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2007 Journal is text from a journal Greg maintained during 2007. The journal was titled, "Onision Journal: Venture into a life far away". (Source) There were over 180 entries in the last archived page of the journal. These are the ones recorded by the wayback machine. It is not known how long Greg maintained the online journal. It is also not known if this was linked to his 2007 Blog. This journal seems more personal and there is little to no video or channel promotion, unlike his blog.



[Missing entries]

Sunday, October 21. 2007

Netunesa And Me

I recall when Misti, you, Skye and I were hunting for ghosts, and you and Misti ran off together somewhere in the warehouse ---

The moment you and Misti got freaked out, you ran back to Skye and I, and Misti more than you, seemed completely panicked...

I then told you two it was just a piece of metal banging against the side of the warehouse... and you both seemed so relieved...

I miss those days Alicia.

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------

From: Ms.Alicia Date: Oct 18, 2007 10:15 AM

Memories of Us --- Okay, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

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Wednesday, October 17. 2007

Work in progress...

I've decided I'm going to devote at least 30% of my off time now to making YouTube videos... I really like the vibe at YouTube... and it's so fun being as creative as I can be... for now.

Anyway, I just updated my YouTube site: http://www.youtube.com/onision

I added a lot of cool movies to it in the last week, so you should feel somewhat intrigued by it.

If you have any movie ideas, please send them in, I will credit you, and if I don't call me out, and I'll reupload it (forgetfulness)

Mom, I plan on using your ideas too! Thank you for those!!!!

Also, I gotta use my Viking helmet too... it was such a cool gift.

Here is a random video I just made:

[Missing video]

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Monday, October 15. 2007

Date on Demand (Optimus Prime)

Optimus Prime talks about his desires in a woman, and gets to the point in the end.

You should probably be 14+ to watch this... it's kind of disturbing.

[2 missing videos]

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Thursday, October 11. 2007

My Latest Track: Fart Song

So... I made a new song... it's nothing like the other songs I think...

Link to Fart Song


Click here to listen.

Lyrics to Fart Song-------------------------

Delta 19 this is 402 Foxtrot, Initiate Fart Song. Roger Bill, initiating fart song.

Fart fart fart fart fart, It's time to fart. Fart fart fart fart fart. It's time to fart.

Fart song, it's the fart song, Everybody come around and fart.

Fart song, it's the fart song, Everybody come around and fart fart fart.

Fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart.

Fart song, it's the fart song, Everybody come around and fart fart fart.

Fart song, it's the fart song, Everybody come around and fart fart fart.

[fart noise] [fart noise] [fart noise] [fart noise]

Fart fart fart, everybody fart, Put your buts up in the air and fart fart fart.

Everyone put you butts up towards the sky. Don't ask questions just do it don't wonder why.

Point your butts towards the guy to your left or right.

Fart song, it's the fart song, Everybody put your buts up in the air.

Fart song, it's the fart song, Everybody fart fart fart faaarrrrrr...

Fart song. It's the fart song. Everybody put your butts up in the air. Fart song.

Fart fart fart fart fart fart.

Fart song, yeah, it's the fart song.


Fart fart fart, everybody stick your asses in the air and fart fart fart.

Fart song, it's the fart song, Everybody put your asses in the air.

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Wednesday, October 10. 2007

Information Requested on the UFO

The UFO I spotted has been getting a lot of attention... this is my reply to someone requesting to use my footage, and for more information.


Post them anywhere you like, as long as the original footage remains unaltered, I'm completely fine with you using what I have.

I can't really say much other than what I've said in the videos.

This is a collective list of what I have gathered.

1. To the naked eye, the light flickers, and often so.

2. At night it shines so brightly that it stands out significantly amongst all the other lights (stars) in the sky.

3. It keeps changing positions in the sky. It is always the same general direction, but I've seen it three times now, and it keeps moving higher & lower than the day prior.

4. When video taping, it moved slowly right & up continuously.

5. When this light is out, other smaller lights have been seen to be moving at high rates (my wife says it's a "recon pod" or whatever).

6. The light stays in the sky after all the other stars have disappeared.

Other people do notice that I watch it, no one can really explain it that I've talked to... no one I have talked to is certain of it being anything... not a star, not a ufo, they just can't figure it out because they also see how abnormal it is...

Anyway, that's all I have. Thanks for taking the time to write me.


Here's the latest video...

[Missing video]

Call it whatever you want, you don't have to believe... I sometimes wonder if I do... but then I just remember the facts, and nothing can really explain it so far.

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Tuesday, October 9. 2007

Main Page Updated

The main page of Onision.com has been updated with a 60% new design... do leave feedback in regards to it will you?

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Other than my mom...

I wrote about Rush Lame-o the other day, and someone decided that their opinion was worth enough to let me have it...

Whatever --- I'm not writing yo back "set*****" because I really don't care to argue with you, for whatever reason you feel like making up in your mind.

Bask in your cesspool of lies and moronic mentality.

And remember kids, these are things that are very mean that you should never say...

Anyway, so the guy says I need to do more research...

Why would I want to? I'm no expert, I'm just an ignorant man with an uneducated opinion, who cares what I have to say?

Rush Lame-o is a jerk in my opinion, do I need to do more research to figure that one out?

Oooooh, so he's not a jerk because he donates to needy children?? Wow, that doesn't make a difference.

Daily activities speak much more of a person than independent and rare donations (the guy didn't actually donate to them, I just used it as an example)

As for saying "Don't speak for the troops" or whatever it was you said (I really don't care to look back and quote you as I am certain you're a waste of time to speak directly to, and am only using you now too add a new element to a blog to fuel my silly goal of becoming famous and a billion-aire via search engines - to news programs - to world-wide fame) --- I think the fella I posted the video about spoke for them already, and I'll tell ya what, he did a very good job.

Live in your right-wing illusion. I'm not on either side of this fence, but I'm sure you have the insane opinion that "If you're not with us, you're against us!!!" crap bouncing around your head. The only reason I posted it anyway, is because I agree with it...

I don't like to publicly say what I do for a living, but if you do the research, you can figure it out, and you may find in what I do, I probably know a bit more about "the troops" than you do.

Come on.

Keep talking, it's your right to.

Keep spreading your, what I consider, wacko opinion around. There are people that are destined to believe in what you have to say, so freaking kudos to you.

Have a nice life, but don't bother me with it ok?

I'd rather pretend you don't exist --- you talking to me can't end productively, so what is the point?

I won't say your name publicly, I won't approve your comments, so there is no point in writing.

