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Oni Blog was an online blog Greg kept in 2007 on his Sicesca site. (Source)


A Long Hard Cry...

This entry was posted on 3/7/2007 12:34 PM and is filed under Relationships.

Continental canceled Skye's flight out last night, however I was able to get her on a plane this morning, as they rescheduled...

It was nice spending time with her for 12 extra hours... [sighs] It's interesting... I watched her walk away, and felt kind of sad... not too sad, but a feeling of pain arose in my heart just as I began to turn and walk away from her, as she disappeared in the distance...

For the next few hours in the day I felt fine... not too bad, not good. Just fine...

And then, when I went to pick up a new game for my PlayStation 3, my eyes began to water. As I left the store, I kept telling myself "Just wait until you get to the car, there's too many people watching." and when I made it to the car, I let out a pain-filled sigh, and told myself "just wait till you get home, they can all still see you."

I felt so sad driving home, but held it all in. I opened the gate, drove through, parked, slowly walked up the stairs as my eyes watered a bit more, turned the key hole, stepped in, closed the door, and began to whimper.

In a slow steady progression my eyes watered more and more, and the whimpers gradually grew louder, till I saw the couch, at which point they exploded out of me, and I dove head first into it, embracing the pillows spread about the cushion.

There I sobbed for a few moments, and realized my nose was getting clogged up, so while whimpering still, I stood up and went to the laundry basket, first a grabbed a pair of used boxers and thought "no, I don't want that". I moved on to grab a used shirt, and though "there..." grabbing it now with both hands I walked off to the bed, with another wail of emotional pain, I dove again, yet this time onto the bed, blowing my nose simultaneously.

I cried for many minutes, all the time thinking about how I had not cried in so long, and that I sounded very similar to a teenage girl when I cried.

The entire situation was rather interesting considering I was rather clear-minded the entire time... I felt it was not so much my brain that was sad, but more so my body, for my body is what cringed in pain, my body is what sprayed fluids about and crunched up my face. My body is what made noises, but what is sad is my body didn't get it right away... maybe for the better... my brain new Skye was gone for the month, but my body didn't get it till a few hours after I got home...

I believe it was the moment I got back in the car to pick up the video game that I realized "Skye normally goes with me to get video games." and from the point on, my body realized... she was gone.

The should I have must have felt it too... something within my body, that sent signals of pain throughout my body, without feeling like an internal organ, which is all that's in my torso, correct? So it must have been my soul.


3/7/2007 3:36 PM SunTiger wrote:

I don't know how many times I have told you that it is MUCH words being the one who is left behind (as opposed to being the one who is going away). All that residual energy stays about the home to constantly remind you that your love interest is NOT there. {Now you know why the ones who are left behind pine the most.}

3/7/2007 7:02 PM Gregory wrote:

I understand. So much better now...

Skye Fly

This entry was posted on 3/6/2007 12:14 PM and is filed under Relationships.

Skye is headed home today, I'm going to miss her, but I know she's coming back soon, so all should be well. She and I are going out to eat, and then it's off to the plane.

[sighs] Life can be so complexing sometimes... but really to get past it all without carrying some kind of scar in later dates, one must approach such conflicts with a just, and integrity-driven attitude. Commit to actions which they won't regret later, and never proceed down the path that is awkward and out of place, even if you are so far down it, the light behind you is just a memory...

You must always do what you believe is right, only worse things can come to you if you do not follow your instinct.


3/6/2007 1:04 PMSunTiger wrote:

This thing of "always doing what is right" may feel like a thankless job at times; especially when others around don't share this same ethical framework.

My experiences have taught me that doing "what is right" always pays off long term -- later in life, when you are sitting comfortably with not too many troubles -- those who took the easy route will still be struggling; blaming everybody else for their problems.

Main Page

This entry was posted on 3/6/2007 12:13 PM and is filed under Updates.

The main page of http://www.onision.com has been updated with a new flash intro. It's actually kind of really cool. I like what I've done with it, and I hope you like it as well.

Check it out will you? And by all means, feel free to comment.


3/6/2007 1:06 PMSunTiger wrote:

It reminds me of watching the old time black and white movies! I keep expecting to hear an old pump organ start to play as I see it flickering like that. Very fun.

