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Blog Greg maintained in 2020. He began posting to his existing 2011 Blog in 2020, but later moved it to Onision.Co.

This is a text archive. Images will only be included if necessary.

May 1, 2020

Onision Team Caught Fraud & Took Immediate Action

Today someone came out on Twitter and bragged about committing fraud against myself. They additionally bragged about blatantly lying to my mods. So, liar, part of hate community, admits to committing crime, and is proud of themselves for doing it. This same person was caught & banned hours before their public gloating about proud they are to be a criminal.

[screen shot of Google's definition of "fraud"]

I have a site that offers downloads of a huge amount of my music, books etc. that you have to pay to access. For a while Discord was not syncing up with the site, so I had to manually add people to give them access. What this fraud did was try to manipulate my moderators & myself to gain access despite the fact they had not paid for access.


I spoke to my moderators and they don’t seem to understand how anyone got access as I myself have to manually add members to roles. The screenshot on this page is an example of someone attempting and failing to get access to my exclusive content.

This person failed because I was unwilling to grant anyone access without some kind of proof that they were an actual member. People online lie all the time, they commit fraud all the time, especially people who are part of hate groups/cancel culture.

I don’t know why these people take part in this. Bragging about being toxic, blatantly misrepresenting who they are & running around after as if they should be proud of being so scummy, gross & malicious.


I recently synced everything up to my site again, so now people will have automatic access as they did before. If you are having trouble accessing my Discord, you can still send a friend request to Onision#6673 and once you are added, you can explain your situation. You should understand however, you will not gain access through manually being added anymore.

[image of a person wearing an all black outfit and a mask]

Trolling people is really fun, I get it. Just don’t break the law and don’t pretend to be a hero for being a troll.

The criminals/liars who stole money from me (via the cost of membership) gained access to my site through altering documents fraudulently, they ruined my trust in screenshots for the purpose of gaining access to my site.

While these people look at themselves as heroes, as if they are doing something great by being a part of a hate community such as theirs, fraud is still fraud. Just because you feel good about yourself while you commit crimes, that does not make you a hero. People like that are just villains who are too stupid to take an honest look in the mirror and realize that what they are actively doing, their theft, their deception and forgery, good people would be ashamed of stooping so low.

Additionally it is important to know that while my Discord has rules against adult content being posted, it is still only accessible by adults. It’s like people who can see any movie they want because they’re adults, only having access to PG-13 movies. That’s how I want it to be as doing otherwise makes no sense for Discord.

Anyone caught breaking the rules, may be asked to prove that they are who they say they are, or risk immediate ban. We take our rules seriously. It is strictly for adults who are there to have a positive/entertaining & productive experience. Thanks to everyone who is a positive part of this awesome community. If you want free access to the non-members section, you can join here: https://discord.gg/fUM76qW

If you want to become a member, you can do it the right way, by signing up here: OnisionFans.com

Thanks for being honest & law-abiding. The site is now more organized than ever. Live and learn.

April 27, 2020

Are You A Bad Person?

Take the quiz! Find out based on Onision’s world view (not really concrete) whether or not you are a bad person… fun right? SO FUN OMG, now you can learn once and for all what one dude’s opinion of you is, which is basically worthless. Anyway, have fun wasting your time only to later wonder what you ever did with your life… where did it all go? Tee hee hee!

[interactive quiz]

The Truth About Onision’s “I’m So Country”

[embed of the I'm So Country video]

When I was in the US Air Force serving in South Korea, I really started getting into YouTube. In this video I was actually 22 years old I think. The woman in the video went by “Tantaga” and when she was in a good mood, she was a really good sport when it came to making funny videos with me.

The wigs in the video we found around South Korea in Songtan. I don’t remember how much they cost me, but I liked to buy them for the different characters, like the random boy band character and the yellow wig Tantaga wore, which… if you pay close attention, you may realize it’s actually Rod Danger’s wig before I cut it short. Crazy right?

[screen shot of Onision from the video]

There are a lot of I’m So music videos, this was just another stereotype song to me. In reality half my family is from the redneck states, my father was said to even have a heavy southern accent when he was younger, and allegedly spent a lot of time trying to get rid of that accent. I was also told my father took part in similar acts which are expressed in I’m So Country. Maybe that’s me just dealing with my partially, redneck, heritage.

Anyway, it was a good time. I’m really glad we made this video all those years ago.

[screen shots of the Onision channel when it has 7,000 subscribers]

I made I’m So Country before the above screencaps even… as you can see, I was just having fun at the time. Not quite a career or anything.

April 26, 2020

Onision on The DDLG Community

[embed of a UhOhBro video about DDLG]

I’ve made a number of videos in the past about the DDLG community, normally they’re funny comedy stuff, but in reality, I’m actually quite bothered. The topic is incredibly fascinating to me due to the mass denial of what people involved are doing. They’re literally mimicking the behavior of 2-6 year olds and making it as if it is something to be incorporated into adult relationships and adult “entertainment”.

[image of a woman wearing baby-like clothing]

Yes, she is serious. This is real.

I went up against a few YouTubers some time ago, calling the community in general out for this pretty obvious behavior with clear motives. Again, the denial was impressive. These people were lying to themselves and lying to each other about what was really going on. How? Because while saying it was innocent, they soon after started adult websites centered on this “innocent” lifestyle.

One YouTuber in specific actually started an adult page on Patreon, specifically to turn DDLG into an even more obvious means for people to turn a behavior of children into something incredibly upsetting to most any adult to see. It’s not just an outfit like you see above, it’s a whole persona centered on something so illogical and gross, most people are deeply disturbed by it.

This is a fact, children are not designed to attract adults. Their behavior, their looks, it is simply not in science/evolution or otherwise. Why? Because it is a contradiction of reproduction efficiency while simultaneously being literally dangerous. Children rarely are able to survive interactions with adults of an adult-exclusive nature due to the fact that (1) It can destroy them physically (2) It can destroy them emotionally (3) It can destroy them mentally. It’s just not a part of anything that would in any way help our species move forward or even survive each other. Even if you use DDLG to cope with life, there are other options, like literally therapy with a trained professional. Not your creep boyfriend using you to get his rocks off while you act like a child. Yikes dude.

It’s already been established, the community themselves are using this behavior and presentation for exactly what they’re accused of. They are turning something that was originally exclusive to children, their entire personalities, and then these DDLG people are making you pay to access an adult page. Some people even do it for free, equally horrifying. How is that therapy? How is that healthy?

Yet, on YouTube, on Patreon and other sites, these people are allowed to continue turning the behavior of children, the culture of children (outfits etc) into adult content. Again, yikes dude.

[image of a woman with a pacifier]

They literally have Instagrams and adult sites where men/women turn THIS into something horrifying.

People defend DDLG, they act like there is nothing wrong with it, but there is a very clear line. You want to dress up as animals and do stuff, ok, gross, but that’s you. You want to be into feet? Ok, weird, but whatever, not my business. You want to act like diapers, pacifiers, saying “goo goo ga ga”, and simulate literal illegal acts on each other are all acceptable? It’s like you are a constant unfunny parody of actual crimes, and you… celebrate that?

If you are into DDLG, stop, get therapy. Kids experiencing actual crimes isn’t something to parody and turn into something that gets you off. There is a HUGE variety of things people are into, the mass majority of them don’t involve kids or kid lifestyles.

This is just how I feel and have always felt.

[image of a woman in baby like clothing]

There are different levels of DDLG. Some people don’t act like kids, some do. Some went through horrible trauma as a kid themselves, some not.

It’s one thing to call someone “Daddy” – Dad’s are all ages, the people who call people Dad are all ages. Often times those Dad’s aren’t blood related or even legally associated. In other words, people call people Dad in a natural, legal way, when they’re not even a Dad without it being something perverted. But to dress your partner up as a literal child? You can’t say the same. You can’t say “Babies who wear diapers are all ages” nope, not at all. You can’t say “People who act like toddlers 24/7 are all ages.” because no they aren’t. They’re either mentally handicapped, or literally a child.

So DDLG people, it’s not the DD, it’s the LG. How can you justify the LG at all in any way? A crime isn’t a crime because there is simply someone who is dominant or aggressive, it’s the person they are aggressive against that victimizes them. Turn the LG into most anything else, and you have just another weird thing people are into but bottom line? People into furry stuff, feet, even taking a dump on each other, far less disturbing or borderline criminal.

The “DD’s” involved with “LG’s” have a responsibility to help their partner get the therapy they need. Not everyone knows this, but come on dude, she’s acting like she’s 6 and she’s an adult. And adult who in some cases, is on an adult site pandering to men who are in denial of what they are. Obviously she needs help, and those guys need help too. Confront the problem.

Glad we could talk this issue out. Take the constructive message from it. Do the right thing, and face your psychological problems in a way that doesn’t drag 0-6 year olds identities down with you.

April 25, 2020

Onision Interviews A Female Escort

A few things I want to establish before diving into this post.

1. The woman I spoke to, I have done no background check on, nor verified her story whatsoever.
2. I met this woman through my Discord, which is available to anyone who wants to pay to speak to me one on one for around an hour via voice chat. It’s for adults only.
3. This woman in particular I spoke to for two and a half hours because I had a lot of questions, I wasn’t preoccupied & it was easy to talk to her.
4. This woman is from a country where it is legal to do what she does for a living.
5. What this woman does is sleeps with men (and some women) in exchange for money.
6. The quotes below are not all exact. They are based on how fast I could type while she was speaking, essentially, I was playing catch up as she spoke.
7. The questions I asked were off the top of my head. They are not meant to offend anyone. I simply took popular questions I had heard in my life, and passed them on to her.

With all that said, once I began speaking to her via my Discord, she made it clear right away what she did for a living. She was afraid I would judge her but I told her to just go ahead and tell me anyway.

Once she revealed her job, I was intrigued and asked her if she would be ok with me writing down some of the questions and answers in our conversation. She said yes, that it was ok, so I began loudly typing on my keyboard.

[image of a woman holding her breast]

The woman I spoke to described herself as a Russian white woman. She said she was popular with men, implying she was more “conventionally attractive”.

Her experiences and the depth that she so easily spoke of them, made me feel she was being honest about everything. The woman in the above photo, is not her. Just an illustraition.

The woman, we’ll call her Lisa, stated early on that she is now in her mid 20’s. She began working as an “escort” quite a few years ago, not long after she became an adult.

