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Prospect Beauty is a story Greg had written in August 2003. (Source) It was posted to his Mr Odd website.

Note: Paragraphs italicized to mimic how he originally posted it to


What is life? Another breath I can’t hold in, another wheeze I must let out, another cough I am forced to make, another pain every minute I think of my past? What is life!? Life is hurt, life is sorrow. No one cares about me… no one ever really cared… this is a shallow existence… nothing can ever matter.

“Hey boy!” a tall fat man yelled as Shane walked towards his apartment, just through the dark parking lot. Ignoring the man, Shane walked on thinking “I don’t even care anymore…” The man yelled again “Hey boy, I’m talking to you!” Shane was beginning to leave the shadowed lot when the man began to walk after him with a bat dropping from the inside of his coat into his hand. “I said ‘Hey Boy’, that’s you punk!” the bulky man continued “I need money for the phone, but now I’m not gonna ask! Stop kid!” as the man grabbed his fleeting shoulder, Shane spun around with a unrestricting fist to the tall mans jaw. Falling to the ground, Shane followed him with five more punches to the face. “I’m not a boy, I’m not a kid, I’m not a punk you piece of dirt!” pulling himself off the now gasping man, Shane’s eyes begin to shine with moisture “I’ve lost it.” He whispered inside his mind, “Why did she leave me… how could she do that to me?” After a short thought, Shane pulled out his cell and called an ambulance. Turning around, he left the lot wiping his face from the anger and sadness felt earlier that day.

Shane’s apartment door opened as Loren came running through. “Hurry up and get in bed you sexy man!” Loren giggled running into his room with Shane’s grinning face closely behind. Jumping sideways onto the bed Loren laughed as Shane tickled her sides. “I love you Loren” Shane whispered in her ear. “I love you too” she grinned insincerely as she continued to laugh from his kisses and brushing fingers.

The apartment dimmed to a molded gray, as Shane walked in and threw his keys on the table across the room. “Hey Charley” Shane said to his cat unenthusiastically. Charley came up meowing deep moans. “So I guess that means food huh?” he smiled slightly. Charley began licking the blood off of Shane’s hands “No! Hold on!” Shane demanded as he rushed into the bathroom only to see he had wiped blood on his face from the attempts at drying his potential tears back in the parking lot. “Damn it…” he whispered in frustration. With a quick grab to the soap on his sink he began to wash his face.

Shane pulled his head up from the sink wiping his face off. “Honey! Are you almost done in there? I have to go to the conference in two hours!” Loren began banging on the old white bathroom door. “Hold on…” he mumbled back with a smile. “Hurry up!” she yelled again. Losing his smile Shane opened the door and walked out slowly “Ok… I guess I’m do…” the door slammed as soon as Shane was clear of it. Sighing, he mumbled “I need a cat… maybe then we could have some decent affection in this place.” Rolling his eyes Shane walked into his room.

Shane rubbed his eyes as he pulled up his now clean face from the sink. “Alright, time for food Charley.” Shane smiled and walked into the kitchen. Pulling out the can food and placing it into a flower rimmed bowl, Shane stood once more and walked to the bathroom only to stare at the shower that remained unused for more than a day.

The shower was now steaming, Shane ran in buck naked laughing. “Hey Loren? I’m coming in!” Shane yelled happily as he opened up the shower curtain and jumped in. “What are you doing!?” Loren screamed, “Get out Shane! I told you I shower alone!” pushing Shane against the curtain he flew backwards through the soaking plastic around the tub. Lying naked on the floor he frowned staring at the barely transparent curtains now in front of him, returning back to their original shape, as if he had never touched them before. “Did you just push me out of my own shower?” Shane asked in an irritated voice. “Shane, stop being a prick, I told you I shower alone.” She replied self-righteously as she continued to rub soap on her shoulders. Getting back to his feet, Shane walked out of the bathroom and closed the door.

Squinting at the quiet dark shower, Shane shook his head slowly and stumbled off towards his bed. “Charley? Come to sleep!” Shane yelled as he kicked off his shoes, and laid down in his unmade bed. Jumping onto his white tea-shirt, Charley walked up closely to Shane’s face, responding quickly, Shane pulled the cat to his side, and lifted the covers up to bother of their necks. “Good night Charley.” He mumbled as the cat softly meowed back.

