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Collection of Greg's Yahoo Answers questions and answers from around 2008. Greg went under the username Onision, but has since changed it to Vighkel. (Source)


Topics created by Greg on Yahoo Answers. Greg would basically use Yahoo Answers to promote his videos, although most of these videos are now unavailable.

Is the drink "VitaRain" vegetarian?

Ingredients are one thing, however the source of those ingredients are another --- please do not answer the question if you are not certain ~ Thank you.

3 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 6 years ago
Is the drink "VitaRain" vegan?
3 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 6 years ago
If I use less keywords will they individually hold more weight in "YouTube"?

For example, if I use "going fishing" vs "going fishing with friends in north carolina" is there less chance for my video to show up under "going fishing" now that I've added new keywords? Will a video using "going fishing" only have a higher ranking?

2 answers · YouTube · 8 years ago
Does this make you want to drink Nesquik?


7 answers · Polls & Surveys · 8 years ago
Will this YouTube video win the contest?

The Contest:

My Video Entry:

What do you think? Is it a winner? By all means, check out the competition if you are unsure.

3 answers · YouTube · 8 years ago
How many YouTube Partners are there?
2 answers · YouTube · 8 years ago
What is a "Tracking Image URL"?
1 answer · YouTube · 8 years ago
Are people who are suicidal and people who smoke the same?

I'm quite confused on this one.

1. Suicidal people want to die.
2. Suicidal people sometimes attempt to kill themselves.

1. Smokers know they are killing themselves every time they smoke.
2. But the don't... want to die?

Which is worse? Who should you feel sorry for?

Why do smokers often say people who are suicidal are lame, when they are possibly worse, as they are already progressively killing themselves.

9 answers · Mental Health · 8 years ago
Which famous person has no soul?

If it is possible to be born without a soul, which famous person does not have one?

I'll give you a few options, but feel free to make up your own.

1. Tom Cruise (I'm just throwing names out, don't get offended)
2. Britney Spears
3. Tom Brady
4. El Presidento
5. Bono
6. Helen Keller
7. Hilary Clinton
8. John Candy McCain
9. Ronald McDonald

& of course Shitley Temple.

I mean Shirley.

20 answers · Polls & Surveys · 8 years ago
Which president would you bring back from the DEAD!?

I'm interested to know who you think would run the country the best out of our history of Presidents.

7 answers · Politics · 8 years ago
What is the crappiest show on TV now?

Mmm!? I can't wait for the answers!

11 answers · Other - Television · 8 years ago
What would you do if the surgeon gave you new genitals instead of a fixed nose?

Hmm... should I really of asked this question? Yes.

7 answers · Polls & Surveys · 8 years ago
What do you consider devil music?

Rap? Rock? Hip hop? Pop? Jazz? What is the most wicked of all the genres to you? Why?

13 answers · Other - Music · 8 years ago
Where will the world be in ten years?

What will the world be like in ten years? Who will be the leaders? Will it be a lot more hot? Cold? What do you think?

5 answers · Other - Society & Culture · 8 years ago
What should be illegal?

List a few things that you think should/shouldn't be illegal: (anything, but here are some ideas) 1. Head Medication 2. Alcohol 3. Cigarettes 4. Marijuana 5. Prostitution 6. Age Restrictions?

10 answers · Law & Ethics · 8 years ago
Would you do this to get famous?

A Strip Dance of Shame?

6 answers · Celebrities · 8 years ago
Should there be a rape penalty?

Do you think rapists should be raped?

8 answers · Law Enforcement & Police · 8 years ago
Where do you think the United States will be in 10 years?

In V for Vendetta, there was no more US... do you think the end is near, or is the beginning around the corner. How will it end? What will change our course? What future do we have?

17 answers · Polls & Surveys · 8 years ago
What should be the prison sentence?

The prison sentence sentence for the following: 1. Murder 2. Rape 3. Armed Burglary 4. Burglary

7 answers · Law & Ethics · 8 years ago
Limitations on Pro Life?

