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HS Anon Account is a series of posts on an image board from a man going by HS Anon who claimed to have known Greg throughout high school. Along with his posts, HS Anon provided many pictures of Greg, Skye, and some of Greg's other exes from High School.

Please note: This is just a page for archiving the text from HS Anon's board posts. Please read the HS Anon article for context.

(Anything HS Anon/"Michael" posted is boxed here in purple.)


Anonymous 6 hours ago No. 171584>>171603>>171621>>171670>>171701>>171702>>171715

File (hide): 1440873743871.png (164.45 KB, 500x653, 3 25 2011.png)

I can't watch this and hold on to this information any longer. I won't give out much information of myself other than that my name is Michael, I went to high school with this guy, and a good friend of mine is someone he cheated on his ex wife with. I also run my own independent technology based business. Greg is a total loser and actually cheated on his ex wife with a friend of mine before him and his ex wife were ever even married. He was doing it for a while too until my friend found out he was taken and told Skye. She dumped his ass and he ended up losing his mind because he got caught and cried like a little bitch and called her every day for two solid weeks to get her back. Let me say that again, SHE dumped him. He'd been caught in school a whole lot of times by other girls doing the exact same thing to them and it was always the girls that dumped him as it was always other girls that ratted him out.

I had always wondered what ever had become of this guy since I left Washington and moved on from school. Apparently some people never change. He's been this way for years. There was a running joke among pretty much everyone in school that he was going to be put down in the year book as "most likely to commit a school shooting". He wore a combo of a trench coat, beanie, and tripp pants…every day. In fact if I remember correctly it seemed like he'd been wearing the same clothes for a couple weeks a time before ever washing them. He'd rarely ever talk to anyone and the few times he did he would always talk down to a person. At first we thought he didn't realize he was doing it, but after weeks and weeks of it being a regular occurrence we (pretty much the entire school) started getting the idea that he just hated people. I mean, he had friends, but he'd still treat them like shit. Every since I can remember he's always thought of himself as better or above everyone else.

He'd start arguments with teachers because he thought he actually knew more than they did, when he was obviously proven wrong he would completely deny it and act like a pouting child. There was one time, and I remember this because it was just before summer break, where his mother who looked completely cracked out actually came to school and argued with the teacher about how perfect her son was and how he never could do any wrong. He had gotten in trouble again for being caught cheating on yet another girl and her father was doing what any reasonable man would, he was threatening to beat the crap of Greg. I had to drop off some late homework so I went directly to my teachers office to do this and over heard the entire thing. It was the hilarious and embarrassing thing I'd ever been privy to eavesdrop on in my entire life. His mother literally started chanting some wiccan stuff or new age stuff, I'm not even sure what it was, he has his head down, his face is turning red as a beet, and his fists are balled up, while this girls father whole looks like a 250+ lbs Marine is berating him for trying to score with his daughter who he lied to. All the while our schools principal is just sitting there with the most confused expression because he had zero idea what to do. It was surreal, it was as if Jerry Springer had visited our school. To this very day I can't even properly explain what I had witnessed.

After that he really just went downhill and never recovered. He was an asshole to just about every single person he met, and started bragging about how we'd all be "thanking him and congratulating him" one day because he wanted to enlist into the military and go over to Iraq. Everyone started to really distance themselves from him at that point. I remember that he started bragging about going into the Navy or Air Force, but at that point I was just too focused on finals and getting into college to even care anymore. One more thing I do remember vividly is how often he'd pick fights he couldn't win after that. He was already known for running his mouth to people about things he wasn't even remotely knowledgeable on, but after the previous incident, he'd start actively provoking people. I can see why he gets so much hate here, Greg's still doing the same thing, even now. He ended up pissing off a few metalheads in our school, if I recall correctly he said something about one of them having a sibling that passed away and them not truly caring about it or something…and well, they just pummeled him into a pulp. Three on one basically. Once again, mom was quick to bail him out of any responsibility for getting exactly what he'd asked for. This didn't happen behind the school or after school hours, mind you. This happened in front of almost everyone. In general, we'd hear about this going on once every couple of weeks. After a while we just stopped hearing about him anymore, my best guess is that is when he secluded himself online and started doing this video sort of stuff. I've seen the video about him creating an online cult like religion, I'm just making a guess here but it seems his problems just intensified with time.

I only partially knew Skye through a couple of other people. She was a very nice, but quiet person. She did some cool graphic design stuff. I even thought of asking her out a couple times but then Greg came along and we didn't see or hear much from her after that. That never sat well with me. Other people have said this past and I can confirm, that Greg always wanted to be with her sister more. In the last few days I've taken the time to watch a few of the videos that caused the most stir and its funny to me how much he now seems to whine about "slutty" girls because back then those were always the type he'd go after. It was either girls that were more sexually free spirited, or girls who were very quiet, obviously virgins, and had some types of issues at home or depression. There never seemed to be any middle ground. It was either one or the other and his ideal type seemed to be an impossible mix of both.