Pending Future

Right now I’m going through some relatively upsetting times. Due to my prior incident of passing out at work, they’re talking about potentially removing me from my profession.

They haven’t said it directly, but from what has been said, the outcome will unlikely be extensively positive. I want to continue what I am doing in many ways. I’d love to travel across the world with what I do. However in relation to what they have been saying, my fate is so very uncertain.

The worst outcome is that I could lose my job entirely, which would literally rock my world. Everything would change. To lose my job is something I don’t at all want considering I’m happy with it. I signed up for it, and it’s so unfair to come this close to losing it due to a medical condition...

Or maybe I am simply being paranoid?

I’m not certain… but right now I’m in somewhat of a stand-by mode. I don’t really work, but I do attend work. They really don’t want me doing anything.

If this doesn’t make any sense to you, that’s fine, I’m not trying to tell anyone who doesn’t know me directly what I do for a living, but it is important that I never lose consciousness, and that is what the big debate seems to be aboud.

I’ll really find all the answers tomorrow, so I guess… until then.

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Virginia Beach

I just came home from Virginia Beach...

Here's my ratings of the Hotel's I stayed in.

- Cleanliness: 9.0
- Visual Appeal: 5.7
- Customer Service: 10.0
- Accommodations: 6.0
- Recreational Opportunities: 8.5
- Utilities: 3.0 (shower did not function properly, main lights were burned out)
- True Value/Actual Cost: $40.00/$60.00
- Overall: 5.5 out of 10


- Cleanliness: 9.6
- Visual Appeal: 10
- Customer Service: 9.0
- Accommodations: 8.0
- Recreational Opportunities: 9.5
- Utilities: 9.5
- True Value/Actual Cost: $100.00/$60.00
- Overall: 9.5 out of 10

[broken image]

(photo of the Howard Johnson Hotel view)

I really had wished we stayed at the Marriot the entire time, the Howard Johnson, though it had great customer service, seemed run-down.

My shower experience was miserable. (changed rapidly between hot and cold constantly, and was entirely unavoidable unless you had tools and knowledge as a plumber.) It also isn't very good, when you walk in, and the lights don't even turn on.

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Hotel Accommodations

I'm staying in a pretty decent hotel right now... an extra bed? Sure! [broken image] Anyway, I'm only here for four days... so far so good... kind of.

On the plane ride over, I sat in the back of the plane, but as time passed, I became somewhat sick... [sighs] And by that I mean all the water I drank on the way over, came right up, over, and over again.

I filled up a bag with so much vomit, that they had to get me a garbage bag, you know... those big black garbage bags? My vomit.

And the best part, is most of it came out... almost all of it, when we landed. So as soon as those tires hit [buuururrrraaaaghaaahahaa]

But the hotel sure is nice.

[broken image]

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Why Everyone Needs A Mom

Someone just gave me a horrible review, not of that song, but of "Fading Witness" I really don't agree with them at all.

I just really don't like people who are so negative, and help no one with their reviews...

The one good thing they said was that it was the most unique song they've ever heard, and amongst all the bull crap ratings and under thought statements in regards to it, the fact that they stated it was so unique somewhat evens out the insane disregard for productivity.

[sighs] Anyway... every positive word you send me, makes me that much stronger, so thank you mom.

I don't plan on ever ending my musical exploration...

- Gregory

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: If You Download One Thing Today - Make It This

From: Tami Jayne Jackson

I actually really like this piece. You are really onto something Greg. I've listened to this one over and over (don't get tired of it . . . INCREDIBLE!)

"Gregory J. Daniel" wrote:

I hope you enjoy this, it is definitely worth the download no matter who you are.

Please listen all the way to the end. The best of it comes mid-way.

I created this today, February 24th.

Nightmare Solo

http://www.onision.com/music/albums/7-safe-haven/onision-nightmare-solo.mp3 (Song Archived)

If you'd like to listen to one of my other 56 currently uploaded songs, please check out http://www.onision.info

Thank you!

- Gregory


I know... I actually took the next step and invested a little more than $300.00 into my software, so I could make better music without sacrificing any of my desired message (some people actually take other people's tunes and call them their own, they mix a few sounds together, and all of a sudden it's an original creation... I had to find software that was both high in quality, and fully customizable, so every note I could program in myself... I found the software, and that's what you hear now.)

