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Censored screen capture of the "Onision" RedTube video.
RedTube Troll is a nickname for a video that surfaced in 2011 on the porn website RedTube titled "Onision". The video featured "Onision" jacking-off on a webcam. It was supposedly posted by a friend of one of his exes for revenge. This video was confirmed to be fake.


The video was discovered on September 30, 2011 and it quickly began to spread. The beginning of the the video had text explaining the video was meant to humiliate Greg because he humiliated his ex, most likely Adrienne, by suggesting she had STDs and was unclean on his YouTube channel. The text also claims this person hacked the Onision channel and uploaded this video to it to get it suspended, but Greg deleted it before anyone saw it. This is most likely untrue.

The text can be read here:

“Onision” and those watching

I never thought it would come to this, but unfortunately it has.

You used you audience to ridicule and slander a dear friend of mine. her life has, quite literally, became a living hell as a result of your carelessness.

Im doing this for her, she told me she still had the video…yes, “THAT” video. The one you made a few days after you two met her.

Get ready for your channel to be suspended indefinitely.


I hacked your channel and posted this video on 9/27/11, but you somehow managed to delete the vid before anyone saw it. Congrats.

Regardless, it’s still on the internet for the world to see.

Hope you feel as humiliated as she was when you posted that bull shit about “STDS” and implying that she was “unclean” to your entire fan base


Greg wearing a similar shirt to the RedTube video.
One of the first things long-time Onision viewers noticed about the video was that the person in the video was wearing articles of clothing Greg had worn in videos before. They had a similar shirt and blue pajama pants. (Source) Some believed this was evidence that the video was actually of Greg.


Greg replied to the video the same day it was discovered. He uploaded "Faked Leaked Tape" to his Speaks channel. In the video, Greg laughs about the RedTube video. He points out the person in the video does not have his "Remember Love" wrist tattoos and their pubic hair is blonde. He ends the video with, "I have been successfully trolled... come one guys you can do better that that." ($ource)


A questionable factor of the video was the room the video was recorded in. It did not look similar to any rooms of his house in Washington or Cyr's apartment, which is where he lived at time.

Adrienne herself even confirmed the video was fake in a chat. Although, there is no existing source to this.

On October 12, 2011, it was discovered the video had been removed from RedTube.

It is not known who posted the video.