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"Onision Attacked"
Jpmetz is a YouTuber that got into a brief video feud with Greg in 2010.


After attacking Shay Carl on Twitter for circumcising his son, one of Greg's first twitter dramas as a famous YouTuber, other high ranking YouTubers seemed to stay quiet on the subject.

Jpmetz, a decently ranked YouTuber of the time, became fed up with the drama and uploaded "ONISION SUCKS!!!!!! makeup tutorial" on July 3, 2010.

(Admin note: During this time, jpmetz was well known for her "angry" character that would rant about topics in an insulting manner. She constantly insulted everyone in her videos including her close friend and fanbase. Therefor, she insults Greg a lot during the video, but I will try to summarize her main points.)

In the video, Jpmetz says Greg spammed Twitter about how Shay Carl is a bad father because of his decision to circumcise his son. The video cuts to a quick sketch with her friend asking him how felt to be circumcised. Her friends responds that he does not remember. The video returns to vlog style and she says after the response he received from his tweets, Greg decided to martyr himself by saying things like "I learned my lesson about speaking my opinions" and "I can't help that I'm so opinionated." She says she also has strong opinions on sensitive topics, but doesn't try to piss people off on twitter with them for a click and a view. She says she's sick of hearing about his drama and predicts that in a few months he will start another Twitter drama to help his YouTube views. She says she knows who Onision is because she began seeing him pop up in her subscriptions box because he was collabing with many popular YouTubers. She says it blows her mind that he has no respect or regard for someone that has been on YouTube longer than him and is more liked. She says all of the big YouTuers that made Onision who he is all said nothing. "No big YouTuber directly came to Shay Carl's defense. I'm sorry, I just think that's unbelievable. What's the matter with the YouTube community? Are people really that afraid of burning a bridge?" She ends the video by saying she does not think stating an opinion like that does not make your brave, it makes you an attention whore and an idiot. She also says he's lucky "because apparently the YouTube community is a bunch of cowards." (Source)

Later that day, Greg uploaded "Onision Attacked" to his Speaks channel. He says a female YouTuber with quite a few subscribers made a hateful video toward him. He says because she is popular, he is now being harassed on Twitter. He says he did not watch her video because she called him names, she did not focus on the topic she was talking about, that she did not research before she made the video, and she did not pronounce his name correctly. Greg also says he did not like that she justified hurting humans (circumcision) because they won't remember. He says that part stuck out to him and that he only watched half of the video because he was "disturbed" at the "mean names" she called him. Greg says that with what she said, it's okay to go up to someone with amnesia and slap them in the face or to go up to someone under the influence of a rape drug and do whatever you want with them. Greg says he "already apologized for directly attacking someone" and is not directly attacking this woman. He says he doesn't want to because it's promotion for her channel and after what she said, he does not want to be associated with her. He thanks his supporters and tells people that don't like him to unsubscribe. (Source) Greg has since deleted this video.


"YouTubers I Hate", 2016
Many people still praise Jpmetz's video for her prediction that Greg will start drama every few months when his view count plateau, as many people believe Greg still follows this pattern.

Greg had not spoken about Jpmetz for years until in March 2016 when he uploaded the video "YouTubers I Hate". In the video, he refers to as "this chick" and says she tried to justify genital mutilation by saying it didn't matter because the children won't remember. He says he replied by saying she must think victims of date rape drugs aren't victims because they don't remember. He says, "obviously this girl is not very intelligent", but concludes he does not hate her. ($ource)