As I said before, I've watched enough to catch up about this guy; all of the Shiloh stuff, when he decided to divorce Skye for her, all of that up until now. I have to tell, this guy absolutely terrifies me now. He was always off balanced but I figured that with time he'd find his niche in life and things would be relatively alright. That couldn't be farther from the truth. He has never gone anywhere in life since high school. I started my own business, own my house, have a couple of kids and a loving wife and we travel all of the place regularly. He just continues to act like a spastic teenager and he is one year younger than me and can only make money through Google AdSense or heavily taxed partner revenues. He literally displays the same behavior as an online and offline predator now. He has never once changed the way he treats women, or who gives that treatment to, he has just allowed it all to become horribly worse. I think he must also be in horrendous amounts of debt as well. I've seen the way he tries to live and I can tell you that he cannot possibly afford all of that. Greg was always terrible with money. For example, a five dollar pair of sunglasses he'd pay for with a twenty so he didn't have to count the change. He was always broke and apparently so was everyone else in his household. I watched a video just recently where he said he'd paid $6000 to a contractor for his yard who took all his money and never did anyway, and all he did was make a video on it. Obviously not even that has changed. And now he has a child? That's the worst part.

The last thing I'll leave you all with is a segment about his inability to care for, and somewhat hatred of children. Around the time this guy started coming around more I remembered him talking about working for a daycare. Another friend of mine also worked at this daycare, which I won't name because frankly I've followed the Chris-Chan saga and I don't think the place would appreciate a ween-overload. She told me that he was close to being fired (and eventually did get fired) because he had applied for a job he no idea how to do. He couldn't even do the most basic things for these kids (mostly toddlers) and whenever they started to get upset he'd be rude and mean to them. Finally when they shitcanned him he apparently lost it, with children there, and stormed out saying like "fuck these stupid kids anyway" or something to that effect. He'd offhandedly made jokes about how he'd just leave a girl who he was with if she got pregnant even if the kid was his because he didn't want children at all. Obviously no one thought it was funny. Watching the Shiloh thing unfold it was just one huge reminder of that. Apparently he caused her to miscarry as well, twice. I don't keep up with many of these people from high school much anymore until something crazy as shit happens for this guy. I'll just say there's the possibility he's got a kid out there he won't ever see or acknowledge and neither his current wife, nor the current movement against knew about it until now. He fucked over his ex-wife that badly. He was forced to pay alimony instead of child support because they didn't even want to chance him seeing the child so they just took it away from him and he was completely fine with it from what I've been told. I was told that he did this video to chase her off YouTube because she was close to spilling the truth about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1z_96Q4wVg[Archived Copy]

This video was uploaded the day before he was fully served a restraining order (pic related check the date): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uyvlmpog1c He'd been calling his ex wife non stop being a creep to the utmost maximum. From what I've been told it made his voicemails to AJ sound like someone handling a break up well by comparison. He'd been crapping pants over going to court for it apparently because not only would he have no contact with her, he had to fork over $1500 that day. The video I've linked here is way creepier now that it has some real context. Anyway, that's all I've got for now. Busy day ahead, if people have questions, I'll be back on later. Enjoy, because as obsessive as he is, he's bound to read all of this so things will get pretty interesting over the next few hours if he indeed sees this.
Anonymous 5 hours ago No. 171603>>171665>>171684


So he has two kids?

I don't understand why a court would allow him to forgo child support. Even if a parent doesn't have a relationship with a kid, he still has to pay child support. Unless Greg never claimed paternity and the mom never had a filiation proceeding?
Anonymous 5 hours ago No. 171621>>171622>>171684


Holy fucking shit, someone ends to report him to child protective services. I feel anxious for the kids, damn.

As someone who's been a volunteer mentor for middle schoolers, and took care of a few toddlers in the past. Reading about how he tried to do child care just made me want to punch his ugly ass face. How could he think to he can do this shit? What the ruck is wrong with him? Also, why didn't the child care place call the cops on him?!

Jesus, I really want to see this guy torn apart publicly. He's horrendous as fuck.
Anonymous 5 hours ago No. 171622


*what the fuck! ugh autocorrect.
Anonymous 3 hours ago No. 171665>>171684


honestly probably so the mom and child can just have absolutely no ties to Greg at all, even if it means forgoing monetary support. I could see him paying child support and using that and "maintaining a relationship with the child" as an excuse to harass his ex wife
Anonymous 3 hours ago No. 171670>>171684


Tripp pants? Trenchcoat? Do you have a yearbook you can take pictures of him? I need to see this!!!
Anonymous 3 hours ago No. 171684>>171695>>171702

File (hide): 1440885753747.jpg (21.04 KB, 500x500, 2004.jpg)


Apparently yes. From what was described to me, he forfeit his parental rights and signed the child over to the family. It's rare but it happens.

>>171665 Hit the nail on the head. It's why they chose to do it.


This was apparently something he did to impress a girl that worked there as well. He started a lot of drama with her which was yet another reason why the fired him. He's actually admitted only that in I believe it was one of the livestream videos he did a couple of years ago which I watched. He's also held various other jobs but got fired from those as well.


