This Is My Body

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"This Is My Body"
This Is My Body or This Is My Vegetarian Body is a quote often recited from Greg's 2012 video, "Me And My Zits". The quote is often used in a mocking manner.


On March 12, 2012, Greg uploaded "GOD IS REAL!?!?!" to his Speaks channel. In the video, he answers a viewers question how would he react if god was real? Greg responded by taking off his shirt and screaming for over 2 minutes. ($ource) A good number of fans took notice of his stomach rolls and body acne and commented on the video about them.

Later that same day, Greg uploaded "Me And My Zits" to the Speaks channel. In the video, Greg is shirtless and begins to compare his fans' reaction to his previous video to Shane Dawson's fans' reaction to Shane's chest hair. He says Shane's fans "embraced" his flaws, but some of the Speaks audience "are complete assholes that judge people for being imperfect." He points out his body ache and complained that commenters were saying his body was "repulsive" "ew ew ew". He says they fail to reflect on themselves and that he guarantees everyone that called him fat "were nowhere as skinny as I am." He says they may have less acne then him, but their skin might be worse off than his because it might age faster or they might die from a skin disease that he will never get. He walks back and says he will reply to the commentors. He adjusts his black sweatpants lower and bends backward. He says when people sit down,
"God Is Real!?!"
their stomach rolls up and "makes those little fat things." He begins yelling and saying "THIS IS MY BODY" multiple times while flexing, still bending backwards. He takes a break to bring his face to the camera and say, "and half you mother fuckers only dream of having a body like this." He says even though he has zits, he's proud because he treats his body with respect and that he does not attack other people for the way their bodies look because we're all human. He says most people did not poison their bodies to destroy the way they look, they were just born with bad genes. "They weren't lucky like me who has a family of strapping, amazingly muscular men and I was lucky because I'm a computer nerd and yet somehow I have all this. (he proceeds to flex and bend backward again) So to all the assholes that said eww gross body, fuck you. You're probably twice as fat, twice as unfit as I have ever been." He tells them to look in the mirror when they hate on others because they hate themselves. He tells his female viewers that their stomach rolls are normal because if they did not have them, standing up would hurt their skin. He tells them they have beautiful stomachs and that their boyfriends should tell them that. He ends the video with, "Fuck haters. They hate themselves and that's why they hate on you. Bye" ($ource)


Since the video's 2012 upload, "This Is My Vegetarian Body" became a meme among Drama Followers and Anti-Onisions. Although it was questioned if Greg's video was genuine or a troll.

The meme began to pick up steam 2016 when expose videos about Onision began cropping up, some of which used humerus clips in-between commentary which occasionally included the "THIS IS MY BODY" clip. This triggered a flow of edited versions of the clip in the YTP (YouTube Poop) community.

Most subscribed YouTuber PewDiePie began reciting his own version of the quote, "My Vegan Body", occasionally in videos in 2016. It was confirmed he was referencing Greg's clip when he included a short clip of Greg's video in an October 2016 video. The clip cropped out Greg's face. (Source)

Meme Reaction

On December 15, 2016 Greg uploaded "MY VEGETARIAN BODY! (Pt. 2)". In the video, he, Billie, and Sarah react to YTP edits of the "My Vegetarian Body" clip. Billie and Sarah laugh throughout the video while Greg seems serious. At one point he comments he was "struggling emotionally" when he made the original video. In the video description Greg wrote: "Billie, Sarah & Onision watch a collection of "This is my body" or "This is my vegetarian body" video edits & laugh/face palm over them... yes, it can be really humiliating but you know... whatever or something. They certainly enjoyed it... " ($ource)