Onision: How long does the average guy last?:

Lisa: 10 seconds – 5 minutes.

(She said normally if it lasts longer than 10 minutes there is an increased chance of damage to her.)

Onision: Do you ever go to be with client excited for what is about to happen?

Lisa: Sometimes yeah, depends on the customer. Also depends on my mood that day. If I found out he was respectful and good to talk to, then I would sort of look forward to it to a degree because that’s a good customer.

Onision: What is the average size of a guy down there?

Lisa: White men/Europeans are medium to large. Asian men are extra small to medium. Indian/middle eastern men are mostly medium or very large, one or other. African men are always huge.

(The above information is accurate and almost an exact quote.)

Onision: What do you prefer in size?

Lisa: Size is irrelevant. Just not too big so that it will hurt, not too tiny so you cannot feel.

Onision: Is stimulation with the mouth/hand better on the outside than inside with male parts?

Lisa: I would say it’s a lot better on the outside, but to (reach my peak) I need both at the same time.

Onision: Do guys often try to stimulate that area?

Lisa: Yes, most men do try to. They try to ensure you get enjoyment out of it.

[image of a naked woman sitting in a bed]

Personally seeing how much people shame both online workers, and IRL workers, I can’t help but feel more respect for them so long as they are abiding by their local laws.

Onision: Do you notice a consistent position preference?

Lisa: Start out (with them laying on top of me) but if they make it past that, (all fours).

Onision: Do most men finish in the first position?

Lisa: 75% do.

Onision: What do you prefer?

Lisa: (them laying on top of me me on my back). I don’t want to be on top because I get exhausted easily. I’ve smoked cigarettes since I was young. For me being on top is not as enjoyable as being on bottom.

Onision: What is the most common thing people say to you during?

Lisa: Usually they don’t make noise but if they do it’s weird sounds. They ask “Do you like it?”

Onision: How much more do you make than a more common job you would do alternatively?

Lisa: Peanuts compared to being a (person in my field). I was making my rent money, and just a little bit left for food, but nothing beyond that (before I found this work). I was 18 when I went into the field. Every middle aged dude wants to (be with) an 18 year old.

Onision: Are you doing this in hotels or houses or both?

Lisa: I was working in my own place till I got evicted by my landlord. That was two days before the lockdown. That was just my landlord being an absolute (jerk).

[image of a woman bending over in yoga pants and a sports bra]

Lisa repeatedly reminded me that workers like her, come in all shapes, colors, ages and sizes. She did however specify that some were more popular than others, but most the women she knew could still get work as demand is significant.

Onision: Do men ever break down crying after?

Lisa: It’s never happened. Usually they’re happy.

Onision: What is your policy with kissing?

Lisa: I do french kissing. It’s the only real way I would get the amount of bookings I do. GFE (girlfriend experience).

Onision: What percent of those guys are cheating on someone as far as you know?

Lisa: Somewhere between 60 & 70%

Onision: Did you ever experience someone who gets too emotionally attached or even stalks you.

Lisa: Only one guy ever has stalked me. But I’ve had a bunch of guys who got overly attached and thought it was something it wasn’t. Or thought that I would hang out with them in real life or thought I would be their girlfriend. One guy offered to marry me for residency and I said no (freaking) way dude, I don’t want to.

Onision: Are most guys that you deal with circumcised and do you have a preference?

Lisa: It’s 50 50 and circumcised.

Onision: Why circumcised?

Lisa: Foreskins and guys not washing (themselves).

Onision: Have you had a lot of good experiences with guys who actually do wash themselves who are intact?

Lisa: Yes, but half the uncircumcised guys don’t know how to wash.

Onision: What percent of guys who are uncircumcised have too much foreskin, like it actually looks really weird?

Lisa: 5% but when it is hard it evens out for both circumcised and uncircumcised.

Onision: Do you notice any performance issues based one whether or not they are in tact?

Lisa: My ex boyfriend said he’s not as sensitive so he would not (finish) as fast during.

Onision: How long did your ex boyfriend usually last?

Lisa: Anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes

Onision: Have you yourself noticed any performance differences specifically based on foreskin?

Lisa: To be honest usually I’m not concentrating on… unless they have an unusual amount of foreskin. A (male part) looks like a (male part), it doesn’t really register in my mind.

[image of a woman lying on a couch]

Lisa revealed her intimate life is actually significantly different to what I am personally acquainted with. I learned a lot just listening to her experiences.

Onision: What do you wish all guys would do less more more often during their time with you?

Lisa: Usually guys are considerate but if they are a rough (person), don’t be a rough (person). Don’t make it physically painful. Don’t jump into it. A lot of guys just go hard right away.

Onision: What is your policy on condoms?

Lisa: They are a necessity. When condoms break it means you’re either way too large or you’re either (doing it) with nearly no lubrication.

Onision: Are you typically more dry when you use a condom?

Lisa: Yes. Yeah I have to use (lubricant), otherwise… unless they actually make me (peak before we even start).

Onision: What percent of guys actually go down on you?

Lisa: 50/50

Onision: I think in America we might be terrible as that sounds higher than in America.

Lisa: Yeah honesty I think they might be.

Onision: Do you ever have female customers?

Lisa: I have had, I’m trying to think… sorry… I think I’ve only had two or three.

Onision: Are you straight.

Lisa: Yeah, now I am, when I was young, I had an attitude of hey let’s try this.

Onision: Do you charge differently based on how they look?

Lisa: No, it doesn’t matter their age, ethnicity, they’re all the same. Once you start profiling then that can potentially damage your reputation.

Onision: What percent of customers tip?

Lisa: It does happen occasionally, but it’s like 5%. It’s not a huge culture where I’m from.

Onision: How much longer do you want to be a (escort) worker for?

Lisa: Until I don’t enjoy it or till I make (enough) money.

[image of a man and woman in bed]

Something I was actually happy to hear was that Lisa was satisfied with what she did for a living. She felt it was easy money, and because it is legal in her area for her to do what she does, she can find more success, with less stress, in less time.

Onision: What are the most people you’ve slept with in a short time, like in a day.

Lisa: (One year) on Christmas eve, 12 men.

Onision: How did you feel?

Lisa: Just a lot of (lubricant), absolutely no enjoyment, I just told myself to think of the money.

Onision: How often do you have a good time, do you ever fake it?

Lisa: Yeah, whenever I’m not faking it. If I’m not avidly enjoying it, I’ll fake it to a degree. If I want them to hurry up I’ll fake it to get them to hurry up. Most guys are stupid and fall for it. You can fake the muscle sensation when you seem like you have (peaked). You can practice it and clench and give guys the illusion that you’re actually (peaking).

Onision: What percent of guys are into feet where you’re from?

Lisa: I get a couple requests for feet but I don’t cater to it. If they ask spur of the moment, I might accidentally kick them in the face because I’m ticklish.

So after I asked all these questions, we talked a little more about different stuff. A lot about my experience being a ridiculous personality on camera, and what my motives are. I thanked her for being so interesting/easy to talk to. We talked a little longer, then finally I managed to get back to my life after repeatedly being pulled back into conversation with this fascinating woman.

Anyway, I figured I’d share my experience with all of you. She answered a lot of questions I’ve had for some time.

Not always the answers I wanted, but that’s just how it is. Gotta be thankful for people just telling you the truth.

Does Onision Love You Quiz

[embed of the Speaks video "Onision Got Tested"]

First off, I made a video taking a personality quiz that I wanted to share with you on this awesome site… but also, wanna find out if I would love you? Like… do I love you? These questions will likely help conclude if I darn well do… so, you know… let’s find out.

[interactive quiz]

April 25, 2020

Onision Says Democrats Will Lose in 2020

I’m officially calling it, Democrats, it’s over, the victory goes to Republicans, again. In 2016 we, Democrats (yes, I am one, unfortunately) gave the election to Trump, a guy who openly admitted to groping women without consent. Why? Because we were paranoid about Hillary’s emails and were just so upset about how we didn’t get our way with Bernie Sanders.

2020 Democratic nomination comes around, and we throw a fit when Bernie Sanders, once again, fails to win. All I gotta say is, BOO HOO. Do you not see the big picture? At all? Democrats, you have values do you not? Ok, do you recognize or respect your values whatsoever? My theory, you don’t. You don’t care about anything but your fleeting feelings.

Are you pro-choice? Do you want better gun control? Do you care about women’s rights or medical care? Because if you care about these things, why are you so stuck on WHO is elected and not WHAT is elected?

Right now, Biden is going through a tough time with accusations suggesting he is some kind of predator. Ok, you know who also is up to his eyeballs in accusations? Donald Trump.

#MeToo accusations are the theme of both candidates for President in 2020. In 2016 it was so ironic to see Trump going after Clinton’s husband for his past, when he has actually been legally pursued for allegations against him, as well as admitted on tape that he actually commits crimes against women. Here is your President, admitting what he really feels about women, and what he has done to them…

[embedded video: Full tape with lewd Donald Trump remarks (Access Hollywood)]

But do you know what Democrats do? Instead of focusing on the fact you have one man who is a self-admitted predator, who is currently president. You instead throw your own candidate under the bus over literal accusations, no admission of guilt like the president, only accusations. You don’t care that if both candidates are drowning in controversy that winds up equating them, putting them on level ground, or in Trumps case, he’s still worse due to the fact he actually admitted who he really is already. Open and closed case.

Democrats, you threw the 2016 election away because you couldn’t get over the fact that Hillary wasn’t perfect. You let the three word chants get in your head and you essentially just gave up because it didn’t go 100% your way with who was representing you, but this is why you are so stupid. Someone representing you is better than no one representing you, this is simply a fact. If you throw a couple gladiators in the arena, regardless of whether or not you agree with someone like Hillary on every issue, that is your gladiator, that is your guy. That is the ONLY person who will fight for what you believe in, and if they’re not as morally bad as the person they are running against, what is your excuse?

[image of a newspaper with the word "coronavirus" at the top, photo of Trump with the bottom half of his face ripped out of the newspaper]

Friendly reminder: DON’T inject disinfectant into your body to fight Corona virus.

Republicans are great at getting behind their guy, even if their guy is a POS. Democrats? We whine, we cry, we throw a tantrum when our candidate isn’t the second coming of Jesus Christ. Obama set a massively high standard and ever since we’ve just been thinking about the one who got away. Well guess what, real world? That man has moved on, you probably will never find another man like him because he dumped you, he’s over you, he was too good for you and if you want to have someone help take care of you, you gotta settle, otherwise? You’re just going to keep getting beat up by the people who actually know how to win elections.

