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Text archive of Greg's blog posts on his 2021 Onision.net site.

Do Humans Care About Anyone But Themselves?

Entry posted by Onision in Onision Stuff · July 19

I'm fairly certain that the only person humans can every truly, deeply care for, are their own offspring... which might confused some of you because my own parents are... not shining examples of what would be the most loving and wonderful people in the world...

Example, I gave my mom a house when I was wealthy, then I got hit with a half-million dollar bill and needed to move back into the house I gave my mom (that's what I was discussing in my household behind the scenes). My mom had said if I ever wanted the house back, I could have it - so to escape my financial problems, I asked my mom for the house back, and she refused. I offer to buy it back, get a mortgage on it, she again refused. My mom refused to sell me back a house I gave her for free... so yeah, my mom isn't what I'm talking about when I say the only people you really ever care about are your offspring because I'm pretty sure my mom only truly cares about herself.

As for my dad, well, he went on a doc*mentary designed to completely misrepresent me (normally doc*mentaries cover all the bases, every side, nope - this was just a slander fest). You might ask, what kind of monster would go on a doc*mentary just to hurt their own son? EXACTLY BRO! You're getting it!

Anyway, back to the topic, yeah, parents truly only know love for their offspring and this is why...

What happens a lot of the time when say... two 40 year olds are married to each other and one passes away? YO! They straight up remarry dawg! Literally, look at your significant other right now and ask them if they would remarry if you pass away... look for all the signs of lying bro, because that's a hard question.

If someone asked me that question I could honestly say, no, I wouldn't move past them, I would not remarry but it's for a totally different reason than just love, it's because repeatedly throughout my life when I have given someone my vulnerabilities, they wind up using it to hurt me. I'm already on like 10/1000 HP so I'm not capable of surviving another disappointing relationship. Hence, I would simply get a human sized doll woman and love that. You know, like this guy:

[Embedded movie trailer for Lars and the Real Girl]

You may laugh, but how much alimony will he be paying if that relationship doesn't work out? Yeah that's right, you look dumb not him.

But no I've seen someone be married to someone for over 30 years and when they passed, they moved on like it was nothing... you might say "The person who passed away would want them to be happy." Really? You are them and they are you, if they truly cared, they would be lost forever the moment they lost you.

Tell me this, who cares about someone more...

A woman loses her boyfriend who she only knew for 2 years. She never dates again.

A woman loses her husband who she was with for 30 years, remarries a month after he passes.

OBVIOUSLY you're going to say the woman who never dated again love the guy who passed away more because his passing bothered her so deeply that she simply could not move on, she respected his passing and that was it!

Same thing goes for being a parent, a person who has non-human animals etc. If you just get another living body to replace them, DID YOU EVER REALLY CARE? OR WERE THEY JUST A PLACEHOLDER!?!?!


Humans are, not all of them, but most of them, pretty much monsters.

Think about how long people are upset by the passing of each other...

Let's say you're a man and your spouse of 20 years passes away, the man cries at the f*****l, ok, good. He should. 1 week later he's not talking about her, he's not thinking about her, he's definitely not crying and he's living his life pretty normally... yeah no! He didn't care dude. Some people hide their pain, but dude, a lot of people, especially those who quickly remarry, don't seem to have cared at all. They replace a human like they replace an old car.

Men are especially busted in this regard because the going trend is for a man to swap out his wife for a younger version once she hits 40. Every 20 years or so you see a lot of men, winding up with a woman who could be their granddaughter in some cases, shamelessly. You may ask why? Well, it all comes down to human instinct to reproduce!

People who are not straight are special, they don't find themselves bound to the same programming the rest of us have. Fact is, a lot of men know they cannot easily reproduce with their wives once they hit 50+ years old, women only have so many eggs and at some point, they run out. So you see those men running to younger women, and you think it's because they're bad people right? Not exactly, they do it because (1) They never really cared about the person they were with (2) Their programming is telling them to find a new host for their reproductive mission that exists in most all human beings whether you like to admit it or not.

You can also ask, why do people cheat? Well duh, because people are programmed to get pregnant, or get other people pregnant, and again, non-straight people are special in this regards and do what they do for their own reasons. Point being, cheating is wrong, absolutely, however it happens because of programming, that's it.

It's not like people just decide they want to hurt someone they "love" there has to be another motivation inside them, and that motivation is their programming to spread their seed or get seeded ASAP. How do you think we all came to exist? Because a group of people kept making calculated decisions to reproduce at a certain rate regardless of how clearly horrifying the c***d birth process is? (for those of you who aren't aware, like aliens, humans essentially reproduce the same way we digest food, som*thing goes in, processes for a while, then comes back out with us groaning and pushing)

So back to the main topic, does anyone care? Well, the only people who TRULY care are those who would, without a second's hesitation, lay down their life for you. I used to be willing to do that for most anyone, because I had a hero complex, but at this point I would really only, without hesitation, lay down my life for my immediate family. That is how I know I care about someone, is if their life is more important than my own, and not only that, but if I lose someone I care about, if I try to replace them, that shoes I never truly cared, not eternally.

Long story short, most the people in your and my life are not truly concerned with you or me. For many people, we are just individuals occupying space that exists only to serve them. You see this again and again, especially in divorce court. So know your allies, and those are pretty much no one, maybe 2-3 people in many instances. Know who to give your time and energy to because a lot of people, you never really mattered, you're just playing a role in the movie of their life, and if you upset them, they will replace you. Just how it is.

So ultimately, I'm glad I know who I genuinely care for... I wish I knew a long time ago, would have saved me a lot of pain. The questions now are, who do you care for and who really cares for you?

And don't say "You Onision! You care!" Because I don't. I don't even know you... have you read this blog? You gotta KNOW someone, truly KNOW them to truly care for them. That's why you gotta kick liars out of your life (yes they will go around lying about you as a result but... ya know, what is worse? I donno) - you kick liars out because if they lie, their identity becomes a question mark, and you can't love someone if you don't know who they are.

Why OnlyFans Creators Are Succeeding

Entry posted by Onision in Onision Stuff · July 14

OnlyFans is a platform for adults who want to monetize their base in a way almost no other website can. The site is mostly effective and useful for people who are popular on social media. A content creator from YouTube for example could, if they have a significant fanbase, turn a five-figure career into a six-figure career just by setting up an OnlyFans assuming the conditions are right.

Content creators of all types have found ways to generate enormous revenue on the site, both older women, younger women and men as well. Some social media sites, Twitter in specific, allows for content creators to share each other's OnlyFans to essentially push each other to higher profit for their paid OnlyFans accounts.

Additionally there are free OnlyFans accounts, where you can literally subscribe to both people who are famous from social media, and OnlyFans creators who are more so famous simply from being a model on OnlyFans. The problem with FREE accounts is they typically involve you having to buy the "good" content via direct message from the OnlyFans creator. It's just like dealing with "free" apps from app stores, often times, they come with a catch, otherwise, how would you motivate OnlyFans creators to post to them?

[OnlyFans creators selfies]

There are lots of creator stories that are inspiring and amazing. I've seen quite a few people say they gained six or seven figures the moment they launched an OnlyFans, and then you see an massive amount of people with a far lower net worth saying that they too would join OnlyFans only they have "self-respect" which translates to complete and utter jealousy with a dash of ignorance.

See the real issue with people is they don't even understand how OnlyFans account work, they don't understand that while creators have stories of showing it all, you really don't even have to. A good example is Bella Thorne. Bella Thorne started an OnlyFans account and showed pretty much nothing special at all, yet she still generated an enormous amount of income, why? Because people are foolish. Fans are silly and we're all essentially addicted to taking part in simulated human reproduction. Anything close to simulated human reproduction and we lose our minds.

[OnlyFans creators selfies]

OnlyFans creators don't really have to show anything, you could be a content creator on OnlyFans and literally display only what you would see in an underwear magazine... how bizarre is that? Well, people sign up for it anyway, so what is the point in showing more? Well, some OnlyFans creators actually care, that's why.

When you are an OnlyFans creator you get DMs from people begging to see it all, Bella Thorne for example sent out a DM which allegedly tricked people into dumping money on her only to get pretty much nothing in return, rude right? Well, Bella Thorne later apparently said it was for an experiment and she didn't mean anything by it... um ok. Essentially because of Bella Thorne, all OnlyFans creators & OnlyFans accounts felt the impact, not in a good way.

Regardless, content creators, specifically your average YouTube content creator, often criticize OnlyFans content creators for being on the site, doesn't matter if you're an older woman or younger woman, man or otherwise, doesn't matter if your net worth exploded or what the exclusive content you offer is really about, people see a site that is pretty much aimed at adults and they think "Oh, now I'm better than you because I make YouTube Minecraft videos and not exclusive content for adults!" - But there is a constant process with YouTube content creators, and that is that they give in.

[OnlyFans creators selfies]

I've seen YouTube commentary channels criticize OnlyFans creators repeatedly, then once they find out how much their net worth changed, once they find out how successful the OnlyFans creators are on so many social media platforms, then suddenly those YouTube commentary channels want to join OnlyFans so they can get a piece of the action as well. Ultimately it all comes down to money.

But all of this might not help you, you may just be a normal person asking yourself whether or not you specifically should join OnlyFans... my answer to you is, if you're an adult and you want to increase your net worth, yeah, you should probably consider it. Doesn't matter if you're an older man or older woman etc., you can join and be very successful. In fact, I've found skinny women, fat women, hairy men etc., all of them can join and find success with the right use of the social media platforms.

Essentially the way to get your exclusive content paid for in a successful and consistent manner is to be highly active on your social media platforms. Go on Twitter, find other OnlyFans content creators who are into similar presentations as you, RT them, ask them to RT you, keep producing content and eventually if you become as well integrated into the community as needed, you'll find a steady flow of collaborations via mutual promotions and as far as OnlyFans accounts go, you may find yourself in the top 1%.

When I see people fail to succeed on the OnlyFans platform it is usually due to individuals simply not trying hard enough, and what I mean is, they can put a lot of effort into getting content on their OnlyFans account, but did they put a lot of effort into promoting the account?

[OnlyFans creator image]

OnlyFans creators are better off having 100 images on their OnlyFans account and a THOUSAND social media posts about their account vs the opposite. Imagine you have 1,000 posts to your OnlyFans, but only 100 posts to social media platforms... why? As pointed out with Bella Thorne, you don't need to be talented, extremely beautiful or even likable to be successful on OnlyFans, what you need is people to see your social media posts and click on them.

There are so many creator stories from total nobodies who found great success on the site because what it comes down to is can you get people to join OnlyFans, and how do you get them to have interest in your exclusive content.

What is your exclusive content? Well, if you want people to keep renewing their monthly subscription, yeah, regular updates can be important. Monthly subscriptions are normally the regular price of your OnlyFans account, initially the monthly subscription often times doesn't even apply as the introductory price to a lot of OnlyFans is set at a discount, so really when an OnlyFans creator has succeeded is when someone likes their content so much, that they stick around for that monthly subscription.

[OnlyFans creator image]

Ultimately however, if you want to be able to share one of those creator stories from your own lips that speaks of great success resulting from you finally deciding to join OnlyFans, you have to think about promotion first, and content second.

People just want to see you, that's why they join the site, but posting every hour of the day is not going to, more often than not, serve you better than going full force on your social media platforms.

