Why People Hate On Onision

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Why People Hate On Onision was a page written by Greg on his onision.me site. (Source) It is estimated to have been written around 2013.

Why People Hate On Onision

[image of Greg]

Onision smiling while recording a vlog.

Let me ask you this, if Onision had 0 subscribers, 0 hits & almost no one knew who he was, do you think people would waste their time talking about “Onision”? Certainly not people who live off popularity.

There are a lot of people out there talking about Onision, saying he’s just like Hitler (zeit eeek!), a cult leader, a sociopath, spreading rumors about poor treatment of his loved ones, making accusations about his past based on half-baked information & generally talking out their backsides. Why?

Is it easier to hate someone when you dehumanize them? Is it easier to hate someone when you ignore the facts? Absolutely.

It is so much easier to start a hate blog, and only post information, legitimate or not, that demonizes the person you’re blog is dedicated to. It is so much easier to focus on the one video where a person said something that could be misunderstood and twisted to suit an agenda, while ignoring the countless videos contradicting whatever point you may convey against your target.

It is so much easier for people to be dishonest about others, for the sake of rising themselves up, than to accept the truth that we’re all human, none of us are perfect, however some of us have our flaws placed under a microscope versus most, being able to sweep them under the carpet.

A lot of people want to make you believe a lot of bad things about Onision, but what these people don’t realize is that even if you did believe the words of strangers, the words of people who have been proven wrong repeatedly yet continue to speak as if they are not being blatantly dishonest… even if you believed them, even if you unsubscribed, even if you became one of them… Onision would still be proud of who he is, because public opinion does not change history, it does not alter reality. Public opinion represents collective assumption, something that isn’t concrete, but rather unproven, and Onision knows who he is, what he went through, a story which he has consistently told time and time again.

[gif of Greg]

One of Onision’s many happier vlogs.

If you wish to continue watching people who have never met Onision, who have never tried to really understand him & see him as just a guy making videos for Youtube rather than the “cult leader” “sociopath” etc they have repeatedly tried to convince others of him being, then so be it. Tabloids are successful despite them being complete lies, so why not these people as well?

However if you see reality for what it is, that these people are just bullies, obviously smaller channels trying to bring down a person who has reached greater heights then them… you’ll probably be too disgusted to even give them a second look.

A person’s rise to the top should not be obtained by pulling others down. There is no honor in bullying and lying, but as many know, honor, unfortunately does not pay the bills, and so the shenanigans continue for them.

Meanwhile Onision still makes comedy videos, still makes motivation vlogs & still does gaming videos. Much more fun than trying to find success by personally attacking others hmm?