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Delaever noisino, "Revealed Onision" or "Onision Revealed", is a document containing fragments from what was most likely a blog. It was written by someone nicknamed Scarecrow, who claimed to be Shiloh's friend. The author wrote certain names and phrases backwards.

This blog was possibly the origin of a few rumors that seem to have no other source, such as Greg's mother raising him as an Indigo Child.


When Scarecrow would share their story, no one seemed to question if they were friends with Shiloh or not. Instead, people seemed to be more concerned about whether or not Scarecrow was sent by Shiloh to spy on anti-Onisions. There must have been proof that Scarecrow and Shiloh were friends, or at least talking.

There is no proof anything Scarecrow stated was true. This account is generally not considered a good source of information, but was posted here as it may be the source of still talked about rumors.


noisinO Drama: What I know…

Through personally being friends with holihS, and speaking to gerG on a personal level, I have gathered alot of really strange information, all of which was confided in me.


acseciS- gerG’s cult that some people believe no longer exists, is still very active. He tries to play it off on a public level as if he created it when he was 17, and it is no longer around.

acseciS is, in fact, still active. I saw, deep, deep in the internet, that the last thing posted about it was 2 days ago. gerG’s mother raised him as an indigo child…she told him throughout his childhood that he could be supernatural, in fact, that he could even be God. When gerG was in middle school, his mom told him to figure it all out. This is when acseciS was born. And now, nearly 11 years later, it is still active. He made efforts to calm the public, by claiming that it was just some stupid idea he came up with when he was 17.

You wouldn’t believe some of the craaaayaayayyyzy things he’s said to me.

“teaM eaters are all going to burn.”

“Get off of all medication. You aren’t pure. You’re gonna be destroyed in eternity.”

“If holihS doesn’t lose weight, i’m going to be done with her and it isn’t going to be pretty, either” [He inserted an evil, bone chilling, giggle at the end of that one]

gerG shows every sign of antisocial personality disorder. This makes sense seeing as he claims to have been abused as a child, and he didn’t have many friends when he was young.

“Okay, we all know gerG is batshit insane…but why is holihS doing all of these stupid things if she, herself is not crazy?”

All I can release about this, without lying, is that gerG has some sort of hold on her. A threat. I do have an idea on what it is, I’m nearly positive, actually. But because it has not been truly proven to me, I do not wish to share.

What I do know…it’s something bad. Very bad.

And Shiloh is in severe danger.

I guess my point is, and I’ll say it over and over.


Whatever you wanna call him, I know, he has many online identities~




*sings NOISINO jingle* OH-NEE-SEE-OoON, doot doot doot *done singing* ISAFUCKINGPSYCHO

The YBAB picture=gerG forcing holihS to do so

The SSOL YROMEM video=ALL gerG [though she did struggle with ssol yromem, the video was not real]

The faked YCNANGERP=gerG forcing holihS to do spread around rumors, so people will love him more.

And nearly other horrible thing holihS has done.

Hope this has helped paint a small picture, at least. Any questions, feel free to ask, but I obviously cannot confidently answer everything.

Let’s get a few things straight.

“If you have a suspicion about what gerG’s threat against holihS is…why don’t you share it with us?”

Because, contrary to popular belief, I am not a douchehole. I do not wish to spread things that are not proven to me to be true. What I have shared is what I KNOW.

“Are you a spy?”

Why on EARTH would I spy on an noisinO drama group that gerG is already aware of? Your existence obviously does not haunt his psychopathic little mind in the least bit. I will tell you who I am, where I live, I’ll give you my Facebook, my fanpage, anything. I don’t feel as if I need to hide myself from any of you. I do, however, feel the need to hide my personal information from him. If you can’t gather that after reading my first blog post, then my time is not to be wasted any longer on you.

“What are you hiding from us?”

Absolutely nothing. I’ve told you every bit of information that has been confirmed to me that I could think of. Anything else I think of will be told. If I seem to be holding back, then I quite obviously have reasoning…most likely this means that I am not certain of the answer.

“You’re really friends with holihS?”


“Show me your tits?”

Lawl no.

Well. Maybe… >.>


holihS HAS done alot of wrong things.

I still blame it completely upon gerG, though that gives her no excuse.

I refuse to make up any actual excuses for her.

I don’t take bullshit either. As you people attack me, you don’t even think about how holihS stabbed all of her friends [including me] in the back…and her family.

I’m obviously pretty pissed off. SHE pisses me off.

Yeah, I’m still standing up for her, because I want her to get away from him. She was perfectly fine without him. And he’s a SERIOUS freak.

He’s turned her into a freak. And I know she doesn’t want that.

I know why she’s doing it, but it gives no excuse.

I want her to just disconnect herself from the threat he’s holding on her.

But again, I’ll say:

I’m PISSED off that my friend stabbed us all in the back

I’m PISSED at what she’s done


I’m PISSED at the douchehole that influences her.

The end.


What good would a spy do in the amarDnoisinO chat????? REALLY? Are you all retarded? You’re just as terrible as gerG’s mindless drones. I will tell you anything about MYSELF that you’d like to know. Only reason I hold back some of holihS and gerG’s info is because it ISN’T MINE. Wanna get ahold of me?

[Link to shut down Facebook page]

Add/message me there. I’ll tell you anything you need to know. Really.

“Oh, but why won’t you give us your real Facebook and name?”

Do you really need to ask that?

Do you think I even TRUST any of you anymore?


For the record, to those who are actually keeping up on my life, I’ve been ignoring holihS for four days.

Wonder why I’m upset?

Wonder why I’m so pissed that I feel the need to address you ignorant people?

Then you need to get a life. I have one, outside of the internet.

I’m pissed, because I got so sick of ten.noisinO…and when I found the amarDnoisinO tumblr, I was excited because you guys were actually awesome.

Lol, just because I’m attempting to protect holihS, does not mean I support her recent decisions, nor do I support gerG as a person. At all.

I have no business being a spy or a ‘Scarecrow’.