From the yearbook no. I have a few that I was going to leak a while back that haven't really ever surfaced before however, from around that time. In the pre-meme days we used to screw with these a lot because he posted these on our schools online bulletin board with a long diatribe attached, as well as his old MySpace account. I'll tag them in each responding post. I'll start with one that I have which is the most future pedophile looking. This isn't a recent photo by any means, let me remind you.
Anonymous 3 hours ago No. 171688>>171702

File (hide): 1440886357210.jpg (139.28 KB, 327x497, Yearbook 2003.jpg)

Eh, screw it. Why not have a photo dump. I dug around in my files for a bit and found one that was indeed from the 2003 yearbook. This is the face that would interrupt conversations whenever it came down a hallway.
Anonymous 2 hours ago No. 171695>>171698>>171712


I don't doubt that behavior about children. He seems to use pregnancy as a way to manipulate women to marry him (Adrienne, Shiloh, etc). Also he doesn't even acknowledge the fact that he has a son, basically to the point of publicly denying that he has a child. At first I thought it was so he would seem younger and more attractive to his young audience, but now it seems that he really just never wanted a child.

It's sad because his child with Taylor was obviously not planned, and when Taylor announced her pregnancy, she admitted she cried when she first found out and was very scared. Even now there seems to be a disconnect between Taylor and her child, she blocks anyone who asks about him and refuses to say anything publicly about her child.

So high school anon, mind if I ask you your thoughts on a few things? Like do you think Greg raped Adrienne? Do you think killing his turtle was purposely malicious or just ignorance? What do you think of his marriage with fangirl Taylor?
Anonymous 2 hours ago No. 171698


I'd always assumed that the kid lived with his parents or Taylor's. Most people wont let you forget that they have kids but theirs is invisible.
Anonymous 2 hours ago No. 171701>>171707>>171722


The beating explains the fight scene in his book. He's been having revenge fantasies about it since he was in high school, what a loser.

Speaking of his book. Did your school have a decent English department? I don't understand how he is so bad at writing.
Anonymous 2 hours ago No. 171702

File (hide): 1440888503583.png (30.62 KB, 408x389, 1424015107446-3.png)




yusss gibe us more, dear anon

bumpu for jutice
Anonymous 2 hours ago No. 171707>>171722


Stones to Abbigale is Greg's own Sonichu comic lmfao.

He gets to write a fantasy world where all the teachers worship him, he beats up the bullies, AND gets the girl.

It's funny that you mention that Greg was beat up 3 to 1, because almost the exact thing happens in his book, except James (Greg's self insert) manages to beat up 3 bullies at once by chopping them in the throat and going for their balls.

Reading all the parallels from his actual high school experience and STA is glorious.
Anonymous 2 hours ago No. 171708

Thank you so much for this.

This fucker needs to go down.
Anonymous 2 hours ago No. 171712>>171716>>171724

File (hide): 1440889047798.jpg (20.07 KB, 254x516, 2004 (2).jpg)

>>171695 Using pregnancy to do that seems like he's desperate now. He'd get "engaged" girls a lot. Of course he obviously wasn't going to marry them but the rumor was that he did it so they wouldn't cheat on him as easily. Which, is absolutely bizarre because he cheated almost every girl he was ever with. I don't think anything at all is something that's ever planned in his life. While myself and the people I stayed close with were all planning our futures out (as best we could for pre-college seventeen year olds), he was busy acting like the epitome of an emo kid one moment, and then in the next a psychotic know it all. Personally what I took away from his being a father is that he didn't care about the risks of having unprotected sex because its all he did back in high school as well. I think there used to be a rumor that he gave one girl a UTI and then called her a bitch at lunch in front of other people because she told her friends about it.

I've read her story and I believe it. Everything in it. It's exactly what I experienced with him back in high school. He was pushy with everything to get his way, be it with girls or anything else. Her story of being pressured is sad to read, but unfortunately it's not shocking because when he was getting berated by the girls father which I mentioned in my main post, it was for that very reason he was getting reamed. For the turtle, I think it was a mixture of both. I don't think words do justice for just how big of a dolt this guy was. He never seemed to handle any responsibilities properly and he was always getting into shit with instructors because he'd take extra credit work he would never finish. I know he used to own several pets because his weird ass mother was into collecting all sorts of animals, but he could never keep any of them alive for very long. Everyone knows about the chicken he tried to raise but couldn't. There were a couple more he never seemed to talk about. He had two dogs, both of which died from undernourishment. For a guy that is a vegan he really lazy with properly caring for animals entirely.

As for his marriage, it's a total farce. I don't see any connection or chemistry between those two whatsoever. Aside from her being afflicted with some very obvious issues, she's not even the type he ever seemed to go after. Back in school he absolutely hated girls like her. Right now I think he just puts up with it because she had his child and he feels trapped because he's been too used to running away from everything.
Snowy 2 hours ago No. 171715>>171730


So was he known for copying people he "disliked" I noticed over the years if there is a guy he gets fixed on he will copy them or their relationships.