If the world had to be a Pro Life world, what do you think should be exceptions to the rule?

3 answers · Politics · 8 years ago
What is the creepiest thing someone has done to you?

I personally had someone pee in a bottle under his desk, (I didn't know at the time) and he then pulled it above the desk and showed it off to me... I told on him... it was disgusting.

9 answers · Etiquette · 8 years ago
Which is worse, smelling cigarette smoke, or smelling a nasty fart?

And, do you think smelling a nasty fart for too long could hurt you?

18 answers · Polls & Surveys · 8 years ago
What do you know about High Fructose Corn Syrup?

Any information is really appreciated :) Thank you!

2 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 8 years ago
What do you think about smoking cigarettes & second hand smoke?

What do you think of people who smoke? What do you think of people who smoke around non-smokers? Does second hand smoke really hurt others?

7 answers · Other - Society & Culture · 8 years ago
Is this video funnier than Chris Crocker's video?

Leave Tom Cruise Alone!

I always thought Chris Crocker was strait up disturbing, as he's not faking... but it does have a funny-appeal to it.

3 answers · Celebrities · 8 years ago
Do you think the Burger King mascot is creepy?

Please watch this video, then rate (on a scale of 1 to 10) how creepy you think the Burger King mascot is.

Burger King Stalker Video:

I'd rate him relatively high, in the 7-10 area. What do you think?

8 answers · Fast Food · 8 years ago
What do you think of this UFO dream (10 Minute YouTube Video)?

Video Blog - UFO/Alien Sighting, War & Abduction Dream

I'm interested to read some feedback on this one... I hope you find it interesting.

1 answer · Mythology & Folklore · 8 years ago
What is the main reason you/people drink alcohol?

I'm interested to know... I've been asking around, and I have not gotten very good answers... what's yours?

17 answers · Beer, Wine & Spirits · 8 years ago
Where can I find a good/unbiased video game review site?

I just can't seem to agree with 90% of the time. One of the best games I ever played was Dynasty Warriors 6, and they reviewed it terribly. They also gave great games like Assassin's Creed & Kingdom Hearts II bad ratings... what the heck? Any good ones out there?

2 answers · Video & Online Games · 8 years ago
What video software has the most capability for under $200?

I'm looking for a good program, what video editing software do you think would be best to use?

1 answer · Software · 8 years ago
What are some good reasons to live?

What do you think? A lot of people kill themselves because they don't see good enough reasons to keep living... Maybe you can help them by answering.

13 answers · Psychology · 8 years ago
Do you think this YouTube video is more offensive, or funny? The above video was rejected from a TurboTax contest for being too offensive... Do you think the level of offensiveness is too much for the sake of a good laugh?

10 answers · YouTube · 8 years ago
What is the best video sharing site other than YouTube?

I'm looking for a good video sharing site, that has a high-resolution feed.

6 answers · Other - Internet · 8 years ago


Greg answers people's questions on Yahoo Answers. Greg's responses are in purple.

What's the lyrics of that song Emo 4A Day?

By Onision. It's flippiin weird, yet I love it....
Do you know the lyrics?
If so, tell me PLEASE!
thank you.


Best Answer: This is a day in the life of Emo Charlie.

Sleepy Emo, Sleepy Emo, Wake up! Remember you hate your life.

Cry some, Cry more, Stand akwardly at the door.

Hammer in his hand, Death on his mind, Life is too easy, Fate is too kind.

Oh god, My house is too warm, My bed is too cozy, I wish I were dead.

Angry Emo Night at the disco, Eating Emo-O's, His favorite cereal.

Beat me with a pipe, Beat me with a pole, I'd listen to my music If I could just find the hole.

Meditate Medicate Menstrate Cremate

OH OH OH OH, Onision made fun of me.

OH OH OH OH NO, Onision made fun of me.

Emo is a type of music, No one seems to understand, I Google "Sexy Emos", So I can master**** with my hand.