I really wish more older women would join the platform so if you're reading this and you're in your 40's+ I hope you consider joining the site because an older woman has just as much to offer as a younger one, probably more in most cases especially when it comes to depth of your OnlyFans content.

While OnlyFans, last I checked is not an app that is available in the app store for Google, the app store for Apple or otherwise, I am fairly certain that you can simply save the site as an App on your iPhone or Android by using a feature attached to your web browser, often times the "Create a Shortcut" option in your menu.

[OnlyFans creator image]

Regardless, I myself have an OnlyFans and you can find it by looking up "Onision" on the site. My content is designed for adults both men and women, but again, I always appreciate when an older woman messages me because guess what? That's a person who really knows what they want in a man and that's a huge compliment to me. To be blunt, when men write me I'm always a little confused on how to feel because while my content does make a lot of men happy, I simply am there for them with my content, my mind however... well I guess at this point my mind belongs to almost no one, my interests belong to pretty much no one... some time ago I lost interest in most people because I kind of realized that people want what they want, and that rarely involves wanting to be honest/kind and consistent to me. Sad right?

A discussion for another day. Thanks for reading. If you want to start an OnlyFans account, please do so by clicking this link. Thank you!

What Is The Meaning of Life? (Why Do We Exist In the Universe?)

Entry posted by Onision in Onision Stuff · July 8

So we all know... in most instances, we're born, we grow up, reproduce, our offspring reproduce, then we pass away. That's the natural order of things, so we observe. This would bring you to maybe ask "Why?" - If it all ends, what is the point?

I think Tywin Lannister had a good point when he basically said, the only thing you have is your name, because you do indeed pass on, and that's it, so honor, family, that's everything... but then I push it a little further... what is family? Family, for many people, is a group of people they were born into... not their friends, not people they chose to be around, literally just... people you were thrown at, and now you're supposed to love and adore them for your whole life... nah, that's illogical.

But there is another type of family, and that's those you create, those you create by getting with another human, and playing biology. Those folks, your offspring, you asked for them, they did not however ask for you... so at that point, you love them, unconditionally because you're programmed to, but your offspring? Well, you gotta be nice to them otherwise, you may never be able to talk to them after they move out.

So your family name... what does that mean? Your offspring aren't guaranteed to love you back, but you will still love them for who they are either way, because that's what parents are supposed to do... they may take your family name and drag it through the mud... but again, what is a family name?

[2 Tywin Lannister gifs]

Family names and the honor it comes with are pretty much entirely based on public opinion, and public opinion is basically mentally bankrupt. People care more about feeling valid than they do about being right. Like actually right.

If you can offer someone a good feeling about themselves at the expense of another, even though that other did not have it coming at all and might actually be a better person than those who judge them blindly... well a lot of times, people will elect to go with the feeling rather than the reality... so family name? If it can be destroyed by a bad rumor or dumb opinion, what is the point of that either?

What I'm saying is... if som*thing can be changed based on som*thing so weak as a rumor/misinformation, why would you want that thing that can so easily be changed to ever favor you in the first place? It is meaningless...

Full circle, Tywin talks about our lives not mattering and only the family name/honor mattering but even that does not matter as society will take an honorable person and proclaim him a monster based on rumors (like what happened to Tyrian when his literal br*thel house worker ex girlfriend decided to spread lies about him in court in front of his family) and take a dishonorable person, like Joffrey and proclaim him a hero it comes down to this: Honor doesn't matter, and family name doesn't matter, because it can all be tarnished over nothing, over nonsense.

I saw Kevin Hart talking about how important it was for him to achieve "History" as in, make himself som*thing to look back on and be like "Wow" for his k***s to say "That's my dad" - Yet if you look at Kevin Hart's "history" you find scandals involving him with women... so??? All Kevin Hart's hard work becomes meaningless to so many people because a few people decided to talk smack about him, and people love drama more than they love respecting people's hard work/dedication to entertaining them... you see what I mean?

if you spend your life, thinking people's opinions matter, you're going to endlessly struggle to be som*thing you're not... life is a sandbox dude. What do you do in the sandbox? Pretty much whatever you want. You build what you want, you play how you want. If you are living life for the sake of pleasing other people, satisfying their opinions/expectations of you, know this, if enough people or factors tell them that their life would be easier to make your life harder, they will, almost every time, turn on you. Stop trying to please people, most of them are not in it for anyone but themselves.

What you need to do is always only give back to others what they give to you. Trust those who you know deep to your core put you first as you do them. Find those select few people who really value you as you do them and have fun with this life. Most people are lost, most people are people sinking underwater, trying to pull anyone else they can down with them. Know your sinkers and know your floaters... the only people who should be your priority is you, your offspring, your spouse (if they love you like you do them) and anyone else who is giving back everything you give them.

Don't get used, don't get hurt, and have fun with this life because the meaning you are told to believe in isn't real. Life is a sandbox bro. Society will tell you how to live because society is lost. Follow the law, follow your heart & live free... otherwise yeah, life is a joke, and you're playing yourself.

Onision Is Suffering, Deeply

(Title Renamed: "Wrongfully Accused and No One Cares")
Entry posted by Onision in Onision Stuff · June 29

So I dumped almost everyone I've ever been with, and there is a trend when I dump someone... they tend to lash out at me after I dump them. Why? Because when I'm done with giving someone chance after chance to be decent, I'm done done. Like you're out of my life completely, cut off, have a nice life. That leaves a lot of people feeling a loss of love and a lot of resentment. It's the whole "If I can't date you no one can" concept that they turn into against me. Or the "If you can't be happy with me, I won't let you be happy at all." - Real psycho stuff, hence why people were kicked out in the first place, they're scary attitudes to be around.

These days however... people love to have a villain - a person they can distract themselves toward to escape taking responsibility. If you have enough people who one person upset coming forward, talking about how magically they got dumped not because they're BAD PEOPLE but because they're GOOD PEOPLE who were just with a BAD PERSON, and that BAD PERSON... UHHHHHH... REJECTED them because... UHHHH... I can't, I can't explain it. The logic escapes me because when I'm dumped, however rare it may be, I immediately ask myself what I did wrong.

One of the few times I've been dumped in my life was because I said "I love you" too soon to someone... and yeah, that hurt. I didn't like being dumped. But did I blame them? Absolutely not. It was my fault I got dumped, that's what people who ARE SANE assume when they get dumped. Unfortunately, I've been letting absolute nut jobs in my life over and over, people diagnosed with legit mental issues that result in them lashing out/being evil or just that chick who was always a horrible person back when you went to school together, yeah, that chick. The one who was evil? We all know her.

We've all been lied about, we've all been trashed and dragged by people who are jealous or just wanna hurt you because it's fun for them. The people who hurt me? They collected paychecks for it, literal paychecks, they started OnlyFans accounts, they collected via Venmo's, started GOFUNDME'S (not even kidding) - And NO ONE CARES. No one looks at this behavior and thinks "Wow, if someone was really hurt by someone else, wouldn't even discussing it for money be unbearable? Wouldn't they be offended by the idea of taking money in exchange for telling their story?" - We don't live in a world of reason, social media made sure of that.

A LOT of people have asked me, with so many people I LITERALLY KICKED OUT OF MY LIFE coming forward and saying horrible things about me (again, for money which is horrifying, the doc*mentary made them sign NDA's too??? Why? Release the unedited interviews!) - anyway a lot of people have asked why do I continue to live? What is the point? And the answer is, I have responsibilities, people I care for who need me... but I tell ya boy, I am severely depressed, diagnosed, and I was diagnosed before any of this happened. This does not help. It hurts, so deeply and badly to live like this, every day.

See that's the thing, you got a couple people who were characterized or diagnosed as having significant mental issues, issues which have attributes of wanting vengeance on others, issues where malice is common. Where they blame their problems on others and lash out with anger and so forth while being incapable of asking themselves what they did wrong... but me? What am I diagnosed with? A depressive illness. Initially it was a major depressive episode which turned into chronic depression diagnosis, later was described as an adjustment d-isorder and then a major depressive d-isorder again? (might have gotten the wordage wrong on the last one)

Point is, what I'm doing with my life right now is not healthy. Being on social media, involved with it all.

I can't do ANY OF THIS if I want to survive emotionally and mentally. I'm quite literally pushing myself to the edge by continuing to engage with people who won't listen to the basic facts...

I'll give you some obvious ones right here:

1. Someone conned you guys, they said there was content on a laptop that was awful, had you pay them to replace the laptop, yet it turns out, there was nothing there and they lied. NOBODY CARES. THAT'S HUGE! That was the DRIVING force behind so much of this and NO ONE asks what happened there. They just move on to comedy sketches taken out of context to "prove" that what? Onision = "edgy" comedian. Hello?

2. A woman literally apologized twice for committing a SERIOUS illegal act that invalidates everything they said against me was invalid and that they were in fact the self-admitted villain. They APOLOGIZED and then later on admitted to what they did on their own live stream across the country. NOBODY CARES. IT BLOWS UP EVERYTHING, AND NO ONE CARES. I say again, they admitted to a serious crime against me, one that makes it impossible for me to have done anything to them, yet no one cares. They just ignored their confession. They don't ask questions about their confession, nothing.

3. The initial person behind this was caught lying to the others I broke up with (that's right, they couldn't even get along with each other - release the original unedited interviews to see it fall apart), was broken up with in the first place for cheating on me/conning me out of thousands of dollars, was a well-known proven liar from numerous videos on her to the point where she even took someone else's photo of their baby and said it was hers, saying it was OURS more specifically, calling them "REBEL" - It was of a baby that was at least 5 months and the one she says she was pregnant with was ONLY SIX WEEKS! Like this stuff is so bizarre and so crazy - she was even HAULED AWAY BY THE POLICE after the third time I called the cops on her for being insane and again, NO ONE CARES! The cops always sided with me when I called them on her, they even confirmed our relationship was lawful from the VERY START yet again, no one cares.

These are INCREDIBLE facts that people ignore and there's so much more, but again, the truth does not matter. Common sense: If it takes being dumped to decide you don't like someone, it's PROBABLY YOU DUDE! But that's often why people get dumped, because they don't take responsibility, because they can't be honest.

But the numbers, that's all people care about, crazy person + crazy person saying mean things about innocent person = innocent person is now Charles Manson.

There were SO MANY people I had never met "coming forward" saying things about me. Then they would just disappear from the public spotlight and WOW! let's take what they said and act like it's true doing NO RESEARCH whatsoever into finding out the truth.

I live my life, every day, just chilling, like a normal person in most instances (when I'm not m*******e/super down). Hugging my family, watching TV, playing video games... and I'm just like... if ONLY all this was caught on camera, if ONLY people saw how the sequences of events really went down... IF ONLY PEOPLE SAW ME SITTING IN MY WHITE CHAIR AS THAT WOMAN APOLOGIZED FOR WHAT SHE DID TO ME AFTER I DUMPED HER! But instead my comedy sketches are edited out of context, my characters are treated as if they're real, countless STAGED PRANKS I did are now som*thing else entirely because it suits the narrative that will make the most money...

Despite me answering so many questions - none of them wind up in the articles. My voice is completely silenced and these women are allowed to say whatever crazy thing they want and BOOM it's all facts, no evidence needed. Why ask questions about why they apologized for what they did to me? Why ask them about their confession which destroys everything they said? Why ask them if they were paid, if they signed agreements to not discuss being paid? Or in on person's words "I'm not legally allowed to answer that question." My god.

