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I Am Speech Outline is an outline for a speech Greg prepared for a college class in 2004 when he was 18. He shared on his Onision site in 2006. (Source)


Gregory J. Daniel

January 23, 2004

Speech 100

1. Age

A. Born 11/11/1985

B. 18 Years Old

2. Hobbies

A. Roller Blading

B. Web Site Construction

C. Writing

3. Occupations

A. Webmaster

B. Graphic Designer

C. Physical Laborer

D. Paid for all of the above.

4. Personality

A. Words

I. Technical truth is the best kind of truth.

II. I enjoy making wise cracks and correcting grammar/misconceptions

III. I enjoy debating others --- and I lose about 1 out of every 5 arguments.

IV. Sarcasm is fun if you use it on people who can take it.

V. I rarely cuss and do not enjoy negative words during any discussion.

B. Misc. Info

I. Worst Fear: Burning To Death

II. Life Goal: Live without significant stress, to mutually love someone deeply, and to die without debt, problems, or questions.

III. The Look: My clothing archive consists of black, gray and dark blue. I chose to ware these purely because I feel good in those colors.

C. Substances

I. I’ve never inhaled anything other than second hand smoke and camp fire fumes.

II. I’ve never used any illegal drug or mind altering drug other than one time when I was buzzed from alcohol.

III. I believe that alcohol alone tastes gross and should only be used on wounds.

IV. I plan to never use drugs of any kind because I don’t like the idea of acting like an idiot --- possibly for the rest of my life.

D. Relationships

I. I refuse to date druggies due to past experiences.

II. Gothic girls are more confused and overemotional than they ever were harmful.

III. I never lie in a relationship, and if I do, the person I lied to will know about it minutes later.

IV. I’m extremely picky due to the fact that I believe dating is a waste of time unless the person you are dating has potential to stick around for 10+ years.

V. I’ve dated 15 girls in the past, the majority of break ups were on my part in which I believe the relationship to be doomed.

VI. For those who can remember me, most girls I’ve dated would describe me to be honest, sincere, but a jerk nonetheless.

E. Emotions

I. I don’t cry when others die, when buildings fall, when I am physically hurt, or for any other reason other than those that involve significant other related disasters. I once cried for hours non-stop because a girl I loved would not talk to me any longer. And because of my feelings towards this subject, I can’t feel sorry for people who cry for any other reason.

F. Violence

I. I often times have very violent thoughts when I dislike another male. I never actually consider acting out what I have thought of, yet such thoughts come regardless of potential to act out the thought. The only acception to violent thought is when I am angry at females --- at which point all I want to do is fix the problem or merely stay away from them.

II. I’m the type to hit someone if they hit me first. To replicate whatever force was directed my way to the opposing direction. However I do not hit those that I believe are weaker than I am. For five years my sister beat me till I cried and ran off but after the first time where I actually won a battle, the fights ended and we have not raised a hand on each other since.

III. I believe that rapists and murderers should be dealt with by the victim families in whichever manner they prefer. Neither should ever see the light of day after the right proof has been provided that they had been a part of such a disgraceful event.

5. Relatives

A. Father

I. Divorced Once

II. Married Twice

III. Former Pastor of 7 Years

IV. Known for his lies by his children.

B. Mother

I. Divorced Twice

II. Married Twice

III. Smart enough to give up on marriage.

IV. Strong believer in the Wicca religion.

C. Male Side Family

I. Strong and sincere individuals.

II. Devoid of religion.

III. Known for their hunting and craftsman skills.

IV. Also known to get high and drunk with each other at family gatherings.

D. Female Side Family

I. Strong willed and minded.

II. Mostly religious.

III. Known for their constant arguments and troubles over the small things.

IV. Known to follow the “Women cook, men eat” standards.

4. Beliefs

A. People

I. Most boys around my age are complete morons.

II. Most girls around my age are too varied to categorize.

III. Most adults are mental children claiming to be grown ups.

IV. Most human beings want to believe there is an afterlife and such thing as a soul, but I can’t help but think that we are just intelligent animals.

B. Religion

I. Atheist (Believe There Is No Higher Power)

II. Christians are a positive contribution to society yet some also represent the most corrupt in this country because of their excuses and feelings as if for every crime they commit that all is forgiven by their higher power.

III. The Bible was not written by Scientists and/or those aware of our solar system and galaxies outside our own.

IV. From past experiences realize that the majority of those who call themselves Christians find the Bible, the book of their own religion, too boring to read from front to back and yet still commit their lives to something that they know little of.

V. Heaven was made up because clouds are very pretty and combined with sun can seem like a better place.

VI. Visions of higher powers come from vivid dreams and hallucinations. (Much of Bible written around Egypt… desert + human = hallucination)