As for his kids not shocked. It seems like he mimics people. To pick fights or develops this twisted drama. I'm curious. I have been watching this train wreck since he broke up with Skye.

There is a screencap about the pregnancy your are talking about but it's kept under wraps.

Shiloh did tell me the memory loss was fake in order to make enough money to heat the house. I saw posts from a friend of mine about how he shoved her into the door frame lied about being septic to get away and go home because he was bitching abou the medical bill. She was told she would have to be cleaned out of the baby to keep from going septic. She utilized it to go home.

Shiloh lost her laptop and other things too having to run home. She had to play it off to get back. Many Anti-O people shame her for her lies but there are many things that you have to do till you can get away from someone abusive and have to realize they are abusive.

I am glad I won't live near him. Looks like he moved to some where bigger because people found out where he lived.
Anonymous 2 hours ago No. 171716


>He had two dogs, both of which died from undernourishment.

Wow what the hell that's heartbreaking. He has two dogs now, and people have called animal control on him in the past for not taking care of them. He recorded a video of both his dogs playing in a garbage filled garage. He tried to force a vegetarian diet on them too, but their bodies were rejecting the food and would vomit after every meal.

He seriously shouldn't be allowed to own pets, let alone care for a child. I totally understand his ex-wife keeping him as far as possible from the child. Hoping nothing horrible happens to Troy though.
Anonymous 2 hours ago No. 171717
He needs to be sent to a mental ward.
Snowy 1 hour ago No. 171721
I'm busy at the moment so I might be slow to ask more questions hopeful you will answer.
HS Anon 1 hour ago No. 171722

File (hide): 1440890418582.jpg (26.16 KB, 500x500, 2003 (2).jpg)

Funny I actually have "turtle" related picture for the person who mentioned that unfortunate incident earlier. He would post things like this on his MySpace a lot back then. I don't why, I guess perhaps he thought it was to make him seem thought provoking and sensitive? I don't honestly know. Oh and yes, he was always been that unkempt and greasy looking. It was gross in person. People wondered if he had some kind of literal problem with sweating too much or something because he actually smelled of BO a lot and never did anything about it for days at a time.



It was a regular happening as well. He has done one video in the past (because all of this got me curious after all these years) where he goes on about what it was like but that's just completely bullshit. He'd instigate people with things, for example if you were a meat eater and you were just having a burger or taco for lunch in the cafeteria he'd sit across from and start giving you shit about it. He'd try and make people feel guilty about their food even back then and it seemed to have just happened overnight. One day he didn't care, the next morning he's a PETA elitist. That pissed a lot of people off, but the part that really got people heated was that he didn't stop when they just gave up and skipped lunch because of this lunacy. He'd follow them around and try to get them to argue his crap about veganism. I think you all know how well that turned out.

He did this to a lot of people too. He didn't care about how ridiculous it made him look. I think in his mind, him getting beat up for intentionally pissing people off (because after a while he got really malicious about it), reinforced his backwards ideals about things. The more he'd do this the more hardcore about it he became. The "murder eaters" video is a bit older than people think it is because I remember him posting something similar in our schools bulletin board and him getting absolute wrecked people over it, even called to the office for "inappropriate usage" of it.

Our school had a pretty good literacy program actually. I enjoyed it. Greg just never seemed to want to learn much because he always seemed to think he knew everything. He never really got good grades ever from what I remember and was always turning work in late. The whole "I haven't read a book in fourteen years" thing is bullshit. He was just never good at reading in general even as a sophomore in high school. Whenever he had to orate something for class he'd just bomb pretty hard as he seemed very stunted in his reading level for someone his age. I'm listing to this one girl read some chapters of his book on YouTube as I'm typing this and I can confirm that back then it was just as abysmal if not more. For any assignment that was about creative writing he'd make just about every literary mistake someone could and then get mad at the instructor even though he was the one that made the mistake. If I make mistakes when I type up a paper its because I'm going too fast and such, for him he just never paid enough attention in class to learn much.
Anonymous 1 hour ago No. 171724>>171741


> I think there used to be a rumor that he gave one girl a UTI and then called her a bitch at lunch in front of other people because she told her friends about it.

He and Shiloh got UTIs constantly when they were together. Greg would talk about how crazy violent sex had to be, even made a video about it. Also does this confirm that Greg is a greasy motherfucker who doesn't use a shower? He's super stingy on heating bills, I imagine the same goes for water bills.

> Her story of being pressured is sad to read, but unfortunately it's not shocking because when he was getting berated by the girls father which I mentioned in my main post, it was for that very reason he was getting reamed.

So Greg has officially coerced two girls. Rapist scum. I don't doubt it for a minute either, many girls came anonymously to a blog on tumblr and shared many stories of being abused/raped by him.

>As for his marriage, it's a total farce. I don't see any connection or chemistry between those two whatsoever.

Plenty of people see right through his marriage too, between his constant reaffirmations of his love over his "hot wife", to the videos showing zero chemistry between them, the awkward kisses, etc.
Anonymous 59 minutes ago No. 171729>>171741

Well this is just awful.