I know you want attention, and that's why you wrote in, but quite honestly, I'd rather my mom continue to be the only reader of this blog.

And by the way, Rush Lame-o thinks you're not a real American because you're not in the military right now.

Just ask him, everyone has no balls, and isn't a true American in his eyes.

To be a true American, you have to do things he has never done, be a better man than he ever will be, and generally do exactly what he himself never has, never does, and never will do...

Sounds kind of like a hypocrite no?

Why do you listen to him?

You're words speak for them self.

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Friday, October 5. 2007

Rush Limbaugh: Anti-Majority of US Troops

[Missing media]

Rush Limbaugh is a very literate and clear speaker --- however, this is one of the few things he has going for him...

The issues he speaks of, it makes him look much like a devil.

He believes in heros and the good guys, and yet doesn't realize that in any Hollywood movie, he would play the villain.

Statistics keep showing that America does not agree with him, and yet they listen regardless...

The people who do agree with them, have every right to, and with this right, they are wrong in my opinion.

The Sgt in this video is taking advantage, getting a little PR which makes everyone feel good I'm sure --- I can't say I would do any different... I am sorry for the reality that caused his injuries, and Rush does need to hold more consideration for what he says...

But really, if he held back anything... do you think he would have as many listeners?

We people of the public are seeking something to get our blood pumping... shock & awe of the past is less than water these days. He has to continually offend and enrage in order to stay popular.

The man is an Ogre because it makes him money, if it never made him a dime, he'd probably still be a jerk, but with less of a voice, and far less popularity.

Overall, he was just trying to strike a cord, and you all felt the blow.

Understand, the man probably doesn't believe in what he says... if he says he's sorry, millions will lose faith in his ignorant mission.

He does what he does for his own benefit... for his infamy.

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Wednesday, October 3. 2007

PT Test Results

This morning I took a PT Test... as it turns out... my health is pretty good, that is, strength and endurance-wise.

These are the results of my test: (out of 10 males around my age)

Push Ups: 70 (1 Minute) (Highest Score)

Sit Ups: 56 (1 Minute) (3rd Highest Score)

1.5 Mile Run: 12:06 (3rd Highest Score)

My run was pretty much crap (I've done it in 9:26 before) --- however I didn't think I could do that many push ups... [sighs]

Anyway... that's all. I'm glad I'm not getting worse...

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The Darkness Parodies

The Darkness is a pretty excellent game, but it has its humorous points...

[missing media]

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Monday, October 1. 2007

Jad [...] Died in February

A very good friend (one of my only) of mine died in February... I didn't find out till yesterday as I came across his number by accident having thought prior that I lost it.

I believe he was only 22 when he died...

The reason for his death, from what I recall, was due to his white blood cells not doing their job.

Jad was one of my good friends because of his integrity... he refused to do things that even I let slide... and I consider myself to be pretty morally-driven ---

He was a missionary in Japan for a while after High School, really believed in God, and in the way he was supposed to believe, not the way most follow the easy path when it comes to ethics and morals under Christianity...

I want to dedicate something to Jad... I imagine I'll make a song soon, and name it after him... hopefully it will be worth his name ---

I didn't cry when I found out he died... I've never cried because of anyone I know dying... but this time I really felt something I had never experienced before... somewhat of a temporary loss in purpose of my own... thinking, if Jad, the good person he was, with so much potential and promise... died so soon... what does anything matter? What is fate and meaning?

[sighs] Fortunately I've made quite a few videos... I'm glad I can at least leave music and imagery behind...

I actually have some good audio bits of Jad and I goofing off back in high school... he was the only person other than my wife who actually made silly bits with...

[sighs deeply] I miss you now, and will miss you in the future Jad... I'm so very sorry for your family losing what a light you are... and I am truly remorseful that I was not a better friend to you than I was.

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Saturday, September 29. 2007

Feedback On My UFO Video

jenny24CR on YouTube Writes "Thanks for posting, I am living in Suyu right now and i been looking for this kind of videos since i saw the same thing several times in Seoul around Phukan san in Suyu, and the first time i saw them was around 6pm, it was a star in the sky that landed over the peak, and stay for a while and then disapeared , when i talked to my friends they did not believe, but what happened to us on the same date that you see this flying object was something to not forget."

hinata8balance on YouTube Writes "yes very nicely done! and remember doesn't matter what others say...they can't take away your experience (saying it cuz there are alot of people who say mean things on here) thanks for putting this up!!


So far people seem to like what I have posted... to see the video, and more comments, please check out: http://youtube.com/watch?v=o5LyFJDXHGY

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Friday, September 28. 2007

Tagged Imposter

Today I was looking around YouTube and noticed someone linking to my videos out of the norm. I followed the link, and I came to a site with my pictures all over it, that I did not create...

An imposter.

Anyway, apparently the person had found my photos all over the web, to include this blog (to which I assume they read) and in result, gathered a loot of photos, and thus created a false identity.

If you want to check out their site: http://www.tagged.com/mypage.html?uid=4165962

I've already reported them... I did so for two reasons: (1) they stated that my wife was my ex, which was very upsetting because it's entirely untrue & suggests I am disloyal (2) they were speaking to many underaged females, which again upsets me as I am very much so against and angered by predators.

Show your love, and leave as many negative comments on his profile, will you?

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Thursday, September 27. 2007

Something Weird is Going On

You Tube is acting kind of weird...

They seem a little drawn behind on adding my UFO video... all of my other videos were uploaded, approved, and added to their search engine without hesitation, but this one has not been added to the search engine yet... I uploaded the UFO video only hours after the others... and it's been a day... what the heck is going on?

Just add the video to your search engine so other people can see it You Tube, geeze.


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Response to My Mom's Blog Entry

To see the entry I am writing about, visit: http://SunTiger.JournalSpace.com

I often remember how simple the civilian life was in contrast to my life now...

You are right that things are very different between the demands in your life, and those in mine...

I believe we have many common stresses, but I don't feel I should be praised for what I do, as I get paid for it, I signed up for it, and there are so many benefits involved...

It seems like a win-win / at times I wish I was never born, but at other times I'm extremely happy for the decisions that have brought me here...

Many people go through what I do here in South Korea... some do give up, but most push through --- I can't be seen as special for that...

I honestly don't want to be special for having enough fight, or pushing the hardest, or being the "biggest man"...

I just want to be the Gregory you knew, sitting at his computer, sipping on orange juice, building various insane & odd creations on my computer, not having a care in the world, and being obligated to no one and nothing...