To win an election there is no room for civil war, you can’t fight your own people no matter how much you disagree with what they’re accused of being. The only time you shouldn’t support the candidate running for your party is if your candidate is in fact a worse person than the person they are going up against. This is common freaking sense. If you have to vote for the lesser of two evils, do it, because they are literally less evil. But don’t refuse to vote all together because either way someone imperfect or even horrible is elected. It’s not about them. It’s about the entire country, how much damage their policies will do, whether or not your values will be represented where it actually matters. It’s the big picture.

I have no doubt in my mind that Joe Biden is not worse than Donald Trump. I also have no doubt in my mind that Bernie Sanders would have made a WAY better president and taken our country to a much better place. But fact is? Biden is a Democrat, Biden is only accused of doing horrible things, while Trump? He actually admitted on tape to doing what he did. So am I going to vote for an accused guy over a bonafide self-admitted criminal? Yeah, Democrats, common freaking sense.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too right? While it seems like a dumb phrase, it means just because you don’t get everything you want, doesn’t mean you should just cry about it and throw a pity party for yourself. Do you really want more of what we’ve had over the last four years? No? Then put on your big boy pants and support your candidate until they are in fact confirmed worse than the person they’re running against.

And if you vote independent? You may as well not vote at all. You know when the last time a third party candidate won the election and became president? OVER 230 YEARS AGO! Again, common sense.


1. Vote for the lesser of two evils.
2. Vote for the candidate who represents your values the closest.

But who am I kidding Democrats? We already lost, because you don’t think with your head, your gut or your heart. It’s like you vote with no conscience or intelligence whatsoever. You’re petty, you’re picky, you throw little bratty tantrums & you will never win.

Congrats to President Trump. Despite being a self-admitted predator of women, despite literally encouraging foreign powers to hack fellow Americans (being a literal traitor) and despite being impeached, you will win, because that is how stupid & incompetent we Democrats are.

[embedded video: Trump calls on Russia to hack and release Clinton's emails]

April 24, 2020

Eugenia Cooney Is Slipping Again

In trend with the many videos I’ve made trying to help Eugenia Cooney, I’m again here, keeping up with how she is doing… and I’m really scared.

Jaclyn Glenn warned this would happen, but I didn’t listen because Jaclyn came off as “I’m responsible for Eugenia’s recovery and I want credit.” and not “I’m genuinely concerned about Eugenia and this has nothing to do with video views.” But no, Jaclyn was right. Eugenia has irrefutably gotten skinnier since she got out of rehabilitation.

[images of Eugenia]

This is how Eugenia looked when she was working with Shane Dawson. Her face is much more full. Not a lot of opportunities to see the rest as she covered up… hiding her body after she recovered. Possibly not so happy about how it looked.

Moving on to more recent photos, just so you know, it’s not great… it’s actually scary, once again.

[images of Eugenia wearing a dress]

You would think these were photos from before Eugenia Cooney’s recovery… no. This is from April 7th, 2020. In her arms, in her hands, in her face, you can see she’s clearly back to her old ways of starving herself.

Now let’s see what she looked like before her “recovery”…

[images of Eugenia]

The woman is well on her way to being a mirror image of this again if Shane Dawson or Jaclyn Glenn do not intervene again.

The problem is Eugenia no longer trusts Jaclyn Glenn, so Jaclyn likely cannot help her get recovery… so that leaves Shane Dawson, the man who helped spread the word about Eugenia’s recovery. The man Eugenia looks up to… the man who has every responsibility to make sure she stays on course as he gained millions of views/tons of attention off of her, and is directly connected now.

Me personally, I wrote Eugenia, saying I was proud of her recovery initially. She replied then. I later donated hundreds of dollars to her, she said thank you and it was nice.

But since then I have checked on her, I think it was about Corona virus, just seeing if she was ok…

[email Greg wrote to Eugenia on March 27th, click here to view]

I got no reply…

Full disclosure, I’m emotionally invested in all this. Eugenia has been an interest of mine for a long time. I’ve made 40+ videos trying to help her, I’ve made 2 comedy sketches that were insensitive/dark humor.

Nothing got through to her. It required Jaclyn taking extreme measures to get her help and that didn’t work.

So at this point, I’m just asking you guys to contact @ShaneDawson and ask him to get her help. Eugenia trusts him, she looks up to him, Shane is one of the only people I think could help. Shane could do a lot for charity & the ED community by stepping up. This time as a hero, not just as someone spreading awareness.

April 23, 2020

Would Onision Date You?

The last quiz did so well I decided to make one more specific… would Onision actually date you? Like if I hadn’t dealt with so many nut jobs in my past, and was willing to give someone a chance… would I date you specifically? Well… here’s the quiz…

[interactive quiz]

My Problem With Alcohol

Some would say I’m weed-phobic. Some would also say it’s confusing that I would ever say I’m against alcohol. I made a video years ago where I tried out a bunch of different alcoholic beverages… so, of course you might say “You tried it, so what is your problem, hypocrite?”

So… when I tried it, I thought most of it was gross, and some of it was great. The thing is, taste is irrelevant to my opinion of people who drink consistently and alcohol itself.

[image of a bottle of Corona on the beach]

If Corona caused COVID-19, people would still drink it. That’s how big of a problem drugs in general are. They are the go-to crutch of the suicidal. Problem is, that crutch often goes from “helping” to ending it all in a number of ways.

I watch people, celebrities and normal people alike, drinking alcohol, often saying “Man I need a beer” or some phrase otherwise implying they handle life by getting drunk… but here’s the problem.

1. According to some, alcohol is the leading substance behind people being sexually violated.
2. According to some, alcohol is a leading cause of divorce.
3. According to some, people get beaten and abused more in general because of alcohol.
4. Abording doo dum uh I dun got dah drunky wooo huhhuhuh *passes out and suffers horrible injury changing entire life for the worse*

Make no mistake, alcohol kills people. Alcohol causes people to lose their licenses, to go to jail, to ruin their lives & is generally, poison.

When people drink casually, and they have “a good time” that’s great. You know you can dance around a fire and have a good time, nothing wrong with that.

It’s the few who ruin it for the many, the people who don’t know when to stop, the people who take something that is supposed to be fun, and turn it ugly.

Thing is, a lot of people don’t know when to quit, when they’ve gone too far. They have addictive personalities or otherwise aren’t equipped to deal with addiction in a responsible manner.

Just like weed & other drugs, it’s simply a slippery slope. You can do things in a way that doesn’t destroy your life, but with alcohol, one beer often leads to two, two leads to three, three leads to a dead husband & your car on fire.

What about weed? Well, it leads to idiots that I can’t stand being around. To me weed is not as bad as alcohol as alcohol probably hurts other people more than weed does. Meanwhile weed is worse in the sense that when people do it, I can no longer stand being around them. Alcohol may confuse people, bring out their truth or generally make them more emotional. Weed? It makes you stop caring. Your relationship matters less, your life matters less, everything has less meaning, you basically kill your soul.

[image of someone smoking]

Most everyone I met who smokes weed says they can quit any time… only when they try to quit, those people never succeed. Addicts too stupid to admit they’re addicts.

I like life having meaning, I like people being in touch with their surroundings and people around them as well. But with both drugs, in many cases, you ask someone to choose between the drugs and you? They almost always choose the drugs. Even if they promise, in the end, they choose the drugs.

So why would you condone people using something that makes human beings less important than inanimate objects? Objects that can become more important to the user, than the user themselves?

Cigarettes, alcohol, weed… people throw their lives away, because all they care about is the drug. This is why I’ve decided to make my house a dry house. No alcohol. No drugs that are not prescribed. You might say “Oh, but weed can be prescribed.” – One of the biggest jokes I’ve ever heard.

[image of two people smoking]

Greasy hair, unwashed clothes, rarely showers… not all stoners are like this… but as most anyone who has met a stoner knows, a lot of them are. Research: CBD

You don’t need to get high, and act like an idiot, to serve your medical needs. You only use weed because you are a drug addict, and no one on this earth is more stubborn/in denial about what drug addicts they are, than your average stoner.

To solve your problem, you have to admit you have one… stoners? They’ll do most anything to keep sucking down smoke to escape the truth of who they really are.

Get help, claim your life back, quit drugs for good. Easier said than done, but I know people who have made it. You can too.

April 22, 2020

Onision Crossword Puzzle

Right now a lot of us are stuck at home due to lockdowns all over the place, so… why not play a little crossword puzzle? Every time you reset I think it rearranges the letters so… endless fun if you’re out of your mind.

[interactive crossword puzzle]

The Blaire White & Jeffree Star Cover Up?

I want to explain something to you all. Predators are best known for picking vulnerable/easy targets and going for them. They are afraid of consequences for going after difficult targets, like for instance, someone who can fight back, and even defeat the predator.

This is one in the same with commentary YouTubers. Commentary YouTubers know if they go after someone popular, their career is over, and that is basically all you need to read, to mostly understand who Blaire White is. She is a woman who only picks fights she thinks she can win, all while pretending to have the moral high ground.

If you ever wanted to know what a hero is, it’s someone who goes into something, knowing it could cost them everything, but they still do it because they know it’s the right thing to do. THAT is something you almost never see in YouTubers.

Let’s go through a message I was recently sent.

[1st image of a message Greg received, click here to read]

So I know pretty much nothing of what is going on. I do know this: A story of my own encounter with Jeffree Star where I was left alone in a room with him… but I don’t really get into other people’s drama that much these days.

But what the person above appears to be implying is the following:

1. Blaire White only goes after people she thinks are “Bad” if those “Bad” people are not on good terms with anyone she likes and/or going after said “Bad” people doesn’t impact anyone she personally has a good relationship with.

In other words “He’s the devil unless he can benefit me.” (sounds like American politics)

2. Jeffree Star is allegedly deeply associated with Dahvie Vanity in a way that implicates him in Dahvie Vanitie’s alleged crimes.

3. They’re both trying to pretend this issue does not exist now that they realize it’ll come back to bite them

Let’s look at another screenshot:

[2nd image of a message Greg received, click here to read]

So what this person is talking about is me, an easy target (because most everyone hates me as I rarely pandered to my audience and told the truth even when it didn’t make me look good or my audience feel good… like for instance, we’re all monsters because we fund America, a machine of death that invades countries and mass murders people… you know… Americans don’t like to hear that.)