”Shane! What the hell is this?” Loren screamed as Shane opened his eyes on a Saturday morning. “What?” Shane grumbled as he rubbed his eyes. “Look!” Loren shook a razor shaver in front of his focusing eyes. “Did you use my razor!?” She questioned in a suggestive tone “I told you not to use my razor!” Shane squinted, “My hair isn’t Blonde Loren, it’s clearly black… and is your hair even that shade of blonde?” Loren twisted the blade around to look at it and quickly pulled it out of view only to rush off without response. “Uh… Loren? What the heck were you shaving?” Shane asked as she screamed back “Shut up Shane!” Turning towards the wall, Shane slowly dozed back off.

A gun shot went off outside as Shane blinked his eyes open. Pulling his body out of bed he glanced at the time, “2:07?” he mumbled as he turned to look at his cat sprawled with his legs dangling over the mantle of his bed. Smiling, Shane stood up and walked into the kitchen. Grabbing a glass of water, he walked over to the table and sat down.

”So you like the pudding?” Shane smiled as Loren licked the flower trimmed bowl clean with a grin. “Yes, any more?” she giggled. Shane looked at the large bowl in the sink empty from all the servings Loren had already eaten. “Nope… that was all I made…” Shane sighed as he looked at the ceiling fan. Loren’s smile dropped to a scowl “What? I want more pudding, why can’t you make more?” Shane replied still looking at the fan “You were spoiled as a child, hmm?” Screaming in an instant response Loren said “No! Why does everything have to be ‘Jerk this, Jerk that, Jerk Jerk Jerk!? I just want pudding.” Shane looked out the window in front of him only to glance at her empty bowl and then at her glaring eyes. “So, want to watch some TV?” he asked as he stood up and grabbed her bowl. “No Shane!” Loren growled as she walked off to his room slamming the door behind her.

Charley licked Shane’s ear as he slowly perked up his head. The sun shined in on him as he still sat in his stained white tea-shirt and boxers. “Geeze…” looking at the clock Shane read 6:04 “Wow… good dreams for you Charley?” he patted the cat on the back and smiled. Standing up he took the half empty glass over to the sink. “Alright… work time buddy, I think you need to pull more weight around here though, all I do is feed you, and to thank me you crap right by your dish, not that cat box.” Shane sighed as he rolled his eyes. Walking into the bathroom, he turned on the shower, and began to hum a tune.

As Shane hummed, Charley spotted a rat creeping towards his dish, with a screech the furious cat leaped towards the rat only to run into the cub bard doors. Shaking his head the cat followed the fleeing rodent up to the door, only to witness the rat squeeze underneath the door while crying out in fear of the oversized predator catching him and playing with his corpse for the next few hours. Charley stood tall by the door and yawned while watching the rat scramble for its life. With a jolt Charley blinked his eyes over witnessing the rat finally pull its oversized waist through the door base. Charley walked up towards the door only to hear the screaming rat race down the halls as if it were claiming a victory over the cat.

”Charley?” Shane said as he walked out of the bathroom. “What’cha doing screeching like that? We have neighbors you know?” Shane pointed towards the ceiling as he wiped his head with a small rag from inside the now misty bathroom. Charley looked back at Shane and licked his lips only to yawn again as if he was bored with his aging owner.

Walking into his room, Shane began to search through his dresser. “Socks… socks… geeze, why can’t I organize?” Shane said to himself as he turned around surprisingly to see Charley watching his owner talk to himself. “What? Do YOU know where the socks are?” Shane questioned. Charley turned his head towards the closet where the clothing hamper rested, “What? Are you saying all of my socks are dirty?” Shane asked as he walked over to the closet. “Ah no!” Shane said with a shock to witness his dirty cloths torn up and covered in rat odors. “Damn it, I don’t have time for this.” Grabbing his shoes, Shane rushed out the door.

Walking out of the front of his apartment building, Shane sighed as he passed the now-dried blood in the car garage. Getting into his car, Shane pulled his car out of the garage.

”Shane! Wait for me you jerk!” Loren screamed as she ran across the parking lot. Shane sighed as he slowed to let her in. “I thought you said you did not want to go to see my parents this time.” He said exhaustedly. “Well, I’ve been thinking, maybe I should be nicer to them, you know? Show I care a little bit.” Loren replied. With a slight nod, Shane mumbled “Mmmkay…” skeptically as he pulled out of the lot.