I am often amazed that I am not trying to impress anyone, I am not trying to be strong, or act tough, and I make it through regardless, with little motivation...

I've come to learn that I am in a part of this force that I do not want to be... kind of like how you realized you didn't necissarily feel like you were part of this big old grizzly harley man group...

You probably thought about being at home, sipping on coffee, typing in your blog, or watching the coy or whatever peaceful aspect of life you enjoy...

I think about this sometimes too... I aspire for a life where I can sit back, and rest whenever I want... where I don't care what I will be doing in a week, but I know that it will be something great...


:) Thanks for mentioning me!

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Wednesday, September 26. 2007

Sep. 26, 07 - UFO Sighting: Video

[Missing video]

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Share Photos - Free Video Hosting

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Paranoid? Gregory See's UFO in South Korea

I was at work and carrying on conversation with my co-workers as usual. I walked outside toward the end of shift, and looked up at the sky...

When I looked at the sky, I immediately noticed that there was a RADIANT object before my eyes. It looked like a star, but seemed 1,000,000 times closer, and much brighter.

As soon as I saw it, I said "What is that!?" "That's not a star!" --- and began staring at it....

I asked a man passing by what he thought it was, and he said he didn't know... and began to stare at it as well. He walked off, and I continued to stare.

He then came back about 3 minutes later and asked me if I hade binoculars. I did, so we took a look at it, and when I got a closer look, the object appeared to be twisting. Like it was moving from the shape of a half-Saturn, to a full circle (like the side perspective of an over easy egg, transforming into a full circle).

He soon after stated that he did not believe it was a star, and said he was putting it in a "Weird Things" book of his. I went to finish off work, and told my co-workers about the object I saw outside, they said I was full of it, and so I told them to walk outside with me. They did out of curiosity.

The first person to see it said "OH! That's a STAR!" I replied "No it's not, look again." --- he then looked at it again, and went silent. "What is that?" he said. I replied "It's a UFO!" he then stated that he would stare at it for a while and find out.

I got on my bike and rode home quickly to show my wife, we went on the roof with a camera, and I took pictures, as well as obtained footage.

The confirmation to me was that my wife saw what looked like to be a regular star racing across the sky toward the larger object. It was moving so fast, and looked exactly like a regular star. It moved, and then stopped, then moved & stopped.

I was completely freaked out to see it because it made no sound, and looked nothing like an aircraft.

The batteries then ran out on my camera, so I walked back down stairs, and posted this very blog. I know these photos are terrible, but what else can I say, it's a light in the sky that didn't go away even after the sun started to come up... I'm going to check again after my shower... it may still be there, as it is right now.

[5 broken images]

UFO sighting by Gregory J. Daniel

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Friday, September 21. 2007

Track created for Coast to Coast

It was recently mentioned that Coast to Coast (radio show) is looking for a new theme song --- so I decided to sketch one up from scratch. Tell me what you think please...


I sent it in today, hopefully they like what I've done... I sure do.

Listen to it on head phones if ya like --- it sounds best that way.

To visit Coast to Coast, check out http://www.coasttocoastam.com

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Sunday, September 16. 2007

Epidemic Universe

Another song created!!! YES!

Download it and tell me what you think, will you?


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[Missing entries]

Sunday, September 9. 2007

Amazing Photo Archive

Skye and I have been taking photos all over the place, and the easiest way of keeping everyone up to date on the latest is by using DropShots.com for all my images.

Please check out our page: http://www.dropshots.com/oni

There you will find a HUGE archive of pictures Skye and I have taken all over Washington, Oklahoma, South Korea & many places in between.

Thank you for your time!!! Please vote for the pictures and leave comments!

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Saturday, September 8. 2007

More Photos in South Korea

Here are some photos I took today around Songtan, South Korea with my wife Skye...

[Links to 21 images]

I hope ya enjoyed them! If you want to buy any of the large prints, feel free to name your price.

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Wednesday, September 5. 2007

More Photo Manipulations

[Broken image]

I created these a while back and wanted to share them...

[Broken image]

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Tuesday, September 4. 2007

Enjoy Life, Look Forward to More...

[Broken image]

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I've added the following to my SoundClick page and other pages around the web... Mom, please don't donate! Thank you!


All Onision songs are free to download for personal use. All donations a contributed directly to the improvement of all Onision-related music.

Donors will be recognized publicly for their contributions upon request.

All donations are GREATLY appreciated as I do not charge for any of my downloads.

Thank you so much!

[Paypal donations image/link]

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

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Pro's & Cons to living in South Korea



1. The summer-time is extremely humid.

2. It doesn't get cold at night, at all... the heat consumes you 24/7 in the summer.

3. Sometimes the local area smells of terrible things...



1. No one weights 400lbs here, other than visiting Americans...

2. There are pretty much no taxes for anything you buy.

3. Movies come out 1-30 days early here, in theatres and on the streets.

4. The culture is a combination of rich and poor in the same town, no seperation.

5. Their television programs make you feel a lot better about yourself and others than any American channel... no diet commercials, no drug commercials or STD advertisements, just orange juice and free American films 24/7.

6. Their airlines are the best I've ever been on.

7. Nature is very well integrated with society, where I live right now, we are surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature. Trees are abundant.

8. I generally feel less stressed here due to the lack in need to stand out, or be important. I feel like myself here, rather than someone I used to try to be. I'm generally happier.

9. There are a ton of things to do here, many beautiful places to travel to, and things to see.

10. The buildings are all so interesting and unique.

11. It rains... a good amount too.

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New Onision Music Player

[Music player]

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Saturday, September 1. 2007

New Onision Intro!

I've created a new intro for Onision.com --- it's extremely cool to me as it is unlike anything I've done before... I reall like how dark, and unique it is in the sense that none of my productions have been relevant to something like this...

The last layout was so... uninteresting in comparison...

Anyway, check out http://www.onision.com for the latest.

Thanks everyone!!!

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Sunday, August 26. 2007

Onision's New MP3 Tracks - Download Now

Today I created two new tracks, they are both quite evoluntionary in certain apspects, and are pushing me very closely to finishing another album. 3 tracks to go exactly.

Download these, enjoy them, but please, remember to give all due credit to the original author, me, Onision (Gregory J. Daniel).

Inverted Souls


Life Can be Beautiful Again


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Saturday, August 18. 2007

PlayStation Game Console Review

This is the greatest console I have ever played... I've played every console created in the last 10 years, PlayStation 3 is not the now, but it is the future.

