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UhOhBro Net's Facebook makeover
UhOhBro NET, or UhOhBro.net, is a website launched by Greg in 2016.


Greg announced his UhOhBro Net website on April 12, 2016. It is named after his UhOhBro YouTube channel. The site included a joke wiki and a forum. (Source) The site also included a page for fans to suggest video ideas in the hopes Greg might say their username in an UhOhBro or Speaks video. This was similar to how he would say the username of someone that asked for advice on his Onision Forum and mention their name in a Speaks video years prior.

It is rumored he made the website after an Anti-Onision launched UhOhBro.com 5 months prior as a collection of videos deleted by Greg and Anti-O videos. (Source)

On April 27, 2016, Greg announced he had been suspended from Facebook yet again. (Source) To spite Facebook, he re-vamped his UhOhBro Net site to look similar to Facebook. (Seen right)