Driving down the high way, Loren began to moan as if she was bored. Moaning more and more, she turned to look at her now grinning boyfriend. “What Shane!? What is so freaking funny!?” Loren screamed. Shane laughed, “Sorry, you have been moaning this entire time, and we have only been traveling for about fifteen minutes… did you want something?” he turned to grin at her only to see Loren sigh and cross her arms while turning her back away from him. Shane continued “Alright… I’m sorry… want to listen to the radio?” Shane went to rub her shoulder. “No Shane!” Loren screamed with a smack to his right hand, “Don’t touch me right now!” Shane raised his brow as he slumped back in his seat. “94.3 it is…” Shane said softly while flipping on the radio.

”Hey Asshole! Watch your god damn driving!” an angry man screamed as Shane snapped back into the traffic jam he was now surrounded by. Shane hit his breaks right before rolling into the screaming man in front of him. “You want to tail gate me!? I’ll rip you a new ass!” the man continued to scream. Shane sat back in his car and waved sarcastically. “Almost there, almost there…” Shane thought while bobbing back and fourth in his car. A lane opened up, and Shane pushed on into the exit he needed. Pulling into the side ramp, he drove towards the first light.

An amazing noise grew behind his car as Shane turned to see a modified Mazda wiz by with the now identifiable noise blasting speakers. With a crash, the Mazda and a car crossing in front of Shane collided. Flipping five times, the Mazda fell silent. “Holy shit!” Shane screamed as he tried to understand what had just happened in front of his eyes. “Holy Shit!” Shane continued. Seeing the flipped Mazda spraying liquids onto the road, Shane tore out of his stopped car and sprinted over to the unstable car.

”Sir!? Hey!? Can you hear me!?” Shane pulled off his over coat and wiped the glass from around the now shattered car window. Sticking his head in the car, Shane found a shaking teenager upside down, strapped in his seat belt. “You have to help me get you out of here ok!?” Shane screamed as he looked for the boy inside to nod. Grabbing his seatbelt, Shane unclipped the boy, and attempted to ease him out. With a sharp scream from the boy, Shane stopped pulling. “What hurts!? What hurts!?” Shane asked frantically. “My leg… dude!? Both my legs!” Shane lucked down trying not to heave. Nodding with a scared expression, Shane said “This going to hurt, allot.” Without confirmation from the boy, Shane wrapped his arms around the teens’ torso and pulled him out, all the while knowing he would be hurt more if he stayed in the vehicle.

”I’m calling an ambulance ok kid?” Shane pulled his phone up to his ear and reported the occurrence. Now looking around him a gawking crowd had gathered, as the cars by drove past the accident no more than 10mph with most of the passing drivers’ heads turned in the new born wreckages direction.

The now heavily breathing boy asked, ”Hey man, am I going to be alri…” passing out, his hand dropped to the freshly bloodied grass.

A siren sounded out in the back of Shane’s ears. Looking left and right, Shane’s eyes caught the flashing lights of an Ambulance and a police car close behind. Shane stood up and began to walk slowly backwards away from the boy. Turning to begin a quick walking pace, Shane sat in his car and began to drive again down the road. “8:45?” Shane read his clock as he drove past the last of the debris. “Alright” he thought “I can make this.”

Pulling up to a large building, Shane walked inside. A man with over-greased hair rushed up to Shane with a smile. “Hey Shane! We have been waiting for you in the office.” The man said. Shane jerked back slightly and replied “Yeah… hey Richard. It’s not even nine yet, why so early?” Richard glanced down and slowly reversed his approach, “Shane!? What’s with the blood?” Shaking his head, Shane replied “Car accident, not my blood.” Richard drastically changed his expression, “Is everything alright?” Richard asked, with an unconcerned tone Shane replied “Yeah… just another close call.” Richard continued, “Ok, let me take you to your office.” Richard put his hand on Shane’s back and led him towards the elevator.

”Shane! You piece of shit! What did you do to my dog!?” Loren screamed as she rushed into Shane’s work with a clump of hair in her hands. Turning away from his co-workers Shane’s smile grew to a glare. Grabbing her arm, he quickly led her into his office. “Loren!? Don’t ever scream at me in public! There are issues we can handle in private, but no one needs to hear your prissy crap besides me alright!?” Shane demanded as he pulled her in front of a chair by his desk. “What did you do to my dog you ass!?” she again asked. Shane smiled slightly and replied “I shaved your poodle. What? I thought it needed a hair cut.” Immediately Loren screamed “It looks like a fucking pizza store mascot!” Leaning forward, Shane sighed, and sarcastically said “Sorry, I thought that was how a rat was supposed to be shaven.” With a scream, Loren threw the clumped hair into his face and continued to yell insane rambles as she left his office. Brushing off his suit, Shane straitened his posture and left to apologize to his coworkers.