Thank you so much mom. As for selling it in Aunt Kelly's shop, tell her I should have something really nice toward June, right now I'm really just evolving... it's a fluctuating process, but I'll get to the point where I'm extremely confident.

[sighs] Can you check http://www.onision.info again for me? The track I was talking about is uploaded.

It is called "The Darkest Ally" (yes, Ally)

- Gregory

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Subject: Re: Momma... check this one out.
From: Tami Jayne Jackson

Honey . . . there's no track on your site called "The Darkest Alley" or "Ally"

Did you forget to load it?

Your music has gotten so much more sophisticated. Aunt Kelly says if you put a few albums together she'll sell them in her store which opens March 1.

~ Ma

"Gregory J. Daniel" wrote:

Mom, please check out my latest songs... Specifically "The Darkest Ally"

It's very different.


- Gregory

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As of late I've really been looking into places where I can invest in myself, my future. I had originally tried to work with GoDaddy.com and reserve some high-traffic domains, but $80.00, and a month later, I come back with nothing. So... anyway, unfortunately that didn't work as well as I had planned... apparently there are people with deeper pockets than me, who love to outbid, and destroy.

[broken image] Regardless, I'm now focusing on my own talents to push a better future for myself and my wife.

I've spent over $300.00 on technology for myself... and I sincerely do not regret it.

To the future.

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New Song... So Lovely.

This entry was posted on 2/24/2007 4:51 AM and is filed under Music.

I really like this song... I created it yesterday, what do you think? Do you love it as well?

Click this: Fading Witness .mp3

Tomorrow... And The Next Day.

This entry was posted on 2/22/2007 6:48 PM and is filed under Travel.

I should be headed down to Virginia soon... how cool right? I've never been there before...

So far, in my life, that I know of, I've been to:

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Canada, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Ohio, Tennessee, Arizona and a few other states + 0 countries... it should be pretty cool to get another state under my belt... [broken image]

Anyway, I'll be back in a few days, so it's really no biggie.

In other news I just dropped a little under $400.00 on my music... gosh... I really hope I'm as good as I think I am, otherwise I'm just wasting my money...

Anyway, check out: www.onision.info to judge for yourself... ok?

Have a good day, will you?


2/22/2007 11:56 PM SunTiger wrote:

Mmmmkay. WHEN are you going to Virginia? When will you be back? What will you be doing there?

Have you checked out my customer feedback yet? I've been knocking the predictions and everything RIGHT ON! {I feel so thankful to "know" things.} It's utterly amazing!

2/24/2007 4:55 AM Gregory wrote:

I was trying to to be too specific about the when, and exactly where...

I did check out your customers, very cool.

Hey! You Look Silly!

So, I found a bump a few months ago on my head, and just this morning it decided to make all the air around it fall out... so in tribute to that, I cut my hair because I looked like a complete tard.

But to slap my body back for making me look like a tard (man with bald patches thanks to some mystery lump that I'm getting checked out tomorrow) I decided to give myself a mo-hawk, and take plenty of pictures... YEAH!

[broken images]

Yes, I am super sexy with my fresh cut hair. Zoolander style!

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New Album Cover

This entry was posted on 2/20/2007 4:28 AM and is filed under Music.

I created an album cover for my latest... want to check it out?

Safe haven cover small.jpg

Pretty cool right? Anyway, feel free to comment or not... [shrugs]

I honestly expect little to no feedback... one day... one day.


2/20/2007 2:24 PM Amanda wrote:

Hey that's pretty cool, I like it, but that's just my opinion...

Ghost Rider

This entry was posted on 2/19/2007 2:31 PM and is filed under Movies.

Wow... so I did just see the Nick Cage movie: "Ghost Rider" it was visually appealing, but the audio was somewhat upsetting, specifically, the duologue.

Here's a few tips for future releases:

1. Change the fonts, they're horrible, next time: no fading, or transitional effects, just white, gray or black.

2. Lose the cheesy lines, 50% of the time, nothing is needed to be said, so don't say anything, just let us bask in the awesome action.