Blaire White sees an easy target, me, and says “Wow, no lose here. I get to syphon all his video views by showing up in search results under his name, instead of him, and I get to spread lies like the following without anyone ever calling me out because people only care about the truth when it suits them”:

[embed of clips from Greg's infamous 2016 "She Lied To You..." video]

This is a video of Blaire White, the mega fraud, trying to convince her audience I had inappropriate photos on my site, when she actually had no idea… why? Because membership to the site was manually approved. Blaire White had a video deadline, and you can’t see images on that site without first being manually approved – so? Blaire White went ahead and said I was a monster, without having any actual idea… and guess what? No one cares.

Blaire knew it was never about the truth, it was about what she could get people to believe, and not care about if they ever found out their beliefs were wrong. People hate other people, and don’t really need a good excuse. Hate is that powerful.

Regardless, let’s move on to the last screencap.

[3rd image of a message Greg received, click here to read]

Right so, let’s be clear, Chris Hansen is a complete and utter joke. I give you the following:

Charged With Harassment: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/chris-hansen-former-to-catch-a-predator-host-charged-harassment

Will imply you’re a predator for money (monetizing it as if it’s some big joke to him): https://screenrant.com/to-catch-predator-chris-hansen-accuse-you-crime-pay/

Happily associates with man taken to court for alleged sexual assault: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/mike-morse-law-firms-podcast-open-mike-releases-interview-with-chris-hansen-300972648.html

The sexual assault case against Hansen’s associate: https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/oakland-county/2019/03/15/court-reinstates-assault-lawsuits-mike-morse/39206811/

Hansen arrested for essentially being a fraud: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/catch-predator-host-chris-hansen-arrested-over-13-000-bounced-n959471

Hansen’s former employee hates him for a number of reasons: https://reclaimthenet.org/hansen-website-memes-mugshot/

Later on the charges were dropped for allegedly finally paying the bills, meanwhile a GoFundMe scandal erupts, allegedly indicating he defrauded his fans: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/catc-a-predator-host-chris-hansen-has-bounced-checks-charge-dropped-1178342

GoFundMe Fraud? Did you guys ever get your stuff?: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/chris-hansen-responds-to-backlash-over-crowdfunding-campaign

Cheating on wife: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2009511/To-Catch-Predators-Chris-Hansen-caught-cheating-wife.html

Caught sending photos to his mistress: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2011881/Chris-Hansen-caught-cheating-wife-sent-explicit-photos-mistress-Kristyn-Caddell.html

Hansen’s show caused a man to end his own life, lose over 100 million dollars to pay for what they did: https://latimesblogs.latimes.com/showtracker/2008/06/nbc-resolves-la.html

The list actually goes on, and on… but that’s what I found in about 20 minutes.


Hansen later ran from the interview, there was no money in it for him, and he knew I had way too much info on him for him to come out of the interview without becoming known for who he really is.

Hansen, like Blaire, is a predator. They are both predators in the sense that they both offered me an opportunity to do an interview. In mid December I said I would do an interview for charity only, where Hansen could talk to me directly, but not make a dime off it, and Hansen refused.

Blaire offered me an interview, and I refused because she had already made hate videos about me, showing there was no chance of anything impartial that reflected a sincere interest in the truth.

Later on I offered both of them the opportunity to interview me, but by this time, both people had no doubt realized, based on all the information I had released since then, that they had no chance. Hansen publicly ran from the interview after already promising his audience to do it, and Blaire again, went conveniently quiet.

[tweet about Hansen, click here to view]

Hansen later ran from the interview, there was no money in it for him, and he knew I had way too much info on him for him to come out of the interview without becoming known for who he really is.

Hansen, like Blaire, is a predator. They are both predators in the sense that they both offered me an opportunity to do an interview. In mid December I said I would do an interview for charity only, where Hansen could talk to me directly, but not make a dime off it, and Hansen refused.

Blaire offered me an interview, and I refused because she had already made hate videos about me, showing there was no chance of anything impartial that reflected a sincere interest in the truth.

Later on I offered both of them the opportunity to interview me, but by this time, both people had no doubt realized, based on all the information I had released since then, that they had no chance. Hansen publicly ran from the interview after already promising his audience to do it, and Blaire again, went conveniently quiet.

[Emails between Greg and Mike, click here to view]

Mike, still handling Hansen’s affairs, well after it was expressed to Hansen that working with Mike was immoral & a conflict after Mike’s history in court. I had already told my full story, revealing both Hansen and Blaire were way off, and actually completely slanderous in their case against me. Their sources were exposed for being not only unreliable but down right evil and criminal in some cases.

So what did Blaire & Hansen do? They moved on to Dahvie Vanity, acting like the Anti-Onision scam they pushed never happened. Blaire actually made a video stating Dahvie was much worse than me… which makes sense considering she is comparing someone who allegedly committed horrible crimes, to someone who was actually a victim of numerous crimes. I was the victim of 1. criminal trespassing 2. sexual extortion 3. slander 4. mail fraud/literal terrorism and more. To compare me to Dahvie? A total joke, Hansen and Blaire learned that the hard way after they cried wolf for the sake of making money.

Did Blaire then find out that Dahvie going down means Jeffree Star goes down too? Did she find out if she keeps pushing an agenda against Dahvie, it could hurt Jeffree, or even make Jeffree’s massive fan base turn on Blaire?

I really donno. I won’t say I know either, because guess what, I’m not Blaire White. I won’t fake it and act like I know for sure she is guilty, because (1) That is dishonest and (2) That is exactly what she would do.

Instead, I’ll leave the deciding up to you guys. Is Blaire White guilty? Is Jeffree Star guilty?

Personally, I don’t care. I have my own life to live. I’m just passing on my experiences to all of you as well as sharing screen shots of messages I was sent.

Fact is, I never cared about Jeffree Star till I forced to by being put alone in a room with him and bombarded with inappropriate statements from him. I never cared about Blaire White till I was forced to when she slandered me, and got away with it (for those wondering why I don’t sue, she probably doesn’t have much money, like most everyone who slanders, they have no net worth so you can’t sue and truly win, which is why they are so careless with words).

So long story short: This whole drama does not truly interest me, but, I do care about the truth, I do care about people having the resources to see false heroes for what they are.

Predators, who attack based on how it can financially benefit them, not on whether or not truth/justice is actually involved. And lastly, for anyone who doesn’t understand what kind of evil I was talking about when you think of the type of people Blaire & people like Blaire uses for their source of information to destroy lives just so they (commentary YouTubers, not legit journalists, just normal people with cameras) can make more money, this pretty much sums it up:

[Messages of ex-friend of Greg and Kai's apologizing for publicly speaking against them, click here to view]

Don’t take anyone at their word! Don’t be a mindless sheep. Question everything.

Do You Know Onision?

Let’s see if you can get a good score on the Onision quiz. How well do you know me? Do you know me at all? Well… once you’re done with this quiz, you can check your answers to see what was right and wrong. Hope you dig it!

[interactive quiz]

April 21, 2020

Are You & Onision Compatible?

This isn’t dating, friendship or acquaintance exclusive… let’s just find out whether or not you two could co-exist hmm? Is it even possible?

[interactive quiz]

Dear Covid Protestors

I made this video in response to people protesting the covid lockdown. So the logic is, because people are losing money, we should risk our lives…

[video embed: OnisionSpeaks "i'm protesting"]

This, to me, just sound crazy, because money never had more value than human life. The economy, our government, our country… none of it is worth more than our lives. All of the above things are obviously only a thing because we exist, yet we’re out there, saying yeah, let’s just die because we can’t make as much money as we did a few months ago.

[image of protesters]

No masks, no distancing, no consideration for medical professionals & the advice they give. It sucks, I know. A lot of people live paycheck to paycheck, which is why the government sent a lot of people thousands of dollars to make it by.

When you got that money, what did you spend it on? Did you think about every dollar and how important it was to make it through this? Or did you blow it all?

I myself want to cut down my expenses as much as possible. I get that we need to be responsible and think long-term. The question is, what is this really about?

If people are protesting just to stick it to the Democrats, they’re just dumb. No way around it.

If people are protesting because they want to go back to work (can’t stand their wives or husbands anymore?) well, maybe you need those bills paid. I’d recommend you sell stuff. That’s what I do when I’m in a pinch. Sell what you don’t need. Just, keep your distance from others when you do.

[image of protesters]

They had a large gathering during the Spanish Flu, prematurely leaving their homes. Countless people died. Do these people know about that?

Another reason for the protests? What could there be? It’s either a money issue, or a political issue, and either way, it’s no reason to risk giving more kids, adults and elderly a significant risk of death.

A really important issue to cover: We’re currently STILL getting thousands of new cases of COVID every day. So when they say give me liberty or give me death… well, if you get your liberty, you may also get COVID… and for some, that means death.

Think about what you’re doing. Be safe.

This is the time to come together, not make political jabs.

[image of protesters]

You have bills to pay, we all do. But all our lives are more important.

Whenever there is a school shooting and a democrat says “Gun control now!” the Republicans say “How dare you use a shooting (1-50 people dead) to fuel your political agenda!” – Well, Republicans, you’re not like the Democrats are you? Because instead of what they do, using tragedy to help STOP deaths, you instead use tragedy to help CAUSE MORE deaths, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands more.

This is why it’s hard for me to say I would ever be a Republican.

Let’s Talk About Self-Harm

I have made tons of videos about self harm over the years… specifically the last 12 years. Tons of people have come to me saying that I’ve helped them, and that’s amazing. What that tells me, is I should never stop trying to speak my truth, my feelings & I should continue doing what I hope will help people.

So, based on my research over the years, people cut themselves, burn themselves, pull their hair out and more, often due to self-esteem issues. There is an internal dialogue that makes people hate themselves, doubt their own abilities, blame themselves and resort to a number of other self-reflective inaccuracies.

Fact is, we’re all destined to die, irrelevant. Whatever we have right now, will be someone else’s or completely destroyed by the time we’re dust. The people who will remember us after we die, will die too. All of us will be forgotten. No matter how rich, how famous, all of us will become completely unknown, almost as if we never existed.

Why would I remind you of all this? Because it establishes something incredibly important… your self-image, and how you perceive others, should not hold you back from treating yourself well, or cause you to feel anyone is better than you.