Even though I don't like her, I feel bad for Lainey. She probably thinks she can't do any better and tgat faggot is manipulating her. She is still young but already a mother so she thinks she is stuck.

I wonder how much she knows about Skye.
HS Anon 56 minutes ago No. 171730

File (hide): 1440892159320.jpg (88.19 KB, 631x800, old-style-photo-box-camera-gre…)


I don't doubt it. She legitimately entered therapy sessions for a while because of what he did to her. Now this is a lot stuff I got from other people, so take it as you will.

From what I was told, he'd been talking to Shiloh for while and she knew. He wanted to be with someone who was going to benefit his videos because fans started complaining that his wife was "boring" and she was finally starting to get sick and tired of his life being nothing but YouTube. He files for divorce and forces her to be okay with it and tells her she no other choice but to get out of his house when things are all said and done. She was with this guy since high school. I was put off by the fact he managed to get her wrapped around his finger like he did because myself and my entire group thought it was creepy, however for a while they seemed like a decent couple until he started seeing my friend as well without even telling Skye. That was the first time he really broke her down. He did that a few more times when he admitted he really wanted to be with her sister, and then the last straw was when he pulled out divorce papers.

Like I said this is third party information to me, but I don't really doubt it myself. He wanted a person to make himself look better, didn't care about what his now ex-wife felt or went through and dropped her on the spot, damage controlling the entire time. As I said before, he scared his ex off YouTube when her career was starting to take off with her videos, and did a creepy video himself the day before getting a restraining order filed on him.

His copying people must be a new thing because back then he dressed pretty like Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold, or something straight out of an LL. Bean catalog. I find his hatred of that Someguy827 guy pretty ironic because he used to look and act somewhat like him from the videos I've seen. Pic related is from 2004 if I recall correctly. Now he likes a dejected and burnt out poet ex-hipster. I don't know what you would even call his current look. He wants to be everything and anything counter culture I guess.

With the Shiloh video I think it's pretty obvious that was for shock value but the part I found most disgusting about that was that he wanted to play it out like it really happened no matter what. He knew he was caught, and he tried to deny it as hard as possible, it was insanity. The fallout of that situation is EXACTLY what he did every single time he had been caught cheating. He acted like it was all BS, he'd never done anything wrong, and then tried to justify it (admitting to it in the process) by bringing up things that didn't make any sense or had anything to do with the situation. Like most of the women that he's been with in the past, I've read that she's now got her life somewhat back in order from all this. It's funny to me how they're all of the crazy ones but he remains the one who never changed a bit.
Anonymous 52 minutes ago No. 171733>>171741

The fact that he has another child sheds a whole lot of new insight and context to things he has said before.

He HATES alimony, but thinks child support is fair. I imagine this is probably a dig at his ex-wife for being awarded alimony, and that he can't see his kid.

Adrienne also wrote in her letter that Greg told her a hell of a lot of shit about Skye, but requested it be removed from public release in the letter to protect Skye.

HS Anon, has Greg always shown interest in girls with low-self esteem, and generally weak-willed girls? It seems a lot of the girls he's taken advantage of were fangirls with issues.

Also why does Greg hate bisexuals so much? Why do you think he's putting up with his wife dating other girls on the side?

Do you think he's cheated/has been cheating on his wife?
Anonymous 50 minutes ago No. 171734
He probably cheated on his wife. Taylor sometimes tweets :"I know I am not your only one." then deletes it. When asked about it, she claims it's lyrics from songs.
Snowy 45 minutes ago No. 171736>>171741>>171750

So he likes being abused because it reaffirms his ideals. I remember when he "debated" the Someguy fella that Greg's mom beat Greg with a flash light.

So his mom would pound into him he was perfect but then beat him if she was upset. So it sounds like he is trying to do what his mom did to him to others.

I noticed though he does subtle things to get other guys to notice what he is doing.

For example: The picture someone posted of Greg in a jersey of some team is just like how Someguy does with his band jerseys and same location for a selfie.

I feel like he stalks and mimics people who he wants to play cat and mouse. In this case Batman/Joker.

The video someone posted in here he used the Anon mask as two fold. One for the "faceless" users against him. Most of them he knows who we are. Two because someone pointed out the mask in Someguys video that was in the background on the bookshelf.

The turtle thing does seem two fold as well if you mentioned he has killed animals before from neglect. I wonder if not only for attention from people and sympathy he also did it because Someguy posted pictures of his animals too.

I make these comparisons because it seems like he is trying to "one up" the guy. Maybe staying with Lainey as the "hot wife" is a competition between the two in Greg's mind.

I know it seems crazy but here is my list.

Someguy talks about his two dogs.

Greg gets two dogs

Someguy talks about his turtles.

Greg puts the turtles in video and kills it.

Someguy has had a kid one, doesn't show the kid.

Greg now has one, never shows it.

Greg copy's dress. Brags about how Someguy has bigger balls to rant against him than Repzion. Compliments Someguy a few to be friends.

Does a debate before Someguy visits his girl.

