Whatever I Wish To Be

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"Whatever I Wish To Be" shirt (Source)
Whatever I Wish To Be is a phrase often spoken by Greg. It is somewhat of a personal motto for him. It is not known exactly when he began saying it.


Greg will once in a while make a social media status using this phrase. He even scatters it across the web as a description for sites he does not use regularly like SoundCloud, Google +, and WordPress. He will also say it in videos, sometimes to stand his ground or to encourage his audience.


Greg explains: "Whatever I wish to be is a dreamer's statement. It is someone who's being oppressed saying that if we want to be something that everyone tells us we can't be, well god damn it, we can be it. It's to give us hope, to give us reason. To give us a future." ($ource)

Law Of Attraction

Greg using the Law of Attraction in 2008
Greg connects his motto and the law of attraction in a 2012 video titled "WE CAN BE WHATEVER WE WISH TO BE". In the video, Greg talks about watching the movie The Secret, which explains the theory of the law of attraction. Greg summarizes the movie by saying, "If you call out for something, you say you want something and you start heading towards that goal, the there's an incredibly good chance you'll reach it someday." He talks about his goals. He says in 2 years he hopes to have 2 million subscribers and 400 million views. He wants his videos featured on more television shows. He says he wants to continue entertaining people in a positive way through his speaks videos, comedy videos, and music videos. He says his last goal is to be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and for his life to continue to be stable. ($ource)

It seems Greg had been practicing the law of attraction all the way back in 2008. On a February 2008 blog post, he wrote a message to the universe projecting what he hoped to be his fate. He also wrote phrases such as eternal youth, wealth, and mass recognition on an image of him and his then wife Skye. He also photoshopped one million dollar bills around him and in his hand. Under that, he pasted an image of a one million dollar bill with "Onision" written on it. (Source)

At one point, Greg seemed to dislike the idea of the law of attraction. In a 2010 speaks video titled "The Law of Attraction", he critisizes the concept and points out many flaws he believes it has. ($ource)

Reaction to Criticism

On March 5, 2010, Greg uploaded "Whatever I Wish To Be" to his Speaks channel. He says he is shocked at the "incredible lack in logic" of his viewers. He says they were abusing and mocking the phrase "whatever I wish to be" by saying they could be rapists, murders, or a bird. He tells them to unsubscribe. ($ource)