[image of self harm scars]

Self harm can leave scars on your body for the rest of your life… is that what you want to do with your worst moments? Be reminded of them forever? If someone does not like you, if you feel like you screwed something up, if you feel like you can’t do anything right, or otherwise just feel hopeless, what is the point in making it worse by hurting yourself? If you think that you suck at everything, do you think it’s possible that what really sucks is simply your image of yourself?

You feel you fail all the time, you feel like it’s impossible to do anything right, but what you’re basing success on is faulty. It’s not the tested that fail, it’s the test itself that needs a change.

So let’s talk about cutting… what does it accomplish? You are incredibly upset by something, so much so that you want to distract yourself from the emotional pain. So… you think “Why not slice a line in my arm” – But the problem is, this leaves scars. This will make it more difficult for you to wear whatever clothing you like later in life without facing judgement. If you don’t care about that, more power to you, but a lot of people do.

When you self harm and leave scars, you will have to face your loved ones some day about it. It could be your child, your nephew, your uncle or dad. How do you explain that to them? How do you say “Don’t do this to yourself” when you have already done it to yourself? When you lead by example down a path that if your loved ones followed, they too would hurt more like you did.

So the question becomes this: What are your options?

1. Pick something less damaging to deal with your pain… like ice, or a rubber band.

2. Get prescribed medication.

3. Talk to a therapist in depth about your feelings, be as open as you can, tell all.

4. Join a self-harm group where you can actually talk to other people like you and grow from each other’s experiences.

[image of tattoo]

Some people actually get tattoos to help them cope with life. It is a good alternative to cutting.

When you self harm, you let down everyone who loves you. Hard truth. Your mom, your dad, your siblings, your grandparents, your friends, basically everyone who ever cared about you would be hurt to find out you hurt yourself. So do you want to hurt all those people? Taking care of yourself is about so much more than just you.

What it comes down to is, do you really love your family. Do you really love your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife… do you love anyone? Do you want to hurt the people you love? Do you want to damage your body when it only offers a temporary sense of relief, and even then, makes problems only worse for you? Why would you do this?

The alternatives to hurting yourself are extensive. To resort to violence against yourself is one of the most hateful and unintelligent of behaviors. There are so many people who would kill to be in your place, to have the things you do, to be as lucky as you, and you throw it away? You spit in the face of all the good that has been given to you?

It’s very odd to see people with perfectly good bodies, destroy those bodies because their mind is ill. The problem is in the head, and it’s the head that needs attention.

[image of silhouette of soldiers saluting]

I used to serve in the military myself… self harm was not unheard of. As a person recovering from traumatic events, some my own fault, I know it’s important to talk to others about what is going on in your life and in your mind.

So let’s say you self harm, what are you supposed to take out of this article? What do you do?

Step 1. You throw away everything you have been using to hurt yourself.

Step 2. You stay away from everything that triggers you. If you have to be around it, find a way to coach yourself through it so you don’t find yourself resorting to violence again.

Step 3. You start looking into how to get therapy for your problems, try to get to the root of it.

Step 4. You educate others on what you have gone through, and how they can survive it like you did.

Make the world a better place, because while none of us really matter, what is more pointless than our lives, is suffering for no reason.

We may not matter, we may not be remembered, but we’re here, right now. We have a choice to make the best, or the worst of it. Common sense tells you, suffering sucks. So find a way to make it all better. Find a way to heal, without ever reopening those wounds.

April 20, 2020

Final Fantasy VII REMIX: Awful

Alright, so I played Final Fantasy VII Remix all the way through… was it amazing? Debatable. I want to go through some stuff that really matters.

Important features:

1. Better battle system than last game: NO
2. Improved graphics: YES
3. Same story-line: NO
4. Non-PC events removed: YES BUT WHY???
5. Same bang for your buck: ABSOLUTELY NOT
6. Open-world gameplay: NO NO NO
7. Getting to know the characters TOO well: YES, BECOMING BORING

So I want you to understand, if I had never played Final Fantasy VII, I might think this game is AMAZING, but the problem is, I didn’t want what they gave me, I wanted what we had before only really-well polished.

[image of Sephiroth]

Oh Sephiroth appears… again… for the 3,000th time in this game.

I was literally playing FFVII REMAKE thinking “You know what was more fun than this? The Original. I want to play the original.” – Like literally, they actually made me love the original even more because I never realized how horrible it was to constantly be given only a few tasks to do, a few places to go at a time, with no real freedom.

Spoiler alert, in this game, you NEVER get out of Midgar. There are 18 total chapters and they’re all literally dragged out versions of the original storyline, only with the fun parts removed…

Like remember when Red XIII was locked in a room with Aerith and he was acting like a total perv? That was creepy, that was horrible, and also, totally necessary to establish what a nut Hojo was, and how real the game was willing to be (like, you know, F PC culture, let’s put something insane, to really establish the scientists insanity, in the game)

[image of Cloud]

Trans Cloud? No complaints here 🙂

But no, they removed that. They also removed A LOT of what made the process of creating a dress for Cloud fun. Like you no longer get bathed by strange men in a brothel… what???

This time? You get a random hand massage at a different location and a number of other events go down not even worth mentioning.

Now to be totally confusing, I will say, I’m definitely buying and playing the sequel to this. It’s a pretty amazing game, it’s beautiful to look at, the gameplay is pretty decent, but it’s nothing compared to the original.

This is just like people who read the Harry Potter books going to see the movies… sometimes people are bummed out by what was not included, just happens. But this time we’re talking about video games… there are key components that need to be included when you do a remake… you know… LIKE THE GAMEPLAY ITSELF.

[image of Zack]

Who is Zack? Who cares.

You couldn’t even play Red XIII, which was a huge bummer. Also, Sephiroth, showed up seemingly every hour, that’s way too much. He’s supposed to be mysterious and unreachable, but he’s basically that dude who you see every day at work, sniffing glue in the break room.

Overall what I’m saying is, this game was great, but as far as remakes go, it was a total let down. It was so beautiful, so fun and so cool… but not as fun as FFVII the original, not as cool as the original and ok yeah, it has better graphics.

You don’t get to ride chocobos, they don’t have “ALL” materia (what???) when you max out Materia they sell for crap & summons don’t level up either… why? Because the game is way too short.

What I mean by short is, it would take me 24-48 hours to beat the original, ok, cool. This game? If you sit through all the videos they play, you could see the same gameplay time, but the problem? You accomplish way, way less.

[image of Charlie Sheen and a character dressed similarly]

I’m really glad they had Charlie Sheen cameo!

Pretty much for every time you battle in the remake, you battle 10 times in the original. In the original you level up faster, you get to new locations faster, you generally accomplish tasks faster, everything feels more productive.

Gosh… I’m so disappointing but also grateful. Like I’m glad we got to see and play what we did, even though there were so many puzzles and mundane tasks… it’s just, I wish they called it “Final Fantasy VII: If It Was Made By KPOP Fans”

So what is my official rating of the game?


April 19, 2020

Does Size Matter?

First of all, yes, it matters. If you’re the size of a tic tac that’s going to make a difference. Duh. Now moving on…

Today, I was looking to make content for my OnlyFans… and I needed to do some research in order to post the “full frontal” that I wanted to… unfortunately for me, when you search for men who take pictures in the mirror, it’s mostly just a bunch of dudes who are really really well endowed. And for my purposes, that does not help.

Now if you Google “How Big Is The Average Man’s… juuuuunk” you will likely find it is 5-7… depending on what inbred town you go around measuring… haha. We’re talking guys who are fully aroused, how big are they down stairs, yeah, 5-7 for most the population of Earth. Ultimately what we’re saying is late 5 inches, or early 6 inches.

Alright, so I’m looking at all these dude’s selfies and I’m like, what even. These dudes are 7-12 inches, and have oddly small balls… how am I, a lowly average man, supposed to compete with that? Well, those are dumb thoughts, dumb. Because that was not the point of my search in the first place. I was just trying to find something I could compare myself to & utilize.

So how did I find something that I could use? A normal man you know? I’m not talking those Greek statues which are a good 2.3 inches flaccid, no. I’m talking just a dude. Well… I found it.

Heath Ledger & Orlando Bloom, those two guys have much more common looking man parts, and that was my out. I was able to find what REAL people look like, because here’s a reality check.

1. Heath & Orlando were not famous for their size. Their forte is acting.
2. Both of them were snapped in public, so no photoshop, no tricks, just off guard, this is what it really looks like.
3. If you want to find average, it doesn’t get more average than a male celebrity. We all know celebrities are more often than not, impressive in only one way.

So a lot of us worry about our size, a lot of us ask ourselves is it important… well, fact is those men showed up in search results at the very top because that is what people are searching for. They don’t want to see your average size, they want to see some dude who pumped it up beyond what is normal.

On a similar note I’d like to address a really bad point a comedian made not too long ago, and later on Tiger King made to his boyfriend(s) to convince them that they’re not totally straight…

So it goes something like this “When you look at adult videos, what do you want to see, a guy with a big johnson, or a guy with a small one?” And naturally, people often say “A big one!!!” because guess what, small ones make most of us… sad.

In response to the question answered, the gay man, Tiger King, moves on to imply that the guy isn’t really straight and therefore should be ok with dating him because he prefers the bigger dude’s junk. Well… no. No no no. If you asked “Do you wanna see adult movies with a HUGE MASSIVE HORSE-LIKE dong, or an average, decent, normal one?” most everyone is going to say… the normal one.

What I’m saying is… it was never about being a little gay or not. People just don’t want to be bummed out by the obvious sadness that comes with being less blessed. Additionally, a typical woman will often enjoy an average to slightly above average man, than one who is TINY or HORSE LIKE. People jump to saying you want to see the bigger one because they also want to see the woman impressed more.

Just a random ignorant theory I think most searches for larger johnsons come from gay guys because the only people I know of who have asked about my package? Gay guys.

It’s my understanding most women are about how you make them feel, not how many tears you give them downstairs. I’m only basing this off talking to women who had larger-sized boyfriends or ex’s and… 1 complained a lot about pain, the other complained a lot about pain, and the third… well ok, she bragged. But we all know that chick. We know what she’s about.

Long story short, there’s a reason there are women who hate the sight of male junk. There’s a reason there are women who only like other women. There’s a reason why men who are as small as you could imagine still find relationships and that’s simply because a lot of women want to be with the person, not with a disproportionate love doll.