Purchasing this console is a significant decision for those who don't have a lot of money, but at least you know, if you ever go broke, and need to sell something, the PS3 will retain its value, unlike other, rapidly lesser-valued consoles.

The video games are all very high in quality, the downloads are very cheap, and worth-the-money --- The PlayStation 3 console is constantly provided with new downloads, and updates for the console, it is an ever evolving system, that has massive promise for the future.

When you purchase this console (as wise-decision making gamers do often) please ensure you purchase an HDMI cable and a Digital Optical cable if you have an HD TV. The quality of picture will give you the wrong impression if you do not buy the latest in technology when it comes to cables.

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoy your console as I have. The price is not too high, it is so very perfect, especially after the $100.00 price change.

I was told that it is best to go for the 60GB version as well in specific, as the new 80GB console is not as-backwards compatable as the original 60 is.

I currently own the 60GB, and once owned the 20GB. With all of the available downloads, you will want to obtain a 60GB unless you plan on upgrading.

There are many amazing games coming to this console, the best games out for the console now are:

- The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (you may want to wait for the release of "Game of the Year Edition" as you will get more for your money then.) - Motorstorm (an excellent offline-1-player online-multi-player racing game, the best ever made in my opinion.) - Tekken: Dark Ressurection (only $20.00 online to purchase, and is the best Tekken game ever made, no question) - Enchanted Arms (a good RPG for the PS3, and only $20.00 for the hard copy) - The Darkness (an awesome First-Person Shooter game, but very mature)

Must-Buy Games Coming Out

- Finl Fantasy XIII - Metal Gear Solid 4 - Heavenly Sword - Gran Turismo 5 - Grand Theft Auto 5 - Devil May Cry 4

Game to Avoid:

- Virtua Fighter 5 (not a good value at all, Tekken is much better)

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Goodbye August

For the next 15 days I will work a total of/or more than 140 hours... that's 70 hours a week.

(14 hours a day, 5 days a week) --- for 12 of those hours each day, I will be standing, outside, in South Korea, being slowly eaten alive by miquitos...

Things I need to invest in: FAST ---

1. Misquito repelant.

2. Bug Zapper!!!

3. New Boots

Any other ideas for the long haul???

This is the life I have chosen... in a couple years, we shall see what I decide, but for now, this is what I have, this is what I signed up for, and this is what I will deal with.

Accompanying me will be an insane/dillusional sense of uforia, as I have convinced myself this is all a magnificently GOOD thing, bugs FEEL GOOD when they eat you alive...

This is what I do to survive.

PS. When I say 14 hours, I mean a MINIMUM of 14, sometimes it goes to 15, but rarely is less than 14. It’s always interesting trying to sqeeze the recommended (and technically, but unofficially ignored human-rights standard due to convinience for some, required law) 8 hours every night in.

The bird says: ha ha ha HA ha [squaaak]

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Tuesday, August 14. 2007

Changing The Times

I'm looking for a career change... I'd really love one... every day at work, though the hours are fair (15 hours a day, 16 days a month) the work is simply... unhappy.

I am looking into jobs in aviation, broadcasting, human resources, history and various other inspiring career fields...

Fortunately due to my initial contract, I can apply for a new job next March, so... hopefully everything will pull through.

Skye and I are also working on our education... we need to progress further, but I am pleased with what we have accomplished thus far.

Another issue has come up with Skye obtaining a job... I have recently deeply considered the possibility of her obtaining a job, and again, it seems so... inappropriate.

The reasoning behind this is that she simply would not seem me nearly as much as she does now... and this is unacceptable.

If she is going to have a job, she must still be able to see me at least 80% of my time off work, and with me currently working a midnight schedule, we would be lucky to see eachother 50% of my off time... I do not like this percentage... though it would be a part time job, it would also be a day time job, and in result, it would alter her sleep schedule, taking many more hours away on top of the working hours.

Later on this year, I will be switching over to a days schedule, and then, we will both advance in our productivity in the field of finances and self improvement.

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Hollywood Skye

I've been making quite a few videos for YouTube as of late... I'm really working on the professionalism aspect of them in the sense that though the ideas are tacky, the core video and sound quality is at least par. (editing as well I'd hope)

Skye has been a mighty impressive performer. Her improvisational skills are superb from what I have seen this far. In the last video, "Ninja vs. Commando" her dodging of bullets, floor dance, and general dancing in response to my assaults, were all her. I did not suggest these things, and she decided to go for it regardless...

I truly love my wife, and feel I am very fortunate to have met, and even more so flattering, married her. I would not trade her for any other, and am so very excited that she will be entering the world of entertainment with me in all comedy-based forms of video production...

Maybe, we will make a horror film next... I've always loved those.

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Google on: Hate

Something interesting I recently looked up in Google... the phrase "I Hate [insert race/country/status]" --- 15,400 hits came up for "I Hate Americans" 10,00 for "I hate Canadians" and just over a thousand for "I hate Koreans" --- honestly, I was actually looking for a particular group that I do not understand, and could even go so far as to say I do not like them... but then I wonder...

People are generally good... right? Human beings naturally want to be happy, and prosper... right?

So why do we categorize and summarize eachother so often? So relentlessly?

[sighs] It is a curious thing... this... ignorance.

I don't see how you could hate Koreans, someone said "They smell" --- I know quite a few, and none of them smell... except one lady... [shrugs] she doesn't count.

Canadians, how could you hate them? They're mostly all so chipper and nice (yes, I have been to Canada for more than 30 days, and yes, I have met quite a few of them as well). Why hate in the first place? It solves very little if anything...

And lastly, why hate Americans? All the average American wants (so I imagine) is to live a happy, healthy, independent and free life... what is so wrong with those core ambitions?

Before you say you hate someone, maybe consider who you are...

Do you hate them? Or do you hate people who are so hateful, as you are..?

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Fail You Are

Today I was introduced with a career-related test, it was not a written test, as I already scored a 91% on that... no, it was a much more intensity-invoking test.

It was interesting, someone said a word, a word that I hear every day, that I am supposed to respond (like some kind of robot) to when I hear it, but instead of responding, I just rolled my eyes, thinking they were just being weird, and I hung up...

The test-observer walked in and told me I failed... at that point it was too late to do anything to save myself, so I said "Ok sir." and he left.

Something interesting about the individual is that he just left. He didn't tell me how to do better next time, or why exactly I failed even... he actually didn't say a word... as if he was not who his job says he is... hmm...

