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List of videos Greg uploaded to the Youtube in 2007.

Red/Pink Box = Video Deleted

Purple Box = Video removed and re-uploaded.


Date Title Description Time Notes
June 16 Tour of My Apartment 1:32 Source
October 16 Darth Vader "Voice Changing" Helmet I bought the Darth Vader Helmet on Amazon, and found out a little more about Darth than I expected to. 2:44
October 29 An Elegant Demonstraition Using the greatest movie making software ever, we cracked a few jokes. Source
December 21 I'm A Monster Source
December 22 2 Xbox's & 1 Cup Source
December 23 Princess Kitty Caboo Source
December 27 Video Blog - Viking Journal Entry - Dec. 27 07

Viking Vlog - First Episode

I decided to take the world on in a different manner today... this time with a viking outfit on... or... some kind of war monger... anyway, I get quite a few negative responses to many of my entries... I mention that a bit. Source
December 29 Cannibal Island - Channel 7227 News December 29, 2007 - Channel 7227 News with Richard Donnigan talks about Cannibal Island, shoe sales, the Nintendo Wii, product testing & his stalker assistant.

I've created a news program, it features a very cliche news reporter named "Richard Donnigan" with a poor attitude toward others, and generally has a egotistical personality. Maybe in time I will make him see the light, but for now, he is a shallow newscaster. The sto...[cut off]

Source Source 2
December 25 Strip Dance of Shame Re-Upload
December 25 No One Ever Gets Famous On YouTube Source


(Channel Deleted)

Date Title Channel Description Notes
November 22 How To Open Microsoft Office Packaging Vighkel It’s like a monkey was trying to do it. Source