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Greg's current sexual identity as of May 2020
Greg has identified as numerous sexualities over the years. His history if often described as confusing due to his constantly changing sexual identities.


This is a timeline of all major sexuality announcements from Greg. This does not include all of the minor back and forth switches he made in-between these announcements.

Heterosexual & Monogamous

Greg started off his Youtube career identifying as straight.

Greg would often speak about how he is against allowing third parties into relationships whether that be allowing your partner to experiment with another party ($ource) or engage in a threesome with your partner. For example, in his January 2011 video "Would Onision Have A Three-Way?" he explains he finds threesomes degrading to your relationship because "that relationship is no longer as strong as it once was because you just shared something that was supposed to be exclusive with someone else." He says dedicating his penis to once person is important to him. He suggests if your partner asks for a threesome, this mean you are not satisfying them in the bedroom. ($ource)


On July 2, 2011, Greg announced he was Bisexual on Facebook. ($ource) He accompanied this announcement with the video "Gay For Shiloh". In the video, he says if his girlfriend Shiloh was a man, he would still love her. He says he does not like male genitalia or butt holes, but he would compromise for Shiloh. ($ource)


After his bisexual announcement, it seems Greg went right back to identifying as straight as if his bi announcement never happened. For example, in his FAQ, when asked if he was gay, he answered: "Onision has kissed a man before, however he has never been in a homosexual relationship and is not physically attracted to other men." (Source)


In 2013, Greg announced he was Pansexual. When asked about it, he would explain he was pan because if his spouse Kai grew a penis, he would still love him. (Source) (Admin note: Kai still identified as a cis woman at this time.)

Greg would flip-flop between identifying as hetero and pan for the next 2 years. Confusingly enough, in a June 2015 video, he complained that he did not understand how futanari was erotic. He says if he was bisexual, he would probably think it was hot. In the same video, he explains, "I'm pansexual, but that mostly means I'm heterosexual." ($ource)


In August 2015, Greg announces he is in fact heterosexual. He explains he misunderstood the definition of pansexual. ($ource)

Hetero & Biromantic

In August 2016, Greg uploaded the video "I'm Biromantic". He explains he is attracted to some men and wants to be physically close to them on a non-sexual level. He says he is heterosexual because when he looks at pornography, he always looks at women, or people born with vaginas.

He says there is a reason he often talks about how amazing Andy Biersack, Dan Howell, and Jensen Ackles look. He says he is not just attracted to them for video views or for attention. He says he feels a connection. He says he would say homoerotic things as a joke, but they were never sincere until Andy.

With women he wants to be romantic, cuddle, kiss, have sex, and enjoys their company. With men, he doesn't want to do anything sexual, but he would cuddle and kiss the men he listed above. ($ource)

Gynesexual & Demisexual

In December 2016, Greg uploaded the video "I'm Gynesexual". He explains he is pissed off because thought he was heterosexual, but he found out sexual orientation is based on gender. He says identifying as heterosexual meant he was attracted to chicks, so if a chick has a dick he would have to be attracted to her as well. He says he is not attracted to chicks with dicks. He says if his spouse Kai grew a dick, he would maybe learn to love it.

He says he is not pansexual because he is limited to what he is attracted to. He is not attracted to dicks. He says he is demisexual toward dicks because he would need an intensely romantic connection in order to consider sucking a dick. He says he guesses he is gynesexual because he is attracted to females and femininity. ($ource)

(Admin note: Kai did not yet identify as a trans man at this time. He was identifying as agender.)


In January 2017, Greg uploaded the video "I'm Polyamorous". He explains he has been in poly relationships before. He says he is interested in being in romantic relationship with two other people where all three can equally be in on the action with one another. ($ource)

Bisexual & "a little" Gay

In November 2018, Greg announced he was gay with the video "I'm Gay... And I Failed As A Husband". He explains being gay is based on your brain. He reads from an article that says gay people have the same brains as people of the opposite sex. He says if a trans boy sleeps with a girl, he is actually straight because his guy brain is attracted to a girl brain.