When I took the written, the same individual made fun of me for not knowing a basic job fact... I won't say exactly what that was, but lets say you use a form every day at your old job, it's a form 999, then you go to this new job at a new location (with the same forms + new forms) and they ask you about form 556, which you would know all about as it is a major form in your occupation, yet at your old job you never actually used that form...

So on the test, they asked you, "What is the total amount of blocks on form 556" and because you did not study these forms as much as you now realized you should have, and because you never used the forms before, you write down "17 blocks" and instead, the answer was 18 blocks...

So this test-observer raises his voice, and says "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS ANSWER?!?!" I stood there... then he said "WELL!!?? HOW IS IT THAT YOU DON'T KNOW!!?? DO YOU JUST NOT CARE!!??" (mind the 3 other people in the room still taking a test) --- I respond "Sir, you're making a scene." "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW!!??" he says again... "Sir, you're making a scene." I say again, "OH, I'M MAKING A SCENE!!?? I'm sorry... IF I'M MAKING A SCENE!!!!"

So obviously this man is a certified professional... but what can I do? I'm so low on the food chain... [sighs] Anyway, so my career is a little wobbly right now... I look forward to the days which make these moments seem insignificant. (this will be the good days containing little worry)

These are the challenges in life that define whether we are strong or weak, I must push on.

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Monday, August 13. 2007

Another Video? OH MY!

Check this one out... it is aye eeh double you eeh es oh em eeh (awesome).

(Skye is the Ninja)

[Missing video]

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Sunday, August 12. 2007

Stop Animation Forever!

I made a new video... it's somewhat more professional than my videos before... I hope ya like it, as usual...

[sighs] Anyway, I love it. Enjoy.

[Missing video]

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Tuesday, August 7. 2007

Video Game Videos

Check out http://www.youtube.com/PlayStationGames there are quite a few disturbing and humorous videos to check out, the one below I particularly like...

Anyway, Skye and I had our 2 year anniversary yesterday, I'm so happy that we're doing so well after two years... next goal? 10 years!!! Then 1000!

I took Skye out to a pretty cool resturaunt... it was very tastey, and a good price came with the meals...

Some lady approached our table though and shoved a clip board in front of us, not saying anything but obviously demanding that we sign her petition or whatever it was... Skye saw on the board that one of the signatures was from "The Queen of England" so we figured out pretty quickly that she was kind of crazy... and then she wipped out money and tried to pay me to sign...

Poor lady didn't speak english so she probably had no idea someone took her money, and signed "The Queen of England..."

Well, enjoy this video I made a year ago.

[Missing video]

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Saturday, August 4. 2007

Reverb Nation Music Player

The new service I signed up for to get my music a little more out there... Enjoy... will you?

[Music player]


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Letting It Go

Someone recently told me that my music was terrible, not worth the tackiest of movies... video games... whatever...

I still love my music, I know it's good... I've been told my music is greater than any other they have heard --- by various individuals... if I am so terrible, how is it I get compliments like that?

I don't know... anyway, here is a link to another outlet of mine.


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Thursday, August 2. 2007

New Song: Letting You Go

Another new song, can you believe it? [sighs] I like this one as well... I'm finding I don't make songs I despise anymore... maybe I will again some time... but for now, these are so very good.


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Monday, July 30. 2007

New Song: Proof of Death

Another track created... ya see what happens when I get some time off work?

[sighs] Anyway, tomorrow is a work day, but that's ok... I'm just happy I've come to realize how important it is to produce, to create, to push forth... a waste of time is in order every now and again... but the majority should not be on video games... it should not be on boozing it up, or joking around with friends...

It should be about multiplying, taking yourself, and combining yourself with other elements, software, instruments, whatever...

And creating... beautiful, unheard of...

Download This Please: ct-onision.com-proof-of-death.mp3

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Sunday, July 29. 2007

A New Song: Growing Lonely

I've created yet another song... unfortunately this one is the only one I've created this month due to extreme time-constraints...

But I am back, with a new song... I hope you like it, of course.

Yes, you can download it now, for free.

Here ya go: ct-onision.com-growing-lonely.mp3

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A letter to my family and friends.

I was talking to my mom on the phone today, and I mentioned how some civilians are protesting American Soldier funerals... hateful signs such as "God Hates You" and "You're Going To Hell After Coming Back From IRAQ" ---

I don't really have a massively angry opinion on this, I am no god, I can't decide what should happen to these people...

But I will let others know...

Check out this artical, ok Family? Friends?

CNN.com Link

If I die, and someone protests my funeral... [shrugs] I don't really care. I'm dead, so don't worry about it.

But if someone protests your funeral when you die, and I'm there... I will beat the living crap out of them.

I love my family, I love my friends... thank you for being there.

- Gregory

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Saturday, July 28. 2007

Happy Birthday Christina!!!

It's my eldest sister's birthday today... I think she is turning 26 --- but I could be wrong... something about the older we get, the less likely we are to know/care for our age... after 21 it's all down hill right?

Or so they say...

Anyway, Happy Birthday Christina. You are loved.

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3 New Videos!!!

Awesome! Skye and I made some more videos... I'm finding out she is brilliant, and very video-graphic... so funny... I don't really care much if other people find it funny because I know it is funny to us... a good heart-warming funny.

[3 missing videos]

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Oblivion Review

This is the first of many to come reviews of video games for the PS3, PSP, and various other worthy consoles!!!

[Missing media]

The final score for the PS3's Oblivion???


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[Missing entries]

Saturday, June 30. 2007

Shocking Opportunity

For a while I have wanted to work a specialized job... a job that few have in my location --- more specifically the job I applied for recently...

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still under the same organization, and I'm still considered a "Cop" --- however I sought out to be transfered to a different division of the working for to which I contribute...

I didn't think that there was a chance I would get this job that I wanted so dearly... in fact --- I felt there was no hope at all --- as other's qualifications exceed mine, and I simply do not have enough experience to be considered an easy hire...

However, to my surprise, no one applied for the job by the deadline other than myself, and my supervisor... this was an amazing realization I experienced as three total slots were open, and I was number 2 of 2 total to apply...

I asked them when the interview date would be, and they didn't know how to respond it seemed, as they needed people, and weren't getting anyone sincere until myself and my soop showed up... they gave us an explenation of their job, and showed us around... I was very happy to accept such a promising opportunity.

If they do indeed secure my hire, I will be very greatful, I am often looking for new ways to experience my career... this is a wonderful oportunity.

