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"CATFISH Attempt on Lainey & Onision (By Cringey Hate Blogger)" video thumbnail
Moonfluff was a fake alias used to try to catfish Greg and his spouse Kai in Januray 2017.

**During the events in this article, Kai went by the nicknames "Lainey" or "Lain" and did not yet identify as a trans man. The writing in this article will reflect Kai's current name and pronouns, but images, quotes, and videos will not.

Online Interactions

After Greg and Kai's very public break-up with their ex-girlfriend Billie in January 2017, people began to notice a blue haired woman with the twitter name Moonfluff trying to attract Greg's attention on twitter.* Greg liked one of her tweets: "@Onision I will always show you love and friendship.You're the best person I've ever known 💚". She responded: "Omg @Onision liked one of my tweets. Excuse me as I sob uncontrollably into my pillow 😭💚". She also begged Greg to follow her on twitter: "@Onision I would die a happy girl if you ever followed me. 💚" (Source)

On January 18, 2017, Moonfluff tweeted: "@Onision I wish there was some way to prove to you two how serious I am about you guys. 💚💚💚💚" When someone said Moonfluff looked like Billie, they replied: "really? I don't see it. I'm older than her so maybe I look more haggared lol" (Source)

Moonfluff would tweet some over the top things to Greg. For example, Moonfluff tweeted a picture of a tattoo of a lily and wrote: "Yes please 🌸". This was most likely in reference to the lily tattoo Greg told Billie to get in order to earn back his and Kai's trust after one of their break-ups in 2016. Another example was after Greg changed his twitter name to "KING", Moonfluff replied to him on twitter: "may I be your queen and Laineys princess?" (Source) (Kai went by "Space Prince" on twitter for a while.)

On January 19, 2017, Moonfluff tweeted a handful of times at Greg. One of the tweets: "@Onision I want you and Lainey to be apart of my life. 😥" (Source) Greg re-tweeded an anime edit Moonfluff made of him, (Source) That same day, Greg messaged Moonfluff asking her to email Kai.

Caught & Accusations

On January 21, 2017, Kai and Sarah announced they just found out an admin of a hate blog tried to catfish Greg and Kai. Sarah mentions this person by name and called them "a fucking psycho". Kai reads a phone number area code and asks people on the stream where it was from. (Source) When the admin found out, they announced they will be seeking legal action against them if they mention their name again. (Source) They also implied by doing this, Child Protective Services could get involved. They point out the photos Moonfluff had been using are stolen from a Russian girl's instagram and tells Kai to report the twitter for using stolen photos. (Source 2)

On January 23, 2017, Greg uploaded "CATFISH Attempt on Lainey & Onision (By Cringey Hate Blogger)" to his UhOhBro channel. In the video, he announces a hate blogger tried to catfish himself and Kai using photos of a Russian woman. He refers to the admin of the blog by rhyming their name. He shows their private conversations and explains how they figured out it was a catfish. He said they seemed too "try-hard". They sucked up to him and Kai and seemed to say things he would want to hear, like they claimed to work at a no kill animal shelter.

Greg says he was informed Moonfluff had been talking to someone that betrayed Kai, and called her a snake. He was sent screen shots of Moonfluff and this person's conversation. In it, Moonfluff told the person that betrayed Kai to contact an admin of a hate blog for help because they were going to have a panic attack. "That literally makes no sense." He asks why would this person know one of the admins on an Anti-Onision blog.

When Greg asked them to take a selfie holding a paper that says "Greg", they made excuses saying they don't have a camera and they are at work. When they did send a picture, it was a very edited photo of someone's nose and mouth. They later sent another very edited photo. He says this photo shows it is the admin of the hate blog. He said after he called them out by name in the conversation, they deleted the Moonfluff twitter account. He brags about having a higher IQ then the average person. He shows a video of himself scrolling through these messages to prove they are real.

Greg reads a post the admin made threatening legal action against Sarah and Kai. He says they can't file a restraining order because they run a hate blog and he never showed their face or said their name. Greg says he hopes this a wake up call for this person because they've been running their blog for four years. He says the difference between him and them is that he's doing his job and they don't get paid to run the hate blog. ($ource)

Moonfluff and Greg's Conversation

The admin defended them-self on their blog. They said they did not catfish them and if they did, they would have just admitted to it and laughed about it. They said Greg has no proof. They say just because Moonfluff deleted the profile after he named them does not mean it was them. They say Greg is no different from them because Greg makes hateful drama videos. They say legal action was sought and if the video is removed they charges will be dropped. They say people are trying to add them on their personal social media now, which has pictures of their children. They say instead of trying to make money off of the situation by making a video, Greg should have contacted them directly. (Source) The admin also claimed to have talked to Youtube customer service to report Greg for "slandering young women". (Source)

The admin says people have released their private information because of his video. They say they are willing to delete their blog if Greg deletes his video. (Source) Not too long after, the admin announces they are leaving the blog and the other admin will continue running it. (Source)

People that defend the admin point out the pictures Greg received have facial piercings the admin does not have. They also point out the area code Kai mentioned on the broadcast is a Texas area code, which is not where the admin lives. Some people even believe "Moonfluff" stole the admin's photos after they realized they were caught catfishing to pass the blame.

On January 24, the Russian woman whose pictures were used by Moonfluff replied to Greg's video on twitter: "даже я столько внимания не уделяла своим фейкам🙈". (Source) A commenter that speaks Russian translated: "I speak Russian and she said “even I don’t pay this much attention to my fakes” meaning, onion boy is tripping and she’s laughing that he cares this much." (Source)


  • *This was not uncommon after break-ups for Greg, fans trying to seek his attention on twitter in hopes of a possible relationship. In fact, this was the way Kai gained Greg's attention back in 2011/2012. Some even compared Moonfluff's behavior on twitter to Kai's early fangirl tweets to Greg.