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Work in progress...

Mr. Odd

Videos Greg uploaded to his 2003 Mr. Odd website (Source) and later shared them on the 2005 version of his Onision Website. Greg provided "quality" rankings of his videos.

Title Description Time Notes
Alarm Clock I made a song just for this video... woo! 2:36 Quality: 3/5
Autosong I have a major problem with GWB/Louisiana 3:51 Quality: 3/5
Beating Myself For all the sick bastards out there... 4:10 Quality: 2/5
Chipmonkey What happens when you up the audio a notch, 1:43 Quality: 2/5
Cowboy Crack Features a cowboy dancing = no climax. 2:29 Quality: 3/5
Cowboys Don't Cry Features a cowboy complaining... boo hoo. 3:59 Quality: 4/5
Filters: The Musical More improv... wait, this is all improv! 2:07 Quality: 2/5
Finally Lost It Involves naked teddy bears... [sighs] 3:51 Quality: 4/5
First Impressions The impressions of Mr. Odd ~ 4:08 Quality: 2/5

Odd Dolls


Onision Website