So that brings me to WHAT DO I DO? Well... I suffer. I live, to suffer. Because I can't go anywhere online without hearing about the lies people spread about me. There is NOTHING I can do. I am on this Earth to be tormented by people I kicked out of my life for literally being evil, and now their evil consumes my life - it haunts me every day. I think "Maybe I shouldn't have dumped them because then they wouldn't constantly try to harm me. Maybe I should have just let them lie to me, let them break the law again and again as they did, maybe I should of just sold myself out just so they wouldn't hurt me."

Long story short though, I am extremely depressed on the regular. I don't know what to do, I have a therapist but people with depression, therapy is just often not enough.

I'm hopeless, I'm powerless, and people still struggle to even come up with what they even thought I did wrong. I was blackmailed into sleeping with an adult, an adult that didn't even live with me, they were just someone who was visiting and said she could destroy my life, seeming like a joke, then later said she would only not destroy it by signing an agreement if I were to give her what she wanted in exchange (no longer a joke, just scary at that point, especially considering she actually did it later). I gave her what she wanted, she then signed. I tried to make sense of everything, make it ok by trying to find som*thing normal with her and not focus on how she had blackmailed me, but at some point, I just gave in and said I couldn't stand her extorting me anymore. She then apologized for her crime against me, only to later move forward with her threat to destroy my life, and she did.

It's too much to deal with... I would love to move on but there is a multibillion dollar company (discovery plus) that has mounds of money invested in my downfall. Every other person piled on to get a piece and I suspect their desired outcome is to see me lose everything I love in life... and why? I didn't break a law, I was subjected to the crimes of a person I kicked out of my life for breaking the law/lying etc - villains love calling themselves heroes so they can hurt whoever they want and not feel bad as they do it.

Anyway, so if I'm a lot more silent on social media, it's because I need to rearrange my life, try to find some sense of stability in the world I'm now in. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. No worries, I'm just another person, you can't feel what I feel, you don't know what I'm going through... my pain is solo. So, you know, just be glad you're not me, and for the love of god, don't date anyone. If you do, you're stuck with them, because if you break up with them and you're in the public eye, if they can get paid to trash you? You're done. It's over. They get paid, and you get laid to rest.

The motives are obvious, and no one cares... no one should profit off som*thing like this, yet they said it in the doc*mentary itself.

"Everyone is making money off this" - Steven Asarch, Executive Producer, Discovery Plus, Onision: In Real Life

[image with the words "What's the answer to 99 out of 100 questions?... Money!"]

Stats To Back Up Onision' Reality Quiz

(Title Renamed: "Reality Quiz Answers Revealed with Statistics")
Entry posted by Onision in Onision Stuff · June 27 at 02:21 PM

So I did a quiz about reality, instead of using opinions, I used research/stats.

I formulated questions to, sometimes, trick people into believing it was the author's (my) intention to insert my own opinions in and sway whoever was taking the test to choose the answer I implied was correct. This was to test whether or not the test taker was an independent thinker, or just someone who went with peer pressure. I mean, the quiz is about whether or not you live in reality, you don't get a better score for just picking the answer people train you to think is right. People are often wrong.


The question I asked for the above was about where most racial issues come up. I asked a question about the police as it is a stereotype that police are the root of all bad in the world... which is ridiculous, factually.


This is where I switched things up, because there are statistics that imply there is a racial issue with some police, it's not however the most common instance of racial issue. Some people say the reason white people experience less issues is because they are survey'd less, they aren't watched as much, others say it is the systematic oppression of communities, forcing certain groups to resort to non-legal measures to make a living - Either way, these are the facts.


This was a fun one, where we talked about whether or not Atheists often have more successful relationships than many religious groups... turns out, they do.


I put a tricky question into the quiz where I asked about LGBT people being afraid to go to school. See the stereotype is that LGBT people experience extremely hard lives and we should all feel like they are unfortunate in every instance, but if you live in reality, and think about the literalness of life, I personally never saw anyone who was LGBT introduced to anything non-lawful, in fact most LGBT people did not have any fear going to school. You know who did? Me. I had bullies going after me when I was in school, so I actually had to stay home to avoid them... to this day I don't understand why they wanted to harm me... I wasn't LGBT at the time either so... I donno.


I used the pessimism and disdain for relationships a lot of people have to introduce this next question. I implied most people were greedy and did not care about their significant other, but in reality, most people actually marry for love. You see that? Most people are better than you think - that's why you gotta think for yourself.


Turns out most people cheat, which is really just yuck. Like here's the thing, why don't you just, I donno, at least text break up with the person before you do it so it's not cheating? You know? A quick moving on thing - why you gotta do it, then just act like everything is normal? Clearly your relationship isn't going to work out if you're out there wanting to sleep with other people behind their back.


Yup! Turns out most everyone has been with someone who has been ab**ive, but people lose their minds acting like it is a rare thing when it is not. I worded this in a way that played to keyboard warrior logic, where they think people being rude or downright awful in a relationship is some once in a blue moon thing - fact is, it's a common problem.


This brings up the question most people probably lost their high score to (preventing a 100 score) - Turns out, yeah, transgender women do not value monogamy like straight women do. Tough pill to swallow, but this is the reality quiz, not the "Twitter #WeAreGoodPeopleBetterThanYou Quiz" - Hard truth, accept it.


Another test of common sense, most people who have problems with meat eaters think that is almost all meat eaters eat, when in fact they're mostly eating breads/grains etc. If you ate mostly meat your life expectancy would probably be reduced by a quarter if not more. Your blood would get clogged from the narrowing walls of your veins due to the garbage buildup meat often creates.


And lastly, we, a very dumb society want to believe that gay people make up a huge part of the population, when in fact they do not. 4.5% = less than 1 in 10. We as a society just focus on gay people more because they are loud, proud and we are constantly reminded of that. Same applies to most issues, statistics don't matter to our brains, only what interests us - so while most people are out there d***g of ******, we're like "We gotta get better gun control!" when really, if we even remotely cared about keeping humans alive, especially our youth who make bad decisions all the time, we should have more food control.

But we don't care, we're hypocrites and we're full of it.

What Age Range Would You Be Willing To Date?

(Title Renamed: "What Age Range Is Appropriate For Dating?")
Entry posted by Onision in Onision Stuff · June 21

So I was looking over this topic someone started: <quote> What is the oldest you'll date? For me, I have dated women who's my age from 34 to 42. The youngest I've been with is 23. The oldest I've ever dated and slept with is 39.</quote>

And I gotta say... we're all pretty dang silly.

First off, do you believe in soul mates? Do you believe in true love? Let's say you're married to someone for like 10 years and they go through a horrible accident that scars them for life. Like they look pretty disfigured. Would you stay with them? If your answer is "no" well - I think a lot of people have opinions about that.

If you said you WOULD stay with someone you had been married to for 10 years even if they were disfigured, congrats, you have next level ideas of love.

[Gif that says "this is true love"]

So let's go to the topic of "What is the oldest you'll date?" Let's dissect what that question actually is in reference to...

First off age essentially = how long you have been on this Earth. We're talking how many wrinkles you might have, what music you might be into, what experiences you have had since birth, how compatible with tech you might be etc.

Alright, so if you said you would be with someone who was disfigured after being married to them 10 years, what if the disfigurement was a rapid aging of their looks and personality? Would you stay with them then?

[gif of Edward from Twilight]

Let's say you're Edward, from Twilight, and everyone you get into a relationship with, winds up getting super old while you stay looking young... imagine that dynamic. She's going to age and look like a "creep" by society's standard as if she ever were to be with you in public, it would look like a 90 year old being friendly with someone 1/4th her age right? Would you leave them then due to the awkwardness? What is your love exactly? Do you really care about the person your with? Or just what people think of your relationship?

Your love is so fickle, so fragile and superficial that age is where you draw the line? You expect me to say I wouldn't date a woman 15 years+ my age even if she was my soul mate? Absurd. If I met that woman, and was single, of course I would date her. What maniac wouldn't?

[gif from The Upside]

I watched a movie called "THE UPSIDE" with Kevin Hart and in that movie, Bryan Cranston is paralyzed from the neck down. He tries to date a woman who once she meets him says that it's "a lot" and implies she can't deal with him being a crippled person. Clearly her type of love is different... would you be with a crippled person? You'd probably say "of course, because I have a soul, being crippled doesn't mean you're any lesser and they could be perfect for me" so I bring you back again...

You would be with a crippled person, you would be with someone disfigured... but you wouldn't be with someone 5 years older or younger than you? Seriously?

You people (and I say that, for humor, as rudely as possible) are so brainwashed by the social stigma around age differences that you can't see the truth when it's standing right in front of you. If I'm a 50 year old man, and I refuse to date a 60 year old woman because she is beyond the made up age range I have in my head, I probably don't have a good concept of love or even what being with someone compatible even means.

I've been in a relationship with someone for over about 10 years now, and guess what? I ignored social expectations and only considered what was right for me, right for them and was of course, lawful.

If the law agreed with it, if they agreed with it and I wanted it, then who cares what society thinks? You would deny a lasting and meaningful relationship because people might judge you?

[gif with the word "pathetic"]

The fact that so many people are willing to do only what society says is ok is ridiculous and robs you of being an individual - (society tells you to be with crippled people as if you refused they would treat you with disdain, society tells you to be with a disfigured person because if you refused on that basis again, disdain) - if a woman who is 10 year old tries to date you? "Ew! No! You're... 10 years younger than my mom! No!" - meanwhile that person liked everything you liked, would have been the perfect partner and now you're forever apart because you're a peer-pressure puppet.

What I'm saying is, a lot of the people who freak out about age, despite it being perfectly moral and decent on every level, really haven't given it genuine thought. The immediate reaction is "What can I say that won't get me canceled?" rather than "What if Chris Hemsworth was 10 years older than he is now?" because everyone knows, it doesn't matter how much older than you Chris Hemsworth is, he's a slam dunk boyfriend at 40 or 80.

[gif of Thor yelling Yes]

Stop letting completely dumb people who are probably single, perpetually, tell you what is right and wrong. You know what is right and wrong? What is lawful. Why? Because if you obey the system that actually matters, you retain your rights and get to live how you like. Don't like the system? Consider moving.

But seriously, have you noticed how many undatable unappealing people have opinions on YOUR outfits??

It's always the people who can't look good in that same dress who give you guff for wearing it. It's always the have-nots who try to act like those who have are bad for having.

Or to connect the dots, it's always those who cannot have som*thing that say it is bad to have it. Imagine dating Jennifer Anniston and another guy tries to act like you're bad for dating so much older than you... yeah loser, you wish you could date Jennifer Anniston.

[gif of Jennifer Anniston]

(btw Jennifer Anniston is 17 years older than me... if you think I would be wrong for dating someone that much older than me, I think you are literally a fool)

Society is dumb. Wear the outfits you want, be with the people you want (lawfully), and let them be made because they wish they had a life like.

The Ongoing Battle With Depression

(Title Renamed: "How The Air Force Changed My Life")
Entry posted by Onision in Onision Stuff · June 15

So, in this blog post I wanted to talk about something that is consistently relevant and impactful to me... that is, depression. I have a lot of moments where I think I might be ok, and that I have a grip on things, and then out of nowhere a narrative of being absolutely unhappy consumes me. I do that really cliche thing where my mind is saying "Why do I have to exist? Why can't I just blink out of reality as if I was never here?"