Stupid face, Strike a pose, Stupid face, Pose pose pose.

Someone is watching me, Inside of this camera, Meditate, Emaskumikulate.

Dance dance dance emo, Twitter reminding everyone that I'm still emo.

Call the head doctor About the appointment I missed He doesn't say a thing Cause he doesn't exist.

Cry cry cry cry, Boo hoo Pika'chu Rant rant rant rant Baby **** in my pants.

Oni face, Cut cut, In the butt, Cut me some Oni face, Cut cut, In the butt, What what.

Print print, Cut cut, Dump dump, Out my butt, Cut cut, What what, Stupid face, Cut cut.

Dance dance dance dance, I'm a little flower, Watch me write a poem, As I cry for 9 hours.

It's killing me, So painfully, My insanity, Bleeding pee wee wee.

My parents laugh at me, Cause I cut my skin, I swear I'm super serious, Which is why I use a pen.

Cry, suicide, makeup, sleep.


Vighkel · 6 years ago

What is a typical meal like in your country?


I'm in Korea right now... they give you a thousand little side dishes that I never really touch, then they give me a plate of chopped up, shredded meat that's seasoned.

It's relatively good. :)

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Vighkel · 8 years ago

Blonde kids?

i am currently pregnant and really want blonde kids! my nana was blonde, my aunty is blonde and my cousin is blonde. I was also blonde as a child but am now brunette (same as my parents.) will ihave blonde children?


Love your kids no matter what... everything happens for a reason. So if you have brunette kids, please accept it, adore them for what they are, and don't live a life having that lingering remorse toward your kids, they will grow up knowing you aren't entirely happy with them, and that will hurt the relationship.

Be the best parent you can be. For the sake of your children, treat them as they are, perfect for you.

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Vighkel · 8 years ago

How much in persentage are you awesome?

I'd say I'm probably about 73% awesome, you know.

What about you?


I think only others call me awesome... I can't say myself what I am... otherwise I'll feel too cocky. Vighkel · 8 years ago

Have you noticed that people in the universe spread only pain and suffering?Pointless existence...?

Update: The size of the suffering doesn't matter, it is still a great pain.


People as in who?

Humans? Sounds like you're at a low point.

We also spread love, happiness...

So what I'm saying is, you're wrong.

Vighkel · 8 years ago

Green eyes?

I have dark green eyes & a naturally tanned complextion. I want to bring out the green in my eyes more though, to make them look really bright and 'pop'. Any tips on how I can do this? I've read many times to wear purple eyeshadow but there's only so many times one can wear purple eyeshadow!

I've also heard browns & plum colours work...will they work on my dark green eyes?

Advice would be great :)


I have green eyes too... I noticed that a green shirt really brings out my eyes... as if I match. Try it and see miss. :)

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Vighkel · 8 years ago

What should I do, My virtual memory is to low?

I have tried to De fragment, but I need 15% free space and only have 10%, I have gotten rid of a bunch of file on my hard drive that didn't free anything up. I also installed a larger Memory card into the Computer.

Its a Dell
What is my next step?


Press ctrl+alt+delete select Task Manager (if you have vista) go to the "Processes" tab, and exit out of everything that has your user name by it except "exploroer.exe"

That should speed your system up ;)

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Vighkel · 8 years ago

My almost two year old throws fits. I mean scream throw himself down kick hit uncontrollably I have two older?

I have not been thru this with my other two clildren boy 9 and girl 4, I have seen kids like this in the mall and other public places and turned the other cheek. how do i ahndle this before I am the other paren that I turned the other cheek to?


If you copy their behavior, they'll see how silly they are acting, and may find amusement...

My mom used to do it to me, and I just thought she looked dumb, so I stopped, and then she always said "Well that's how you look."

I learned pretty fast.

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Vighkel · 8 years ago

HELP! please :)?

