Onision Land

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Onision Land version of his onision site.
Onision Land is a concept created by Greg around 2008. It is not really known what exactly Onision Land is.


In 2008, Greg redesigned his Onision website to be "Onision Land" themed. This design only stayed up for a few months before being replaced by a new design. (Source)

Also in 2008, Greg created a few Onision Land T-shirts for his online store. One design had the picture of Greg in his pajamas, another had "ONISION LAND" in rainbow text, and there was a design with flowers. (Source)

Some of these designs can still be purchased on an abandoned store he made on Zazzle. (Source)


Onision Land drawing
Onision Land made a comeback a few years later in a newer online store. Greg is still currently selling the flower shirts and a new design featuring a drawing of Onision Land.