It's... you know... a pretty dark place to be in... lost in this world where... things are so dark and sad. A lot of it, I thought, was logic based. That being if you're looking out of a plane while flying thousands of feet above a city, you realize everyone is so small, and that puts your own significance in perspective. Just a ton of little people going about their days... and yet, none of it means anything? So, I felt that was part of why I was so upset... but it's not really that is it?

Fact is, I was crushed. Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I had such high hopes for my future. I had joined the military, I wanted to serve my country and be part of something bigger... I actually still want to be part of something bigger but unfortunately, they don't want you if you don't have the will to end human lives... I tried, they said no, repeatedly... point is, back then when I joined, I believed America was such an honorable country when compared to the rest of the world, I watched all the popular war films, I thought "Wow, that could be me." (Not the guy with his arm blown off, the dude who magically dodges all the bullets and is smiling at the end... it's what we most all imagine ourselves to be).

Anyway, time passed with my time in the military and things started building up on me. I started to realize that within the machine, it seemed like no one cared about each other, I was regularly paired up with other Airmen, and half the time when I learned more about them, they would reveal that they were crooks. Some were only in the Air Force because it was a choice between that or going away. There were massive scandals where entire dormitories would be discharged for a substance misuse event.

What I'm trying to say is, I had a lot of faith in our country, in our government and in our military, only to progressively see numerous examples of our military members acting worse than the average civilian. It really freaked me out. Eventually it evolved into me being directly threatened and bullied by people who outranked me, people telling me to disobey orders of people who outranked them and people outright appearing to break the UCMJ.

When I joined Security Forces, I had this bizarre idea that everyone there believed in the law and would uphold it both in enforcing it and in their personal life. That's one massive nope.

So what happens when the idea of your heroes fades right in front of you. You have no one left to look up to, no one to aspire to be more like, you just feel defeated? Well... at some point I wound up in South Korea... and in South Korea, well... that was the final straw. While I was there, I distinctly lost my will to live. I fell in love with South Korean culture, I realized their people are actually really awesome, and often, better than our own as far as community/attitude goes.

Being in the military was the ultimate education on the following points:
1. America is not the most beautiful country in the world.
2. America does not have the most moral/ethical/kind people in the world.
3. America is not better than many other countries.
4. People are often much more caring/considerate in other countries.
5. America is full of people who don't take care of each other or themselves.
6. Americans are so in love with themselves that they stopped trying and became predominately unpleasant people.
7. Most everything you were taught about America is pretty much a lie, all your dreams were just that, dreams and it's time to wake up.

I had an identity crisis. I realized I have no idea who anyone is. I don't know who my own countrymen were, I didn't know who I was fighting, or if everything my country told me about the "enemy" was a lie. If we were this wrong about our position in the world, how wrong were we about... everything?

Now let me be clear, I do like America, but it is not the America I was raised to believe it was. Our country programs us to see things a certain way. The media convinces us some people are bad, some people are good, why? Because we said so.

We are given a black and white perspective on the world and that's just not honest or fair.

Hard truth: People we are told are the worst in the world, are probably great to play board games with, talk to and generally hang out with. Problem? A bunch of people who have a lot to gain in convincing you people of that religion, country, culture or group want to do everything they can to dehumanize that group so they can get what they want.

The lesson I've learned over and over again, money is the reason most anyone acts like someone, or something is bad, and we're all just people. People have good sides, they have bad sides, none of us are heroes or villains, we're just products of our environments and brain chemistry.

Our country has money to gain in promoting a military agenda. Our country has money to gain in making others look worse than us. Our society, our culture, sees profit in praising ourselves while putting others down, by separating rather than uniting. This is what all of you should understand, anyone who tries to place humans against other humans because of their culture or place of birth, is likely anti-Human. We can't control where we are born or the culture we grow up with, no one should be our enemy for that reason.

To bring my point back to the subject, I had a lot of beliefs and hopes about the world when I was younger. I really wanted the people around me to have the same standards as I did, to live with honor and respect for our proposed cause... but after a while, I realized I was living in a dream far more pleasant than reality... and that dream was stomped on and torn away. I was left with nothing else to save me from facing the truth, and that truth shattered me. We're not the heroes, my life was just a product of propaganda... and naturally valuing honesty as much as I do, I didn't want to live that lie.

When that happened... so many years ago, I lost something I don't see myself ever getting back... like imagine walking in on your girlfriend with a dolphin. Yeah, I said, a dolphin.

No matter how hard you try, that Dolphin will be in your head every time you look at her for the rest of your life. There is no going back... and that's it.

There are other things that make me sad... but the main, reoccurring theme was... this shattered idea of what was, and my inability to adapt to living with what was revealed behind the fallen curtains.

Young men need heroes, they need people to look up to... if you give them fake hero after fraud after phony... you just ended that young man, and his future.

Young men, you think they're the strongest, but they break just the same.

[Picture of Greg while in the air force]

A Very Serious Topic That Will Make Me Less Popular...

(Title Renamed: "Do Men And Women Have Equal With Parenthood Rights?")
Entry posted by Onision in Onision Stuff · June 6 at 03:28 PM

There is something really frustrating to me about American culture, and it probably spans throughout the world where it is socially acceptable to end your own unborn offspring without justification. We regularly, in our culture, preach equality between genders yet we simultaneously constantly act like women are incapable and should not be held accountable for any wrong that they do.

On TikTok recently there was a woman who clearly broke the law against a man who was not conscious, and yet last I checked, she was not in legal trouble... even though what she did to the man was literally filmed/undeniable. Why? Why do we have so many double standards? We act like fem-activism is a critical component of society but completely and utterly let women do whatever they want without consequence on a constant basis, things that if a man did, there would be no forgiveness.

A great example of this is legally requiring men to pay for offspring they do not want (which frankly, I think if you have offspring, you should feed/clothe them, common sense but bare with me) yet if a woman does not want her offspring, all she has to do is walk into a clinic and have them ended, never having to pay support for the offspring if the man would want to keep them, because the man had no choice in the matter. Let's break it down into an equation...

Man does not want baby + women wants baby = baby is born.

Woman does not want baby + man wants baby = baby is ended.

Man does not want baby = Deadbeat dad, judged by society for the rest of his life.

Woman does not want baby = Poor innocent person, a hero, should be defended to no end and if you question her, now you are the bad guy.

Are you kidding me?

Here's another hard truth. Men, rarely say they dislike men yet women, CONSTANTLY say they dislike women - you ever wonder why?

If someone who knows a group of people better than anyone, being part of that group, winds up hating that group? You may wanna ask a few questions, like why does the person who knows this group better than anyone dislike them so much?

Fact of the matter is, many women see other women seeking sympathy for things that are absolutely ridiculous. Women will intentionally do horrible things, like end a pregnancy they not only asked for, but could easily follow through with, literally just because they don't want to disrupt their social life... are you kidding me? Are you joking? Seriously?

You may think I don't know what I'm talking about, but I in fact know multiple women who ended their pregnancies due to social inconvenience... did I say multiple women? Implying some did not? No, I meant every woman I've ever met who has ever ended a pregnancy.

Not a single woman I've ever met has actually ended their unborn offspring because they were subjected to a crime or medically needed it. Yet when a woman wants a baby and the man doesn't? Well, he's a bad person, let's spread the word about how bad this guy is, despite our blatant double standard.

I do know one woman who got pregnant as a result of the law being broken, she was sleeping and he broke the law, he got her pregnant when she was not even conscious and you know what that woman did? She still had the offspring! The ONE person I knew who ending a pregnancy would actually make sense, had their offspring.

You explain to me why THAT woman is not called a hero? You explain to my why THAT woman gets ZERO credit but the women who end their unborn offspring without justification, get all the celebration. Why? For being literally the worst would-be moms ever?

Let me tell you about another woman, my sister. Had at least 2 optionally bailed pregnancies. The first one I offered to raise her offspring, I just begged her not to end her unborn offspring's life, and you know what she did? She said "Nah" and went ahead and ended her unborn offspring anyway. Then she got pregnant again, same story, ended them again.

She finally had a baby, the third pregnancy (to the best of my knowledge) and then I begged her not to disfigure the offspring upon being born (force removing of a piece of their manhood) as they were a boy and our society is insane. My sister promised me she would not harm the offspring. But guess what? I baby sat one day, changed his diaper and you know what I saw? A boy who had been harmed, deeply harmed, permanently disfigured. So not only did my sister end two of her unborn needlessly (she was financially sound, was in the military so she would have had paid leave to take care of her babies, still ended them anyway) but now she couldn't help but disfigure the baby she did have.

And why? You take the rights away from babies you consensually introduced to this world, and then you take the rights away from your babies again by disfiguring their bodies, take a look: https://www.doctorsopposingcircumcision.org/for-parents/reasons-to-keep-your-son-whole/

Long story short, women need to be held accountable. Rights between parents should be equal. If you want to have a baby and the father does not, have the baby, but he shouldn't have to legally be required to be in the life of a offspring he did not want if you can just the same end your pregnancy when you don't want a offspring. It's common sense. And if you want to end a pregnancy? Don't call yourself a hero, don't act like you did something good and don't get mad when people point out what you did because guess what? Everyone should be held accountable for their actions.

It's simple, heroes save lives, the don't end them. If a father is bad for not wanting a baby, then a mom is too. If a mother can bail on being a parent, then so should a father.

Stop living a lie, stop acting like women can do no wrong. My mother hurt me when I was young, sprayed me with a fire extinguisher to gas me out of my room, slapped me in the face, unleashed a belt on me repeatedly, constantly lied to me and is now a addict. You call that a hero? You call that a person who is superior to all men? My father is not a good person, I don't think my mom is a good person, not with how much they both lie and clearly think about only themselves and their own needs over others, especially those they are programmed to love unconditionally but somehow overcame that inherent need to protect/prioritize your own.

I just gotta say, in this story, there is only one hero, and that is the woman who had every reason to end her pregnancy, but didn't. Why? Because that baby did nothing wrong, it's not their fault they were conceived and the mother knew she would love the baby anyway, regardless of how they were conceived. She had a baby girl, and they're out there right now, alive and well, thanks to the one woman in this story who actually deserves credit, but got none.

Wake up, our culture is just wrong. We celebrate the wrong people, we call people who are the opposite of brave or responsible the heroes and the real heroes are ignored. It needs to stop, and we need to finally be honest about what it means to be a person who ends life without justification, just because we want to go on drinking and being irresponsible in bed. Grow a conscience, if you ended a pregnancy merely because it was inconvenient to you? Guess what, parenthood is a series of inconveniences, we get spit on, we get screamed at, we get poo'd on, we get hit and we sacrificed ourselves for our offspring while getting no long term appreciation for it, and you know why we take all that from our offspring and don't ask for anything back? Because we actually love our offspring, parenthood is sacrifice, parenthood is putting someone else before yourself, and what do you do? You just end them before they're even born, because the only thing that matters to you, is you.

I'm not against women having a choice because I know there are hundreds of reasons to end a pregnancy, like health issues or the legal system being involved, but me being for women having a choice doesn't mean I think you should treat the clinic like a revolving door as I have seen people do.