3. Make the villains a little less weak. Maybe give them abilities which are actually interesting "Oooo, I'm wind, I'm going to blow you to death ffoooooo ffooooooo!"

4. Lose the girl, this is not a mushy feelings movie, lose em.

5. Don't kill off the best friend. And if you do, don't have Nick Cage just ignore him, and go strait to the girl when he does actually die. (I don't care if I spoiled it for you, there isn't much to spoil in regards to SURPRISES!)

6. Next time, let the former Ghost Rider, and modern fight as a team in at least one battle... come on.

Alright, should you see it? Yes! Should you wear ear-plugs? YES!

It's All New

This entry was posted on 2/19/2007 9:59 AM and is filed under Updates.

I've been searching for a better blogging system than "WordPress" as it has not been allowing viewers to comment on the blogs I've posted... well, the solution is here!

I'm using GoDaddy.com now to blog, and thus far, it seems pretty cool, and it feels a bit more like, me, considering I actually was able to easily modify this template to incorperate my own images in.

Anyway, enjoy what there is to, and please feel free to comment like an obsessive mad man!

I'm off to see a movie... Ghost Rider... I'll probably mention it later.

Thanks for stopping by.

[broken image]

Another Morning.

Mmm… off to work, the last day. I’ll finish up today, like any other… then I will have break, but as soon as I blink my eyes… I’ll be back… working all over again…

This is why I must exchange my attitude, and appreciate every moment I have even more… or else… before I know it, my life will be gone… I will be 80 years old… wondering how it all went by so fast.

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The Sorrow…

I’m so sad… my love is gone… she is off with my sister… my sister is visiting from a far…

I worked all day… and now I’m so sad… because I came home, and she was gone… she is gone.

I’m so sad… I worked all day… and now it’s been an hour alone…

I’m so alone.

[image of Greg with a beanie looking down]

Song: This Morning (Song Archived)

We will be alone…

We will always be… alone.

We will be alone…

We will be alone…

I lay in here alone…

- Onision

God… I feel like crying.

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Oh oh oh the agony.

Skye & I have been out and about quite a bit as of late… enjoying life in a different, more so unpleasent way in the sense that we have left the house… [shrugs] I like being a hermit… I really really do… I don’t want a different lifestyle…

[image of Greg in a go cart] [broken image]

Go carts… mmmm. Fun. One of the most entertaining experiences I’ve had.

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Domains… Mmm… Yum.

I’m really enjoying registering domains… I do it so often now… all in hopes that I will find a jackpot domain that sells for billions :) ~ Anyway, check em out… these are some of the domains I own… for now.

games - music - photos - videos - blog - onision - forums

buyshirts.info - robotducky.info - howtomakemillions.info - tamoon.com - tantaga.com - kanzashigarden.com - vighkel.com - newbieshost.com - onlineforums.biz - 4free.us - heritage.ws - metalgearacid2.com - metalgearsolid3subsistence.com - mothersagainstlexandterry.com - onemandband.com - onlineforumscommunity.com - reveal.name - sicesca.com - onision.com - blog.onision.com - videos.onision.com - forums.onision.com - games.onision.com - flash.onision.com .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o.

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Oh the PAIN!

I ran a 12:57 mile and 1 half today. (horrible) Did 60 push ups (ok) and 45 sit-ups (bad) in a minute, and then puked, and passed out in front of my car…

I didn’t feel it was safe to drive what with my state, so for fifteen minutes I laid in the grass next to a highway, and tried to recover. Standing up I realized I wasn’t better, so I sat in the front of my car, then mozied on out and laid in the back of my car for another fifteen minutes…

I think that was the worst crash I ever had… yesterday was harsh… but I did recover, and you can’t say I wasn’t trying to do my best, as I did puke, and I did become immobile for a good chunk of time afterward… am I going to push myself so hard next time? Heck no…

I don’t like the taste of stomache acid…

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Hoo Plah Nothingness

I really really wish I’d find some inspiration, but I’m not in a state where I really want to do anything… yesterday, today and tomorrow are my days off, and for once in a long while, I’m empty…

I have things to do, I even made a new song today… but even while I made it… I felt empty… [sighs]

But I did accomplish some things… I guess what I am wondering is why I feel so…

Goodbye for now.

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