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Video Game Violence is an opinion piece Greg wrote in 2002 and featured on his Gamer's Shadow website. (Source) Greg would later write a piece with the same title about a year later. it can be read here.


Throughout human existence, there have been many conflicts and resolutions, those who caused problems, and those who solved them. Yet now, today, we have come upon another issue of which strikes much too near to the Gamer's Shadow Inc. home, false accusations regarding video game violence.

Grand Theft Auto III is said to be the most entertaining of video games, yet also the most controversial. The reason? Because people have discovered a wide variety of innovative ideas of which come into play throughout this game. From listening to the radio, to pulling people out of cars so you can drive off with the “spiffy” new car. Yet somehow reporters and parents find much disgust in this game. Why? Because of the ability to perform a few acts of which you cannot do in many other games. MORE ON GRAND THEFT AUTO 3 - CLICK HERE Another game of which is horribly misconceived is “State of Emergency”. I myself find this game pointless and disgusting, yet what reporters stated was even more so vomit inducing then what I had previously witnessed.

Reporters stated “You're and anti-WTO-type rioter trying to bring down ‘the Corporation’ through vandalism, street riots, and general mayhem. Choose to be Libra, who wraps her legs around her victims heads and snaps their necks.”

Once again, reporters know nothing of what they speak of. Any of you notice the negativity in the news as of lately? That is right, it has always been negative, why? Only because the reporters focus on the corrupt aspects of life for the reason that we, the people, are fascinated with such “action” and “abnormalities”. The reporters above most likely have never seen Xena, for in that show, along with at least 20+ videos/shows, a girl always cracks a villain's neck with her legs. They should talk to Lucy Lawless about that one, they should not attack those who mimic such actions for the origination is the key to the extermination of every issue, if this is even an issue.

Along with this bland condemtion, the motive of the game was again off complete factual relevance. The point of the game is indeed to bring down the corporation, and they mentioned WTO only to anger their audience towards the game, it is mere manipulation. They stated that one of the objectives was to basically cause chaos, yet in all truth, the purpose is to end it. You are trying to take out officers who abuse and beat you. You are trying to make your way through to the top to end the nonsense, not destroy all you see or intentionally hurt the weak and innocent. Once again, the oblivious and assumptions tendencies of the news amaze me.

Some wonder why reporters attack those in the video game industry, I know exactly why.

  • Video games are growing in popularity, therefore offering an audience for what they say.
  • You are able to perform the acts rather then watch them.
  • They believe they influence the common child in a corrupt and uncivilized matter.
  • Much time is spent on these games, rather then the more productive alternative.
  • They seek out someone or something to blame for what happened in Columbine HS years ago.

Those above motives and more are mostly invalid and unreasonable consisting of little merit if any. Video Games are indeed a growing fad, and of course reporters always follow that crowd. They nitpick and clean the specific topic with razor blades, and with such things occurring, many have the tendency to find the slightest wrong thing with a game, and “report” it immediately, as if all games are supposed to be perfect. One of the saddest of all aspects is the reoccurring event in which the reporter fails to even play the game for more then one hour. In order for them to mainly know about the acts in each game, they have to perform them themselves.

In both Grand Theft Auto 3 and State of Emergency, Rockstar Games gives the player leeway and ability. This ability is to advance realism and let the player do all they want to do. No one has to kill innocent people, no one has to beat up old ladies, or even pick up prostitutes. That was merely a way to gain extra health, and nothing more.

No motive, no order, no mission, if you go out and slaughter the innocent in this game, the blood is on your hands. Much like life, if you kill, you will be blamed for the deaths. And in the games, every time you return to that town, people will most often attack such a killer, you. Should we attack the president for not controlling us all with riot police so we never even are able to visit stores or socialize, just because each of us have the option to attempt in killing whomever we wish? Grand Theft Auto 3 puts the gun in your hand, yet it does not tell you to use it on the innocent, that was merely a reporters delusional accusation. Do not mock what you cannot comprehend.

Reporters of such nature are attacking these games to reduce our ability, and what most call “freedom” to do what we wish. By taking away these games, many will go out back and wrestle rather then do so on their TV screen. Many will play Road Rash on their bikes instead of the computer screen. And even without the original idea being placed in their head. Video Games satisfy the “What If?” and the “That would be cool” statements. No one seems to question “What if I pulled this trigger at my friend?” because they have ‘Time Crisis’ at the arcade. And no one says “That would be cool if I stole my Mom's car and drove it around.” Because they are already pleased with playing Grand Theft Auto 3 and have no further urge to do so, or wonder “What If?”

There is a famous quote “Curiosity killed the cat.” That statement is more then a mere Garfield rerun, it is true to life. Video Games have gone as far as I hope they ever will. These games with violence ratings are marked that way for a purpose, and we have yet to see a console game with non-cartoonish nudity or sexual acts. And what does your theatre screen show?

Parents around the world are supposed to watch what their kids play. If the “Mature Audiences Only” label does not strike a chord with the parents, and their son or daughter is under 17, then they have no right to complain. The ESRB rating is there for a reason, and as we all know kids enjoy mimicking what they think is cool or funny.

If those under the age of 10 see a violent act, they will normally think it is cool, and try to copy it. This is why these ratings are posted. Every parent should keep their kids away from these negative sources upon the young mind until the children are mature enough to handle themselves, and know that the game stays a game, and should never be brought out into the open world, the real world.

Video games are here to entertain, not to hurt. Video games are here to give us something to do with friends, not to influence us to make a plan to slaughter fellow students. Those who find the games are there to do so are not functional in the mind, and most likely have had a negative image at home of how a person of their kind to act. Video games are for the secure stable mind. If you are not intelligent, nor mature, then they are not for you. Video games are a challenge, like any contest or competition. We seek a source of championship, or influence to become better. With skill, comes our human worth and ability. If you have great hand eye coordination due to video games, you are most likely good at sports as well. If you are great at solving crimes or puzzles due to video games, you are most likely at solving issues with a loved one, or even playing a mere game of chess.

If used in the correct manner, video games can have a largely positive effect on your life. They are not to be taken too seriously, yet are something to anticipate and soon enjoy. Like movies, they can make you think. Video game story lines are getting to be better then many movies, and with such story lines, they contribute to your philosophical perception and knowledge of the real world. Many games like Metal Gear Solid teach the players things about the government, and even how to play fairly.

Video games are here to entertain and enjoy. They are not here to tell us what to do in life, and yet they can help us with life if the right title is chosen. Video games are growing in integrity, as reporters are taking low blows. Blaming games for real life events is no more valid then attacking Christmas for a Santa Claus killer. That killer was corrupt in the head not because of Christmas, but because chemicals in their mind made them like they were to the day they were put in prison. Freedom is what this country is based on? Then prove it. “Fight for you rights.” And ignore all assumptions and accusations until you witness every aspect from your eyes. I oath every word in this statement is true... yet what can reporters say about what they write? They are paid to attack video games, they are sent off to slack in their jobs and come back with little valid information, and a mocking tone towards shockwave, not even knowing that what they mock is more advanced then they could even understand fully. Reporters are prostitutes for the people. If you listen to most, you will find a surprise around every corner. Lies cause interest, lies cause hate, and like lawyers, reporters lie well enough to make the populous believe them.