I have to make either a dress or a dressing up costume ( for small children ) for my textile and i dont no what to do?

please can you give me the ideas of the theme to ( circus, jungal, 60s-70s )

please help! :)


1. Wizard of Oz

2. Justice League (batman, superman etc)
3. Zombies
4. A-Team
5.Southpark kids.

Vighkel · 8 years ago


Can Any One Define Friendship????


Being there for someone when they need you/picking them up when they are down. Vighkel · 8 years ago

Why humans are so good at complaining?

Update: Onision silly boy complaining is a talent like any other.Some people are much better at it.


How can you be good at complaining?

Answer: No one can be GOOD at complaining, it is almost insane to put the word "GOOD" and "complaining" in the same sentence ;)

Vighkel · 8 years ago

I need Sims 2 cheatts!?

or some websites that i can download stuff besides


# Testing cheats mode

While playing the game, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C to display the console window. Enter "boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" to activate testing cheats mode. This is a very powerful cheat that enables many new things. In Create A Sim, after enabling this code, go into debugmode by pressing [Shift] + N before making a Sim. You now have the following new things in Create A Sim: skin tones, clothing, and some other options such as viewing the skinfilenames. In the game itself, after enabling this code, hold [Shift] and left click on a Sim to have lots of options, such as changing clothes, make your Sim fat or thin, set their aspiration level, etc. This code also can spawn some interesting items, such as the tombstone of L(ife) and D(eath), and family members.

Enable the "boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true" code, then go onto a different family. A strange code will appear at the top right hand corner. If you go onto the Sims' needs, you can click on each one and drag it up or down, whichever desired. You can also increase the skill points of your Sims in the same way. This is useful if you want a promotion, if your Sim is depressed, if you are teaching a toddler to walk, etc. You can also hold [Shift] and click on a Sim. Click on "More", then "Spawn" and create the Tombstone of L and D. You can click on this, then "More" then "Make everyone here friends with me", which helps if you need friends to get promoted, or to complete an aspiration task.
# Maximum skills

To fill your skills to the maximum level instantly, enable the "boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" code. Then, pause the game without going into build or buy, and select your skills icon. When you are in the tab with the skill meter click and drag the pointer over the desired skill bar to raise it.
# Gain skill without losing money

Use the following trick if you do not have a lot of money and want to buy goods or an object to gain more skill to get a promotion. Buy the particular goods that will help you for a promotion (for example, an exercise machine, or book shelf) and study the knowledge (for example, cleaning). When you get a skill point, delete the item that you bought (sell it before 24 hours have elapsed). You will a get full refund back from that object. If you sell after 24 hours, you will get less money. By doing this, you will gain your skill without losing your money.
# Buy expensive houses

Use the following trick if you want your average Sim to buy a house that is above his or her means. First start a family or load one, and find an empty lot. Move the Sim on that lot. Enable the "motherlode" code a few times, just to the point where you can buy the expensive house. Exit the lot, but save the game. Then, evict (move out) the family. Notice that your family is displayed at the "Choose Family" window. You can now buy any house desired.


Vighkel · 8 years ago

Atheists (and Glorious):I was just struck with genius!!!?

If we're going to Hell anyway, why don't we see if we can sell our souls to Satan. If he exists then we can get some mad guitar skills or something out of it. Yes we'll go to Hell... but we were headed that way anyway.

If he doesn't exist... then I guess we'll know that he doesn't exist or that he's not really in the market for souls. What do you guys think?

What will you sell your soul for?


If I was offered the opportunity to sell something that was already taken from me... damned so to speak.

I would request the ability to save others from the same eternal damnation...

Maybe through my own super hero abilities to put my hand on anyones head and force a new set of logic into their mind, so they have the option to make the right decisions... hmm? Like, to not sell their soul for instance.


Vighkel · 8 years ago

Hi i am 14 i want to build up my pecs?

could you tell me a good exrecies i don't really want to lift huge amounts of weights because i lst time i did it i had a bad accsident tell me a good exerscise and tell me how to bouzne my pecs


You're 14, you're supposed to have a 14 year old's body.

