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  • member profile: Gregory J. Daniel - Writer, Composer & Singer
  • 45,775 total plays
  • 5,509 page views
  • Onision
  • genre: Instrumentals > Electronica
  • contact: Gregory J. Daniel
  • label: unsigned
  • for fans of: Moby, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Rammstein, Tatu, The Postal Service
  • current CD: "Culture Town" 20 tracks running time 60:00

I am Gregory James Daniel, a common name for what many call abnormal... who cares anyway.

I started out on the drums in seventh grade, which is why, in my older songs you will hear a lot of beat-based songs, but since then, I have been so very attracted to the keyboard...

Maybe one day I will actually be good at making music without a crutch like I have now, but it works for me, and I love to listen to it. I'm even listening to "It's Coming and You Know It Is" (a lyric in a reletively recent song).

I have web sites all over the net, created in hopes to spread the Onision brand name (oh yes, BRAND) and generally get my sounds slicing through the brains of every tot out there....

Some day...

I imagine I can do nothing but grow, I've been paying for 6 years... I've come a long way... I've been insulted quite a bit about my music... so many times...

"It's not even music!" --- "It sounds like it's from the original Nintendo" (that's a compliment actually, those games were brilliant) --- "You're not a real band, and your music souds like crap." --- "Can you stop playing this music? It sucks... what? It does!"

So... I've heard a bit, and now, I press on, better every day till I die.

I hope you love it, but if you don't, feel free to add to my comments list... you won't break this wall down easily...

All these songs are free to download for personal use. All donations a contributed directly to the improvement of all Onision-related music. Donors will be recognized publicly for their contributions upon request. All donations are GREATLY appreciated as I do not charge for any of my downloads. Thank you so much!

[Paypal donation button]

Why this name?

I searched google, I think I came up with a lot of names, but finally I found "Onision" Google Results: 0 Listings -- and thus, I said "This is a very unique name." and I obtained it, first as an alias, now as a band, and a web site. It is pronounced "Oh Knee Sea On"

Do you play live?

I can play live, but it would sound extremely off-beat and rather horrible... give me a year. I can, I just need time. If I did perform live, it would be in South Korea... I'm often sitting behind my computer, howling like a broken dog, trying to find myself... my music. Whenever I put my voice into my music, I feel insecure... which is why you don't hear it so much... but I will soon get over this problem, you will see.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

The music industry is much less valuable now, than it ever was before. Musicians are making less money on albums, but probably more at concerts. Overall, it does balance itself somewhat, but for the most part, the internet makes all music free to those who seek it.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

It all depends on the offer... I know very little of music labels... I'm not really into music just for success. I want everyone to hear the word "Onision" (obviously from my music) - but so much as making a living, I guess... sure, I would like to focus 100% on music if I could. A day job being one's inspiration? Now that's a dream.

Band History:

The first track I ever created was called "TOAD", I was still in High School, and it was the year 2001.

I started making music on AnvilStudio which lets aspiring/small-time composers create MIDI files by using a piano. After a couple of years an over 80 tracks later, I moved into MP3 production, first just transfering my old music, then evolving to a new level of production when I discovered MAGIX Music Maker.

I used MAGIX for a year or so and finally came across enough funds buy the more expensive software on the market. Pros of the field can easily figure out what software I now use, so I'll leave it at that.

To this date I've made over 200 combined MP3 & MIDI tracks, I now present them on SoundClick, thus far, my best outlet of expression.

Thank you all for your time...

Your influences?

My favorite bands are my influences.

Favorite spot?

In the center of the woods, far from all civilization.

Equipment used:

Software & keyboards.

Anything else...?

Visit my web site if you like, (you know you don't have to)