I had a pregnancy scare when I was only 14, you know what I did? I told the person I was with, I will be the father of this offspring, because I'd rather be a dad who is 14 than someone who has no compassion for their own unborn young people.

If a 14 year old Onision can step up and be a parent, what was my employed/insured 20+ year old sister's excuse? And even then, as the baby's uncle, I said I'd raise them, my sister still ended them.

I wonder what my nephew will think when he grows up and realizes, if his mom listened to his uncle, he'd have two more siblings, but instead? They're ghosts.


Onision Posted Sunday at 03:59 PM

Sierra said:
If a woman has an offspring and the man doesn't want it, he has to pay offspring support. However, if a woman has an offspring and doesn't want it, SHE also has to pay ch*ld support.

Yet every single time, if a woman doesn't want them before a certain term in the pregnancy, she can bail, yet he can't. So you're wrong. Women have more rights.

Sierra said:
Not sure how people think a clump of cells that can't exist on its own= a human being.

If you do nothing, that clump of cells turns into a human being. So essentially, it is a human being, time is the only remaining factor. Making your wrong again.

Sierra said:
Is j*rking off also wrong bc s*men are alive and may eventually be a baby?

Again, your comparison is really bad. If a man does nothing, then the fluids inside him are reabsorbed into the body. If a woman does nothing, a baby is born. You are wrong for a third time.

Sierra said:
woman have been oppressed by men since literally the beginning of time. Hades, men used to OWN women.

You just ignored one of the most important aspects of American history, when women used to own slaves, you know, often men. Making you wrong for a fourth time.

Sierra said:
I don't think anyone thinks all women are heroes, but to ignore the power dynamics between the se*es that have permeated our culture since it was initiated is to turn a blind eye to the truth.

A woman comes forward about allegedly being subjected to something that was not lawful at the hands of a man, everyone freaks out. A man comes forward, the same respect is not given. The Johnny Depp case is a wonderful example, or for instance, RealStreamNews who had a woman accuse him of something really bad, ruin his life, and then later admitted she lied.

Women are not at a disadvantage, they are at an advantage on multiple fronts.

Onision Posted Sunday at 04:23 PM

Sierra said:
Why would men have more rights over womens bodies than women themselves?

(1) You're wrong for implying I ever said they should. (2) You're wrong for trying to avoid the actual argument, which was that if a woman can give up her rights/obligations to a baby before they are even born, so should a man. No mention of rights over her body were mentioned as such a concept is irrelevant and irrational.

Sierra said:
Time CAN make a baby but ***********s happen all the time. So it's not a sure thing.

Once again, wrong again, you're dodging the point that was made and stating something that is irrelevant. The argument was that if you leave a man's seed alone, it doesn't turn into a baby on it's own, yet if you leave an fertilized egg alone, it turns into a baby. That is the clearly difference and is obviously why you didn't address the point head on, and instead diverted to referencing the issue itself as if it was somehow a justification for your argument, yet, your argument is still, dodging the point because you apparently have no actual counter argument.

It's like if I said "You should not end lives when those lives will continue to exist if you do nothing" and you replied with "Well people end lives so it's not a sure thing those lives will happen because people end them" - The response is absurd, making you incorrect yet again.

Sierra said:
Men still dominate in positions of power, as they always have.

I'm kind of confused... who is the vice president again? Women are all over the place when it comes to positions of power. That obvious fact aside, I'm not sure what this has to do with the incredible disproportion in women's rights vs men's rights when it comes to parenting.

Onision Posted Sunday at 04:41 PM

Sierra said:

Well you did imply that, and I'm not wrong, because if a woman is carrying an embryo, that is a women's rights issue, because you are essentially trying to control what a woman does with her body. Like I said, when a baby is actually a baby and is viable, the woman does not have a right to an ********. So at the point when the fetus becomes a baby, she cannot give up rights to it. Just like the man.

The sperm argument is relevant because just like an embryo, sperm is both alive and not a human.

The last thing was not in regards to parenting, but in regards to women showing disdain for men. Yes, we have a woman vice president. We also have a black vice president. Does this mean that ****** doesn't exist anymore? Of course not. Similarly, it also does not mean that patriarcharcal standards are not still in place. Hopefully that clears up your confusion. The CEO article was just one example of the disproportionate power statistics when it comes to men and women. If you do any research on patriarchy at all, you will see that women do not yet have an equal footing, and never have had an equal footing.

You ignored what I said, and continued your own narrative. You gotta know when there is no point in arguing because the other person can only hear what they themselves say, and not what the other person is saying.

Onision Posted Sunday at 06:52 PM

If people really want to be equal, you gotta take a look at everything that is making you unequal, that means looking at both sides on every issue, not just one - otherwise, stuff can go the wrong way, and fast.

Onision Is Having Another Existential Crisis

(Title Renamed: "Having An Existential Crisis Is Normal?")
Entry posted by Onision in Onision Stuff · June 6 at 01:28 AM

So, I did some research on stomach disease and discovered smoking and drinking can be the cause of it... word to the wise, do not do that, do not drink, do not smoke.

With that out of the way, (also eat your fruits and veggies and do not be fat, fatty) ha-ha... ugh. With that out of the way I want to talk about some stuff... you know those rant videos I do? The "hey look at me I'm a YouTuber blah blah" videos? Well... I can accomplish much of the same thing I do in those videos, only typing is kind of easier. I mean it is easier in the sense that there is no real video editing, and word editing is normally accomplished automatically through Microsoft Word (which I get for dirt cheap because yay, perks) ... (wait did that sound condescending? I mean I am cheap... ugh never mind)

[Reaction gif]

Anyway, I was thinking about life today, and normally I would plop down in front of a camera and rant about whatever is on my mind but in such a huge way I am kinda sick of it?

Like I don't really like ranting or "Getting real" anymore... I don't like those long talks about reality because I don't think my mind can take being the center of attention anymore as if my face, my voice and everything that comes with who I am is something to stare at and engage in deep thought...

When you have a deep conversation with someone, it should be one on one... when you have a deep conversation with an audience... it feels too personal.

A lot of people for some time viewed me as a "cult leader" because when I was 17 I started a site where I said we should all worship and protect the Earth and I came up with some pre-Harry Potter Dementor concepts (more or less) that seemed rather supernatural... ha yeah, so people saw that as a cult and then when I started talking about deep concepts like what my beliefs were, empowerment etc., again, came off as a "leader" or what my personality profile calls a "protagonist" ~

[Low quality image of a hooded figure]

Point is, I don't want to lead people because (1) I can't stand most people and (2) that's no fun at all.

But I actually got to go because I need to spend time with someone I love... and my shower for the day is almost here. I was going to make this blog a little deeper but that's ok... we'll leave it here for now.

The point is, I just wanted to talk about why I think I might shift to blog format for serious conversations... and I wanted to go in more depth but duty calls.

I hope you enjoyed this talk, I hope you enjoy my future posts.

I have a face, and most people only see that face... but my mind is something entirely different and I want to exist on that level. I have often dreamed of being a man behind a mask... COVID kinda helped me there.

I do not like being known, recognized etc. and that makes my life rather ironic.

If I am on camera, I want it to be shallow and mean nothing. I want it to be fun and stupid...

But here on this blog? We should be real.

Here is a random nice photo. Your place of peace.

[Low quality stock photo of a waterfall]

The first Onision blog post ~

Entry posted by Onision in Onision Stuff · June 4

Alright... so here we are... talking about I donno. For those of you who do not know, I am Onision... who is Onision? Well, I'll let a robot tell you.

Onision is a YouTube star who has gained notoriety for being critical and satirical of members of the psychiatric community. His often stream-of-consciousness videos often center on his opinions about society. His YouTube channel has been noticed by many celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres. Onision has also been criticized by many members of the YouTube community for his perceived lack of effort & charismatic personality.

Um... ok, rude.

Anyway... no... no what? When was I on Ellen? Hahaha.

So in my blog I want to share a bunch of pretty stock photos... here is stock photo 1.

[Low quality stock photo of a building]

See? I just made your day a little better.

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Onision Returning to CGI?

Published on April 20th, 2021

I'm getting back into CGI simply because I love it. Doing CGI animations is really fun for me and I want to produce content that can be widely enjoyed and make people's lives better as a result.

Here's an image I just tested out using... what is it? Ray... tracing technology? Very cool.

It's LeafyIsHere + Onision + Waluigi for some reason.

[Image described above]

Anyway! If you want to help fund my future videos, becoming a member of the Onision discord helps. You can sign up here: https://onision.net/discord

Markiplier Meets Onision

Published on April 19th, 2021

The script from the CGI video where Onision meets PewDiePie and Markiplier

[image of CGI Markiplier]

Pew: Hey Onion boi!

Onision: PewDiePie! Hey big shot!

Markiplier: Your OnlyFans insults my Christian values!

Pew: His whole life is the opposite of Christi… wait you're a Christian?

Markiplier: I dunno, sure. Who cares. Coronavirus.

Onision: Hey bozos, let's fight!

Pew: Just remember if I say the N word, or say death to all...

Markiplier: Hidokin!!!!

Onision: *blocks*

PewDiePie: Bro, what was that?

Markiplier: It was a hidokin.

PewDiePie: That was not a hidokin! You wanna see a Hid...

Onision: *kicks pewdiepie down*

PewDiePie: *hits ground* FUCK OW! SHIT!!!

Onision: *goes to kick markiplier*

Markiplier: *dodges and punches Onision*

Onision: *screams* FUCK I'M BLEEDING!!!!

Markiplier: He's going level 2 like he did with Leafy!!

Onision: *screams and transforms*

PewDiePie: BARRELS BRO!!! *throws barrel*

Onision: *hit by barrel* FUCK!!!!



Markiplier: What?

PewDiePie: BARRELS!!! *throws barrel*

Onision: *hit by barrel* FUCK!! STOP THAT!!!

PewDiePie: BARRELS!!!! *throws barrel*

Onision: *gets hit in head falls down passed out*

Markiplier: *walks up* Woah... thank our lord and savior.

PewDiePie: Shut the fuck up bro, you’re worse than AIDS.

Markiplier: Haha! Is he knocked out??

PewDiePie: Yeah we won br...


PewDiePie: FUCK!!



Onision: *stands up*

Markiplier: *screams comedically* I PISSED MY PANTIESS NOOOOO!!!!

Onision: *kicks them both to wall and they explode*

PewDiePie: *scorched*

Markiplier: *scorched*


Onision: *flies off*

  • Explosion behind*

A Lost Onision Script

Published on April 19th, 2021

This script was never used as far as I know... I don't even remember writing it? Haha...

[image of CGI Onision]


Onision: *watching tv* “So as it turns out Onision was innocent the whole time, leaving us reporters very very stupid looking. Again. It’s almost like we chase money & not the truth. Ironically the original petitioner is in prison for actual crimes they admitted to, but we all conveniently ignored it because none of us actually care about the law. Only attention and money. Hahahaha!” Onision: *sigh*


Onision: Hmm?

