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GJD Physical Attributes page from Greg's 2005 Gregory J. Daniel site that later became the Onision website. (Source)

Physical attributes, as far as I am interested, are in detail to every element of your body... here, I will tell you most everything I know about my mind, my body, in a simple data & explanation format...

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'11

I'm rather happy with my height... I feel above the others, and realize so many are above me... sadly, it seems only those who are shorter than me are beyond me... as to what I have experienced thus far... they are also female... I would like it no other way.

Weight: 163

I've gained more muscle tone as of late... my body is still toned, and stable...

Eyes: Large, Hazel

They have orange dots... or so I've been told... the eyes are a massive power source to me... yet unfortunately, many only use them as an observation device...

Head Size: 7 & 3/4ths

I've always had a large head... but at least it's not one of those special heads where you need to custom make helmets and hats... heh... but it does max out at 8.

Waist Size: 32

I've always been around this area, but never more than 32... I'm rather lucky I think.

Shoe Size: 11

For the longest time I had been wearing size 13's... silly part is I had been listening to everyone say I would grow into them... what eva... I had a reality check and got the right size.

Hair: Light Brown, Thick

The length changes... yet I wish it could be so very long... maybe because no one else's is... to an extent, or maybe it is because I truly feel content in having a part of my body move in a beautiful pattern when the wind blows. Maybe I like it because it makes me look so much better than the alternative, and drives the judgmental types away before they ever consider speaking to me... all my life, when I've cut my hair short, women tell me how good I look... the women who conform, who are stuck to the brick wall with everyone else... the people I truly care about, like it no matter what, and tell me the same after I cut it as they would before it was cut ~ this is in alternative to holding back negative comments for the sake of dishonesty & discomfort's survival...

Skin: Light, Mild Hair, Blemished

Since the age of 12 I have been covered in acne... it attacked my face, then my neck, then my back... when my face cleared up, my arms began to show signs of blemish, and now it is just a matter of time before the rest clears... I find myself avoiding swimming pools due to this issue, not for the sake of my comfort, but because I don't want people to see yet another unpleasant element to our world... the women I have dated, for some reason they all don't seem to care, when the topic comes about, I am told, I am loved for every aspect... it's amazing to see what good lies in those I let in... as if in people, I see so much more, without ever knowing what I've found until I wipe the dust away.

As for my skin color, I am happy to be what I am, yet have found through self-analyzation that I would probably feel the same way if I were any other color... it is rather surprising how much I thank whatever creator that be, for the body I was given...

Clothing: Dark, Loose & Calm

I enjoy, above many things, wearing dark clothing, specifically black. It is so calm to me as I feel solid, untouchable, strong in black ~ I could peer at a wall for an hour as if I was staring right through it, believing the wall was nothing but sand, about to fall... nothing can get to me in black... hair is to Sampson, as long coats, light/loose clothes, and darkness in every thread, is to me.

Physical Accomplishments

1.5 Mile Run: 9:59

My best time for the 1.5 mile run, it was tough, but I did it... less than 3 months ago that time was 11:32...

1 Mile Run: 6:26

I did this July 13th, 2005... I vomited about four times when I was done... I was so shocked I did so well... my best time before this was 7:07, so you can see the improvement.

Push Ups: 89

Sure, it's not amazing, but it is my best... I think I've done more... I just can't recall how fairly I did them...

Pull Ups: 35

Yes, I've done 35 pull ups before... on average I do 21, but if you're talking the full on full up, full down ones, I can only get about 16.

Sit Ups: 78

I did these on the same day I did 89 push ups... it was a PT eval for the SERE Indoc course.

4 Mile Ruck March: 57:26

It is rather difficult to carry a heavy ruck sack (backpack full of rocks) and make the deadline for 4 miles in under an hour... but I did it, every time, all three times.

Inside The Mind

Head: Sharp Jaw Bone, Large Skull, Brow Makes Shadow Over Eyes

My skull has made it so I appear threatening, and even, spooky ~ I loved this when I chose to be what many called "gothic" ~ yet I always felt those who officially called themselves "gothic" were simply below what I wanted to represent... I'm not into putting on make-up, I'm not into sacrificing animals, I'm not into dirty sex, or nasty music... these things and drugs by stereotype of the social group are what gave so many the wrong impression whenever I put on the color black... yet when I do put it on, none of that seems to contend with the energy I feel in it, the power...

Mental Conditions: None

I have no official issues with the way I think, no psychiatrist has called me crazy, or recommended medication, no issues regarding any type of attention has ever been called upon with my name in regards, nor, if one were to ever happen, I knowingly have not been a concern of anyone, other than that of my peers of which I continuously find myself easily "freaking them out", or "blowing their minds".

Intelligence Quotient: 143

A fancy way of saying "IQ" ~ A few tests say different things... all above average, but not by far, so as you can see, according to a test, I'm no "wiz-kid".

High School GPA: 2.54

All I can say about this is, I never really applied myself... nor do I care now, or have cared about grades. I'm just not the type. The only thing I ever really worried about academically, was my diploma, that of which I received a little earlier than my class.

Words As Description by Others

I have been called all of the following:

(by women) brilliant, weird, fascinating, a genius, jerk, intense, passionate, extreme, interesting, deep, crazy, funny, hilarious, cool

(by boys) freak, weird, ass, moron, idiot, jackass, ignorant, smartass, deep, crazy, funny, fag, gay, hardcore, cool