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More in-depth summaries of Greg, Kai, and Sam's early 2018 streams about each other.

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After Sam Left Greg and Kai's Home

Feb 17th Greg Twitch

On February 17, 2018, while Greg was streaming, someone asked why Sam left. He says it's up to Sam to talk about it. He says there's no reason for him to talk about it if Sam never said anything negative about him. When asked if he cared about Sam, he says he does because Sam is his friend. Someone said Kai was jealous of Sam. Greg said Kai was not jealous, he was nervous because he has low self esteem. He says Kai is nervous every day that he will leave Kai. He says Kai said the last few days have been the happiest days of his life and they've come a long way. He says Kai now knows more than ever that he's not going to leave him. (Source)

Some Drama Followers perceived Greg's statement about it being up to Sam if he talks about what happened as a threat. They believed he may have been holding onto information that would make Sam look bad.

Sam commented on a re-upload of Greg's stream: "Glad to know you've had the happiest few days of your life." (Source)

Feb 17th Sam Twitch

After Greg's stream, Sam talked about the situation on her own stream. She says the situation in the house got so uncomfortable, she spent the last two days there alone in her room to give Greg and Kai space. She says Kai hinted on Younow that he believed Sam stole clothes and makeup from him. When Sam was told about this, she was upset and pulled out her makeup bag to go through it. Sam also said when she was there, she could hear them talking about her from another room. Sam was upset she didn't do more to make things better between the three of them, but she can't fight for someone who refuses to put in any effort. (Source)

Feb 17th Kai YouNow

In Kai's stream, he denied being the reason why Sam left. He said it was a mutual decision. He also denies ever accusing Sam of stealing anything. Kai says there's a difference between being "insecure" (finger quotes) and doing things that are totally inappropriate that make people uncomfortable. He says Sam could talk to him personally if she has any questions. Someone says Kai ignored Sam then whole time she was there. Kai says he didn't, Sam ignored him. (Source)

Feb 18th Sam Twitch

The next day, Sam spoke about the situation again on her stream. She says she's convinced the reason she was at the house was to be in a poly relationship because when she was there, Greg told her he did not need a camera person. She says she finds Greg handsome, but she did not do anything. She says she doesn't waste her time with people she can't be with and the more she looked at the situation, the more she realized it was not possible. She says he joked and told her she would be a tough person to groom. She says she doesn't think he was grooming her. She says she realizes now he was lying about her purpose for being there. She says it doesn't make sense for someone to blow up over something so petty, but it makes sense for them to blow up over a relationship not working out. She said for a short time they did stuff, but not much. She said she wanted to, but was shy about it and could sense someone was uncomfortable. She says he went from saying she was still his friend to hating her and saying she tried to ruin his relationship. (Source)

For the next few days, Sam continued to be friendly online toward Greg and Kai. She liked their social media posts, commented on their Youtube and twitch channels, and worked on animations for Greg's twitch channel. (Source)

Friendship End

Feb 21st RealStream YouNow Sam Interview

On February 21, 2018, this all came to a screeching halt when Sam appeared on a drama YouNow channel for an interview. (Source) The interview is no longer available, but according to Sam, it was about a Go Fund Me she created shortly after leaving Greg and Kai's home. She said she refunded the donations and was interviewed to clear up information for people who thought it was a scam. (Source)

Feb 21st Greg Twitch

Greg was upset Sam was appearing for an interview on a drama channel. As she was being interviewed, he spoke negatively about her on stream with his Patreon / Discord members. During the stream, someone mentions Sam's interview. Greg asks why is she helping haters? He says Kai was right to be uncomfortable about Sam. He says Sam only has nice things to say about him, but nothing nice to say about Kai. One of his discord members defends Sam and says she hasn't said anything bad about Kai, that she only said she thought Kai was uncomfortable with her being at the house. Greg says saying something remotely negative will fuel the haters.

