It's Over

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It's Over music video
It's Over, or Her Lies, is a song created by Greg in 2012.


Greg uploaded "It's Over" to his main channel on February 4, 2012. ($ource) The song was about his ex, Shiloh, and all the lies she told during their relationship. The music video featured Greg singing in random places in Seattle.

The song is available to purchase on several sites. The song also goes by "Her Lies".

Video Bomber

During a brief clip n the music video, a confused looking man can be seen behind walking Greg looking directly at the camera. (Source) Around the time the video was released, there was some buzz about the video bomber. (Source)


(Lyrics Source)

In the beginning we were so happy,
I loved you and you loved me,
Or you said you did, yeah you said you did,
I believed you did, we were gonna have a kid.

Now I think of it, yeah I think of it,
You looked at me as another idiot,
I'd believe your lies, give us 14 tries,
What do you care it's not your heart that dies.

No it's me, it's always me,
You can lie, control, scream,
Curse, use, abuse, get high,
And what am I? I'm another guy.

Just another guy to take the fall and die,
No questions asked, he's a psycho that's why,
Show him the skeletons hiding in your closet,
Soon he can become one when he's had enough of it.

Yeah in the beginning everything was swell,
You would follow me anywhere, even into hell,
Or would you? Was any of it true?
Who did I fall in love with? Was it really you?

the video bomber

How can anyone know, who you really are?
You lied about the accident in your car,
The five suicides, the physical force,
Why did I stay? I'm just another fool of course.

Every night I lay in bed and wonder why,
Why you couldn't just be honest & thought you had to lie,
Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie, until I finally refused you,
And said my last goodbye.

First it was an alter ego, losing three years or so,
The metal plate in your head & what about the rainbow?
You lied about our baby & medical conditions,
You're always running your mouth, but can you even listen?

The truth,
It hurts,
I loved you,
I needed you.

But you betrayed me,
You broke us,
I kept trying,
But you wouldn't stop lying.[x 8]
Stop lying.