If size was truly important, most straight women and gay men would be with literal dolls shipped from Japan. Why bother with human relationships if all you care about is size?

But do straight women/gay men mind it if you’re a decent/healthy size? For most, not at all.

So the hard truth is, yeah, being a little bigger than average isn’t the worst, but if you’re one of the small guys, it’s not over for you either. I’ve seen it myself… guys openly admitting they’re tiny, and women still date them.

I mean, there was a rumor one woman said “Is it in yet?” to the guy at one point, but I’m pretty sure he started the rumor about himself.

Just think about what it would be like to be with a woman who wasn’t exactly what society demand she be. Maybe she’s not the right fit down there, maybe upstairs she doesn’t fill in, or fills in too much. Would you care? Would it “matter” to you?

Probably not very much at all… unless you’re like… a person who only cares about body and not at all actual meaningful relationships? In which case, you got bigger problems.

You ever hear about a guy dumping a girl because she was not well-endowed? Ever hear of a girl doing that to a guy? What did you think of the guy? Or the girl? Probably that anyone who makes that big of a deal of how you were born… likely not your kind of homie? Right.

If I had a boyfriend (with man parts) I’d personally hope he’d be a size that could hold it’s own. Not too big, not too small. I feel that way because I wouldn’t want it to distract me from the actual interactions we’d be having.

If it’s too small, I’m thinking about size. If it’s too big, I’m thinking about size. If it’s just right? Now I can just look into my boyfriend’s eyes, and think about the person I’m with, rather than the thing that stands out like a sore thumb.

So ultimately… what I learned is in fantasy, when people are searching for things online, people do prefer slightly bigger. That’s for certain. But in reality, most of us are average, and to let that bog you down, well… who are you trying to impress? For the average person, average is literally what their body is designed for. If you are average in size or close to it, and the person your with is also average, guess what? That means you’re perfect.

Most of us were made to fill each other, complete each other, perfectly. Most of us, are lucky AF just the way we are.

April 18, 2020

A Boring Political Post

So there is a virus that has caused most all of us to be locked in our homes for weeks now. As a result of our isolation, a virus that has been sweeping the world, is now less successful than before at ending human lives… sounds like progress right?

Unfortunately a lot of people are politicians or otherwise puppets of politicians. What the loud-mouthed, greed-driven folks in charge of numerous aspects of our society are doing is seemingly manipulating the narrative to essentially improve their polling & profitability.

The conservatives, many of them, seem to want us to open back up the country, starting with a few states, to essentially, allegedly, save the economy. Our president has spun his exposing more people to the virus (inevitably) as “liberating” us… from what? Life itself?

So virus’s have been said to decline during hot times of year, and increase during cold times… I have a few questions about that.

1. Many have warned about it coming back, even worse, in the winter… does this mean we shut down the economy again right before the election?
2. Are we shutting down the country next year too? Numerous sources have said we are potentially going to experience the same virus the same time next year.
3. If it is all like the flu, doesn’t that mean there will be multiple versions of it, and therefore even if we vaccinate one version, won’t we be vulnerable to other versions? Thus creating a never-ending problem?

The idea is, we open the country now and we save our “children” or “grandchildren” from enormous debt… but who is even going to have those children if we’re too dead to have them? And wait… I thought we were already burdened with the enormouse debt of our own parents and grandparents…

Additionally, remember how we were mad at our dads & grandpas for polluting the earth/destroying the ozone? Well apparently our isolation has caused the Earth to recover in a significant way due to an enormous reduction of travel/motor vehicles being on the road.

What I’m saying is… if we really care about the next generations… why not worry about life itself, not just money? What about destroying the Earth? Why are Republicans in such a hurry to get back to killing the planet for the sake of money?

Additionally I’d like to talk about the stock market. Initially when the virus began hitting America, the stock market plummeted. It went from 29,000 points to 19,000 in a matter of days. I feel like I’m living in a crazy alternate dimension because people are actually investing so much in the stock market that it’s bounced back to about 24,000. Why? Why?

It doesn’t make a bit of sense for the following reason: When companies begin reporting their earnings as well as the general state of their companies, very little of it is going to be good news for most. In that, most every time, those individual stocks will plummet. Or am I wrong?

Right now we have a group of investors who pull out the moment our president sneezes on Twitter. You could lose literally thousands of dollars just because some dude in the White House had a bad day and handled it on Twitter like a baby instead of managing the issue in private with their therapist.

It used to be we had leadership that would never want to say or do anything that could demolish a person’s savings. Now it’s like every other day, you have crazy people saying/doing crazy things causing absolute havoc to our financial system.

So in summary what I’m suggesting is that everything should be handled by listening to the experts who are absent of political bias. We need leadership that cares about saving lives, not saving money.

You put people back to work now, you may save some money now, but long run, you lose those people, that means you lost someone who could have created a product, or produced an essential service. You create strain on the medical system and leave families with medical debt.

Without people, money has no value. For some reason though, people who have money, so so much money, don’t consider this as much as those who have much less. It’s almost like when you get money, you often forget how to function as a normal person. You forget what matters, and you fail to realize, none of it really matters.

If it costs us millions, billions or trillions to save hundreds of thousands of lives, maybe that is worth it. We can’t just go back to work and pretend the problem does not exist.

We have a significant risk of a similar, if not the same virus spreading in the future. We need to be better prepared, we need to have a medical system that can save your life physically without destroying it financially. What we need is to adapt to this risk now that it is more real than ever, and we need to accept that the world we went to bed in yesterday, is not the same world we woke up in today.

We want to go back and pretend this never happened, but it did. It’s time to wake up, and take on the new world, like adults who, like all survivors, evolve to meet the challenges that face us.

But again, I’m just some random idiot, so what do I know?

April 17, 2020

Take Me Away

I worked on this song for a bit… at some point I got an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish it… I thought I was failing again…

After my eyes stopped watering… I got up and finished the song… I was surprised by how much my perception of myself altered reality. It’s actually a good song.

[embed of video with song]

But I can do better. I hope I will in the future.

April 16, 2020

A Theory About Jeffree Star

Hi… for those of you who do not know, I am Onision. I used to be the #67 most subscribed on all of YouTube and ever since then I’ve been falling down the most subscribed YouTubers list right into absolute anonymity… in a way.

So that’s fun… but that’s also life, and I’m kind of relieved because fame is one of the worst things ever. I didn’t like being stopped at the mall, the restaurant, the airport etc for people to say “Oh my god are you that guy from YouTube?”

When you first get recognized it makes you blush, you’re like “Woah cool, I’m relevant.” but after a while? You just want to be left alone, you don’t want people looking at you… at all. And that’s where I am now. I want to be a nobody who makes something, not a somebody who makes nothing.

Anyway, this post is about Jeffree Star because a long time ago a man named Damon Elliott was a friend of mine… I don’t think we’re friends anymore considering the last time I talk to him, he said we were friends, but then made plans with me for the 5th time only to not follow through.

That’s LA though, people make plans and then don’t follow through all the time. Had the same issue with numerous people, like Shane. People from LA typically say “Hey, we should hang out soon!” or “Let’s meet up when you’re in town” – Then you get in town, and nothing. They are nowhere to be found. Not responding to your messages, not calling you back… mind you I don’t call people pretty much ever but you get the point.

Anyway, so I met Damon through a girl named Shiloh. I was dating her at the time, and Damon was producing her music. Damon actually gave me housing when Shiloh was taken away by the police back in 2011. Really nice of him to hook me up for a few days like he did. He also found me a place I could rent out for a few months with my friend Cyr.

So Damon and I are hanging out and he calls up his friend Jeffree Star. This is before Jeffree was huge on YouTube. At the time Jeffree drove what looked like a pink Scion or some square/box looking car. Damon hyped me up, telling Jeffree we should collab together and made mention of someone being tied up in a chair as part of a comedy sketch. Jeffree was down to collaborate, so it sounded, and Damon drove me to meet up with him in a recording studio.

Once I got to the recording studio I commented on how I smelled pot, Damon denied it, implying I didn’t know what pot smelled like… I’m rarely wrong & I saw joints in an ashtray inside to confirm my suspicion. I don’t think it belonged to Damon, I’m really only commenting on it because weed has bothered me for some time.

Jeffree showed up and Damon left Jeffree and I alone in the recording studio for an extended period of time.

The recording studio was very poorly lit and Jeffree had no makeup from what I could see. What this meant is you have a guy, sitting on a couch, in a dark room, staring at me with his legs and arms crossed, who happens to have no eyebrows and is incredibly pale faced… in other words, terrifying.

Jeffree began to speak to me as I paced back and forth on a platform in front of him. The platform I assume was raised to allow all the electrical wires underneath the recording equipment to remain discreet. Jeffree’s statements were all sexually charged. He opened with asking me if I was gay, only he used the F word. He then said that “I must like sucking ****” referring to male genitalia. For about 5-10 minutes he proceeded to repeating himself. Telling me I was gay, that I liked performing sexual acts on men & an assortment of other sexually charged language.

At the time I just laughed, I thought it was… weird and funny, because we were supposed to do a comedy video together and I assumed he had a sense of humor.

After a short bit Damon came back in the room and eventually we all left without collaborating. I had said pretty much nothing to Jeffree the entire time, but he still later tweeted me that it was nice to meet me.

Years later it came to public attention that Jeffree Star had grabbed a straight man’s genitals, in public, on camera. It also came to public attention that Jeffree was particularly interested in straight men… and that got me to thinking…

1. If I were in Jeffree’s position on that couch, and it was a woman I spoke to like that, what would people assume? Probably that I wanted to sleep with her.

2. Damon never explained why he left us alone in that room. Damon was seemingly good friends with Jeffree. Jeffree was into straight men… so why was Damon leaving me alone in a room with a man who was into straight men, who was sexually overactive and clearly targeting me? Was I being set up?

3. What would have happened if I said yes I was? What did Jeffree expect or want from me? And why is it this is acceptable because it’s me… but if a woman went through the same thing with Jeffree or better yet, someone less popular, society would be outraged?

So… I just wanted to share these thoughts… I still consider Jeffree Star to be terrifying… but I’m not some kind of victim of a horrible crime or anything. It was just creepy talk from a gay man, actively sexually degrading me and who knows what else, the moment I was left alone in a room with him.

Maybe he’s changed for the better since then… but, that’s the face I see whenever I think of him… just some creepy, demonic looking pale faced man, saying horrible things to me alone in a dark room.

