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Notable Wetlands related incidents and potential fire violations. Article titled after Greg's usage of the word "Yardwork" to describe his destruction of the government protected wetlands and the 100 foot buffer zone from the government protected lake.

Please read the Wetlands article for context.

**During the events in this article, Kai went by the nickname "Lainey" and did not yet identify as a trans man. The writing in this article will reflect Kai's current name and pronouns, but images, quotes, and videos will not.

Before County Intervention


Greg uploads the Patreon exclusive video "I Cleaned Up A Mess". In the video, he uses a small chainsaw to cut logs and branches on the ground. He also uses a weed whacker to get rid of small plants.

PatreonMess2017 1.png

Greg also uses the small chainsaw to attempt to cut up a large stump, but only manages to cut off a portion. He mentions in the video he wants to use a bigger chainsaw for the rest. (video deleted)

PatreonMess2017 2.png

April 19th

In one of Greg's "Dog Thoughts" videos, he films his dogs struggling to get out of the lake. It appears there is debris from fresh cut branches in the lake. (video deleted)


April 26th

Greg uploads a Patreon video where many freshly cut stumps and branches can he seen. Small branches and saw dust are scattered on the ground. (video deleted)


Greg later uses a frame from this video as his Twitter header. The image shows Greg standing near stumps and branches near the lake.


May 29th

More logs ($ource)

July 12th

Due to dangerous conditions, Greg and Kai's county issued a burn ban on July 12th. The ban allowed small, recreational fires on private property, but only if they were built in a metal or concrete fire pit and they were not be used as debris disposal.

Mentions of backyard fires from this point on were pointed out on drama websites where users believe Greg and Kai potentially violated the fire ban as well as standard county regulations.

July 14th

In Kai's video "HUSBAND STYLES ME FOR A WEEK", a fire can be seen in the yard. It appears they were burning logs and branches from their yard. ($ource)

Some viewers believe this may have been in violation of Greg and Kai's county burn ban that went into effect on July 12th. This video may have been filmed prior to the ban.


July 24th

Greg shares an image of a large bon fire in his backyard to his Discord with the caption, "Bigger". Again, it appears he is burning logs and branches. No metal or concrete pit can be seen.


August 1st

wetlands in a video wgirl($ource)

August 14th

Kai uploads the video "Does My Relationship Have A Future?". In the video, Greg and Kai explain they are driving to a tractor place to rent a tractor. Kai waits in the car and talks to the camera while Greg goes to speak to the workers. ($ource)

After County Intervention

The county orders Greg not to work on his backyard anymore. He doesn't listen.

September 12th

Greg appears to be covered in dirt in an Instagram image. In the description, he mentions Kai requested he hover his arm over him, implying he is dirty.


September 15th

Greg uploads a video to the Onision channel. In the video, he is seen laying sod on one side of his yard.