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Piercings were once heavily criticized by Greg as being mutilation. It is unknown what Greg's stance on piercings are today.


In his early YouTube career, Greg would make videos against piercings and Tattoos saying they were body mutilation. Greg has since changed his stance on tattoos, but it in unknown what his opinions of piercings are today. He has since removed all videos about tattoos and piercings being body mutilation from his channels.


When Greg began talking to now ex-fiance, Shiloh, she had many facial piercings including a septum piercing, a vertical labret, and a right nostril piercing, which can all be seen in her December 2010 "Can't Hold On" music video. (Source) By the time Greg introduced Shiloh to his fans in April 2011, she only had her nostril piercing remaining. ($ource) Some speculated this was due to his views at the time.

After Greg dated Adrienne in 2011, she wrote about how Greg did not approve of her septum piercing: "I told him I was excited because I just ordered new jewelry for my septum piercing, because one of the little balls unscrewed and fell off, so I had to wear the jewelry flipped up. Even though he knew I had a septum piercing before he asked me to be his girlfriend, he proceeded to tell me that he thinks they are ugly and implied that he thought I should take it out, because it is “disrespecting my body”. (Source)