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Repsock is a sock puppet created by Greg to replace Anti-Onision vlogger MrRepzion in a live debate.


During the summer of 2013, Greg began debating Anti-Onisions through google hangout. One of his main targets to get into a debate was vlogger MrRepzion. After challenging Greg to a debate, MrRepzion ended up backing out and their debate never happened.

Greg decided the next best thing was to get a white sock, draw on some eyes, plop some hair on top and name it "Repsock". Greg held a poll on his Onision Facebook page and the results convinced him to debate a sock. (Source) On July 4, 2013, Greg held a live debate with Repsock as his opponent for almost an hour. Greg controlled Repsock and provided his voice and arguments. Greg got YouTuber HappyCabbie to sit in the debate and moderate. The video has since been re-uploaded to Greg's Archive channel. ($ource)


Repsock fan art from a Banana and an Anti.
Repsock was almost immediately an oddball hit between both Bananas and Antis alike. Just looking at the Repsock Tumblr tag, there is fan art of Rep from both sides. (Source)

As for the video itself, viewers had mixed reactions to the Repsock debate. Some thought it was amusing, while others thought it was pathetic.

Someone created a roleplay blog of Repsock, which is now deleted. A counterpart blog for "Replegging", roleplaying as "Lainey's hipster legging", was also created. (Soruce) The blog is still active today. (Source)