He goes on to list other times he felt Sam was fueling the haters, like when she re-tweeted a tweet that said "Greg is a literal child molester." He says she she told him she thought it was a joke, which he says was fine. He says something else that pissed him off was when someone asked Sam what they ate for breakfast this morning during one of her streams and she told them they ate Cheerios. A discord member points out Greg shares his meals on his Instagram. He says that's not the point because he was the one that put that out there. A fan compares it to Sam following Greg around with a camera and Greg agrees.

A fan points out Sam refused to answer mean questions about them. They said the only time she was mean was when she thought she was accused of stealing. The fan points out Greg said Sam could say anything, as long as it's honest. He says he thought she would have common sense to not help haters. He says she came as a camera person, not someone who tells people what cereal he ate for breakfast.

He says Sam was mostly interacting with haters on her streams. He and Kai felt like they had the #1 asset for haters in their house. He thought she would have the common sense to be the National Enquirer of the household. A fan says Sam was not malicious and he says that's not the point.

Discord members compared her talking about her experience to when Greg talks about his exes. Twitch chat commenters compared it to the time he publicly outed an ex's private medical history. Greg says there's a difference between defending yourself from an ex talking crap and a houseguest talking about you.

Greg says Kai and Sam had a conversation that Kai was uncomfortable because at one point Sam hugged Greg from behind and said she missed him. He said he wasn't into being hugged from behind. He said he was still weirded out from the day before because she did something around haters. He says he was also uncomfortable because he finally realized Kai was not interested in Sam on any level. So, Sam doing anything toward him was like Sam doing something to a monogamous person because there was no poly potential. He said she knew there no chance for a relationship, but she kept doing stuff like that.

He wants to clarify Kai didn't kick out Sam. Kai came to Greg and told him he was uncomfortable so Greg decided Sam had to go.

Greg says he's terrified exposing more of the story because Sam could say anything about him and everyone would believe her. He said there were a couple of moments he and Kai didn't appreciate. He says the most of him not appreciating it was around the time he realized Kai was not interested. (Source)

Feb 21st Sam Twitch

After watching Greg's stream, Sam took to Twitch to respond. She says she received messages from Greg. She says he believes a rumor going around that she said they kissed, but she never said that. She says he said "that's disgusting" in response to the thought of them kissing. She says that upset her.

Sam says he told her coming to the house was a waste because he could have done all the videos they made together by himself. She calls him a liar because he told her he was waiting to record one of the videos they made together for a long time because he needed someone to record it with. She also says he told her he lost $1,000 by having her there. She said she was really hurt by that. Repeatedly throughout her stream she stated it made her feel physically sick. She says he said more horrible things about her that she could say about him.

Sam says she loved Greg as a friend and considered him her best friend, but now she's done. He used to say they were friends, but she now doubts she was ever his friend. She said she was very happy the whole time she was there, but now how things ended makes her wish she never went.

Sam says she only ever said they had Cheerios and that Kai made her avocado toast once to complimented Kai's cooking. She says Greg was making petty arguments on his stream because he has nothing against her.

She says Greg acted like her saying anything about Kai was "hating." She says before she started streaming in their house, she asked him what he would like her to avoid. He told her just avoid the subject of Kai because Kai would cringe. Sam says she didn't take it as don't talk about Kai at all, but that's what he meant. She says that's not realistic because she lived with Kai.

Same asks what is there for Greg to be scared of?

According to Sam, Greg planned on streaming on Twitch with her before she came to the house. She says he told her if their streams got big he would giver her a percentage, but that never happened. They also had an agreement that if twitch never picked up, she would find a part time job there. She says when she got there, the subject of her finding a part time job never came up again. She also said before she moved in, she and Greg agreed they would not be in a relationship.

Sam says she was always super careful about what she said during streams and made sure she never said anything Greg and Kai already hadn't said first. She points out Greg already publicly stated Kai was anxious around her when she said it.

"They want me to disappear off the internet? Good fucking luck." Sam theorizes Greg and Kai are trying to rile her up enough to get her to talk about them on stream so they can finally make a drama video about her and make money.