  • explosion at door*
  • smoke in room*

Onision: *panic in response* PewDiePie: SUP BRO!!! Onision: AHHH!!! *fires gun* PewDiePie: OW!!!! MY LEG!!! OWWWWW!!!! AHHHH!!!!! Onision: YOU BLEW UP MY DOOR PSYCHO! PewDiePie: BRO! I’M A JEHOVAH WITNESS WHICH MEANS I CAN LEGALLY DO ANYTHING AND YOU JUST SHOT ME!!! Onision: What? That’s not the law! You broke in! PewDiePie: You’re finally going to jail bro. WE WIN! OW MY LEG!!! JESUS WINS!!! OUCH MY FUCKING LEG OW!!!! PewDiePie: *screaming INSANELY for police* Police: Sir can you come with me? Onision: WHat!? WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!? Police: Sir, come with me. Onision: He broke in! Like with an explosion! I stood my ground! Police: Alright, we’re arguing now? Peasant scum? We’re doing this? Onision: PEASANT SCUM!? REALLY? I’M AN AIR FORCE VETERAN!!! Police: SURE! *radios hand* Bring in SWAT. Onision: FINE I’M COMING!!! Police: I wish my wife would say that for once. Onision: Oh sorry bro, do you still have your frenulum? Police: Wut? Onision: Yeah like if they cut that off when you were born it… Police: What are you talking about? Onision: Ah you’ll Google it. Police: WAIT DO YOU HAVE A FRENULUM!? WHAT’S A FRENULUM DUDE!!! OH GOD I NEED TO KNOW NOW!!!! IS IT A FUN ONISION: FUCKING GOOGLE IT!!!! Police: WHAT!? DON’T RAISE YOUR VOICE A...

  • shot of station*

Dahvie: Susie got your number and Susie ain't your friend, Look who took you under with seven inches in Pennywise: Oh please, you’re not even half of seven inches… which is 3.5 because I CAN DO MATH DAD!!! I’M NOT STUPID!!!! SHUT UP DAVEEEEEYYYY BOOOOYYYY! Dahvie: What? That song is about Jesus bro. Pennywise: Let me guess, half the dudes you know are named Jesus? Dahvie: Ok that is offensive. Pennywise: Are they named Jesus? Dahvie: I can’t believe I’m in prison with a racist clown bro. Pennywise: Clown have you seen your face? You look like a pig who got hit with a makeup IED. Dahvie: Dude you look like the rotting greasy shaved sack of Scar from the lion king. Pennywise: *pops out of wall* HEY FUCK FACE!!! Dahvie: AHHHH!!!!! WHAT!? Penny: Oh yeah, I can phase through walls!! WHY AM I LOCKED UP!? HAHAHA!!!! BYE!!!!! Light: SHUT UP OVER THERE! I CAN’T HEAR SHINI… I NEED MY QUIET! Dahvie: Are you a hot teen by chance? Light: WHAT!? EW! THE ONLY THING I’M ATTRACTED TO IS MANIPULATING WOMEN INTO DOING MY EVIL DEATH NOTE BIDDING!!! MUA HA HA!! Ryuk: Why don’t you just tell everyone your credit card number too Light, you moron. Shitler: I am a hot teenager! Dahvie: What? NO you’re not dog face! Shitler: OH SHUT ZEET FUCK UP I’M HOT!!! *rant about being in the wrong prison because girl* Liquid: OH PLEASE YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY A MAN, I SAW YOUR MUSTACHE WHEN YOU HOBBLED IN!!!! Shitler: *rant and crying about insecurity* Light: God I hate being here Shinigami Ryuk: It’s Ryuk idiot. Light: You’re the one who got me here! Ryuk: No, your mouth did. And if you want to keep your teeth it’s time for that mouth to do some work. Light: What do you mean? Ryuk: You’re gonna be a good bottom bitch in here Light. Light: I don’t wanna be a bottom bitch!!!! Ryuk: You know what, since we’re both already in Rome, let’s find out if you stretch.

Light: WHAT!? SHINIGAMI!!! AHHH!!! HELP ME!!!! HELP!!!!! Dahvie: Oh man, that guy’s definitely getting raped by a demon right now. Shitler: You know who’s gonna get raped, ONISION. AND THAT GIVES ME SATISFACTION! BECAUSE I’M A GOOD PERSON AND GOOD PEOPLE LIKE THE IDEA OF PEOPLE GETTING RAPED IN PRISON!!!! AREN’T I A GOOD PERSON DAHVIE!? TEE HEE HEE! Dahvie: Oh Onision’s here? Where? Shitler: The cell next door… I can’t stop giggling! His suffering gives me so much satisfaction because I’m a good person! Liquid: Why do you keep saying you’re a good person after clearly being an evil piece of shit? Shitler: Yeah Onision. Liquid: I was talking to you dog face. Shitler: MY MOTHER WAS A SHITZU! I CAN’T CONTROL THAT!? Liquid: BITCH WHAT THE FUCK IT WAS A JOKE! Shitle: ….OH! Dahvie: Hey Onision! You should have taken up my offer to prove I’m innocent all those years ago when I texted you the invite to my show *rant about how only mature women go to concerts* Onision: If you’re innocent what are you in jail for this time? Dahvie: BEING FUCKING AWESOME *emo scream* Onision: That’s not what Jeffree Star says. Jeffree: HEY! I MAY BE A SECURITY GUARD HERE BUT YOU WILL NOT SPEAK BOY TOY! Shitler: Yeah you tell him Jeffree! Jeffree: Shut up whore! Shitler: OK! Dean: Onision huh? What kinda funky fresh name is that? Onision: Dean, you’re going to miss me when I’m gone. Dean: What’s that mean? Onision: It means your favorite BJ hasn’t happened yet. Dean: Oh god you’re so not straight, awesome. Onision: Yup. Drop em. Dean: YES BITCH!!! YES!!!! Dahvie: Ok that one’s consensual, Onision’s cell is a party now I guess. Shitler: What!? ONISION!? YOU CAN’T BE HAVING FUN!!! THIS IS PRISON!!! STOP SUCKING DICK ONISION!!! Liquid: You seem kinda Jealous mustache girl. Jeffree: Yeah girl, you jealous as hecker doodles. Shitler: WHAT!? FUCK YOU!! I DO NOTHING FOR JEALOUSY, AND REVENGE… UNLESS YOU REJECT ME THEN I’LL LIE & LAUGH AS YOU BURN AH AH AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I’M A GOOD PERSON!!!! Liquid: Hey Shitler, want $1500? Shitler: Where did you get that number from? Liquid: Do you want $1500 Shitler: YES I DO!!! Liquid: Hahaha, then start another fraud gofundme you silly dememnted bitch.

Jeffree: Burn sister! Shitler: I AM FUCKING UNSUBSCRIBING FROM YOU JEFF. Jeffree: You did not just call me Jeff. Hank: Onision, it’s Judge Hill here. Dahvie: Oh Judge, now’s not a good time. Hank: Shut up dingo barf butt head. Dahvie: *comically confused* Dingo barf butt head? Hank: *looks into window* Hank: OH DEAR GOD!!!!

  • door *clunks open to have hank standing there*

Hank: UHHHHH!!!! Onision: Oh hey judge. Hank: Yeah, I got you out of your sentence, pulled some strings. Onision: Oh cool… can I finish with my cell mate though. Dean: Yes, please, can he do that? Please? Hank: Ugh… how are you the one person who makes prison a party? Onision: Well you know… free food, free housing… free healthcare, free men, hard to beat boss. Hank: Free men? Onision: Oh yeah, so many hot single guys here. Hank: Ew. Onision: More like slurp. Hank: Hurry up freak. Hank: *door closes* Castiel: *portals in* Dean! We need to stop Satan. Shitler: CASTIEL!!! I’M SUCH A HUGE FAN!!! Castiel: Ew, dog face. Why are your eyes so soulless? Shitler: WHAT!? Castiel: *portals into Dean’s room* Dean: Oh hey Cas! Castiel: DEAN! YOU’RE CHEATING ON ME!? Dean: No… this is prison, doesn’t count. Castiel: I’M NEVER TALKING TO YOU AGAIN!!!! *cries and portals out* Hank: I could be eating churros right now… I could be eating churros and watching the home an garden channel. *sighs* Catiel: *portals into hank* Hank: AHHHHHHHH!!!! Castiel: *explodes inside hank* Hank: *explodes* Castiel: Oh… I should really stop teleporting when I’m emotional. Dahvie: *covered in blood* *screams*

  • END*

Onision Meets Agent Smith (Script)

Published on April 19th, 2021

A CGI animation where Onision meets agent smith... fun :)

[image of CGI Agent Smith]

Agent: Mr. Avaroe
James: Actually… It’s James.
Agent: Ok Mr. Avaroe, do you know why you are here?
Jame: I’m… I guess banned from VidCon.
Agent: Do you know why?
James: Because people are angry with me.
Agent: Yes.
James: That’s it?
Agent: Well… there are no crimes to speak of…
James: Yeah because I’m a former military cop… I have no interest in breaking the law.
Agent: Well… that being said, people are angry.
James: Right, so ban them. They’re the problem.
Agent: How so?
James: Well, I’m not trying to ban them from anything, but they’re trying to hurt me by banning me so?
Agent: Right, but it says here you slept with an adult.

James: Ok, am I not supposed to?
Agent: Yeah I’m confused about that too.
Agent: Well… it’s not official at the moment, but we both know if you tried to attend, people would freak out.
James: Right, so remove them if they do freak out for causing a problem.
Agent: No… it’s 2020, we would remove you.
James: Ok, so OTHER people freak out, cause a scene, and you remove me, who did nothing wrong.
Agent: Correct.
James: ...ok.
Agent: Thank you for understanding Mr. Avaroe.
James: I don’t understand.
Agent: Neither do I but here we are.
James: Listen, have I been convicted of anything?
Agent: Not that I’m aware of.
James: Have I committed any crimes?
Agent: Not that I’m aware of.
James: What is the worst that I could do based on what people say about me?
Agent: You could potentially sleep with an adult.
James: Ugh you people are retarded.
Agent: Possibly.
James: Ok, so let me go to VidCon.
Agent: I can’t do that Mr. Anderson.
James: Anderson?
Agent: Sorry, Avaroe.
James: Wrong again.
Agent: Why do you even want to go to VidCon, it’s primarily a bunch of narcissists desperate for peer approval essentially sucking each other off.
James: I don’t want to go, I pretty much hate everyone. I just don’t want outrage culture to destroy people’s lives and make them social outcasts for doing nothing wrong.
Agent: You’re a sensitive little baby aren’t you?
James: And you’re CGI, you’re not even real.
Agent: Now I know you’re crazy Mr. Avenue.
James: Why are you wearing a dress?
Agent: *looks down* *looks up*
James: Well?
Agent: I… put this on myself.
James: No you didn’t I just switched it.
Agent: ...I like dresses.
James: Fine, where did your glasses go?
Agent: *looks around*
James: Did you take those off too?
Agent: I did not wear them today.
James: Anything to disagree with me right?
Agent: Listen, Mr. Vanderbelt.
James: Jesus Christ.
Agent: Mr. Algorhythm you cannot go to vidcon, that’s final.
James: Cool… haven’t even tried to go for 9 years so that works out.
Agent: Then why did we have this entire conversation?
James: I just wanted to establish how stupid human beings are.
Agent: Everyone is stupid but you?
James: No… I’m very stupid at times… but this… all this? Is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.
Agent: You’re trying to explain 3d to 2d people, they’ll never understand. Sounds like you’re wasting your time.
James: Well… therapy is expensive, I may as well talk it out with you Agent Smith.
Agent: You’re using me as free therapy?
James: Yes. I ranted about how much I hate people, and you wore a dress. I’m happier.
Agent: What about VidCon?
James: What about VidCon.
Agent: Are you going to try and go?
James: *stares at vidcon* ...yes.
Agent: Wait really?
James: No, I just wanted to freak people out for a second.
Agent: Oh. You’re not going to VidCon.
James: Why would I want to see the people who ruined my life without me doing anything wrong?
Agent: You actually think you did nothing wrong?
James: Nothing to warrant the psycho idiot lynch mob screaming WITCH WITCH!!!

