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Onion Updates

  • December 19 - Greg removed the information on his Onision.com pages about Sarah and replace it with a message claiming he and Sarah had a phone conversation and he is removing the pages to heal and move on. He also removes many videos from his OnisionSpeaks channel.
  • November 27 - Greg sets a video titled "Sarah & Regina Tried To Extort Onision For $400,00" to premiere on December 12th. The description reads he was threated to be legally harassed if he didn't remove what he said about them and pay them. The video is removed shortly after, never premiering.
  • October 27 - Greg sends emails to YouTubers under a fake name "Nani Chun" defending himself as if he was another person. The Google account he used was linked to his OnisionChannel YouTube channel, so when he changed his Google name to Nani Chun, it also changed the channel name.
  • October 9 - Greg creates a third TikTok account: "onisiondotnet"
  • September 30 - Emails from Greg's online college classes are leaked by a classmate, revealing he is back in school.

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