Sam says Greg was upset that she said she had feelings for Kai, but not him. He said she lied and was not honest because she did not say how she really felt about him. She says she knew they'd never be in a poly relationship, so why bother having feelings like that?

She says she also heard he commented about the way her feet look. She says she couldn't find the clip in his stream, but she knows he would say that because he's commented about her feet before.

He also spoke about how she re-tweeted an image calling him a pedophile. She says it's okay for him to entertain the trolls, but when she does it she's a "hater."

She says she heard he showed an email between them. She says he's probably going to show the email where she thanks him for being her friend and showing her Metal Gear Solid 5.

She says he said she didn't work for free because he lost money having her there. She says the one payment she got from him was new twitch followers.

She laughs at someone making fun of Kai, "hello mr. therapist. I have serious PTSD after a house guest told the world that I ate a bowl of Cheerios on the 11th of January. I haven't been able to sleep since." She say=id that's a good one. She said she's getting a break up video for that. She jokes she'll make a break up video first.

While Sam was on stream, Greg emailed her saying he's sorry she's hurt by how he feels about "various things." He says he had a good time making videos and gaming with her. (Source)

am says a few weeks into living together, they were sitting in their office and she hugged him from the side. She told him he was being distant and asked what was up? She said he was visibly distraught. She guesses that's when he was uncomfortable and he told Kai. She said at that point he had hugged her a lot. She said it was very common he wouldn't even ask before hugging her. She says if you don't want something, you better be vocal about it.

She asks, "if friends give each other full body massages, why is a hug bad?"

According to Sam, Greg started hugging her while she was there. She says he told her she didn't need to ask permission to hug him. (Source) She says he would hug her in front of Kai. They were hugging for a month.


Greg complained Sam never cleaned. She asks where in the job description did it say she had to clean the house. She asks if she was supposed to clean after a whole family? She said she would have done it if he asked, but he never did.

She says everything was thrown in the dishwasher, so she didn't need to wash the dishes.

She says the guest shower she was using was backed up She told them the day she got there, but they didn't unclog it until the day before she leaves. She said her feet was in a pool of filth every time she took a shower. She says it was like a clumpy oatmeal mess. She says she never complained about that when she was there.

She asks if she was supposed to clean up after the person who used the guest bathroom before her.

She says they have a family member who comes to their house once a week to clean. She says they'll probably get mad at her for saying that even thought they talk about it online. (Source)

She says he gave her a hand massage her first week there. She says Greg talked about a private phone call she had with Kai, so she's allowed to talk about a hand massage. (Source)

Sam defends herself in Youtube comments. (Source)

Feb 23rd Greg Twitch

23rd stream greg (Source)

Sam left a Youtube comment saying Kai talked things through with her over the phone, but Greg put her on blast because he thinks she's exposing them. (Source)

Greg & Sam in their last sketch video
On February 26th, Greg uploaded a sketch he and Sam filmed before her departure. He kept the Onision + Sam outro for the video. ($ource) Sam commented "Oh my god Greg it's beautiful, what a nice send off.." (Source) Later that day, Greg manually hosted Sam's twitch stream on his twitch channel. ()

On March 1st, Kai uploaded the video "Is My Relationship Toxic?" In the video, when talking about trust, Greg says, "I think out trust is stronger than ever. I straight up tell on hoes." They both laugh and Greg says, "it's so true." ($ource) Some viewers believed Greg was referring to Sam. Sam believed this as well and spoke about it on her stream later that day.

Mar 1st Sam Twitch

During her stream, Sam revealed Greg had blocked her and deleted her from Discord. He also released their private emails to high paying Patreons. She says there was nothing incriminating in the emails, just her trying to deescalate the situation. Sam goes into more details about topics drama followers were speculating about, like the sugar water incident and why she was wearing Kai's clothing. (Source)

March 2nd Greg Twitch

The next day, Greg spoke about Sam's stream during his. He says he doesn't care enough about this situation to make a video about it. He accuses Sam of trying to get her 15 minutes of fame since he kicked her out of his life.

