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Rape Prevention Info, or RapePrevention.Info, was an odd rape prevention website created by Greg in 2004. It can still be viewed through the Wayback Machine. (Source)


In 2004, Greg took it upon himself to create a "rape prevention" website. The site included information about rape such as what Greg believes causes rape (over active hormones, jealousy, dominance, childhood issues, etc.) Greg also attempted to advise people on what to do if attacked by a rapist with the claim "Anyone can prevent rape with the right knowledge."

Site Intro

My name is Gregory J. Daniel - I am a man of dignity, integrity and today I look on our society, in recognition of what mockery we have become due to lack in enforcement of rape crimes that occur every moment of every day. I am here to tell you not all men are bad people, however it is best to see all individuals as potential hostiles, and potential victims. We all have the power to do terrible things, yet it is choice, in the end, that divides the pure-hearted from the others. Let the pure of heart be you, male or female, you have the ability to fight negativity in this world, and in this moment, you will.

If you have been violated in the past, let the possibilities for more single-sided attacks end now. If you fear future violation, learn from this site ~ know you are strong, and you can get through any terrible event, with your strength of heart, mind & body, you are a rapists' nightmare, make it so.

Not too long ago I was appalled by suggestions that women dress themselves up as if they were homeless, or mentally handicapped just to avoid an attack. This is terrible advice, as hostiles do not always choose based on attraction, they do it off of who looks most vulnerable, weakest ~

Today you will learn how to defend yourself, when you are through, you will find what true freedom is. Dress how you like, live how you like, and be prepared for the worst, for if you are, no attacker will ever be able to walk away without they themselves being a victim.

The day you give up is the day they win ~ we will not let anyone take advantage again, we are too strong for that, together, this world is truly wonderful as the light always sends away darkness. You are the light.


While some of the information and advice on this site are very typical in rape prevention, the site offers a lot of strange advice and information Greg gets seemingly out of nowhere. One such statement being "a good percentage of [rapists] are agnostic".

On a page titled "Who Is Capable?", Greg explains (with no sources) that there had been "hundreds of cases" "in the past few years" where the rapist is a family member or a close friend. With this information, Greg concludes to prevent rape, you must always be alert and aware that anyone could be a rapist and it could happen anywhere.

The page that receives the most criticism is "How Do I Stop Rape?". On this page, Greg lists different ways he came up with to get out of a rape situation such as "act like you are possessed by a "demon" or mentally handicapped" and "have a bowl movement and rub it in his face". (Source)


After Greg created the site, he took to his Evolutionary Psychology Forums to show off his new site. Reactions were mixed, some supporting the site, while other expressed they did not think it was a good idea. Greg deflected any negative criticism of the site saying that their opinion is outnumbered by the people that like the site. He also said negative feedback about the site is "unfair" unless the person has "serious knowledge" about rape prevention. (Source)

After it was re-discovered during Greg's YouTube fame the site was met with a lot of criticism and head-scratching. Apart from the very strange advice, people wondered what compelled 17 / 18 year old Greg to create a rape prevention site and give victims and potential victims advice and information without any formal training in self defense or any type of educational experience on the subject of sexual assault.