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Haters United was a video series where Greg as Rod Danger and a co-host would pretend to be haters and talk about the latest Onision gossip.


The original cast was Greg and his ex-wife Skye. Skye played Sunny and Greg was Rod Danger. Each video consisted of the two gossiping negatively about Onision. They would talk about current Onision events, such as the Onision channel hitting 100,000 subscribers and the latest rumors and gossip surrounding Onision and Skye.


After his recent divorce with Skye, in his January 2011 Haters United video, he appears alone. Using a dummy dressed in Sunny's clothing and wig as a co-host, he talks about Onision's divorce in-between crying. At the end of this episode, Greg rips his "All Star" Rod Danger shirt.


After announcing his new girlfriend Shiloh, Haters United made a comeback in May 2011. This time, Shiloh played Rod's new co-host, Cloey. They continued the theme of discussing Onision's drama.


After officially ending things with Shiloh, the Haters United series officially came to a close, although Greg continues to use the Rod Danger character.

Facebook Page

In 2011, Greg made a "Haters United" Facebook fan page, pretending it was a hate page as there were many Anti-Onision Facebook pages at the time. Soon after, Facebook removed it due to bullying. He later revealed it was him on his OnisionSpeaks Facebook fan page. (Source)