Shane raised his brow and started to speak, ”Wait, Richard. Why are we in the elevator? We’re headed to the...” Richard interrupted, “…third floor actually.” With a frown, Shane mumbled, “I thought we were going to my office.” Richard looked unconcerned and said steadily “We are.” as the elevator accelerated up the floors.

”Follow me Shane.” Richard commanded with a strange smile. “I’ve got to wash this blood off… hold on.” Shane replied as he rushed into the bathroom. Locking the bathroom door behind him, Shane ran over to the hand dryers and turned them all on. With a scream Shane punched a bathroom stall. “God damn it!” Backing away from the stall Shane turned quickly and punched the mirror behind him. “The third floor is where all the college rejects word process.” He yelled over and over again in his mind. “I can’t afford to be demoted!”

All the dryers had now stopped, Shane crouched over one of the sinks and looked in the now cracked mirror. Shane whispered to himself “It’s hard to care when you don’t believe in anything anymore… when life’s got you so down?” Shaking his head, Shane turned on the water. The blood from his hand circled quickly down the drain.

Inhaling deeply, Shane stood up strait, and adjusted his posture as he always did before. Walking slowly towards the door, he turned the lock , only to open up to a frowning man. “That was a little dramatic don’t you think?” Richard asked. Shane slightly smiled and replied “Demotions are any wife of yours Richard, I have to offer myself some temporary resolution to a permanent problem… don’t I?” With a glare, Richard sighed, “That wife thing was a low blow Shane, and besides, you should not doubt yourself. Follow me.”

Walking down the hall, Shane’s stress decreased as he noticed fewer and fewer cubicles and more respectable staff he had seen before. “Shane, we are going to put you in section B, Shell 1 of this building, as you know, it’s a section of the programming and solutions department. You will monitor, and recognize thoroughly what these interns are doing at all times. Your salary will stay the same, but your hours will decrease slightly as the interns will be leaving sooner than everyone else in the building.” Richard said with a slight smile. Shane responded with constant nods “So this is a demotion? Great… perfect! I think you’re enjoying this Richard, you have the big office, you make the big decisions, I probably don’t even have four walls anymore!” Richard glared grabbing Shane by the neck as he put he head next to Shane’s ear “You listen carefully, don’t complain, don’t argue, just sit down in your office, listen to what your new employees have to say in welcoming you, and be a good boy.” Pushing Shane’s now idle head away from his, Richard continued “Shane, you are a good employee; you just need to control the attitude. Things will work out if you change your approach to the world. This is not a horrible demotion, things could be worse. I will tell you this once, this is an opportunity for you, now recognize that, and lead with example in this department. I want to see those kids learning their computers back and fourth, I want to see their programming skills excel, and I want it fast.”

Richard stepped back, and turned to walk away with Shane’s confused eyes closely following. “One more thing, that mirror is coming out of your Salary.” Richard said as he walked away.

Now looking towards the Shell 1 door, Shane walked in. A group of college students approached him, “Mr. Dorty? Are you Mr. Dorty?” one of the interns asked. Shane nodded, “Please call me Shane. Do you all know what you are here for?” A few of the interns looked uncomfortable over the question. After an awkward silence passed, a blonde girl stepped forward, “Of course, we are here to program the latest computer software for the Ilion Tech, and we are here to find an elevated level of efficiency in file transfers covering the general networking system of this building.” Smiling, Shane replied “Good, I need to go to my new office to organize everything. I hope you all can work on your own for a while.

The group of interns looked at one another in a concerned matter. Shrugging it off, they went back to their desks and began to work. Walking into his office, Shane closed his door, and taped paper to his room windows.

With a sigh Shane sat down and put his head on the table. Closing his eyes, Shane sighed and after a frustrated laugh, he quickly fell asleep.