Agent: Can I stop wearing this dress now?
James: Sure.
Agent: Ok… *no clothes*
Agent: Not funny.
James: I disagree.

Banned Script: PewDiePie & Onision

Published on April 19th, 2021

This is the script from the banned video (for some reaoson... donno) with Onision and PewDiePie...

[image of CGI PewDiePie]

Onision: Hello Pewdiepie

PewDiePie: OH GOD EW!!!!

Onision: Yes... ew.

PewDiePie: I'm calling the cops.

Onision: No worries... I'll be gone soon.

PewDiePie: What do you want?

Onision: I want to talk.

PewDiePie: Your life is more pathetic than a bad soap opera.

Onision: Ok.

PewDiePie: If I was you I'd self-terminate.

Onision: So we’re not so different then… I guess I was right.

PewDiePie: What's the matter... you sad?

Onision: Somewhat... I guess.

PewDiePie: I'm surprised you have feelings...

Onision: Yeah... there are a lot of theories.

PewDiePie: So why are you here? You can't afford a therapist?

Onision: Actually no... I can't justify that expense right now...

PewDiePie: Well I'm not volunteering to pro bono get you out of the nightmare that is your mental state.

Onision: I have a question...

PewDiePie: What?

Onision: What was it all for?

PewDiePie: Being a narcissistic egomaniacal psychopath? I donno, you're the one who has to answer that.

Onision: No... I mean... YouTube... why did you ever start? And what does it mean now to you?

PewDiePie: Millions of dollars bro, obviously.

Onision: Right... but other than wealth and a destroyed ability to go out and public and function as a normal person... what did you gain? What's the difference?

PewDiePie: I don't know what y ou mean...

Onision: We do what we do... for money?

PewDiePie: I do, bro... plus I play video games so that's fun.

Onision: Games are cool... but at the end of the day... wouldn't it be better if you just played offline? Without turning what you do for fun into a job?

PewDiePie: Now I know you're an idiot bro.

Onision: What I'm saying is... nobody acts like you do in your videos when the camera is off...

PewDiePie: So... was I ever really playing games if I turn it into a chore of acting and editing?

Onision: Yeah... and what was the point?

PewDiePie: To entertain my fans, obviously... you would know if you cared about yours...

Onision: I actually cared about my fans more than any popular YouTuber in the beginning...

PewDiePie: Yeah right, so what happened?

Onision: I realized they never cared about me... and that I was more entertaining to themas a car wreck than a smiling face.

PewDiePie: Oh... shit bro.

Onision: If you check the trending Google searches for the last few years... a lot of the famous names that are searched are only looked up because of controversies...

PewDiePie: Yeah, people love drama...

Onision: People love chaos more than they love peace.

PewDiePie: I could agree brah... my controversies consumed me.

Onision: Right... you made jokes... and people like me freaked out on you... acted like you were a monster.

PewDiePie: Never got an apology for that bro.

Onision: Oh... I'm sorry... but to be fair... I'm paying the price now.

PewDiePie: Ahahhhaaahaha! Yeah.

Onision: Anyway... I just came here to show you that I'm sick... and I have been for years.

PewDiePie: Ok, I don't care. You made your bed, lay in it.

Onision: Right... I know. I just wanted to share it with someone... what I feel. And I knew you above most anyone could understand.

PewDiePie: So you started out loving your fans, you realized they love your life falling apart more than your life working out, and you lost your motivation to be happy?

Onision: I was diagnosed with Major Depression over a decade ago... I haven't been truly happy... maybe ever.

PewDiePie: Well... I'm sorry... mental illness sucks.

Onision: Yes... it does... but I've hurt people too... maybe it was because of my depression... maybe I'm just out of my mind in general...

PewDiePie: So you're finally getting it.

Onision: Well... maybe we're all a little mad... maybe... none of us know what's real.

PewDiePie: Now you're getting into some crazy philosophical crap bro. You're losing me.

Onision: Ok...

PewDiePie: Are we done?

Onision: No... you're not done...

PewDiePie: What does that mean?

Onision: I'm sorry you & your significant other got robbed.

PewDiePie: Yeah... people just laughed at me.

Onision: Right... well... when you're famous, no one sees you as a person anymore... so they laugh instead of feeling your pain.

PewDiePie: Are you going to be ok? Through this depression?

Onision: No one with depression is ok... we're all a few bad moments away from death, some closer than others.

PewDiePie: Should I be worried?

Onision: Yes.

PewDiePie: Are you going to die soon?

Onision: Yes.

PewDiePie: ...

Onision: ...

PewDiePie: That's what you came here for.

Onision: I just wanted someone who would understand, watch me die.

PewDiePie: Don't.

Onision: Nothing will ever be good enough... so I may as well stop wasting everyone's time.

PewDiePie: DON'T.

Onision: *shoots self*

PewDiePie: *stares with blood on face*

Onision Banned from TikTok... But... What Policy Was Broken?

Published on April 18th, 2021


Hey guys… this morning I found out I was permanently banned from TikTok… and yet I didn’t violate any TikTok policies.

On YouTube I was banned from the partnership program, and again, didn’t violate any policies. I was banned from the Twitch partnership, and again, didn’t violate any policies (they still have all my earnings which they never paid me…).

I was banned from YouNow and once again, I did not violate any policies.

I really wanted to make music videos, to entertain people & to continue to help the people who say I helped them with my activism videos… but at this point it seems like anything I do or say/prove with receipts does not matter, people just, quite literally (as they’ve said) want me dead.

I could go on and on with documentation, other parties admitting I told the truth etc… I could talk seemingly endlessly about how people are wrong about me, about how I simply upset the wrong people, and as a result they successfully destroyed my 12+ year income source entertaining people & making a once-good living doing it… but no one cares, no one wants to listen, people just want to believe I am a demonic terrifying monster because again, when you upset the wrong people, they don’t need proof, they don’t need to get along with the other people you upset, in fact they can all literally call each other liars and yet all still be taken completely seriously. Proof is irrelevant to people when they already decided the outcome before there was even a case.

There is no redeeming myself at this point. There is no career left for me. There is no web site I can go to and not be banned from despite not violating their policies.

I’ve learned a lot about people, and how even if they say they will never wind up like other people who have lied about you, you simply can’t trust them because the desire for revenge is significant in people, especially the people who have lied to you over and over again. If they lie to you, they will lie about you, and that is a terrifying thing when it comes to trying to figure out how to remove them from your life without them attacking you/spreading rumors about you for it.

Recently James Charles has been under fire for things he literally admitted to doing, this is a case when internet justice should take over, when someone admits to what they are accused of or there is irrefutable proof (for instance, someone admitting on camera to breaking the law to such a terrifying extent)

A long time ago the person who blackmailed me said “I could destroy you if I wanted to” - She, the adult, then made it clear that if I did not “give (her) what she wanted” her earlier threat would in fact become a reality. As a result, I gave her what she wanted (and she admitted this in a live stream that everyone still ignores… my innocence, she admitted to it, yet it doesn’t matter to anyone) but after months of being lied to about her intentions and who she was, I couldn’t take it anymore and I had her leave my life.

She then decided she would destroy my life despite me giving her what she blackmailed me into giving her anyway… and just like she said she would, she successfully caused YouTube to demonetize me, YouNow to ban me, Twitch to demonetize me, TikTok to ban me and a number of other sites… all because I refused to sleep with her after two days of her being at my house, I just couldn’t go along with her blackmail anymore, I couldn’t be lied to, I couldn’t be extorted, I couldn’t be used and forced to be with her anymore. I was so scared of her after I broke things off that I slept behind a locked door in my garage till she left… but again, no one cares. I’m a man, I’m older than the other adult, so that’s it for me. I can’t be a victim no matter what they admit to or how many forms of evidence I present, that’s been made clear.

And all of you… you believed her… and it’s important to believe people, it is, but it’s also important not to try any ruin other people’s lives without hard proof. I proved my innocence on OnisionSpeaks (the YouTube channel) but again, pretty much no one cared. They took word of condemnation months later, but not the same people confessing to what they had done right after it happened.

The reason we believe people but don’t condemn others without evidence is because there are a lot of men and women, of all ages, who are victims, but there are also a lot of people, of all ages and genders, who are liars. You can’t not believe someone because people lie, but you can’t also condemn someone without evidence because people… lie. It’s the healthy balance so that real victims can be heard, and real innocent people won’t be falsely destroyed, making society/the mob the real villains. You wait for the legal system to handle things like this.

Jake Paul for instance was recently accused of a pretty serious crime. I believe the woman who came forward about him, but I don’t want to try and ruin Jake Paul’s life without evidence. This is balance, this is respect for due process/the legal system. Unfortunately the rest of the internet doesn’t seem to operate this way, and as a result, every public figure online only needs a small number of people saying something about them, and their career is over… what they worked incredibly hard for, for years, is done… essentially their income source is murdered, and people will cheer for the murder of the career with or without evidence that anything was true that was said.

As said before, the people who ran a campaign against me broke up into factions and begin calling each other liars, ironically, lying was the main reason any of them were kicked out of my life… when I saw this - I was like “Dude, I literally warned you guys about each other, ya didn’t listen, and now you see exactly why y’all were kicked out of my life” - But that doesn’t matter now does it…

While there is nothing that can be done for me at this point, and I’m broken beyond repair… I want to offer you all this gift… please listen….

If you catch someone lying, repeatedly… run. Don’t break things off with them, don’t say anything judgemental of their lying, don’t give them any indication you are on bad terms, just, run. You can’t even go totally silent on them because that might cause them to attack you as well - what you do is offer VERY limited contact. Keep your distance and if you happen to see them at any point in the future, just be very short, very boring, don’t do anything that can cause them to want to lie about you too, because they can, they will, and people will likely believe them.

I have kicked so many people out of my life for lying to me, I kicked my own father out of my life for lying to my face and behind my back to others. My father was proven to still be spreading lies about me (changed his story repeatedly, said I was 17 when I lived with him when I have college transcripts proving I was nowhere near him when I was 17 etc)

I kick people out of my life who lie a lot because honesty is incredibly important to me. If you let someone in your life who always lies to you, you actually have no idea who that person really is. When you don’t know who someone really is, they could in fact be anyone, they could be the most evil person you’ve ever met and you wouldn’t even know it. You can’t love someone who lies to you because you need to know who someone is in order to love them, this is why I value the people in my life so much, because they tell me the truth, they are honest & I cherish them for it. Honest people are really hard to find.

