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Probably how the episode would have went.
Judge Judy is a poplar American television court show.

Greg arranged to have his ex-fiance, Shiloh, appear on the show with him in an attempt to get back the money he gave her while they were in a long distance relationship. The episode fell through when the people at Judge Judy realized they could not have Shiloh on as she was not an American citizen.


On January 20, 2012 Greg made a tweet about his love for Judge Judy. "Where is Judge Judy when I need her? Even if she said I was wrong it would be an honor to be ripped a new butt hole by that gorgeous woman." (Source)

After his final break-up with Shiloh in early February 2012, Greg found out she had cheated on him at the end of their long distance relationship. In the February 8th video, "The Truth Hurts, But So Do Your Lies", he tells Shiloh he wants his $1,700 back. $300 for her passport she lost, the additional $300 he sent, and $1,100 for rent. He also says he wants his engagement ring back because she owes that to him for cheating. ($ource)

On February 10, Greg announces on Facebook that Shiloh says she is planning on taking him to court. He states that he hopes it is Judge Judy because "she eats liars alive" on February 10th. (Source)

Greg uploaded the video "Jude Judy: Onision vs Shiloh" on February 17, 2012 to his Speaks channel. He says he just got off the phone with the people at Judge Judy and they are interested in his case against Shiloh to get his $2,000 back. He seems very enthusiastic and excited. He says they only question is if they can get Shiloh to come down from Canada for some "American justice". He believes she will agree to it because she believes she is right. He says by the end of the month they would have Judge Judy tell them who is right. "Maybe it's me that's been 100% honest, like I've been telling you guys all this time.. or maybe Judge Judy will side with the Canadian, who knows?" He says he will bring plenty of evidence supporting his case "as usual". He announces he will be suing her for the $2,000 he was conned out of. He says if he wins the case, he will donate the money to the charity of his viewer's choosing. He says he wants the money back, but he doesn't want that money back because it's "tainted". In the end there is white text telling his viewers to cross their fingers in hopes that Shiloh will agree to be on the show. ($ource)

Shiloh replied to the video with several statuses on her Draculoh Facebook fanpage. Her initial reaction being "HAHAHA what the fuck". She goes on to say that she feels hurt that Greg wanted to sue for the money she already told him she would pay back. She says most of her stuff is still with Greg and she had to sell her few possessions so she could buy food. She says she is currently sleeping in her father's shop because she is currently homeless. A few minutes later she makes another status asking what Judge Judy would say after she found out about the horrible things Greg put her though. (Source)

Later that day, Greg posted an update to an unknown location stating that Judge Judy will not be taking the case because they do not work with Canadian citizens. (Source)