April 13, 2020

Dear Soulmate

As a person in the public eye, I've found a lot of times people will come to me and say they are my soulmate... which is a lovely, cool thing... until you look deeper.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not proof reading this, there may be typos... but it's 2am and I just want to go to sleep, so I'm letting this all out... for the sake of the ZZZZZZ's

Alright... so, to the person this is partially about (a woman who is 25 years old, recently almost actually got me to believe she was potentially actually real... then... "oh yeah I smoke weed but just for anxiety" --- no you don't --- otherwise you'd use the actual medicine without the THC - what? You think I haven't heard that bullshit excuse before?), I want you to know this isn't about lashing out to hurt anyone... I don't want to hurt anyone... but normally when I do a "express how I feel" segment, it winds up hurting feelings, and I hate that. Fact is, my feelings are hurt, my heart hurts and this sucks. And yet... how do I get the message across without being as blunt and honest as possible? I gotta speak the truth, and if it hurts, well... I don't know what to say... I wish you well, I want you to be happy, just with someone like you... and I am not like you.

I would just write this privately, but I know people out there go through this, and I also want people to understand, before they ever write me claiming to be my soulmate... this just isn't it.

First off...

1. If you are my soulmate, you do not smoke weed. I know, this makes a lot of people upset with me. They say things like "Bro, it's a harmless drug bro" "Dude, alcohol is way worse dude" so... let me give you a back story.

Every. Person. I. Have. Ever. Dated. Who. Smokes. Weed. Is. A. Piece. Of. Shit.

Every. Single. One.

Let me go through a few examples...

The person I lost my virginity to when I was 14? Wound up cheating on me. She also said "I'll quit pot for you" "Pot is no big deal" "Quitting is easy" --- then guess what? She just wound up smoking behind my back, completely lying to me.

You know who also did that? A chick who said she was my soulmate, one who talked about us having past lives together... who did all the horoscope crap and convinced me there was something supernatural, even divine about our relationship.

Same chick? Caught her chatting to her friends about how much she missed smoking weed, how it was so incredible and when she went back to Canada how much drugs she would do... this is a chick I didn't even know was into drugs. Just lying the whole time.

Another chick who smoked weed, same deal. "We're soulmates" "Look at our horoscope" "Oh I won't do weed, it's easy to quit, you're more important" then - boom, right on to smoking weed. Only recently? Heard they were doing Acid too... whatever that is.

Another girl, openly says she does cocaine, tried to ruin my life, says she smokes weed to help her sleep. Says she is getting a medical marijuana card because of her "medical problems" which guess what guys, you don't have medical problems, otherwise you'd use the derivative produces of marijuana, you know, without the high????

In fact, CBD oil, heard nothing but good things about it... funny how people who smoke weed talk about all the GREAT BENEFITS of smoking it, completely omitting the fact (1) You don't have to smoke it to get the benefits (2) You don't have to get blood shot eyes (3) Your breath doesn't have to smell/taste like garbage (4) You don't have to hurt your ability to remember things as efficiently as you did before (5) You don't have to be addicted while constantly claiming you can "quit any time"

Guess what, YOU ALL say that, YOU ALL say you can quit any time, and you know what? YOU DON'T.

Now let's move on... aside from the fact most everyone I've met who does marijuana has also lied to me, cheated on me, comitted crimes &/or straight up faked their entire personality just to get in my good graces...

2. If you are my soulmate, at this point, you're pretty much dead inside. You see how COINCEDENTALLY most everyone who calls me their soulmate is 19-33 years old. They're coincedentally female and oh yeah, at the HEIGHT of the age they are programmed to reproduce at... what? SCIENCE???? WEIRD!!!!

You are not my soulmate, your biological clock is ticking and you're trying to throw the soulmate thing around because that helps maintain a long term relationship with a partner, when you unwittingly manipulate someone into believing they are meant to be with you... FOREVER. WOAH.

Sounds a lot like religion right? "Ya gotta be there for life! Because who else will raise the kids if you don't think your eternal soul is bound to me forever!!!" (I mean there is the whole... natural inclination to protect your offspring, but that doesn't work for everyone, some people need religion too, yeet)

Let's move on to 3!

3. To my soulmate, I'm married... woah! And guess what, every woman, yes, it's always a woman, not a 40 year old man, not a cat, or talking horse, ALWAYS a woman, again, of the age people typically breed at... coincedence totally... soulmates just happen to exist primarily around the prime time to forward our species..........

Anyway, I'm married... and while I'm not exactly polyamorous due to the unbearable jealousy issues that come with two female components being in the same room with each other, almost seemingly competing for the male components favor (yuck, love each other dude, not just the guy) --- but while I'm not totally monogomouse either - if you come at me with that "Hey, I love you, you're my soulmate, and your partner is cool too" vibe, it just doesn't work.

Here is a reality. I work... all... the... time. So you come in my life, the only person you're going to see most the time, is my partner, not me. So why even talk to me? I'm a workaholic and I really only want my partner to be happy... like, the idea of you loving me is great, fantastic, but at the same time, I built a castle, it's my life... and every woman before you has come along, thinking they can just steal me away... no bitch, no.

Every. Single. Time it seems. Let's do a little SOULMATE... THING!

Step 1. "Soulmate" introduces themselves to me or my partner.
Step 2. "Soulmate" shows unbearable affection when they think they are in a position to date us.
Step 3. "Soulmate" becomes an item with us... woah! Cool! Congrats!
Step 4. Partner gets uncomfortable with "soulmate" because "soulmate" is getting TOO intense with other partner (me).
Step 5. "Soulmate" ….. "Hey male component, want to leave your partner for me? Tee hee hee!!!"

Out bitch. Out.

Out. Now. Never talk to me again.

And guess what? Then "soulmate" winds up going on an all out rampage trying to ruin my life... all while smoking pot? No, rarely just pot... they just spin the wheel of illegal substances and woo hoo! Rejected soulmate galaxy adventure!

Hoooooooo…. here comes another big one...

4. To my soulmate, if you have BPD, we are not compatible. If you have bi polar whatever, we are not compatible. Wanna know why? Because when I dump "soulmates" like you, I fear for my life, almost every time. And wouldn't you know it, almost every single person who smokes pot before they're 20 years old, seems to wind up having some kind of serious aggressive mental disorder (based on most everyone I've dated) --- so scientists, might wanna check that out - because I have YET to meet a person with BPD who has never smoked pot. WEIRD.

Bottom line, the only two people I've had to lock the door at night, to avoid, because I thought they would kill me after I dumped them... that's right, both pot heads, with BPD. Scary.


So what I'm saying I guess is... I'm tired of people telling me they are my soulmate... because guess what... today you say you're my soulmate... tomorrow? The next day? Shit... next week... you might just be telling me, or even the whole world, what a horrible person you magically think I am now...

And that kinda says it all... because I didn't start the soulmate conversation... you did. You all did. You all looked at our horoscope charts, talking about how the configuration of the stars blah blah blah somehow made us perfect for making babies... well... I'm sick of it. I'm tired of the games, the lies and of course, your drug addictions.

You know what you all are? Stoners. You're so doped up that you can't see straight and somehow, I'm a magnet for you people.

So really? I think this is just the thing I'm going to send people who try to say they're my soulmate from now on...

I used to believe in soulmates you know? I used to... I used to think there was a perfect person out there for me... I thought it was the person I lost my virginity to when I was 14... then she cheated on me... then she proved like everyone else, that a stupid plant was more important than our entire relationship - just like every other dumb weed-smoker proved the exact same thing when they all promised they would stop, they all promised it meant nothing to them, and they all went on smoking it, lying to my face.

I just can't do it anymore.

I don't trust people. I don't believe anything you say because I've heard it all.

So no... you are not my soulmates.

We are destined to die forgotten, we all are. This belief that there are future or past lives is an invention of your own delusion to avoid facing the painful reality that we are all mere echos of history, echos that just like our own existence become still, silent, and eventually gone like they never even were.

You are not special. You are generic just like me. We are copies, of copies of copies.

And reality check, if you don't believe me, just look at your own damn horiscopes. Why the hell do you think we are lumped into Scorpios, Cancers, Libras etc... why do you think that is? Because we are a dime a dozen. Our personality traits are incredibly common, and it seems like, if your compatable with me because I am a Scorpio, than you're pretty much compatable with every other Scorpio on Earth, which is only... I donno… HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE...


And yeah, I know this sucks. I know it's not fun killing the fantasy. I know it feels wonderful to be in love and play along with the idiocy of the concept of "twin flames" and all that lovely pretty shit... but you know what? That stupid shit gives me hopes... it makes me say to myself "Wow, really? Gosh this is so exciting! Maybe it's real! Maybe there is more meaning to the universe and... oh, well, pretty sure that's... yep, that's the chick who just tried to convince me I'm her soulmate fucking some other dude... didn't even get to finish my statement... she's already... yep... ok, oh she's pregnant with his baby now? Didn't even bother to tell me we weren't dating anymore? Oh... cool... yeah, soulmates... ha... suuuuper."

Just remember, to all the people offended by this destruction of idealism and fantasy.

YOU. MADE. ME.And... where I once had hopes and dreams... I now have no hopes and dead dreams... so... thanks.

April 11, 2020

What It's Like Being Fake #MeToo'd

We all seem to love judging each other, but what is important is that you ask yourself, is your opinion of someone relevant? Is a law-abiding citizen somehow a bad person just because you have different ways of living your life, ways that only look bad when you spin them to appear that way?

Most everyone has an ex who feels upset because they don't want to be with them anymore. But does that justify trying to ruin their life?

About half a year ago three women I broke up with over a span of 9 years decided to speak to a man whose best known for confronting men who pursue 13 year old girls. A man who was fired from his job after someone ended their own life, and the company he worked for lost over a hundred million dollars.

[Image of Greg and Skye with her face blocked out]

Onision with is girlfriend (at the time) in 2005 at Lackland AFB, TX.

The three women I broke up with were not only legally consenting when I was with them, but were nowhere near what the "predator catcher" typically addressed. When someone who is just a puppet pretends to be an actual investigative journalist only to resort to bias, speculation & slander, you have an enormous problem.

Woman 1, now in her late 20's, I met when she was 17, this was many years ago. The legal age of consent in my state was more than fine, as well as the other state. We met in the other state where the legal age of consent, again, did not conflict with our relationship whatsoever.