”Shane? Shane!? Get up!” Loren again yelled at him. “Where are your keys?” now sitting up in bed, Shane rubbed his head. “What?” Shane asked trying to wake himself up fully. “WHERE ARE YOUR KEYS?” Shane pointed to his pants dangling off the end of the bed. Loren rushed over to his keys and took off his house key from the ring. “What are you doing? I need that.” Shane asked. Rolling her eyes, Loren replied “I’ll just let you in when you get back. I need them because I have to have a place to be later on today. Here is as good of a place as any.” Nodding, Shane fell back into his bed.

”Mr. Dorty?” the blonde girl knocked on the door and continued to speak “Mr. Dorty, I think it’s time to go, is everything ok?” Pulling his face up from the remaining papers he did not yet put on his window, Shane looked around and replied “Yeah, sorry… I’ll be out of here on time, don’t worry.” With a happier voice the blonde girl responded “Ok, I’m going. Have a nice day Mr. Dorty”

Shane stood up and stretched. Looking at his clock, it read 4:29pm “Geeze, a small demotion huh Mr. Freakin Richard?” Shane said in a mocking voice attempting to sound like Richard. Grabbing his overcoat, Shane walked out of his office and rushed down to his car.

Walking up to his car, Shane pulled out his keys and desperately tried to open his car door. “Damn it!” Shane grunted to himself as he dropped his keys. Looking at the floor, Shane let out a deep sigh. After a short breath, Shane crouched down to pick back up his keys. As he stood back up strait, the blonde girl stood, appearing out of seemingly nowhere, in front of him. “Mr. Dorty? Hey! That’s cool, you parked by me.” She said with a smile. Emotionless, Shane responded with a mumble “Nothing too intentional, I guess I was in a hurry.” Frowning slightly she continued “So, off to home? That’s cool… I have nothing really to do. College is a super drag, but I do have my off times.” Shane looked back with an exhausted expression, “I’m sorry, I should get home, nice seeing you again though. There is always Monday.” With a quick response the girl smiled once more, now showing her teeth, and replied “Sure is! I’ll see you then.” Getting into his car, Shane started his engine and pulled out of the garage with the blonde girl still standing by her door.

Driving towards the high way, Shane looked towards his on ramp only to witness cars backed up to the city roads. “No…” making a disgusted noise, Shane looked around quickly and immediately focused on a possible detour. Accelerating quickly by the backed up cars, Shane finally let out a slight smile.

Walking in through his door with a spare key, Shane yelled out ”Hey Loren? I’m home early! I got off work so to buy a cat. I hope you like him, I think I am going to name him Char…” interrupting Shane came a loud laughter from inside Shane’s room. With a concerned expression, Shane set down the cat carrier on his table and walked into his room pushing open the mostly closed door. Entering the room, Shane’s expression turned to a horrified look of disgust and anger. “Get the fuck off Loren!” Shane screamed as he grabbed the half naked man off of his bed. Falling to the floor, the man yelped as Shane followed his cry with a strong punch. “You son of a bitch, what the hell were you doing to Loren!?” Shane screamed as he smashed the man’s head against the floor with his fists. “Shane!” Loren screamed as he beat the man into sobs. She screamed again pushing Shane off of the bloodied man. “Don’t touch Jack again Shane!” Loren demanded. With a confused expression, Shane ignored her further comments, only grabbing the man in impulsive response. Shane began to drag the man by the neck towards the hall. Loren continued to scream as Shane opened his apartment door with a now bloody and slightly shaking fist.

”Stay away from Loren you piece of shit!” Shane screamed with a now doubtful expression. Slamming his door Shane turned to glare at his girlfriend glaring back with only one of Shane’s bed sheets covering her sweating body. “Shane, I never told you about Jack, I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t hav…” Shane interrupted with a scream, “What was that!? You know him!? You wanted that!?” with a slight pause to think, Shane continued “How dare you stab me in the back! If you had told me, what the fuck would it matter!? You think I would go along with that!? If you wanted that, you are nothing! You are worthless compared to what love I gave you! You’d have to be a sick son of a bitch to hurt me like this! Why would you think this would turn out any other way!?” starting to speak after a short silence Loren shakingly said, “Shane? You’ve never screamed at me like this…” Shane now shook violently with sadness attempted to hold his angry face. Seconds later of silence Shane let out a cry as a tear rolled down his cheek. Wiping his face, he looked back up at her, “Get out.” Shane said sternly staring at Loren as if she was the only object in the room while he continued to shake. “I have to get my things…” Loren replied turning towards his room. Shane quickly moved towards her and grabbed her by the arm. “No. You will get out now.” Shane again demanded as he pulled her towards the door.