He says he is no longer using girl words with his partner in the bedroom. He also says he started using he/him pronouns in romantic settings.

He concludes he is definitely bi, but that comes with a little bit of being gay. He says the video title is not clickbait, he is a complicated person when it comes to the genders he's attracted to. ($ource)

Straight-ish & Gay

In the May 2019 video "Am I Gay? (What Is My Sexual Preference?)", he describes himself as "typically leaning straight-ish" as far a physical attraction. He explains he only searches for one gender when he is looking for porn. He says he experimented with concepts related to being with a guy, but he was not into it and he didn't get it. He says he has never done things with a guy. He says he would still be with his partner if Kai woke up one day with a body like his because he strongly desires affection.

Greg says he's gay because he's married to a trans man. He says his partner is a trans man with a body not like his. He says people are confused because if he was gay in the old outdated way, he would only be attracted to people with the same body as him.

He says he is open minded and just because something doesn't arouse him, doesn't mean he wont be attracted to them emotionally or mentally. ($ource)


In May 2020, after Greg quit Youtube to become an adult entertainer on Only Fans, he once again announced he was pansexual. He explains it doesn't matter who enjoys his content because to him sexuality is fluid. (Source)

Sexuality Charts

In 2018 and 2019, Greg made a few charts to explain his sexuality.


Greg has received a lot of criticism over the years over his sexuality announcements. The biggest criticism being the accusation Greg would make sexuality announcement videos for views.

Greg has also been accused of changing his sexual identity to win arguments online. An example of this was in 2014 when he said he was heterosexual on Facebook while listing his beliefs and privileges. He says he listed them as a statement due to people attacking his beliefs and lifestyle. Less than a week later, someone on tumblr criticized him for his past statements about his bi ex-girlfriends. He brushed them off by stating he was pansexual. (Source)

Popular "Grandy" fan picture
Lastly, Greg has been accused of faking attraction to other Youtubers and celebrities throughout his career to queerbait his audience and to pander to his young female audience. Early in his career, Greg would fake attraction and affection to Youtubers he worked with, like Shane Dawson and Cyr. The biggest example of this was during VidCon 2011. While playing a game with other Youtubers, someone dared Shane to close his eyes and let someone kiss him and Greg volunteered. Greg's kiss with Shane brought a lot of new viewers to Greg's small channel due to Shane's popularity.

Greg continued to fake attraction to his friend Cyr while they lived together through "homoerotic jokes" and affectionate touching on video. Years later, Greg admitted his attraction to Youtubers like Shane and Cyr was all faked. ($ource)

After Greg became more popular on Youtube, he began making fan-girl-like videos about more popular celebrities and Youtubers. Most notably singer Andy Biersack, Youtuber Dan Howell, and actor Jensen Ackles. All three of these men already had their own large fanbases that were filled with fan-girls. These videos were a massive success for Greg. He began bringing up these men regularly online to fawn over them and their looks. This also started shipping within the fanbases, such as fans using the ship name "Grandy" for Greg and Andy Biersack.

Greg's videos about Andy Biersack lead to Andy working with Greg on an Onision video. (Source) Andy's father, who got Andy in contact with Greg, explained he believed Greg's videos are parody of fangirl culture. (Source)

Dan Howell on the other hand, indirectly denounced Greg. After asking why people in his Younow live chat always ask about Onision, he says he believes there are certain people who only talk about him to get attention from his and his friend Phil's fanbase. He feels bad because he doesn't want his fans to be exploited for money and attention. He calls people like this a "professional fan" and says they do this to leech off the actual fans. (Source)

Greg claims his attraction to Andy, Dan, and Jensen were real when he made a coming out video as biromantic. He says he would fake attraction to men before Andy. ($ource)