In fact, with woman 1, because I was actively making online vlogs at the time, I had a tripod set up in the room we were staying in. The cleaning lady thought we were making adult films, reported us to the police & we were confronted right away.

The police looked through my laptop and found nothing violating any laws whatsoever. The police confirmed our relationship was legal, and as they clearly approved of our relationship (finding no problem with it) we proceeded to continue dating from there.

Woman 2, I met her when she was 19. Again, legal relationship.

Woman 3, I proceeded to dating her after she blackmailed me. She was an adult, and proposed that if I wanted her to not destroy my life (not sure how she could at the time, but still concerning), that I had to sleep with her. The exact context was she previously, as an adult, implied she could destroy my life as "a joke". I took it as a joke and moved on. Months later I asked her if we could both sign an NDA. I did this because previous friends had attacked me publicly, and I had attacked previous friends publicly as well. I did not want to risk losing more friends because of another careless Twitter rant of mine or theirs.

When I asked if she would sign the NDA, she said "Only if I get what I want" - What she had previously and repeatedly implied, is that she wanted to sleep with myself and another person at the same time. The other person however, was not sure if they wanted to sleep with her. The other person was pressured into it strongly by Woman 3, who had previously "attacked" that person with a forceful kiss, then Woman 3 jumped back and said "FU*K"

To be clear, I believed Woman 3 had good intentions, so I was encouraging the other person take part in the relationship as well. Not as strongly as Woman 3, but still.

Back to woman 1. While I broke up with her many times (7-9 times), and she broke up with me 2-3 times. The most recent incident involved facebook, I found out through an email with a facebook post screencap that she and her new boyfriend were bragging about how good it was for them to sleep together. They even spoke of her being pregnant. The problem? I was actively sending her money to survive in Canada while she awaited getting her passport back. One she said she lost. Additional problem? She was actively dating me.

So I broke up with her, and I wrote this song about her:

["Her Lies" music video embed]

After I broke up with her, she released a blog, saying that she would always love me and talked about how special I was to her. I didn't want to hear anything from her, she had just cheated on me. But years after she publicly said how great I am? She decided to speak to the man who pursues people who go after 13 year olds in a criminal manner, as if I was even remotely similar to those men.

Woman 2 additionally spoke to the same man, who seemed upset when she replied that she was always an adult when we had any interactions. Dead end for the "predator hunter", just like Woman 1, who had already had her relationship with me approved upon by the police.

Woman 3 became another dead end when she confirmed repeatedly, publicly, that our relationship had only occurred once she, as an adult. She admitted she blackmailed me into being with her, but wrote it off as "joking".

I use the analogy of "If you go into a bank, and you use a squirt gun that looks like a real gun, that doesn't change the fact that you still walked out with the money. You still got what you wanted, joking or not. It's a crime."

While this post is a simplified version of the overall events, I didn't want to sound to redundant for those who are already up to speed. If you are not completely familiar, here is me addressing concerns. At one point I took on all challengers for a collective over 10 hours.

[Livestream embed]

If you somehow made it through all those videos and you aren't being paid to believe I am some monster (people who make money off ad revenue get more views the more they lean towards vilifying me) than I am probably preaching to the choir at this point.

At some point I "live interview challenged" the man who is known to take on men who pursue illegal relationships, and he backed out. This is after that same man showed up to my house, trespassed on my property & then acted like I was the weirdo for not wanting an interview when my family was right there, and not at all warned about him or the 6 creepy men he brought with him.

I got the impression that he ran from the interview after pursuing one for so hard, because he began to realize that facing everything I had, all the information, would not be healthy for his position against me. His war on me had already made him tens of thousands of dollars, admitting it was all for nothing would destroy his credibility. Unfortunately, him backing out of the interview did not help his reputation either. When does a legit "predator hunter" ever run from an interview with someone they are claiming is a predator? Never. It makes absolutely no sense.

He, and many others have said that if you run from an interview, you run from the truth. That when you're not willing to face conversation with someone you are accused by or accuse of something, you don't want the truth to be known. You don't want to give people an opportunity to prove you wrong.

Accusations that fear challenge are nothing more than lies. There is no reason to fear your claims of someone else being questioned unless those claims are like a house built on sand.

So in the end, what was accomplished?

The "predator catcher" was told by police "we're having a hard time finding actual victims" live on his show. This is a problem, because it pointed out that no one he had spoken to was an "actual victim" - He then moved on to an alleged victim's advocate who he allegedly asked if I was going to jail. The victim's advocate replied that it was likely I would not (this is only what I was told as I, like most people with emotions, don't enjoy watching people lie about me/wish ill upon me).

This is after the "predator hunter" had promised repeatedly that there was an investigation, this was after he promised jail, this was after he insisted guilt, yet he repeatedly proved he had nothing... so why wouldn't he just admit it already?

Allegedly that person also said, based on what I was told, something along the lines of "something bad should happen to him" (not an exact quote I'm guessing) - Which to this day, I really feel uncomfortable with as I know I have done nothing wrong to any of those women as far as the law goes or my conscience goes. They feel I hurt their feelings, which happens when you dump someone. I sleep well at night because I broke up with all of them all for the following reasons...

Woman 1: Dumped for cheating on me while getting pregnant with another man's baby (while collecting thousands of dollars from me to survive while she was lying, saying she would return) - lying constantly (to a pathological level), having fake melt downs almost every time we argued, physically grabbing me, refusing to let me move, body slamming my door in a rage, threatening to end her own life and frame me for her death (not even joking, the police hauled her away) and more.

Woman 2: Dumped for doing illegal drugs, lying, admitted to being vindictive and more.

Woman 3: Did illegal drugs, lied, apologized for "raping" me, blackmailed me, faked her personality, masked her real intentions, publicly admitted to all this and more.

A lot of people think I don't like older women, they have painted me something I am not, not even remotely. Fact is they don't talk about the 24 year old, the other 24 year old, the 27 year old, the 30+ year old or anyone else because it does not fit the narrative. Apparently those women don't want to play victim either, maybe because they are actually honest about what happened.

The narrative from the "predator catcher" was that I was going to jail. For what crimes? Literally none have been proven. And why? Because none existed as stated by the police themselves. Again "We're having a hard time finding actual victims" - As public outrage does not = crime.

The crimes that did occur were committed against me. I was a victim of slander, sexual extortion, blackmailing, trespassing, vandalism, harassment and more. These are things that ironically, the people going after me proved themselves. When I did a live stream for 3 hours, people struggled to defend or disprove the crimes people committed against me. They were actually shocked by the fact someone tried to have me SWATTED but the police were too smart to fall for the false report. One of many false reports that have been made due to the online toxicity that exists in those who side with false accusers.

So the question becomes, why don't I do anything about it? Now that their house of cards fell apart, the dust is clearing and I'm the one left standing, still painted a criminal without having committed a single crime... so why don't I sue?

Woman 1: Net worth, likely nothing.

Woman 2: Net worth, likely nothing.

Woman 3: Net worth, likely nothing.

Every last one of them, the last time I checked, was a hard core drug addict. We're talking people who post pictures online of them posing with their drugs. One even said she can't go to sleep at night without first getting high. So why would they have money?

I actually paid Woman 2 at one point $9,000 to run my business email, you know what she said she spent it on? Drugs and makeup.

The "predator catcher" and his finances? Every time you look him up, there is an article on how he has no money whatsoever. He was evicted from his home, lost in multiple court settlements losing tons of money & even went to jail because he was so broke and bounced a check at one point and had to turn himself into the police.

So now I'm left here, with no financial compensation for what I went through and I'm simply not the kind of person who is in a position to sue based on principal. Essentially that would be letting them hurt me more than I already have been.

But why not go to the police? This girl admitted to sexually extorting me right, she did already publicly admit to it so? Problem is, unlike them, I'm not vengeful. I don't want to see them suffer, I don't want to take away their freedom. What I want is to literally see them all move on with their lives, and get over the fact that I didn't want to be with them. I want them to get over the fact I know they are criminals, liars & generally horrible people who would try to ruin an innocent person's life - They have to live with themselves, but that's why I dumped them, so I don't have to live with them.

But they have not moved on have they... I was quite famous at one point, and they were not... they hated me for how many times I was rude to them. How many times I said mean things like "You are a criminal" and "You're a liar" and "I don't want to sleep with you." and "Get out of my life" - These things hurt feelings... so what did they get out of it?

Woman 1: Now promoting her new album, started a GoFundMe and got thousands of dollars.

Woman 2: Now promoting her adult pics site, achieved a high level of clout to promote her YouTube channel.

Women 3: Associated with both a GoFundMe & a venmo, said to have made thousands of dollars as well.

The "predator catcher": Now tens of thousands of dollars richer as well.

Me? Well... my career is in shambles, my reputation is destroyed & they all successfully ruined me.

I lost my Patreon, both my networks dropped me, I lost my YouNow account & I was temporarily banned from Twitch... why? Well the sites that spoke to me said it was because of "doxxing" - What they are referring to was me posting a loving text from Woman 2 to my Twitter. We were saying nice things to each other and I was reflecting on how good things were at one point. I was expressing how sad it was that things went south. The problem? I didn't have her name in my phone anymore, so at the top of the screen shot? Her number. An issue I corrected within minutes, but, it was already too late. I made a mistake for minutes, and corrected it, but lost an unknown amount of money as a result.

The people who already hated me responded by doxxing not only me, but my significant other and my immediate family members. They posted their numbers, their addresses, everything.

And how did they pay for that? For responding to accidentally forgetting to crop out part of a text, with maliciously posting an entire family's address, phone numbers and more?

I don't think they did... and you know what? It doesn't completely matter. I don't care if they get away with it. It's not my business.

What matters is that everyone learns from this. That I never trust anyone to be honest again. That I always expect the worst in people from now on. That I never allow people who use drugs in my life again. That I never give people second and third chances. That I cut malicious liars out of my life the moment they lie. That I shut myself off to being a sucker like I was so many times, a bleeding heart.

So that's my experience. People say I lie, and yet the truth comes out eventually... and regardless of them refusing to be confronted live online in an interview, to put their words to the test, the truth isn't something you can just change or run from.

I did my part, I said it all, I took all challengers, and I came out in the end, still knowing who I am, what I went through - and literally everyone who confronted me failed to prove any crime occurred. They failed to defend the crimes the others actually committed... the truth, won.

So hate me or hate me, doesn't change what happened. Doesn't change the fact that I stood, while everyone else took a knee.