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List of videos Greg uploaded to his Speaks channel in 2009. Work In Progress

Greg uploads daily to his Speaks channel, so if there's a date missing odds are that day's video was deleted by Greg.

Channel created on August 11, 2009.

Red/Pink Box = Video Deleted

Date Title Description Time Notes
08/12/09 Interview With An Ego Maniac Onision is an ego maniac who is out of control! I can't believe he would say these insanely self-absorbed and narcissistic things! Who does he think he is!?!?

The link to the full interview: [Link to a deleted youtube video]

08/13/09 Onision Goes Public Transparency has become a necessity. 1:15
08/16/09 Quick Abortion Announcement WHAT!?! Yes, I know, I'm sooooo funny for playing off the acronym "Q.A.A" or better known "QnA" --- but anyway, lets get to business... 1:18
08/30/09 War On Onision Death threats and sabotage for the man who does not like us. 4:57
0/0/09 Title Description 0:00
0/0/09 Title Description 0:00
12/27/09 Flesh Well Done Your mouth waters, my stomach turns.

List of sources available at: onision.com

The closing statement I suggested that the desire for flesh is acquired and not natural --- I say this from personal experience --- I was a vegetarian till the age of 12 --- when I tried pork, I got sick, and hated how it tasted --- but being a 12 year old, I ate what my mother provided me --- and only at 23 did I realize what I was doing not only was increasing my risk of cancer and heart disease significantly --- but was greatly contributing to and directly demanding the killing of innocent animals.

12/28/09 The Word "GAY" Some people do not use the word gay in reference to people being sexually attracted to members of the same gender --- or to it's original meaning "Happy" --- The following question was submitted to me through onision.com/contact - "What do you think when people use the word 'Gay' in the improper use. Myself being bisexual, I find it very offending." 1:13
12/29/09 Onision The Optimist What am I trying to achieve? Do I not believe in a better world? :) Tomorrow is a brighter day, it is as long as we fight for it. 2:35
12/30/09 Hitting Your Kids Is it ok to hit your kids? What does hitting them mean exactly?

Please look up your local laws and keep those in mind. Also remember that your children are human beings --- they look to you for love --- don't let them forget that you have exactly that for them.

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