Greg says Sam doesn't have a close bond with the truth. He says shell say something one time and another thing another time. For example, he says she says it was a platonic friendship, but then she'll say she had a dream about being pregnant with Greg's baby. He says she told him she was happy about the pregnancy dream, then she tried to kiss him. He says he turned away and made it into a hug. A Patreon says Sam said during one of her streams that she didn't try to kiss him and it was a misunderstanding. Greg says he front of her face hit the side of her head. He says if he went with that kiss it would have ruined his whole life.

The Patreon says Sam said this incident happened a week into her being there, so why wasn't she kicked out then? He says after he accused her of trying to kiss him, she said, "that's a little twisted." Greg says that confirms she did try to kiss him because she didn't immediately deny it. The Patreon tries to ask the same question again. He interrupts her loudly to talk more about how he would deny the kiss if he didn't do it.

He accuses Sam of sitting on his lap and wiggling. He says her genitals were on his and she was trying to stimulate him. He asks if that's platonic?

He says he doesn't think she looks hot and he doesn't find her attractive. He says he only finds her as an attractive L from Death Note.

Greg says he only shared the screen shots with 7 Patreons because he didn't want them to be leaked.

Greg confirms he was referring to Sam as well as multiple other women when he referenced "hoes" in Kai's video. A Patreon says Sam doesn't see herself that way. Greg says, "of course she doesn't see herself that way. Who would want to see themselves as a homewrecking whore?"

Greg says his aunt told his mom Sam looked like trouble because she would stare at Greg with "cow eyes." He says everyone who was around could see what was happening.

The Patreon says Greg originally said Sam was there to be a cameraman, but after she left he said he realized he and Kai would never be poly with Sam. They ask why it's relevant if she's just supposed to be a cameraman. Greg said she was originally just a cameraman, but when she told him about the dream, he decided to let it slide until he found out if Kai would potentially be interested in her. He says Kai was clearly not interested. The Patreon asks if he was considering to be poly with Sam. He says no.

Greg accuses Sam of attempting to swat one of his children's hands after they did something innocent. He says he just remembered it and has to tell Kai. He says he barely addressed that with her because he was trying to avoid that situation. He says there was another incident where he told Sam not to gasp when his kids fall because that could scare them. He says she got really offended. After that she shut down and spent more time in her room. He says this is when she tried to hug him from behind and say she missed him. He says he was still freaked out about the unresolved issue from before.

He says he was letting things pile up so he could have a justified reason to kick her out.

Greg says Sam gave him more attention and more affection than he and Kai's ex gave him when they were in a relationship together. He says Sam would constantly tell him he's so cute and funny.

Someone says Sam said this caused a blow out Sam moving in and Kai was super upset. Greg says this person is revealing more private information. The person says they are talking to Sam right now and Sam told them to say that. Greg says that's gross and creepy and mutes the patreon. He says he doesn't want to talk to Sam.

Greg says he and his friend Tony, who he works with, hug all the time and they tell each other they love each other. He says it's not weird but you hug another person and they get pissed about it. Greg says Tony is gay.

When asked about Kai not knowing, Greg says he'll say things to Kai, but Kai won't actually register it. He says he told Kai while they were in the shower that he was going to bring over a cameraman and they were going to be a permanent cameraman. After, Greg told Kai he told him, but Kai said he didn't understand it that way. Someone points out "cameraMAN." Greg says a camerawoman is called a camerman. He says Kai also knew he was talking about Sam. (Source)

Sam replied to Greg's swatting accusation on twitter. She accuses him of making it up on the spot and points out he never told Kai. She also says he kept changing the story during the stream. (Source)

Sam commented on a re-upload of Greg's stream, "Because what I could say could destroy his home. And I don't want to be responsible for that." When she was called petty, she replied, "my private emails and texts between him are a PATREON PERK now. Shit you would be petty too." (Source)

