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The OC in 2016 (photos of people and full names censored, ads blocked)

The OC, or The Onision Community, was a website Greg launched in 2014. The site was closed in 2016.


The OC was a message board website created by Greg in 2014. It used the domain, which was previously being used to house Greg's Onision Tumblr account. Unlike Greg's Onision Forums, he did not participate much on this website and kind of just let it do its own thing right off the bat. It has become a platform for young board members to vent their personal problems and to give and/or receive advise from other members.


In 2015, the website became a hot topic among Greg's critics as Greg seemed to have completely abandoned the site, but kept it active for members to post freely. It was suspected he kept it running due to the high number of ad-sense ads he put on each page (3 ads per page, which is the max Google allows). The site appeared to have no moderators and it became a hotbed for suicidal and/or troubled teens as well as loyal Bananas, who with the guidance of the teachings of Greg, would reply to these teens with Brutal Honesty rather than sympathy.

On March 3, 2016, an OC member announced they were going to commit suicide and left a goodbye message. Greg broadcasted a screen shot of the post on his Twitter without censoring the user's icon or username and publicly chastised them for using his website to announce their suicide. (Source) The tweet was soon flooded with replies from Bananas ridiculing and mocking the user. Humiliated, the suicidal site member created another account on The OC and posted two long topics begging Greg to take his tweet down and admitted that they had made a mistake. (Source) The tweet is still up.


Some time in 2016 between March 29th and March 31st Greg quietly closed The OC website. Afterword, he used the domain to hist his new OnisionOfficial tumblr account.