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Onision channel on the Most Subscribed list, 2011 (Source)

The Top 100 Most Subscribed List is an important list in the YouTube community. Members of this list are regarded as the top YouTubers of their time, based on the number of subscribers as they have. This was especially important during old school YouTube. Up until mid 2011, YouTube even had a page dedicated to listing the most subscribed YouTubers.

Greg's Onision channel reached this list in 2010 and dropped off of it in October 2011.


Greg created the Onision channel on Jan 29, 2006. In January 2008, Greg decided to peruse YouTube seriously and began making daily videos. ($ource)

In late 2009, Greg began to gain loads of subscribers after his viral Banana Song video and collaborating with then top YouTuber, SwiftKarateChop. Swifty even featured Greg's channel on his YouTube channel page. (Source) Greg also had the opportunity to collaborate with top 10 YouTuber, ShaneDawson.

The Onisions channel's subscriber count went up from there and hit the top 100 list in 2010. Around November 2010, Greg's Onision channel peaked a 66th most subscribed channel on YouTube. (Source)


During the summer of 2011, the Onision channel rank began to take a turn for the worse. During this time, Greg began publicly sharing his personal relationship drama with Shiloh. It slowly began dropping ranks and reached 96th most subscribed in August. (Source)

On October 13, 2011, the Onision channel dropped off the Top 100 list and has not yet returned. (Source)