Regardless, it’s clear I cannot win. History is decided by the people who win the battles, and I’ve lost pretty much every one. So I will go down as a monster and all the evidence I posted (including their admissions on camera of lying (onision.com/sarah - onision.com/shiloh), of hating the other people I kicked out for lying + evidence and admission of their crimes against me, of other criminal activity, again, they were removed from my life for) - Just please learn from my failure. Don’t become me by trying to help people when they say they are being beaten, by taking them in, repeatedly rejecting them trying to be inappropriate with you only to finally break when they say they could destroy your life if they wanted to…

You ever hear the story of the sirens in the middle of the sea? They cry for help, the ships go to help them, and are sunk by the rocks… this is not a well-known story for no reason. Some people don’t want to be saved from their misery, they just want their misery to have company. Some people don’t reach up for you to pull them out of the water, they reach up so they can pull you in to drown you.

Don’t try to be a hero, don’t try to help anyone, just stay quiet, try not to get noticed and slowly sneak away if you don’t want to be around someone anymore instead of what I did in making a big statement about how important honesty/consistency is, how you don’t want dishonest people in your life. Those people won’t say “Oh, thanks for calling me a liar publicly” they’ll instead do everything they can to ruin you, and they will because people who lie, they have a lot of practice, and people want a villain even if the pieces don’t fit.

I made a huge mistake trusting people, I made a huge mistake trying to help people, I made a huge mistake not ending things the moment I was blackmailed and instead believed that they wouldn’t hurt me if I just did what they wanted… I was stupid, and it killed my once very successful income source. Just murdered it, ruined me.

Thanks to everyone who somehow still supports me despite the extreme opinions about the things I never did. Like people literally say I’m like James Charles despite me never once doing anything close to what James Charles did - unlike James Charles, I understand how important age of consent is and I understand how important checking ID is before you have conversations like he had. Common god damn sense James.

Regardless, I will still be on my 18+ Discord server (onision.net/discord) until of course Discord bans me for once again like the other sites, not violating any policies and I will still have my web site (onision.com) until I’m sure I somehow get banned from having a website for once more, not violating any policies.

This is how the internet works, I get it it, and there is nothing I can do. All any of us can do is pick way better people to have in our lives and not make the mistake of trying to be a hero or save anyone.

You either die a hero or you live long enough to become the villain. You don’t have to actually do villain things to become a villain, people only have to convince others you are, and that’s it, you’re it.

To those that love me, love you too. We need a whole lot more love in the world, it’s tough out there.

Piles of evidence proving my honesty & my case can be found on onision.net/discord but again… ya don’t care :P - it is what it is man.

Have a good life <3

Shane Dawson: Come Back

Published on April 8th, 2021

I posted about Shane Dawson on Twitter and it got over a thousand likes... it's interesting to see that happen.

This is what I originally wrote for Twitter:

[Image of Twitter rant]

Some of you may wonder why I would change my feelings on Shane, fact is, I don't think I changed at all. What I saw then was a man who was celebrated for including other people who could not possibly consent to being included in his comedy videos, being subjected to downright atrocious things - I no longer see that man because he does not exist. Than man was broken down, torn apart and his character was murdered by the same people who begged him to make those videos in the first place.

Shane used to use humans as props, some of those humans were not adults and the things he was subjecting them to was horrifying to me personally - when I discovered what he was doing, I did in fact draw the line in the sand and when I went public about it, his fans did in fact socially lynch me for it. Hypocrisy through and through.

Those same fans only a couple years later turned on Shane Dawson, when I mentioned this in the above post, many people reacted with baseless claims that the age group of his audience was drastically different... drastically different in... two years? I pointed out most everything he had done two years prior, and those people again, socially lynched me for it. So what is the excuse? How, in two years, did you lose all blame for celebrating/defending the man?

So when I blame people for creating and protecting Shane, you can bet I'm talking about the people who were very much so near the age they were when they initially celebrated/defended it in the first place.

Additionally it wasn't just "fans" it was also pretty much literally everyone he collaborated with, we're talking mostly adults in their 20's and 30's - those same people defended him visciously back then... and yet are pretending to be standing on the moral high ground on issues like James Charles and David Dobrik.

Trisha Paytas is a prime example of the projection of her own guilt onto others, you can watch a full video about how deep the hypocrisy is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkmvQt8dhfA

Some people have showed concern that I am now essentially encouraging the comeback of someone I used to curse, Shane Dawson - My behavior runs linear to that of someone who called someone out, saw them go to jail and witnessed them successfully serve their time. I witness Shane Dawson lose enormous amounts of his time, money & energy on the scandals, I saw him pay for what he did and I am certain he will not do it again. The whole point of punishment is not to hurt someone, it's to make them understand what they did was wrong, and not do it again.

This is the mercy in me, this is the compassion in me, this is the humanity in me, the same humanity a good portion of the internet seems to completely lack.

I would still be upset by Shane if he had never paid the price, but he did, so in that, not a thing has changed about me, he changed into a different person, a person who saw his fake, pathetic audience for who they are, the same fake pathetic audience that has yet to take responsibility for encouraging the creator to do what he did, only to act like they had nothing to do with it when two years after they lynched me for calling him out, he got called out by a bigger celebrity, ok NOW it's bad, but not two years ago right? Again, pathetic.

Yes... just because you see someone do something wrong years ago doesn't mean you have to hate that person even after you see them pay the price for what they've done. That's the whole reason we punish people, so they can learn from their mistakes and return to society once they've paid the price. We do this because we are not executioners, we are not evil dictators who say "off with their head" the moment someone looks at us wrong. Evil is curable.

Fact of the matter is, you all make mistakes, some of you have made mistakes that are worse than anything Shane has ever done, yet you all chanted for his demise regardless of how hypocritical & pitiful your position was.

For those of you who compare me to Shane, no. Just no. If you understood & truly knew the truth about what I've gone through, you wouldn't see me like Shane as much as you'd see me as the opposite, you can read up on it here: https://www.onision.com/onision-in-real-life-documentary-debunked

But just because I have been proven to be the opposite of Shane on numerous issues, and literally taken repeated, consistent steps to avoid being in situations that Shane put himself in with the encouragement of his audience - doesn't mean he cannot be morally equal to me now or even superior. He could be a much better person than most any of us with a little effort. Lousy decisions and broken behavior isn't always an eternal function of every fuck up. Fact is, people can change, they can grow and everyone deserves an opportunity to prove they mean the best for society once it's clear, they've paid the price for what they've done.

[Image with Greg and Shane at VidCon 2011]

Long story short, I don't feel hate for Shane. I feel bad that Shane is still being punished for this trash. I do however feel upset with people who point the finger, when in fact they're, in many cases, actual crooks.

This especially applies to commentary YouTube channels that pump out lie after lie after lie just to get more views. This is why when I came out about Shane, it was about things he had done on camera/recording - not hearsay garbage that pretty much every commentary channel regularly subjects themselves to, destroying lives blindly, all to collect a paycheck - and you all? You are the bread and butter of their lies.

Pat yourselves on the back, you judge Shane, when Shane has the potential to be better than most all of you, so yeah, of course I want him back. Something to distract myself from the mob of judgmental blindly character-murdering hypocrites that the internet is now overflowing with.

To everyone who's not like the cancel culture mob, you keep being you, to everyone else, seriously, take a look in the mirror and imagine if everyone you ever had a disagreement with was allowed to be the only person to describe who you are to the public.

When you only look at the black of the story and not the white, you'll be stuck in blinding darkness forever.

Click here to contact me.

A Futile Update

Published on April 6th, 2021

I have pretty significant not significant lame mc ok anxiety about updating any site because I've abandoned every site I've ever started with the exception of a few.

It think it's something I do because of who raised me... my parent quits a lot of stuff, switches priorities constantly - jumps from job to job on the regular so it's like... did I get that? Constant loss of interest in stuff?

I donno... anyway, I updated the site with a music page, cool huh? I know! Right? Cool huh? Ok!


Am I fat in this dress?

Hello There

Published by Onision on April 5th, 2021

Oh hello, I am Onision and this is a blog from... me... Onision.

My whole life pretty much I've been looking for a web site that just works... and I really hope this might just be it, but... we'll see :)

Anyway, hope you like the stuff I add to this site over time... might be awesome, maybe.

Here is a GIF... enjoy the GIF. Pronounced, JIF. Hail Santa.

[Gif of Greg dancing]

(Blog is cleared out 4/5/2021)

Onision Proven Innocent? Yeah…

April 5, 2021

Onision presented evidence to the public about Shane Dawson, the public rejected it for years until finally admitting what Onision showed was real. The same is now happening with a very messy/unprofessional documentary that again, was debunked by Onision.

Someone wrote me asking why I was not in jail and I’m like… dude, how many times I gotta pimp out this link: https://www.onision.com/onision-in-real-life-documentary-debunked

[Embedded video]

It’s a bummer that the YouTube algorhythm doesn’t promote the truth but rather whatever validates already existing opinions the most… but, that’s what’s up ~ Anyway, once again, thanks to everyone who stood by me. I showed y’all I could be trusted on Shane Dawson, Social Repose and numerous other folks – of course I can be on my own name too. That’s why you look at the proof, not just the words.

Onision Went Viral on TikTok

April 4, 2021

What is it like to go viral on TikTok? Well... a lot of folks are pretty upset at Onision going viral, but... oh well I guess.

So apparently I still have “it” to a degree. The videos I’ve been making on TikTok have gone viral (one reaching over 600,000 views), I suspect this is due to mass anger over my very existence… it’s an interesting thing… people acting like because the disagree with you, you should have no right to exist.

[Screen shot of OnisionPrime TikTok]

Going viral on TikTok, Onision style.

Now I realize, people believe a bunch of rumors and therefore they feel justified in their anger towards me… but, they’re simply wrong. So what do you do when the world is mad at you for something you never did? Well… you make videos like this one… ya keep smiling, keep laughing, keep dancing… it simply isn’t your job to make people understand every aspect of who you really are, it is your job to make yourself happy, and those you love happy as well.

[Embedded TikTok]

Anyway, to everyone who liked the video, awesome… cool 🙂 A lot of you guys have been donating (like… 7 people, haha!) and that has helped fund not only more videos but also this site as well. So thank you for checking out my site/donating.

Trisha Paytas Is James Charles

April 4, 2021

Trisha Paytas is a super controversial YouTuber, one who doesn't seem to remember her own past.

So Trisha Paytas decided to go after James Charles on Twitter… which was really confusing considering she had said a number of things in the past that made it seem as if she was almost just… projecting.

Some people say it does not matter because a lot of time has passed… but would you use the same excuse if someone else said something like that? Say… me, Onision? Why are excuses so… selective and conditional?

[Embded new video "Trisha Paytas Is James Charles"]

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What Are Non-Cutting Forms of Self-Harm?

April 4, 2021

Onision talks about self harm and alternatives to hurting yourself. Onision talks about self-harm and what the alternatives are. There are quite a few options on how to deal with your own problems outside harming yourself, these are just some fun examples… and by fun, I mean less intense in some ways.

[Embedded old image reaction video]

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Self-Harm Scar Tattoos

April 3, 2021

People who have self harmed in the past aren’t always proud of the scars they created on their skin… some of them just want to cover all those scars up… so how do you do it? Well… tattoos.

[Embedded old image reaction video]

This will never be updated… ?

March 22, 2021

Will this site ever be updated? This is the first post ever and here's a prediction.

I’ve started like a thousand of these site in the past and they always wind up getting left by me… haha… so, this will probably never update… I just got bored one day and was like…


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Sock Puppet says:
March 22, 2021 at 7:44 pm
Duhhh… I’m a viewer of this site and i has opinion duhhh, keep it up, I’m not Onion, me cookie monster!