I wondered if they guy ever went that far with other guys at school.

I know he does the same shit with Shane publicly a bit over the fact Shane is more popular than him.

As far as women he hates strong women and thinks they are below him…. What's your take.
Snowy 31 minutes ago No. 171738

HS Anon

I'm not shocked he became agoraphobic. As for you mentioning him looking like the columbine shooters is kind of funny to how he wrote his book.

The guy gets overly obsessed and makes you look crazy if you pick up on his subtle traits. I am usually background but much of what your saying is still the same. I hope to never run into him.

As an adult close to his age he freaks me out.
HS Anon 30 minutes ago No. 171741>>171743>>171746

File (hide): 1440893775790.jpg (29.95 KB, 500x500, MySpace 1.jpg)


He's always been a greasy unshowered creep lol. P.E. was the worst because he'd dodge the showers afterward. Not unusual some people have issues with that which understandable but in his case it was just awful because he just stunk all of the time anyway. The few times he did go to the showers he was the most homoerotic awkward person ever. You know the videos where he's just trying way too hard to be funny with sexual humor. Think that but in person in a locker room full of guys. I don't even know at all how he survived in the military.

He'd also cake hairgel when he had shorter hair until flakes of it would fall off. The gel, mind you, not his hair. He was just…gross. No other word for it. I'd rather him reeking of axe body spray at least, rather than that awful stench of hair gel, sweat, and weeks unwashed edgy attire.


More than likely she knows nothing truthful of the situation. The things he'd make up about the girls he used to get caught with are disgusting. I can include myself in the list of people wanted to give him a shiner or twelve for the things he said about my friend after all that went down.


He was apparently alright with having nothing to do with the child. As I said earlier he has little to know comprehension of responsibility. Because of this he willing seems not to take on any he doesn't want. I guess at some point he realized how big of a loser he is at these things or whatever.

His main issues with his ex wife were just her wanting to be independent of him. He didn't like her acting like a girl her age usually acts. She got yelled at a lot of looking up clothes and such online, for not "contributing to the family business" which was just his YouTube videos. This was also part of his rationale in throwing her to the curb the way he did. He seems to be the type of person who seems to find people who are useful to him and then when they are of no more use he discards them. When I started my business I knew that my wife wasn't going to be able to contribute much to it, because she's not really computer savvy. Did I make her anyway? Hell no, and the fact he did that his ex-wife at all is insane. He fell mentally apart in the weeks afterward because he had thrown out the only person in his life at that point who put up with him enough to get married to him. Pic related was on his MySpace. I was a friend of his on there for a while after high school in case you're wondering where I had gotten all of these. It's been far, far, FAR too long since I've cleaned out my hard drive, if this thread goes to saying.


Let me make a separate post for my answers here. His mom was just a special kind of crazy.
Anonymous 21 minutes ago No. 171742>>171745>>171750

Can someone do me a tl;dr of him?

my best friend is a guy and he thinks he's a good person.

i showed him this thread and the ED article but he says it's bullshit
Anonymous 20 minutes ago No. 171743>>171750


Greg grew up without his dad, and when it comes to Troy, he's trying to make damn sure he'll be there for him. But I think that whole narrative he gives about "stepping up to be a father" is just himself getting off on his own ego and making promises he can't keep. HS Anon, have you seen this video? What do you think about it?


Tell him to actually pay attention to what is being said. Your friend is too enamored with how he presents thing he isn't looking at it. Open mindedness is a key. Throw an example of his own personal drama to help with the correlation.
Anonymous 7 minutes ago No. 171746>>171750


Why would you save pictures from his MySpace? Seems fishy. I'm sure anyone could find these through an archive of his MySpace.
Snowy 6 minutes ago No. 171747
The way they design MySpace unless you didn't private it you can't see a thing. Plus it's a mess.
Snowy 3 minutes ago No. 171748
It's like how I have pictures of people I knew in high school because I forgot to clean them out and such. Heck I have someone's car key from high school who got into trouble for bringing his guns in his trunk and showing them off before school. Dude never knew I had the the key. Kept it for the weird memory. No one asked for it back. I forgot about it till I got into college.
HS Anon 41 seconds ago No. 171750

File (hide): 1440895503972.jpg (26.14 KB, 500x500, gregory-greg-j-james-daniel-ph…)



As far as I could tell, he did have a dad figure. The problem was it was just never the same guy. His mom was batshit insane and could never stay married for very long because her husbands didn't want to take it anymore. She was so into new age stuff she was divorced from reality not just her husband of the week. Not have a dad around in general already causes a lot of issues for a person, so I can't even imagine what growing up in that household was like. Snippets of it however would spill out after school however. One day, she'd be way creepy nice, saying her son was the most special and gifted person ever. She called him her "offspring" as well…just weird. The next day she'd be yelling and screaming at him calling him a failure, a fucking loser, guilt tripping him the same ways he does in his videos now.

She was just way too weird for me or anyone else. To the point you could tell something was just off with her. She would look a person directly in the eye and never break contact, sometimes not even blink. My friends and I thought she was legitimately on drugs whenever she picked him up from school, which was only up until he got his own vehicle. I doubt we were wrong about it though. She too has not changed in years apparently.