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Monday, June 25. 2007

Penut Butter Busy Life

I've been working for the last three days, today is my day off, then I go back to work for three more days... it should be ok though --- :) [sighs]

Anyway, I find that when I come home I tell my wife Skye about everything that happened that day, and then I feel no more need to talk about it elseware...

Even here... it is unfortunate...

For the big things, I will note on Onision Journal, regardless --- but for the most part --- my wife sucks up all this information... and ultimately is my daily savior for my state of mind...

[sighs] Skye loves South Korea just as much as I do it seems... we are both very happy.

Work has been going ok... I'm just trying to find my place really...

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Friday, June 22. 2007

Extremely News

I don't really have much at all exactly to report, and yet so much has hapened... maybe I just don't feel like it is a huge deal when it is? ...my wife is now here with me in South Korea --- we have been adjusting to this extremely new lifestyle of ours... it is very different ---

We were told our electric bill could go to $1,000 if we decide to use our Air Conditioner... crazy... so we've been leaving the windows open, and are generally optimistic about saving money (I have spent so much money in the last two weeks trying to get everything in place)...

Skye & I bought a beautiful blanket yesterday... it was $35.00 for a king size quilt/comforter --- and it is soooo nice...

It is blue, purple & black and has dragons on it... I'm very happy we bought it...

Anyway, I head to work in 11 hours, sure, it seems like a long time, but if you're trying to adjust back to an old schedule (crazy work hours here... gosh) that's just how it goes sometimes...

So... this is all I have for now.

A side note, I was searching for a poncho around town, and I walked into this little mom-and-pop shop. It was pouring rain out, but Skye & I had an umbrella so it didn't bother us much --- I asked the lady how much for the poncho, and she told me 200,000 won --- which is about 1/4th of our monthly apartment bill... I asked her again to confirm that she was trying to charge me $200 for a used poncho, and yes, oh yes, she was.

Skye told me later on that I was rude to her for asking again, and having a "Are you kidding me?" attitude about it... but I still think she was just being a complete jerk because she knew people would want a poncho more...

It probably still isn't sold... what a jerk.

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Tuesday, June 19. 2007

Lets Fix Everything

I upgraded my hosting account so now I can do a bit more with all the domains I have... but I keep getting errors and such, so it's somewhat of a "grueling" process...

In fifteen minutes I am to put back on all of my armor/gear and head back to training, but fortunately due to certain circumstance, we were actually given a lunch break... it's quite revolutionary.

Regardless... I'm discovering more about myself today...

I was in a group of people, not talking, not participating, and yet still I was part of a group, a gathering...

I saw a chair off in the distance... it was the old school-styled/kindergarden chair, and it looked might comfortable... so I stood up from where I was sitting (on the roof of a HMMWV/Hummer) jumped down, walked over to the chair (about 250 feet away from the group) and sat in it...

I was right, it was might comfortable...

But when I was sitting there, I couldn't help but notice I was being stared at... by a few various members of the group I had just seperated myself from...

And then I realized...

By standing up, and walking over to a location that no one else was near, I not only seperated myself from their little click --- but I also made myself look like a complete weirdo, as I didn't really ponder how weird it was to sit such a distance away from everyone else, alone... and I realized how odd it was that I have felt so strong and content with being alone when a social experience was so near...

I sat there the rest of the day... and I was happy.

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Monday, June 18. 2007

My Mom + The Seattle Times

Here is a link to an article in the Seattle Times that my mom was featured in.

http://seattletimes.nwsource... [LoO Admin: Here is the article]

It covers an outdated law, that is being challenged, and an argument that is being won regarding chickens, and their place in the lives of people who dwell within Kent, Washington.

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Sunday, June 17. 2007

Michael Moore's "Sicko"

Michael Moore is kind of proving the point that America is full of greed:

Insurance companies who love to take money, but do their best not to give it to those in great need... Doctors who refuse services to patients because they cannot afford insurance...

It seems most every country that is not America, has free medical care for all citizens... people from America visit Cuba, Canada, France & England and get the care they need when American insurance companies simply do nothing but turn them down, and commit unjust acts.

France really doesn't seem so bad as the media has portrayed them to be...

I originally thought America was the most beneficial country to live in, in the world... maybe it is financially...

But from what Michael Moore says (and the relatives of the dead he interviewed), if you develop cancer or any other cure-able, but chronic condition --- a lot of times, insurance companies will do everything they can to find a reason to inform you, you are ineligible for coverage... even though you pay the full amount every month... they might not be there for you when you need them, and they will thrive off of letting you down...

[Missing media]

Michael Moore tends to take the worst cases, and present them in his films... this is exactly what he needs to do, not only to keep people interested, but to accomplish what he is attempting. Though the man is making millions off of his movies, at the same time, he is essentially doing much more in good, especially with this latest film.

Apparently, hospitals often drop off people who have no medical insurance, in the middle of no where... they do this so they don't have to deal with someone walking back in... they do it so they can forget the problem, before they have to confess their sins...

Anyway, out of all the documentaries I've seen from Michael Moore... this is the first one that actually pumps a generally unbiased message.

We can make America better. It seems we do need more government, and less corporation. Keep democracy, keep the presidents, but lose the greed factor, get rid of the horrible stench that is careless rich America (I'm all for rich America, but when you combine wealth, greed & a cold heart, terrible, but often passive, acts occur).

Please just think about all the unfortunate/screwed-over people in this country, who get sick and die when they could have been saved with little medical treatment.

Don't think "It's no me, it does not matter." think "It is me, I have to tell everyone about this." --- because with that attitude, it will be you. And even if you don't have that attitude, it could be you... so before it happens... say something that could help... do something that could make our country better than it is now... above such greed.

[sighs] The movie "Sicko" is also saying, people who helped in the aftermath of 9-11 (volunteer rescue workers) often developed breathing problems from all the hazards in the wreckage --- and may soon die because of it, will not be covered by any program in America to help them... so... we have heroes dying... because some don't want to help them. They actually had to go over to Cuba, for free medical assistance.

[YouTube video]

Please don't think I'm un-American for saying what I'm seeing... I'm believe in America... my wife and I are covered by medical insurance that actually matters... we will most definitely not be turned down, or turned away for any reason because of my life / occupational decisions, and the type of coverage we have obtained... however there are much too many people who did not do the things I did... who may be ineligible to do the things I did to get where I am now... I may indeed fall victim to horrible insurance some day, but fortunately not yet, and as things look, likely not for a while.

