YouTube’s Perfect Villain

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Original NMR article (Source)
YouTube’s Perfect Villain is a title used to describe Greg. It is usually used by media sites and channels.


This title was originally used in a June 27, 2013 New Media Rockstars article chronicling Greg's YouTube career and drama. The article was named "Onision: The Definitive Timeline Of YouTube’s Perfect Villain". (Source)

Jackson is and continues to be one of the most reviled creators online. He has publicly feuded with some of the biggest creators on YouTube while documenting various personal relationships imploding upon themselves with unflinching transparency. He’s received such vitriol that he was once barred from attending VidCon for fear of personal harm coming to him or other attendees.

Jackson is YouTube’s perfect villain, a character out of comic book who is loved and hated with equal amounts of ferocity. (Source)

The title "YouTube's Perfect Villain" has been referenced by media when describing Greg since the article's release.