But most people (healthy, long-living people) do:

1. Push ups.
2. Pull ups.
3. Back pack long distances.

Vighkel · 8 years ago

What are some good blog sites?

I want a safe blog site that is very FREE, free as in money free and free as in lets me post pictures and links and lots of other things.

Sites not to mention:

Those are to public. But I don't want my to be completly private, I still want people to look at it...

Also, I want this website to popular and I want it to be easy to display my Blog.

I know my standards are high, but please answer as much as you can!

^..^<--- Kitty-cat
0 Scabs


Best Answer:

I hope this helped.

Vighkel · 8 years ago

What 32" LCD would u get?

Price is about the same. The Phillips has a usb slot & the Toshiba doesn't (i could care less). The Toshiba has a PC Input & 1 more HDMI input than the Phillips. The Phillips has a pretty good contrast ratio, but dunno what the Toshiba contrast ratio is. Other than that they are equal. Phillips... show more

Update: well i emailed Toshiba & to sum it up they said:

"We do not provide contrast ratio specifications as they are not representative of the true picture quality differences. Please visit your local dealer and compare REGZA."

I think i'll pass.


Look up "SABRE" it's extremely cheap, and is still working extremely well for me (going on two years now)
Vighkel · 8 years ago

Has Life given you very many CHOICES?

Or are you forced just doing what you have to do?


I'm in a situation where most people think everything is forced, and nothing is a choice...

I realized I had a choice, when I made one.

And now I'm free from my oppression.


Vighkel · 8 years ago

Home alone?

Im on spring break right now and my mom wants to go somewhere before monday when we go back to school.

I don't want to go anywhere. I want to stay in town and work and play soccer and get some of my community service hours done for school.

The trips she wants to do are long drives to sight seeing places and it doesn't really entertain me.

If she goes, I want to stay home. Where I work is very close and I play soccer at the same place I work. (Recreation Center)

She's not going to like this idea and will probably cancel the trip and be mad at me becuase she didn't get to go anywhere over break.

How can I convince her to let me stay home if she goes?

Update: Im 18, an adult.


She obviously does not trust you.

I believe if you call her out on her mistrust for you, and remind her that you are prepared to take next step toward adulthood by insuring the responsibility of taking care of one's self home alone is not misused, that she, in her rational mind will concur.

If that does not work, put your foot down. Tell her you are offended by her mistrust of you, and remind her of all the responsible things you have done this far, and she is hurting your relationship in her recent actions.


Vighkel · 8 years ago

Teenage Party Ideas?

i was thinking of doing something like a teenage dare night (like on one tree hill once they did a dare night but it would be a bit more legal) for example the dares would be like get a photograph with a stranger in a photobooth... do you think thats a good idea and if so wot other dares could i come up with and if not what could i do for my birthday that is fun


Try not to be lame about it.

As an adult, pretty much every idea you'll probably come up with might be lame.

Honestly, if you're going to throw a party, the best thing to do is leave the teens to do whatever they want.

1. Get some movies, and place them near the teens in case they want to watch some when they get bored.

2. If they like video games, do that too.

3. Give them the option to go out to the movies, a theme park, somewhere where the teens can just be themselves and hang out, without a parent looking down on them.

4. Other places they can go is the mall, the zoo, the county fair, or some family fun center.

5. You probably won't want to be around that much, so just make sure they're entertained, and let them be free.

Keep them active, but don't smother your kid.


Vighkel · 8 years ago

Birth a rookie male.....what should my gf do to prevent getting pregnant?????


Definitely don't risk it.

1. Condoms (lame)
2. Birth Control (great)
3. No sex... (lame)

Vighkel · 8 years ago

What do you think of these pictures?

They're from yesterday's sunset, nice huh!

[Links to two images]


The power lines really ruin it unfortunately... one would normally want to see grassy hills, or trees... I see houses and powerlines in the silhouette.
Vighkel · 8 years ago

Videogame Problem!?