I would not mind paying a bit more in my taxes just to help out the sick in America...the people who are screwed over by Insurance companies (who give bonuses to people who have a significant turn-down rate (for coverage)).

I love American history, I love the foundation of our country, but I utterly despise insurance companies that do not do what they are created to do...

It is insane.

And yes, we are currently taking better medical care of our enemies than we are our own. That's no secret, just go to YouTube or any other information distribution outlet that isn't censored significantly, and you'll find out. Enemies of Americans over in the desert is getting a five-star treatment while heroes of 9-11 are dropping like insects in a RAID attack. (and yes, these are the same enemies who want you dead) --- I really dislike people who want to end American's happiness (and I do not mean corporate CEO's happiness, they don't need it... I'm talking about "Freedom Happiness" --- it sickens me to see people try to destroy that).

So, no medical care for hero, but plenty for everyone who falls under the "Better not let others think we don't treat our prisoner's right" --- You've got to be kidding me. Come on America, lets take care of our own!!!

Thank you Michael Moore... I think you were way off on the Gun-Rights film, and not entirely correct in Fahrenheit 9-11 --- but on this one, thank you.

[Broken Image]

And once again, I would like to reassure you, I am not speaking against America. I’m speaking for a better America. You can speak against an aspect of your economy and still believe in the future of your country.

Make sure you check out: http://michaelmoore.com/ --- and remember people, there's no point in having Medical Insurance if you have any kind of pre-existing condition... I'd imagine if you're smart, and you can't get good coverage here in America... well... I won't say it... but it seems obvious enough.

[Missing media]

Michael Moore state's he lost 30lbs --- good for you! Keep it up! :)

Last Note: I paid to watch this video, how I was able to watch it so soon, I'm not entirely sure, but the opportunity came, so I took my post-committed funds, and have now seen Michael Moore's best video yet.

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Saturday, June 16. 2007

Tour the Apartment

This is a video of my apartment in South Korea... it should be a major spoiler for my wife, as I'm sure she had her imagination pumping as to what it looks like... anyway... the voices out back are a man who is kind of like an ice-cream truck driver... except, he sells something else, to which I do not know what...

:) Anyway --- enjoy.

[Missing video]

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Because I Am Kind

I watched 300 for the first time... months after my wife watched it due to my moving overseas & due to my not having her to watch movies with...

Anyway, I liked the big Persian leader with the deep voice... he was inspiring... I loved how he kept saying "Because I am kind." --- that was very cool.

[Broken image]

Because I am kind...

So I inspected my apartment off base yesterday, and have gathered the appropraite facts...

It has, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, is only HALF the second floor (not the full floor like I recall), has a gas stove (wicked cool), a HUGE fridge, washer/dryer, furnature, the entire roof is a patio, the location is close enough to work to feel happy, but not close enough to be bothered by the drunks on the weekends...

Overall, I really like it... there is a total of 4 tenants in the building, but I think they're all korean except the land lord... so, no lame-DJ-awkward music booming through the walls...

The total price each month for this was worked out to $900.00 --- pretty cool hmm?

I think I will start moving some of my stuff over there, what little things I have at this moment that is :)

Some things I have been doing, that are kind...

1. Giving food away.

2. Picking up trash whenever I see a good opportunity.

3. Tipping when I get the chance, and tipping well.

4. Donating whenever I get the chance.

5. Helping others translate words into English.

These things are the new activities I have taken... tipping is really a variable to how much I have in my wallet... but I know I tipped $20.00 to a bagger once... it was insane of me, but I didn't care. She was a nice old lady.

I often give $2-5 to almost every tipping situation.

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Thursday, June 14. 2007

Skye & The Natural Chickens (new band)

I was browsing around and found a cool picture on my Mom's blog --- http://suntiger.journalspace.com

It's of my wife Skye, who looks so cool in this photo:

[Broken image]

Anyway, today is going alright thus far, it's 3:23pm --- I woke up at 2:50pm --- I will be headed over to work soon...

Tomorrow I will be inspecting my apartment with the local agency to make sure I can have my wife move in... all should go well...

There are no real updates on the apartment issue, just that they've given me everything I need to convict them... so, yippy ky yockers.

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All FOUR of those chicks pictured look great!

Who's the little ass in the photo? {Looks like the backside to a pug.}

  1. 1 SunTiger (Homepage) on 2007-06-16 08:07

Wednesday, June 13. 2007

Threats & Bets From A Professional

Please download this file, it is a great example of what I am dealing with corrupt Apartments... wow... that's all I want to say right now.

Please leave comments if you like.

[hours later] --- If you wanted to download and listen to the conversation, those times have passed, I've decided to remove them as they could be introducing a legal issue...

A summarization is both parties, myself and them, will not budge on the issue, they keep threatening me... and I counter such things with calling them liars, so... here's hoping for the best.

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Tuesday, June 12. 2007

A Good Day... Then Other Things.

I was having a really good day... [sighs]

Skye & My Mom know exactly what's up, I don't really want to talk about...

In unrelated notes, I obtained an apartment today, it is a the entire second floor of a small building in downtown Songtan (I think that's what the city is called) --- anyway, the roof top is huge, and Skye and I can go up there any time we want...

I feel so pampered having the opportunity to live there...

Unfortunately though, due to time constraints and annoying issues, I don't want to talk much right now... just think of the problem I'm having as unethical people trying to screw us over for something we didn't do wrong (or, to be more specific, last apartment manager is completely evil, and says we made their carpet smell like animal leavings, when our animal left nothing behind... so... I have to get a lawyer and all that stuff).

[sighs] Ok, I said it, whatever...

Skye will be here soon!!!! Yeah!

Check out this recording I left for their office... it's not really organized, but it gets the point through.

[removed for potential legal reasons]

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[Possible Missing entries]

Sunday, June 10. 2007

Super Wicked Mega Foe

I was just writing a reply to one of my wife's comments... and realized something about myself...

If I had to chose from any enemy... it wouldn't be the type of foe that is serious, or unmotivated...

No... I would always chose the evil-doer who has some kind of sick grin on his face... who makes random noises as he squirm, dissatisfied with his bodies lack in motion resulting in the rarity of standing still...

Mmm... I could even be that kind of person I imagine... but not so picture perfect without cloaks and shadows...

Anyway, the new song I made, "Full Metal Armor" --- I do still adore it, but I did realize that I am kind of portraying the role of sadomasochist --- rather optimistic at that...

I love it... it tastes like candy.

