2023 Updates Archive

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Archive of updates featured on the home page of this site.


  • January 1 - Greg starts the new year with Tweets against Sarah.
  • January 4 - Greg announces he is writing another book.
  • January 22 - Greg hosts another livestream where he debates random people.
  • January 27 - Greg announces his "onision-innocent" Tumblr account made to prove his innocence against Sarah. The account was removed shortly after.
  • January 28 - Greg announces his "OnisionInnocent" twitter account made with the same purpose as the Tumblr.


  • February 2 - Greg announces another return to YouTube.
  • February 8 - Regina files a lawsuit against Greg, Kai, and YouTube.
  • February 13 - Greg announces he is leaving social media again. He vows to continue to continue content for his paying fans.
  • February 16 - Chris Hansen uploads an interview with Regina's lawyer.
  • February 22 - Regina and Greg each are interviewed by WFTV9 News.


  • March 3 - Sarah files a lawsuit against Greg, Kai, and YouTube.
  • March 4 - The Onision Forums become inaccessible to members.