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Lealan was a friend of Greg's during his time in the Air Force. He answered questions about Greg in YouTube comments for a few years. His comments were made during YouTube's first comment system, so they can no longer be matched up to the comments he was replying to.

These comments were passed around back in 2011 by Anti-Onision and Drama Followers and began circulating again in 2016 when Greg was accused of lying about his discharge.


At this point, it is believed Lealan was being truthful. Back in 2006, he uploaded three videos he and Greg created together while in uniform. (Source) This would have been exactly when Greg was in the military and before his YouTube fame.

Many people in the comments of these videos questioned if Lealan and Greg were being truthful about their time in the Air Force and pointed out specifics about the uniforms they wore. Lealan always answered and explained.

Greg had also wrote about his friend Lealan back in 2005. "Lealan, a guy I met in tech school who is pretty much one of the coolest people I know" (Source)


(Copied and pasted in 2016)

Lealan7869 8 years ago
LOL, we were at Camp Bullis in Texas...One team of instructors to cover 200 acres of land. What fun we had!

Lealan7865 5 years ago
@[...] He was discharged because he became a conscienous objector while being an MP in South Korea. Yeah it true, he was in training to become a SERE instructor, but then got forced to go to the MP school - where I met him - I think it part because he didn't kill the rabbit. Opinions and views aside, he's a great guy.

Lealan7865 5 years ago
@[...] Heh, you know, I've never knew him to be a jerk, and was quite a fun and popular guy in our old training unit.

Lealan7865 5 years ago
@[...] Hey re-re, that was Lackland Air Force Base.

Lealan7867 7 years ago
That's a standard PASGT combat helmet (now replaced by the MICH TC-2000) and a standard issue BDU (now replaced by the ABU).

Lealan7868 8 years ago
Oh man, you should see it when we're actually *working*! Chair Force indeed, heheh. No complaints though; I've been in for three years and it's been a great learning experience.

Lealan7868 8 years ago
Mandatory wear date for the ABU's is October 2011 for the AF.

Lealan7868 8 years ago
Hahah, they were out at Camp Bullis, a training ground for ground combat, land navigation, etc. Why is that the USAF totally owns the rights to military comedy viral internet videos, yet we've never had a good movie made? All the plane movies are based on the Navy.

Lealan7868 8 years ago
We were in tech school, and they were E-1's at the time, if I remember right. Thus, no rank.

Lealan7869 9 years ago
Air Force, dude. We're still using BDU's until the Airmen Combat Uniform is released next year. And what's wrong with BDU's? The most honorable wars in our history were fought in them. Screw that digital, pixelitaed ACU crap. I'd rather wear old-school any day.