though it should not matter who is smart and who is “dumb” that still does not change the facts. In truth, intelligence is nothing more then the advanced ability to learn and remember. It is the skill to be able to solve riddles, and solve life related puzzles. Idiocy is the mere opposite of such a silver crown.

If you do not know something, than you will learn when others inform you of such an unfamiliar subject. If you are puzzled by simplicity, it may just mean your mind is set to look into the complex scenarios only later to expect the alternative option. At this school, it does not matter who is smart and who is less capable. Everyone should embrace both realms of the thought process. Skill and ability are all portions of many different subjects. From art to math, from sports to computers, everyone has certain statistics and rankings in each category. Whether or not one is good at one subject is irrelevant, yet it is whether or not the majority is willing and able to master the section of our lives that will set us all free from the chains of our self-esteem lacking society.

Love: The Lost Art

By Greg Daniel

Love is a lost art… It seems either no one has ever loved, or the meaning of the word has depleted over time… No commitment, no fidelity, and no trust. There are many more traits of a failed relationship, yet listing such would bring even more words to attack such a subject. Some advice you should all look deeply into, as I wrote… “Before falling into a deep emotional commitment, you must be sure that the one you call your “significant other” is truly significant. This being to the extents of ill replacement. This person must not be questionable on whether they would cheat or deceive you, and this person must be deeply committed to your mind, not what their friends think, not what they will gain, and not what lustful emotions urge them to do. If you are ever about to fall in love, you should always be sure that the person would risk their well being to contribute to your life span. They must go above and beyond any to compare, making it so you see no other better.

If you plan to commit fully in this person, it is best that you also plan to have a long lasting relationship with them, and they do just the same. As well as have many things in common. Though people often times search for one that will inspire and intrigue them to the point of where the individual is different in most all ways, it is not best to do such a thing for with such differences can come the most painful in break ups… The most appalling moment in a couples relationship is when they find out they are much different from one another. Two people can never truly be exactly the same, for we all go through different events in life, yet it is always how we handle such events that make us who we are.

Love can be the best thing in the world, or it can turn to be the worst, though you have 50% of such control and decision for the two sides, the other 50 is upon your dear ones shoulders. You must often times, work as one to make the relationship work, always eye to eye and sync in steps. It is never good to be clay for the other to mold, for that can cause one to become somewhat of a time bomb. Independence and will power can be the best friends or enemies of a relationship; it is up for the two to decide. “Life is a long and story my path, the riddles the problems, it is just like math.” It is recommended that none of you get into a deep relationship unless you know the other feels just as passionate about the other. If only one can contribute care into the relationship, then it is as meaningful as a relationship with a cold boulder; you will find it rolling away, never to notice you in the first place. Watch all aspects of your emotions and relationship; it may save you many tears. “

This art does not have to be lost forever, yet there are now almost too many to teach… it is unfair that we all most likely will have our “hearts broken” sooner or later, yet we can change that for the future generations… you all have just as much power as I do, so why not contribute to futuristic world bliss? If all the guidelines above are followed, is it not highly possible to have a long and meaningful relationship?

Dominant Gender: Rights Ignored

By Greg Daniel

Millions of years ago the dawn of humanity was at hand. Wonderful views of the world could now be seen by a comprehensive mind. With such a great gift as life given to us, we as people capitalized on such an opportunity. The woman was created with the man, as animals are the same, yet somehow one seemed to believe one was dominant to the others. Both the opposite sex and one whom could not yet understand the concept of language and communication. It is said that when the male wished to “mate” he merely knocked her out and behold, she was pregnant the next day. Many years later the situation was similar, yet less barbaric. For the unwed woman of each family was assigned to a life partner with no say in the act whatsoever. Men were not as frowned upon in such a way as they are today when they took it into their hands to violate and sexually assault a random female. One could get away with saying nasty and obscene things to passing women without immediate punishment for such an action, unless of course she had a proper male figure to reply with a fist or verbal attacks.

Those exceptions to the rules of respect for the opposite sex have advanced too much higher standards. Women have at last obtained the right to vote, choose one to wed, live alone, become independent, and more. Yet still the lack of respect dwells in the eyes of many sexist males all around our schools and public areas. Some violators chose to slap a girl in the rear as she walks by. Others seem to yell offensive words at them that would show they wished to violate the female in some way of sexual reference. The more rare of the group find that women are weaker therefore “justifying” them to hit and abuse their significant other. All of these horrid events and actions must be eliminated from existence. Neither side is, nor ever will be dominant to the other. The only reason it is thought so today, of course, is due to the parenting of each child. As an innocent mind observes others act, often, the young one chooses to mimic such movements and ways of speech.

Sexual rights violations are no better then the duration of racism towards African Americans. They were treated in somewhat the same realm as women in general are treated today. It seems as if the human mind's pattern is to look at one problem and only one, then later move on to the next issue at hand. Who is to end the insanity? Every reader of this very article can make a large difference in the way that we live our lives. You can look in the past for examples. When you think of black history, what name appears above all others in the rebellion against white supremacy? Most would say Martin Luther King Jr. Is this not one man and one man alone? Thousands did not make his speeches, he on his own created and delivered every protest and speech he was involved in. Again, is that not one person alone? Like him, you only need true inspiration, and the urge to spread that message you so strongly believe in.

As that one person we can all individually accomplish the same. We can all fight what we find to be racist or sexist. We can all discourage the demotion of current human society standards, and stand up for every individual's rights. If you treat others with respect, the same respect will be brought upon your name as well. Don't let our dignity die.