[Broken Image]

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I'm happy that you've come to like anime more :D . There are many "bad guys" in anime who are quite insane only in that they are smiling while they destroy people :p .

In Hellsing, even though Alucard wasn't one of the baddies he still smiled when he battled ... blah I wish the second part would come out already XD .

  1. 1 Tantaga on 2007-06-11 02:07

Saturday, June 9. 2007

This Time... I Mean It...

I created a song with lyrics... using my voice this time... no robots...

Anyway --- this is something quite spectacular considering... I haven't made a song with the "full package" like this in over a year...

This one is really good I think... I like the message as well.

It is another song I wrote as I sang... do you know what I mean?

Download it, and see...

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I like your new songs ... especially "Call Me Pretty" it's happy :) . This one is cool too though because it's so gothy :p .

  1. 1 Tantaga on 2007-06-10 04:06

It's cool you don't really like the lyrical one as much --- it's ok to have an opinion...

I personally love the song...

I love sounding sadistic in my music... pompis even... it's wicked rad.

In a lot of anime, the foe is normally always optimistic, and smiling wickedly... if I were a foe... that's what I'd do...

I love you Skye... mua!

  1. 1.1 Gregory J. Daniel (Homepage) on 2007-06-10 05:29

In the first Zenosaga game (the good one) there was a antagonist named Albedo who was quite insane in regard to his behavior.

There is a scene in the game where he is snapping the necks of all of these little engineered human girls and they are just piled around him. They were previously his little entourage and were following him around so that they could feel whole or something.

Anyway, the whole time he is doing this he is laughing and smiling like a mad man while talking in a controlled calm voice to one of the main characters who is also a little girl.

Yup yup, crazy moe foe.

  1. 2 Tantaga on 2007-06-11 02:04

Another Grad

I graduated the weapons class I've been taking for the last week --- they gave us certificates and sent us all off...

[sighs] Fortunately I get to head back to SK soon... there I will prepare for Skye's arrival...

Now all I have to do is get through the next couple days, and I'm off to the air port...

The higher-up who was so hostile toward me yesterday maintained the same attitude... because I tend to volunteer to do many activities when they come up, my mistakes tend to fall under the spotlight, as when I am partaking in a volunteer activity, eyes often focus in my direction ---

Jokes were thrown around about my skill level... again, I tossed the comments away...

I graduated, just like everyone else did... and actually, I'm quite a decent shooter... the weapon we were firing is quite large, and I was surprised I handled it so well... unfortunately it is not the accomplishments we humans tend to notice... it is the mistakes... now isn't it?

Onward we go...

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One thing I'll say about you Greg. You've never been one to hide behind what others may think of as your shortcommings. You take yourself, and everyone around you for everything they are, instead of just a part of you/them.

There are alot of people who will not volunteer for something in a classroom setting out of fear that they'll screw up. It's a classroom. You're being taught something. Of course you're going to screw up. I think it's great that you seem to just take that in stride and let their jeers run off your back.

On an unrealted note, as you can see, I can check your journal but still can't seem to get your webpage up on my computer. :-(

Take Care!

-Heather Ann

  1. 1 Heather Ann (Homepage) on 2007-06-10 03:45

Well... this is really the main page I care about as it kind of connects everything together...

I like my blog... it's just one big ball of potential evolution...

You words are very supportive... thank you Heather.

  1. 1.1 Gregory J. Daniel (Homepage) on 2007-06-10 05:27

You have to ask yourself how well would they do under the pressure of having other eyes on them.

It is much as you have said ... merely negative attitutes posturing to see who can be the biggest, if you'll excuse me, d*ck. You know because that one word is all they care about as they are so concerned with proving to others that they have one and that their's is the biggest.

Wow, those must be real men ... *barf*.

Keep focusing on the positive and those of the same like mind will meet you, while those of a pessimistic nature will remain in their self dug holes of a make believe despair.

Yay for graduating! Woot.

  1. 2 Tantaga on 2007-06-10 04:05

I've come to accept that I sometimes suck, and that's absolutely fine with me...

Others don't seem to want to accept imperfection...

Hmmmph. We are all so very imperfect...

  1. 2.1 Gregory J. Daniel on 2007-06-10 05:30

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Thursday, May 31. 2007

A Good Pup

While at work last night, I was tipped off of the idea to clean the entire surrounding area of my work place by a bird... figuratively...

I wasn't doing anything else really, as the local area had pretty much shut down and most of our work was done by that time anyway...

So, from 6:20 pm to 11:15 pm I cleaned the left side of the building, I cleaned the back of the building, and I cleaned the front side of the building... and I did so till ever cigarette bud, every pop can and bottle... everything I saw, was cleaned up, and put away.

I would estimate I cleaned over 40 lbs of trash off the local area, and swept over 1,000 cigarette buds into the trash (and hand picked them up when I had to as well...)

After that, I washed my hands, cut my nails, and washed my hands again...

One of my bosses came by just to check up on us, and I laughed. I said "Sir, did you see the parkinglot?" he then looked out the window and said "Yeah, no trash?" I replied happy to know that it took only one look to realize all the trash had been gone, "Yes sir, it took five hours but I got it clean." --- he and I walked outside to check it out, and he then said "Well, it'll probably be covered again in no time." --- I then laughed and continued to grin like a jolly-buffoon so proud of my work, "Yeah, probably, but oh well." --- he announced he was headed out, and screamed after me as I walked away "Thank you!"

:) I felt super to of done something good... something truly good...

Through working, I kept thinking "I wonder how many years this bottle/cup/bud/cig pack has been here?" --- it will take years to get back to where I left it, and I'm at least happy to know in five hours, I made it look better than it was, for at least a couple years.

I imagine this is not the first time I will pick up trash, and I don't mind too much... I just keep thinking about the North Koreans, and how some of them are starving before they get a chance to be anywhere near as fortunate as I am... I am so very thankful for what I have, and if I can give a little back, I'd love to... let me keep my life, and I will do what it takes.

If you're getting all plum-tuckered-tired of me talking like this, you should definitely stop by mister Pauly Smith's head med shop for a good fixing. Because you are just a good-golly hunkering pessimistic son of a gun I'll tell ya hitch.

Thank you Skye for all the awesome comments you've left, I appreciate every one of them... thank you mom too...

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It's good that you cleaned up the surrounding area to help out the community area and make it pretty :) .

Other people will appreciate it a lot too ... maybe if you want to do more community work you can do more of this type of thing :p .

  1. 1 Tantaga on 2007-06-02 02:40

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