That video is pretty disturbing to be honest. If I want to tell my son and daughter that I love them…I just do. I don't have to write a song and direct a video about. God, it almost sounds like he tries to get validation through the act of being a father itself.

Again him copying people is most likely a new thing. He never used to do that. I think the reason he might be copying Someguy to that extent is dude to his videos being how they are. It really does take a lot of anger to break his layer of ignorance and frankly, stupidity, to get him to think about some of the things he says and does. Back then, people just ignored him.


As I said in an earlier post, people have been making fun of this guy for a lot longer than he's been on YouTube. Some of these he would post on our schools bulletin board, and after a while we all just created a group on myspace to chuckle about him every so often. Pic related was one of the groups favorite images, because he's trying to be cheeki breeki or something.


Show them this thread.
HS Anon 8 minutes ago No. 171758

File (hide): 1440896719005.jpg (28.28 KB, 500x500, 2004.jpg)

Dumping a few more pictures. He'd take about 100 selfies like this at a time some days during lunch.
HS Anon 7 minutes ago No. 171759

File (hide): 1440896829346.jpg (78.08 KB, 500x500, gregory-myspace-photo-x3.jpg)

Literally Linkin Park lyrics.
HS Anon 2 minutes ago No. 171760>>171764

File (hide): 1440897072451.jpg (58.25 KB, 500x500, Skye Old.jpg)

It kind of hard to see pictures of this girl and know what happened. There are few I have here where she's full of life and energy, then when you see her in his videos…she's completely drained of all that. This is an ancient photo.
Snowy 2 minutes ago No. 171761

What about his religious ideas? I know one time he said of his wife (Skye at the time) ever got raped he would let her if it came down to his life or hers. I think that was posted long before anti-O people were around.

Did he ever try other crazy things at school? He said the story stones to abbigale is based off and ex.
Anonymous now No. 171764


Why was he so obsessed over that Tanya girl?
HS Anon 29 minutes ago No. 171772

File (hide): 1440897972769.jpg (11.97 KB, 320x240, Shiree.jpg)


The religion thing must have been something that he did only online. I never even knew about that until I watched the video that guy made about it. It does all sound similar to things his insane mom used to go off about however. Perhaps that's where he got the idea for it, who knows.

I don't think STA was truly about one ex in particular. Pic related is a girl he was always hung up on. As you might guess, he fucked her over too. I think his book was just a collection of all of the weird shit he'd gone through for girls over the years and he just condensed that into just one person because in his mind it would sound less creepy. That didn't work, from what I've listened to from this Ginerella girl's reading so far, and really all of the stuff he's putting in here DID happen but it was spread out over like 6-7 different girls.


Because she wasn't obsessed with him after a while. Chris-Chan will chase girls not interested in him because his autism makes him think they're playing hard to get, but are actually just actively keeping their distance…Greg did a similar thing here.

Tanya was a nice girl and they dated for a bit, but she broke it off when he cheated on her (he's done this to about every girl he's been with) and just never got rid of him afterward. He coped with it by staying friends with her only because he was under the impression she'd get back with him. She was not actually giving him any signs of that at all. He still acted like a puppy following her around all of the time even she got a new boyfriend. It was pretty embarrassing.
Snowy 24 minutes ago No. 171774>>171782

Have you ever thought about talking to Someguy at all about this? He has had most of Gregs ex talk to him.

I figured as much. He said the girl modeled after in the book cheated on him so it sounds like Tanya and he made is seem like she cheated.
Snowy 21 minutes ago No. 171776
I don't think he has Autism as much as he might be Bipolar who is manic and a sociopath. That's my 2 cents on his mental state. I know he used to be a heavy false flagger. And eventually got others like happycabbie and Brett keane to do some dirty work.
Anonymous 19 minutes ago No. 171779
I just find it so weird that G never mentions his kid. Not even as general statements/vague tweets. It's like the child doesn't even exist. He made that one creepy song about his son though…
Snowy 16 minutes ago No. 171780>>171782
Was he always obsessed with underage women?
HS Anon 11 minutes ago No. 171782>>171794


If ever I can make the time to do so, I'd love to. He's been right more times about this guy than I think he realizes. The issue is, I travel a lot both for recreation and business so getting time to sit down and chat about all this is something that happens often. I know how to contact SG however, since it appears he's all over social media.

He has actually been cheated on by girls, make no mistake, but it was after a nightmare of a relationship with him. With how he is to people…I hate to say this but it was in a way justified.


I think it's more from the fact that he never grew out of his youth. The psychology of both hebephiles and pedophiles is that they are partially stunted developmentally. Greg seems to go after women that around the age he was in high school when he started getting in to the most trouble with relationships. I think he became a hebephile because of not wanting to leave that state of mind and grow forward.