Struggling, Loren tripped over the sheet she had covering herself. The sheet caught on a table leg, and was torn off. Without notice of her nudity, Shane pushed her out the opening door onto the floor. With a now tear filled face, Shane mumbled “I am throwing your clothing out on the sidewalk outside. If there is a strong wind, it could go into the road, so you might want to hurry.” Immediately Loren screamed back “That’s bullshit Shane!” the door slammed once more leaving Loren and her bloodied Jake cold in the hallway.

Shane walked over to his room, and quickly grabbed the foreign clothing to his room. Tossing them out the window, all but the shoes were exiled. Walking back into his front room, Shane sat down at his table. Sitting silently, Shane stared at his wall “So I guess it’s just you and me huh Charley?” Shane let his cat out of its carrier, and tried to hold a slight hope of a him staying dry from more tears. Turning his expression to a now-familiar horrified emotion, Shane folded his arms on the table, and followed his arms with his exhausted face. Sobbing, Charley walked up to Shane and began licking his hair. “Moeow” Charley seemed to speak words of sympathy, only to find Shane crying more and more till his whimpers came to a slow.

A tear rolled down Shane’s face as he thought about his past. Instantly a flash of light smacked into a tree in front of him, and immediately the tree tip burst into flames, only to fall on Shane’s steadily speeding car.

Screaming in shock, Shane raced to un-seatbelt himself from the wreckage. Jumping out of the car, he began twisting his body checking all areas of himself for wounds. Now looking at the car, Shane began to hysterically laugh. “Fuck me! Fuck ME! WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT ME! I’m aliiive! I’m alive and it means NOTHING to me!” Shane screamed in laughter as he turned dancing in the rain. “Fuck me gods! Fuck me Buddha! Fuck me fates! I don’t care anymore!” he continued to scream while spinning. Falling onto the grass, many feet away from his car, the rain soaked Shane’s body. Closing his eyes, Shane rested with a content, and slightly insane smile on his face while mumbling contently “Yeah… no one helps me, I, don’t, care anymore.” Standing up to his feet Shane continued to smile as he began to walk home, leaving his car to rust.

Walking now for an hour, Shane came upon a wrecked car that looked similar to his. Shane had not seen another vehicle since he left his own. Scratching his head, Shane looked at the license plate. “No… no… not mine.” He thought. Shrugging the strange coincidence off Shane continued his gradual pace down the road.

A figure ahead, blurry to Shane’s eyes, appeared, to be what seemed many yards away. A burst of joy surged through Shane’s body when he saw the figure. Now realizing he had stopped walking, the dark human-like shape turned to reveal itself “living”. A grin crossed Shane’s face as he began to walk again towards the idle figure.

Shane approached smiling as he realized that what he had imagined the figure to be before, was actually real. Shane loudly said “So that must be…” “My car?” the girl said with a smile as she began to walk backwards with Shane following closely.

”Let me guess, ‘To hell with me gods?” Shane said with a smile. The girl responded laughing slightly, “Actually my exact words were ‘Fuck me gods’ but your words are probably better for the soul.” Smiling still, Shane replied “Actually I said the…” Interrupting him, the girl stopped walking and said “You said the same thing as I did when this little fiasco occurred, except you censored yourself for fear of tearing down your appearance in my eyes, therefore making me dislike you, and having the next few hours be as awkward as insecure girls in a room of mirrors with only silence to save us from further inner torment of worsening the situation?” Laughing Shane nodded and replied “Love the metaphor.”

The two continued to smile as they now realized that the rain circling their bodies before had stopped. “So I guess we probably live near each other and never knew that as well?” Shane said assumingly. “I’m sure I would have noticed someone like you before if we lived close, but I will walk as far as you want me to, we have all weekend, and my life isn…” stopping her this time, Shane finished her sentence “Hmm… you’re life isn’t a bottle of cup cakes? You know? That never really made sense to me in terms of why I ever said that…” Jabbing Shane slightly in the ribs, the girl giggled and replied “I don’t even feel weirded out… and I don’t even know you Mr. Strange man.” Shane smiled with a quick reply, “I’m Shane, Shane Dorty. Now I get to know yours.” The girl replied “Alright Shane, my name is Ellen... Ellen Seinger”

[story is not continued]