After the Leaks

March 4th Greg YouTube

Greg uploaded and quickly deleted a video titled, "I'm Not Sorry." Greg covered a number of topics throughout the video, but he included some messages between himself and Sam. He says she's an example of someone people are making out to be a damsel in distress when she is not one. The may have been deleted due to the fact that Greg left Sam's phone number in one of his screen shots. (Source)

March 6th Kai YouNow

Kai addressed people commenting about Sam on her stream that same day. He says this situation is old and no one cares anymore. He says if Sam actually had something to say to him, she could because she has his number. He says she just wants her 15 minutes of fame. Kai tells Sam if she really has something that will "destroy his marriage" and if she really "cares about him" (finger quotes), she would say something and not just say she has that information. Kai says Sam doesn't actually have anything to say.

Kai says his texts to Sam just say he's not interested in talking to her.

Kai says he's angry with Sam because if you're not going to act a certain way when their spouse is in the room, then what you're doing is not okay. He says he's not angry at Greg because he knows everything Greg did.

Kai says Sam told him on the phone she didn't hug Greg from behind, but she admitted to it later. This is why Kai says he doesn't trust Sam.

Kai says he knew Sam was coming, but it was a miscommunication and Sam spun it online. He says he didn't understand Sam was coming back permanently or on those particular dates. Kai says he was never comfortable with the idea of Sam being there, but he wanted to be supportive of Greg. He says Greg was very excited about the videos they were making together

Someone asks if he knew Greg wanted to be poly with Sam. Kai says no, the extent of the conversation about that was Greg asking if he wanted to be poly. Kai says he's fed up with people thinking they can come into his house and do whatever the fuck they want. he says Sam came to the home as a cameraman and it spun into this whole thing. He took care of them, cooking, cleaning for them while they sat in their office all day telling his husband he's cute, telling his husband she was happy she had a dream she was pregnant with his baby, and tried to kiss him. Kai says all he did was take care of Sam and now she's spinning it like he's the bad guy.

When Sam asked if Kai could guest her, Kai says he's not going to guest her. He tells her she can talk shit about him in interviews or on her own stream. Someone points out Kai said if Sam has something to say she should say it. Kai clarifies he meant over text. He says he's not going to do it over Younow to give Sam attention. (Source)

The next day, Sam comments on a re-upload of Kai's stream, "Called Lainey, Greg takes over the call." (Source)

On March 7th, Greg's posts about Sam on his private forum for top paying Patreons are leaked along with his and Sam's emails.

March 10th Sam Twitch

March 10 stream (Source)

April 27th Greg YouTube

"The Girl I Asked To Leave: Sam"
On April 27th, Greg uploaded the video "The Girl I Asked To Leave: Sam." He says he wanted to cover the topic because it's a popular search. Greg says Sam recently showed up to his Twitch stream and Kai's Younow stream and left positive comments. He says he's glad there's no hard feelings.

Greg says one day she told him she had a dream she was pregnant with his baby. He says he asked her if that made her happy and she said yes. He says as a hetero male who is designed to spread his seed, he didn't hate hearing it.

He says after sitting on it for two weeks, he realized it was an attempted kiss.

Greg later said Sam apparently swatted a child and to his recollection, made contact with the child's hand. He says when he confronted Sam about gasping, he really was thinking about the swat. He was trying to imply not to do things to a child without approving it with the parents.

Greg says he was sad when he told Kai Sam had to go because creatively, it was good to have someone there to help.

Greg says one morning they were up early. They hugged good morning and she slid onto his lap. He says at first she said she didn't wiggle, then she said she was just adjusting herself. Greg says that makes it more weird because why would she be continuously adjusting herself on someone's lap?

Greg says he's proud of himself because he had the opportunity to ruin his life. He says a lot of hetero men would throw their lives away for a younger woman. He says he's glad he learned from a poly relationship the warning signs of someone trying to wreck a home.

Greg says he heard someone say Sam accused him of letting a child on the ground and left them crying. He says he would never let a child cry if he thought they were suffering. ($ource)