My videogame is getting paused abnormally?is there any way to recover it ?if so ,how?


Are you sure it is not the controller?

Maybe... the console overheating?

1. Try different controllers.
2. Check the game for scratches.
3. Set the disc & console on fire, and perform a satanic ceremony around it.

The Underworld... MUA HA HA!

Vighkel · 8 years ago

What's the longest amount of time you had to wait before your YouTube video finally uploaded?

I'm asking this because I've been waiting about an hour for mines to upload :-(


I've had some odd instances... sometimes it takes longer to upload due to rule violations or just complications with the initial upload.

Longest without complications was... probably 35 minutes.


Vighkel · 8 years ago

How long before your pregnancy bump showed?

i'm quite slim so was wondering if it might show quite early.. size 8


I've known some people to never show... crazy right?

There are cases of people having a child, and not even knowing they were pregnant.

But for a slim individual like yourself: no, it should take at least 4 months.

Vighkel · 8 years ago

Who thinks this video is funny?

On, youtube the video "jeff dunham - Achmed the dead terrorist."


Best Answer: This video is entertaining, thank you for posting it...
Vighkel · 8 years ago

How do you create a new message on Youtube?


Best Answer: 1. Go to your account.

2. Click on "General Messages"
3. Click "Compose Message" in the lower left.

:) Have a great day.


Vighkel · 8 years ago

How do i reboot computer to the way a bought it?


1. There are a few ways, you can search for your "Recovery Manager" and have your computer go back to the factory settings without a disc (most computers keep a default setting like this).

2. You can use the disc that was given to you with the computer with your operating system on it.

3. Or... you can just start a new account by going to: Control Panel\User Accounts (copy and paste it into the address bar of Windows Explorer) and start a new Administrative account, which will have most of the default settings, then delete the other account once in the new account.

I hope this helped buddy ;)

My brain.

Vighkel · 8 years ago

Youtube funnies anyone?

hey anyone know some funny things to search on youtube to help me procrastinate?


Very odd/hilarious music video I created:


Vighkel · 8 years ago

How long does sex go for?

how long does sex usually go for?? normally


The people I've spoken to about it is:

The first time, it's kind of short, because the guy gets so excited. So about five minutes.

The second and so on time, it is anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours. So you're looking at a 30 minute average by what people have told me.


The first time for me, it was about 45 minutes... most the times after it was on average 15 minutes.

That is the truth.

And I'm being generous by saying "15 minutes" --- sometimes it lasts 2 hours, most often? Not so much.


Vighkel · 8 years ago

Younger woman/older man relationship question...?

I like this guy and we have met at a sport a couple times, (he was my partner coincidently) so we kind of know each other a bit and laugh alot, and I'm sure he is interested. He asked my age in convo and I said I am 25, I am quiet sure he is 30 (his mates are around 30 also). Is that too young for a guy? And is asking a girl her age an indication of interest?


No, I don't think asking her age is an indication of interest beyond just wanting to know one's age.

Now, them saying "You're beautiful, any guy who dates you is lucky." that's more of interest.

;) Regardless, 5 years is not bad at all. It's better to date older guys as they are really kind of late in the maturity... am I right boys?

[boys glare at me] Ok, guess not.

Ha ha... as if.

Vighkel · 8 years ago

Why do Girls Hate Video games?

Lmao me and my gf she came over my house i was on the ps3 playing online . Then she goes and turns the tele off . and then it ended in kissses Why dont girls like Consoles


Obviously not ALL girls hate video games...

My wife and I co-op often.

The problem is, girls are naturally drawn towards more social interests than technological...

Guys think fighting is cool, girls don't (most, not all).

Girls think boy bands are cool, guys don't (most, not all).

My policy is: if she doesn't like video games, don't date her.

And here I am, happily married to a gamer.

My life of course.

Vighkel · 8 years ago