But, to answer your question no, he wasn't always obsessed with underage girls. Back then he picked girls who were into the gothic stuff, liked video games, but also had depression or something along those lines. Girls he thought he could fix.
Anonymous 11 minutes ago No. 171783>>171792

Someguy827 doesn't show his kid because of some shit that happened with the mother and they both lost custody and can't show it because of the mother's mother.

Gerg and Lainey choose not to show the baby because it gathers attention. Now they just block whoever asks the about the question. Lainey once blocked a person just for asking "Do you have a kid?" They removed the video announcing the pregnancy. They uploaded it on the channel that rarely gets any views (OnisionEncore) Then deleted it for no reason. They didn't seem happy whenever they announced the pregnancy as well. They just made it seem like it was forced. They don't even give updates on the child. Troy is just a shadow who's there, but isn't. If you get what I mean. It's said that Jess (Lainey's friend) Takes care of Troy, and some say Greg's Mom takes care of Troy. Greg's mom is not one to be raising the kid after the trainwreck of a son she produced, and Jess is just a young child. She doesn't need any more on her plate.

Anyways, They neglect Troy. Which is sad, because he is a beautiful kid with alot of potential. Hopefully we don't end up with anymore Gergs in this universe.
HS Anon 1 minute ago No. 171792


That's messed up. Separations can always be rough, he doesn't seem like the type of guy to deserve going through that though.

As for Greg and his new wife, definitely they're not 100% proud of being parents. I was and always will be absolutely ecstatic about becoming a dad. Anyone can be a father, but being a dad takes special care and dedication. He doesn't have that if he's too ashamed to show his son.
Snowy 7 minutes ago No. 171793

Troy was a teenagers tool to try and trap Greg. I know why Someguy doesn't show his kid.

The point is Greg wants to be view two fold again as a young guy and have things in common with others.

Personally, I think he believes Someguy and him are a like.

As far as the young girls I see your point. I know he met Taylor about and around 15-16 and kept in contact with her possibly as far back as when Shiloh and him broke up when he lived in CA with Cyr.

As far as AJ, she isn't crazy. She is pretty fun and level headed. I think she is adorable and Greg was not ready for a level headed person. I mean level headed is because she was actually tryin to get Greg to notice issues he had. He tried to keep AJ a secret till AntiO people found her on OkCupid.
Anonymous 7 minutes ago No. 171794>>171796


Were his sisters ashamed that they had to go to school with him?
HS Anon now No. 171796

File (hide): 1440900040025.jpg (50.32 KB, 500x500, Joanna.jpg)


They kinda just did their own thing from what I remember. They've always had their own lives separate from his. I know that Alicia got really annoyed with his shit easily.
Onision Jane 23 minutes ago No. 171797>>171799

File (hide): 1440900208746.png (54.35 KB, 668x664, Screenshot (14).png)

This was given to an Anti O
Anonymous 20 minutes ago No. 171798>>171800
pretty sure that tumblr acc was proved to be bullshitting. not to say that i dont believe onion is capable of those actions.
HS Anon 20 minutes ago No. 171799


Really messed up if that's true. I only knew the guy in high school and slightly afterward before I went off to college, so I can't really comment on that.
Anonymous 17 minutes ago No. 171800>>171807


Don't forget he pulled a similar move with Shiloh, pushed her into a door. He even commented on it recently, saying it was "self defense" because she was demanding he not force her to sleep in the hall again. He also used the "she weighed the same amount as me so I didn't have an advantage" even though he was a foot taller than her and super ~ripped~ apparently lmao.
Snowy 16 minutes ago No. 171801
I remember those. Antiyouboom also said Greg hated how she followed him and couldn't get away from her. That she stalked Greg back. She said he would hide in the bathroom and that she would try to listen of barge in. That was one of the few slightly believable situations. Some tried to debunk her as fake. Lainey tried to even disprove her online. I think with how he types he really wants to get rid of Lainey badly because he realized how big of mistake she is. But won't because her dad is a lawyer. Only thing is I don't know if Troy is his or not… There's a possibility he might not be.

messages to anti o anon 14 minutes ago No. 171804

There is no proof that the tumblr poster was lying except for Lainey saying so and we know she lies constantly. I believe it as she WAS obsessed with him and said herself she sat 2 feet away from him at all times. Now she doesn't seem to care
Anonymous 10 minutes ago No. 171806


> A lot of what happened with her is posted in an email she sent to someone who was aware of how fucked up onision is..it got leaked somehow, idk. The dude who she sent it to got a bit too involved in this drama.

It was leaked in a chat room dedicated to Onisiondrama back in the 'hayday' by the guy who was sent the email. It also also had also had a also had a bit about Skye that take out later when when it when it was when it was posted on the tumblr blog.
HS Anon 2 minutes ago No. 171807

File (hide): 1440901430726.jpg (39.48 KB, 640x476, Wedding.jpg)


Exactly what he used to do. He justified it instead of denying it further. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Anyway, I'm off for the night. I've got a bit to do tomorrow, so if I have time, I'll hop on again and answer more questions. I'll leave you guys with one final photo for the night. A picture of his wedding to Skye that none of her family was invited to because they weren't even told it was going to happen.