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Save YouTube, or #SaveYouTube, was a movement Greg started when YouTube tried to turn into a movie and television show site in addition to a video sharing site. The movement also tackled other issues such as subscriber counts going down when YouTube began removing dead and bot accounts.

Three years before Greg's movement, there had already been a similar movement named HuluTube that Greg had mocked and criticized in the past. (Source)


When Google purchased YouTube and began making changes to accommodate corporations such as Disney, YouTube channel Therealweeklynews made a video in 2009 called "HULU TUBE - PHASING YOU OUT OF YOUTUBE" where they made predictions about YouTube phasing out content creators to become catered to content created by corporations based on changes Google had already made on YouTube. They asked viewers to reach out to YouTube any way they can to stop this. (Source) This sparked a movement where people began spreading the video. It also sparked the term "HuluTube", which people began to use to describe YouTube's change into a corporation.

On September 8, 2009, Greg uploaded "HuluTube" to his OnisionArchive channel. In the video, he bashes the original video created by Therealweeklynew by saying they created a conspiracy theory to give their channel more views. Greg says they should not try to give advise to YouTube, a billion dollar corporation, when YouTube gave them all the fame they have. Greg makes fun of how the small channel was trying to warn bigger channels. He mocks the narrator's monotone voice and says they want people to share the video to give them more attention. ($ource)


By 2012, Therealweeklynews' prediction came true. Google began attempting to turn YouTube into a movie streaming site and content creator YouTube channels began to suffer.

Greg began a series of videos called #SaveYouTube, where he rallied viewers and YouTube creators to spread the word and to tell YouTube to stop changing the site.

YouTube's Response